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Wood Stave

Woodstaves (a narrow length of wood “stave” with a slightly beveled edge) can be utilized to form the exterior of Sing Core. These can be used to replace other types of solid wood building materials.

Standard wood stave exterior measures:

  • 1/8”

Using Sing Core with wood staves is ecologically responsible doe to having the same appearance as solid wood by using fewer natural resources.

Other benefits include:

  • Material is stronger than (steel) solid wood
  • Lighter in weight than solid wood
  • Remains straight and flat
  • Rot, warp and twist resistant

Using Sing Core with wood staves reduces:

  • Energy consumption
  • Production costs
  • Labor costs
  • Shipping costs
  • Maintenance
  • Waste


Standard Hard Wood Stave Options

sing-maple sing-cherry sing-oak sing-vg-fir sing-walnut

Other thicknesses of wood stave may be available upon request, in nearly any wood species.

See also: Sing solid wood stave doors

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Mother Earth Trade Show Panels

mother-earth-iconWhen it comes to earth-friendly products, nobody knows more about it than Mother Earth News… So, when they are having their trade show(s)… who do you think they turn to get lightweight eco-friendly materials for their displays?


You guessed it: Sing Core.

Why Sing Core? The answer is, because Sing Core is the only source using the patented technology that is the future of renewable and sustainability in building materials.


Sing Core Building Material is:

  • Lightweight
  • Very strong
  • Bio-friendly
  • Lasts and lasts…
  • Economical to use
  • Easy to learn


Think about it… What if you could make something that has the strength of stainless steel yet was extremely lightweight, while maintaining its integrity over long spans?

Certainly, this is the conundrum perplexing the minds of many architects, designers and engineers at this very moment… Sure, you might find something that will give you the strength that you want and need for your project, but in most cases, the cost of that strength is extreme weight.

That heavy weight can compromise your project, sending you back to the drawing board.

I don’t know how many times we have received calls thanking us for saving a project that would have ended up in the trash, had it not been for our lightweight and super-strong technology.

But that’s not all that you get with Sing Core’s approach to design and production solutions…

Sing Core has other attributes that are very compelling, for instance, Sing Core is bio-friendly. In a world that is on the brink of over-using its valuable natural resources, it is important for all of us to do what we can to nurture our planet and take responsibility for what resources we consume.

Sing Core is manufactured with minimal amounts of natural resources and recycled material in a manner that requires less energy to create than any other building material, and produces less waste.

Sing Core is also designed with longevity in mind. In our increasingly disposable society, manufactured products are built using cheap material and components… and the best-selling items are built off-shore due to the lower cost of production, making it hard for Americans to compete.

Cheaply-manufactured imports have a life-expectancy of what? Two years? While Sing Core will last lifetimes without structural degradation, which means that we can build products that can be left to future generations that are not expendable or disposable.

Whatever happened to our Made in the USA pride in manufacturing that this country was built on?

Sing Core is fighting hard to bring back American pride and our economic infrastructure by making this space-age building material available to every woodworker who wants to build something meaningful and profitable. This will make the world a better place by supplying beautiful, high-quality products that are not so expensively made to put them outside the reach of the average consumer.

As a matter of fact, Sing Core’s inventor, peter Sing is so committed to rejuvenating the economy with his grass roots approach to a new, “true green” revolution, that he is training individuals in his patented technology via Lightweight University.


Scholarships and subsidies are available for one-man operations and artisans, as well as independent businesses. Training and licensing is also available for mega builders and manufacturing facilities, for those who truly want to make a difference for preserving our planet and producing a superior end product.

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Going Green

Environment & Economy Friendly

How is Sing Core “Green”, and why is it the most earth-friendly way to use both natural and man-made materials?

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) provides a “cradle to grave” measurement of a product’s environmental impacts from raw material extraction and manufacturing through distribution, use, maintenance, and disposal.  An obvious example is a coffee or tea cup made of Styrofoam compared to a coffee mug made of the same material but enclosed in a solid container.  Solo cups are only used once then disposed of after use, unnecessarily filling our landfills.  Imagine that the same Solo cup material put into a permanent coffee mug, could last ten years without being replaced.  Sing Core protects the foam inside durable wood frameworks.  LCA studies show that using wood is less harmful to the environment than steel or concrete in terms of embodied energy, global warming potential, air emissions, water emissions, and solid waste production. Sing Honeycomb core structure is made of 100% natural vertical grain wood veneer.  This sets us apart from our counterparts who use only paper, particle board, aluminum, and plastic. Here at Sing Core, environmentally friendly construction is our mission.

Green-eco-friendly-sing-coreLow Energy Production

Sing Core’s patented manufacturing process is the most efficient and economical way to make sandwich panels with a veneer torsion box core.  The materials used in Sing Core sandwich panels use low energy to produce.  The adhesive used in Sing Core panels is produced in a much more efficient way than the minerals for nails are mined. The veneer is made of scrap material from Washington mills and the foam core is 20% recycled.


Sing Core’s structure is made of natural vertical grain wood veneer.  This sets us apart from our counterparts who make cores with particle board.  It requires energy to break wood down into pulp and reconstruct it into particle board.  Veneer uses the natural strength of the wood fiber.  Life Cycle Assessment studies show that using wood veneer is less harmful to the environment than steel or concrete in terms of embodied energy, global warming potential, air emissions, water emissions, and solid waste production.  Here at Sing Core, environmentally friendly construction is our mission.


The structural glue and finishing stains that we use are all non-toxic and formaldehyde free.


Our foam core has a recycled content of 20% and is 100% recyclable.

Energy Saving

Insulated, draft-free sandwich panels save your heating costs Sing has a long term stable R-Value. Sing Core panels assemble and install quickly, saving you man power and time.

Long Lasting

Sing torsion box sandwich panels are warrantied for ten years*, but may last much longer. This means Sing Core products will not need replacement or disposal for many years, cutting down on the resources used to manufacture panels. The foam used in Sing Core panels comes with a 20-year thermal performance warranty, dimensional stability, compressive strength, and water resistant properties. See instructions for repair and recycling.

This is a Sing Core overhead garage door panel compared next to a typical steel overhead garage door panel. Same size and thickness but as you can see the steel panel buckles with only a few pounds put on it while the Sing Core panel holds almost all of Inventor Peter Sings weight without any problem.

*See Warranty