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Why We Trust Sing Core

You might ask why the biggest and best door manufacturers, millworks, and architects trust Sing Core to help them deliver the best large doors in the world to their most discriminating clientele? I know we do. So, here’s the answer:

We Trust Sing Core to help us deliver:

1. The Best Solid Wood Stave Large Doors
2. The Best Large Veneer Doors
3. The Best Big Fiberglass and Laminate Doors
4. The Best Large Paint Grade Doors
5. The Best Large Aluminum Doors
6. The Best Large MDF Doors

They also enjoy these incredible features:

1. Lightweight
One-third or less the weight of other doors

2. High strength
Stronger than steel pound-for-pound

3. Fully Insulated
For sound-deadening and climate control

Did someone say "High Precision?" This is a 16th inch groove in an 8th inch skin.

Did someone say “High Precision?” This is a 16th inch groove in an 8th inch skin.

4. High Precision
+/- .006 in. tolerance for precise projects, like this 16th inch groove in 8th inch skin (photo above)

5. True Flat Team
For specialized anti-warp and advisement

6. 50-Year Warp-free Guarantee
Covers warp and full structural (including lamination)

This is no accident. Our best customers know that the only way they can provide the best big doors to their customers in to have Sing Core Inside.

Now, not everyone in the world wants to have the ultimate best big door in the world, but if you do, you might want it to have Inventor Peter Sing’s patented Sing Core inside, so you can enjoy years of worry-free enjoyment from the only door that is covered by Sing’s personal

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

You have never heard of such a guarantee on big doors (especially big wood doors) before because before the invention of Sing Core such a thing was impossible.

And our best clients? They say,

“There is no other way to do it.”

They trust Sing Core because to date, they have not had one claim or return, and you won’t either, if your door has Sing Core inside.

For years, Sing Core has been the trusted resource for the biggest and best large door projects, offering patented and patent-pending solutions that are solid as a rock, yet very light, and stronger than steel pound for pound. Inventor Peter Sing backs his high-end solutions with his 50-year fail-free guarantee, which can be found in

The best and biggest bold, beautiful doors with Sing’s core inside do not fail. Architects and designers trust Sing Core to deliver the best doors for their projects, especially those extremely prestigious structures and applications.

What do they trust Sing Core for?

High strength garage door, finished by Artistic Doors and Windows. When building a specialty door like this, you want it to last.

The Best Solid Wood Stave Large Doors

Solid wood stave presents the biggest problem for large doors due to the natural tendency for a thick piece of wood to respond to its environment by moving. This is not too bad for normal-sized doors, but once you get over 8 ft. tall, you start finding trouble everywhere you look, unless your solid wood stave surfaced door has patented Sing Core inside. Then, it will not move.

Some wood species are more prone to warp than others, so Sing’s True Flat Team goes to work integrating the interior design of the wood stave door with additional anti-warp tech inside the door to compensate for stronger wood grains.

Other large wood door manufacturers offer a one year non-warp warranty, while patented Sing Core comes backed with a full 50 year non-warp and structure warranty.

The Best Large Veneer Doors

When it comes to thin veneers (which can be paper-thin) we have trusted artisans do this work, because we believe that this level of expertise requires that extra finesse to achieve the desired results. Our doing the veneer-piece is actually quite rare because the bulk of our veneer door responsibilities is supplying the many millworks and door companies with the warp-free high precision core for them to apply their own veneers.

This type of work is so sensitive that we only trust the people who are highly specialized in veneering (and that is all they do), so they are quite expensive. We do not want to compete with our own clients. We only use the best veneer craftsmen to work on our clients’ doors. They source the best veneers available in the USA via their suppliers.

If you have a millwork near you that specializes in hot press veneer, we can work with them, if you trust them. Most of our veneer substrates are delivered to millworks who are qualified to to this type of work. Let the experts do the high end jobs.


The Best Big Fiberglass and Laminate Doors

Whether you are looking for an oversized fiberglass door, FRP door, Formica door, Masonite door, Wilsonart door, or HPL door, Sing Core has what it takes to keep your door straight and true when it’s most important to you. The sky’s the limit for your creativity when using these incredible source materials that come in a huge array of colors and designs. And with Sing Core inside, you never have to worry how big your project is.

Patented and patent pending Sing Core has the strongest most lightweight structure for any challenging skins to build all types of doors. Sing Core owns the largest press to take on any otherwise too complicated to consider large door task.

The Best Large Paint Grade Doors

What do you do when you are remodeling your hotel and you need 700 full length floor to ceiling doors that will not warp in a snap? Of course, you call on Sing Core who can turn around an order, like this, in 72 hours. Sing Core ships them to your finishing site, where you have them prepped and painted, and you’re good to go. 700 big worry-free paint grade doors in 72 hours. Not bad. When do you want yours?

Sing core door panels are made of the strongest, lightweight Sing Core with skin made of 1/8 inch MDF and 1/4 inch plywood as skins to provide the most smooth and structurally sound double-layer skins which provide the most lightweight, stable, structure strength, and smooth surface for painting high end doors.

Bulk Orders get priority handling and save more per door than any other method.


The Best Large Aluminum Doors

Architects and designers trust Sing Core’s ability to match their warp-free core with the best metal fabrication techniques for the perfect metal doors. While huge Aluminum doors with Sing Core inside are our most in-demand of all big metal doors, Cold Rolled Steel, Hot Rolled Steel, Galvanized Steel, and Stainless-Steel doors are not far behind.

The Best Large MDF Doors

For so long, MDF has been a difficult material to work with because it is so heavy and not very stable, but engineers and high-tech artisans love it because it is so supremely smooth. This attracts and commands the attention of the most creative artisans in search of the perfect large door canvas. Can be used for 6 panel door, or any other kind of door including French doors with glass cutouts. Sing’s core makes these doors much more manageable by greatly reducing the weight, while increasing dimensional stability, even on enormous doors, and these take advantage of Sing Core’s +/- .006 tolerances.

More than 60% of our big MDF door substrates ship directly to millworks and hot pressers who do their own veneer. Our MDF is so smooth, you can do high precision veneer without having to crossband. Other MDF doors are double to three times heavier or more so with much less structural integrity.

Sing Core MDF doors are the strongest, lightweight and high strength doors in the door industry. We are able to manufacture any type of style, or custom designed door with or without light openings. Even 6 panel doors at a low cost if in large quantities. This service is designed to work with door companies or or mill works that are able to take our door panel and add molding if necessary, expertly finish, and install hardware.

Working with our team, you will be able to build the best door in the USA.

If you are considering sourcing the highest precision, strong, lightweight, non-warp and nearly unlimited variety of design possibilities.

Other Popular Large Door Types

When it comes to architectural doors, you never know what is going to slide across the design table next, but Sing’s True Flat Team is there, ready and waiting, for the next challenge. Some of our most interesting doors that have come up lately include huge Stone Veneer doors, Butcher Block doors, Cement Board doors, Specialty Hardwood doors, even Concrete, and Ceramic doors.

If you can dream of it, Sing Core can help bring your huge door vision to life, guaranteed.

If you buy a door of any size and it is made of Sing Core and any other exterior skin, the Sing Core True Flat Team and the artisans who work in concert with the team to present the recipients with a warp-free large door that will meet or exceed AWI specifications, fully backed by Sing’s 50-year guarantee that means you have a door that will not warp, bend, twist, delaminate, or otherwise fail for fifty years.

This guarantee was unheard of in the industry, especially for large doors which traditionally were featured as exclusions from standard warranties because inherently they would fail and require service not long after installation (eliminated even from the most rudimentary 30- to 90-day standard warranty).

In fact, until recently, the largest door companies have turned away large door business in recent years, because, according to them,

“It’s just not worth the hassle.”

And they encourage the developers and contractors to find a high-end millwork or custom door maker to build the large doors in the project. These highly skilled craftspeople did the best they could, until they discovered Sing’s patented lightweight high-strength patented core.

Then, all of a sudden, they were building the most beautiful largest doors with incredible ease and without the heavy burden of having to service the fail-free large doors. In fact, they proclaim,

“There’s just no other way to do it.”

Now everyone, even the large door companies, are getting back into the oversized door game again, because they trust Sing Core to have their back when they most need it, from the inside out.

Make sure your next high-end door has Sing Core inside.



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Oversized Front Door

When it comes to big doors, no one does it better than Sing Core. Who else can make an Eco-friendly oversized front door that is made in the USA, fully insulated, lightweight, stronger than steel pound for pound, and guaranteed not to warp or fail for 50 years? Nobody, unless the door in question has “Sing Core inside.”

Front doors are not only the first thing that you see when approaching a structure, but they have a unique challenge as one side of the front door faces the interior and the other faces the exterior. This is the perfect storm for the warping of exterior doors.

A warped entry door is a problem because it is a huge security issue if the front door cannot be secured because the locking mechanism does not line up correctly. This can also be a problem for climate control for certain times of the year when weather can be extreme in some geographic locations.

Sing Core oversized front doors could be made of any available flat building material but the most problematic entry doors are wooden front doors. Wooden front doors cause the most challenge for warp due to the nature of the natural wood grain to move as it adjusts to changes in the surrounding environment.

Sing Core’s ability to provide a warp-free solution for this type of elegant oversized front door includes the use of patented and patent-pending technologies which are keenly created and suited for the particular door, taking into consideration the height of the door, the width and thickness. Other factors include the wood species used and how much of the wood is featured on the exterior wood doors, as well as taking into consideration the overall seasonal climate where the door is installed, which direction the door is facing, and whether the door is 100% exposed, or not.

All these things factor into the unique creation of a warp-free oversized front door substrate which considers all the aspects of the door. This is a process which is unique only to Sing Core and it’s what makes each door with a 50-year warp-free guarantee an individual work of art.

Many of the best and largest door manufacturers call on Sing Core to assist them in building an oversize front door of integrity and long-lasting performance. Prior to working with Sing Core, many of the largest companies would just refuse to make the big front doors because they knew these big entry doors were going to be problematic.

Custom door manufacturers and the most proficient millwork companies and craftsmen might build out the door to your specifications, but no one would be willing to put their name on the bill more than once, guaranteeing any degree of well-maintained straightness, as prior top Sing Core, this was just not possible. You might be compelled to sign your name the first time due to your level of confidence in your abilities, but after the first time, you’d use the waiver.

Contractors routinely excluded the big front entry doors from their warranty rider(s) for the same reason. It’s like, “if you want a big door, then fine. We’ll find someone to build it for you, but good luck trying to keep it straight.” If you want a big door, you can have it, but the regular maintenance for large wooden front doors is on you, and you can count on it.

weatherproof exterior oversized doors 50 year guarantee

Making a large Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength door that is fully insulated and stronger than steel pound for pound, just cannot be done without Sing Core.

Do you want more from your door?

How about

10 ft garage door oversized doorsEco-friendly
• Any size
• Any material
• Lightweight
• High strength
• Fully insulated
• Use indoor or outdoor
• 50-year Warp-free guarantee
• Structure guarantee
• Made in the USA

The sky is the limit (and beyond, if you are our client, like NASA) as we build your architectural oversize front door to your specifications. Any size, any light cut out, any material, such as aluminum, blackboard, brick, cement, cold-rolled steel, concrete, diamond plate steel, fiberglass, FRP, galvanized steel, glass, HPL, Kevlar, LVL, magnetic board, MDO, stainless steel, whiteboard, even the most difficult material to keep perfectly straight over long spans:

Natural wooden front doors

Sing Core can provide the biggest and best millworks and custom door manufacturers with a superior warp-free oversized front door made of any available natural wood species, such as alder, ash, birch, cedar, cherry, cypress, dogwood, Douglas fir, elm, eucalyptus, fir, hemlock, hickory, mahogany, maple, oak, okoume, pine, poplar, spruce, or walnut, just to name a few.

All perfectly flat and guaranteed warp-free for 50 years.