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What Else Can You Use Sing Core For?

Other Uses for Sing Core

Sing Core panels make amazing door and wall panels for a variety of applications, but what other uses do they have? We already know they’re the best choice for large or custom lightweight doors, or incredibly sturdy walls, but Sing Core has a wide range of other applications.

Tables or Countertops

One of the more common non-door things we Sing Core panels used for is as a table or countertop. Our products work incredibly well for this, as some cases call for a very lightweight and easy to move surface, or others demand a large, custom-shaped table for places like a conference room. Either way, Sing Core panels work great for these applications. You can have the sturdy, warp-free, and high-quality aspects of a Sing Core door, but for your table or counter!

Mobile Cabinets or Containers

There are many different cases where one might need a mobile cabinet or container. Some businesses have rolling cabinets for secure equipment storage, while others need a durable and strong container that can be hauled from location to location. In the case of a storage cabinet, Sing Core works amazingly as it keeps the unit lightweight while also providing rigidity and security that normal, thin cabinet wood does not. Plus, with our new Security Door panel, this can take a cabinet from secure to impenetrable. Businesses that are constantly moving high-end electronics or sensitive documents can make especially good use of a Sing Core storage solution.

As for the case of strong containers meant to be hauled from place to place, Sing Core is again an excellent choice. People or businesses that find themselves regularly transporting hefty or large items may be looking for a reusable container that can guarantee protection for the cargo, without adding much to the weight of it.


Sing Core panels can be made to unique sizes and shapes, allowing them to be used for miscellaneous furniture or similar applications. Sing Core has been used to make bunk beds, dressers, storage pieces, and more. This allows for the furniture to be transported incredibly easily, as it would weigh a fraction of a normal unit of the same furniture. We even use furniture made from Sing Core products in our own office, and they are still holding strong and working incredibly well.


We often think of Sing Core panels being used as doors and walls, but they work just as well as floors. Particularly the floors of upper building levels, as they are incredibly lightweight, but have the structural integrity to withstand walking on. If you’re building a tiny house or some other small structure, using Sing Core for your upper floors may be your best bet, as it allows for easy construction and transportation.

And More!

Sing Core is more than just a door or wall panel, it’s a core that can be used in nearly any aspect of construction. Floors, stairs, furniture, and much more become a possibility with Sing Core. Plus, you still get our 50-Year Structural Guarantee, so you know you won’t need to do any replacing for a long time. When you look around at the things around you or think of new project ideas, consider Sing Core to make it the best it can be!

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Closet Systems

Now, you can have one of the best closet systems in the world delivered to your home, office or commercial location with one click closet systems from Sing Core featuring our patented free standing closet walls.

When you are looking to buy your next home, the first thing you do is to evaluate the available closet space. Your closet is so important, that if you do not have adequate closet space now, you’re thinking about moving to a new location just to get more closet storage.

And you know what you want; you want a walk in closet.

Who doesn’t want a walk in closet?

Now, there’s a custom walk in closet solution that provides you with all the closet space you could possibly need or want in any closet design based on your own closet ideas on demand. Most people will agree that having an instant walk in closet solution would be the ultimate best closet system, if only it were adeue.

Instant Closet

Now you can have a walk in closet any where you want, any time you want, by taking advantage of one of the best closet systems to be within the reach of anyone who wants a bigger closet. And what if you don’t have a closet at all? No problem, you can erect your instant closet anywhere in just minutes.

Wardrobe Closet

Let’s say the problem is, for instance, you have an existing closet, but it’s just not giving you the closet space you want. The solution is to build a wardrobe closet to your specifications, so you call a contractor to have your new closet built, which will take time, money and you will have to tolerate a bit of invasion of privacy to endure the building process. You could call a closet company, like California closets, and have them do it, but you’re pretty much in the same boat. Why not do it yourself.

DIY Closet Do It Yourself

Obviously, if you do not possess all the materials, tools and skills to create and manufacture your own DIY closet and do it yourself, this can be a problem, that is unless you have Sing Core on your side. Using the sing modular closet components, you can have a brand new closet in any size you want in no time.

You just pick out the easy to assemble interlocking lightweight high strength closet wall panels you want and click them together with a twist of the wrist (the only tool needed is an Allen wrench) and no special tools or skills are required for building your own custom closet. This is much easier that trying to spend hours trying to assemble an Ikea wardrobe kit, plus your Sing closet is built to last for centuries.

Portable Closet

Imagine, if you could have the perfect walk in closet and you could move it wherever you wanted to whenever you wanted to? You could just disassemble it, flat pack it and move it to a whole new location, set it up and instantly, you’re back in the saddle again, thanks to your Sing closet.

The Sing closet systems are based on the superior patented Sing technology and design of our trade show displays, which has been evolving over time thanks to the forward-thinking engineers who have helped in the development of our modular trade show display system, to arrive to a leading edge solution that outperforms any other system in the world.

This very technology has also seen the integration of features which are highly sought after for the whole closet industry, changing the face of closet design. One of the most impactful improvements and possibly one of the best closet ideas is the integration of slatwall into your closet.

Slatwall Closet

Slatwall closets integrate the best of two worlds combined to provide the best features in custom closets for maximizing closet shelving and closet storage. By using slatwall, which has a long history of serving retail, commercial, and industrial applications across-the-board, you have instant access to thousands of variations in pre-existing hardware to accommodate any needs you might have for your own closet creations.

If you want to store all your shoes on one wall, not unlike a shoes shore which uses slatwall to display hundreds of pairs of shoes in a small area, it’s so easy to do by just adding the appropriate hardware in any of the slots available in any Sing slatwall panel.

Available in half-height panels, you can have slatwall anywhere you want in your closet.

Storage Closet

While the biggest rave in our closet systems is among the homeowners who are most concerned with the benefits associated with being able to have an instant walk in closet, wardrobe closet or portable closet, you’re likely to find a Sing modular storage closet anywhere, not just in use as a bedroom closet.

In the home, you will find our storage closet in the foyer, living room, rec room, kitchen and garages; pretty much anywhere you need extra flexible storage space that is neat, orderly and hidden from view.

You will also find them at work, in offices, department stores, as changing rooms in apparel shops and boutiques. In retail establishments, slots are featured on both the interior and exterior, adding display space to the changing room’s outer facing walls.


Closet Transformers

They call Sing closets, “closet transformers,” because you’re not limit to the use of your closet as a closet. Anytime you need to, you can transform your Sing closet into any of the following units, just by reconfiguring your closet with a few twists of the wrist and repositioning the modular closet wall panels as needed. Your closet easily transforms into

An Extra Bedroom
A Room Divider
A Separate Office Area
A studio
An Economical Climate-controlled Space
… and so many other things, instantly, on demand.

It’s never been so simple to build your own closet to your specifications in the fastest DIY closet system that you can quickly and easily do it yourself in minutes.