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Engineered Wood Lumber and Building Suppliers

The best consumers of Sing products are millworks, door manufacturers, store fixture manufacturers, sign companies, cabinet shops, boat suppliers, composite material distributors, lumber yards, etc…

custom-lightweight-panel-laminatorsPotential consumers all over America are looking to buy Sing Panels via local distribution channels, saving crate, shipping and handling costs.

We provide retail outlets and building material suppliers with our standard 4 ft x 8 ft x 1.52 inch standard Sing Panel (other standard thicknesses include 1 inch and 2 inches). These Sing Panels are made with 1/4 inch Luan skins and are routinely used as door substrate, table substrate, floor substrate, trade show wall panels, tiny house floors, roofs, walls, sign board, stair threads (wrap around with any type of 1/8 of inch hardwood wood stave), store fixtures, bulkheads for boats, concrete forms, etc…

Please see: / applications depicting the endless applications for Sing Sandwich panels and Sing Panels.

The patented Sing Panel is lighter weight than Balsa wood but stronger than balsa wood – even stronger than steel lbs for lbs – and costs less than Balsa wood with many more times the applications of Balsa wood.

Sing Sandwich and Sing Panels are specialty engineering composite panels and our aggressive marketing plan enables our distributors to make more profit than selling plywood.

stack-of-honeycomb-panels-with-solid-wood-edgesProudly Made in the USA, all Sing products are manufactured in our facility, here in Washington State. Even though Sing products weigh a fraction of other building materials, huge cost savings can be enjoyed by bulk shipments to distribution outlets. (For instance, just to send a few Sing Panels to California could add $250 to the raw cost of the material in shipping and handling costs.) It makes more sense for us to work together to serve local clientele who already rely on your expertise.

We have customers in your area eager to find Sing products locally saving on crate and shipping costs, plus not having to wait for delivery times, virtually on-demand if in-stock in your warehouse.

For more information on Sing Sandwich and Sing Panels, see / products

Our web site is your selling tool, making it easy and effective for your sales staff to learn about and promote Sing products.

With our simple pricing method your staff can easily sell any of the myriad Sing products as all are sold by board ft. Regardless of the product (panel, substrate, post and beam, etc…) all that is required to establish the price is the length, width, thickness, plus any additional skin options.

All the information that your sales staff needs can be reduced to the size of a business card.

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Trade Show Panels Q&A

Q: Are Sing Trade show panels nailable?

A: Sing trade show panels are nailable if the skin is over 1/4 inch plywood or custom nailing block or strips are pre-planted prior to manufacture. Our standard surface material is plywood. It may be important, if you are specifying a special exterior skin or other specifications, to note in advance to the manufacture of your panels that you intend to nail, as that may require additional material to accommodate nailing.

Q: Can the appearance of your trade show panels be changed on-site?

A: All standard Sing trade show panels are compatible with vinyl covering materials that are widely available in almost any color, design and may be custom printed. These self-adhesive vinyl sheets (also available in rolls) can be applied and changed at any time within minutes.

Q: Do your trade show panels require complicated, patented hardware that costs extra?

A: Our standard trade show panels have built-in solid wood edging and wood panel facings that can easily be assembled with basic woodworking skills and tools. We do have connection systems available for our clients, if requested, also we can retrofit our Sing panels to fit any existing hardware that you may be currently using.

Q: Do your trade show panels have electrical channels built-in?

A: Our standard trade show panels do not come with interior electrical channels, we do provide then either vertically or horizontally to your specifications at an additional charge. Many millworks router-out their own channels for wire management from the basic Sing panel’s solid wood edging.

Q: Do your trade show panels have headers to support lighting attachments?

A: Standard Sing trade show panels are strong enough to support lighting, shelving and accessory attachments without adding any additional support. Simply attach your gear just like you would any standard framed wall. (No expensive proprietary hardware attachments necessary.)

Q: What if we need to reconfigure your trade show panels? Will we have to buy special hardware or seek out a metal shop?

A: Standard Sing trade show panels are wood, unless your specifications require other materials to be used, so any panels can be easily redesigned reconfigured with basic carpentry skills and standard woodworking tools.

Q: What finishes do you have available for your trade show panels?

A: All Sing trade show panels are available in virtually any surface material that you desire. Standard paint grade panels can be painted and finished, or re-painted and re-finished just like any other wood-based wall. Otherwise, peel and stick vinyl coverings are available in nearly any color imaginable and easy to cover to accommodate any desired appearance on-the-fly.

Q: Do you have end caps, or trim available for your trade show panels?

A: Basically, we do not engage in the finish work of your trade show panels, though we can complete the entire design at additional cost. Most of our clients save the money and do the finish work themselves and wood trim is a simple and elegant enhancement for your Sing trade show display.

Q: Where can we get parts and accessories for your trade show panels?

A: Since our basic Sing trade show panels are wood-base, unlike other expensive patented import wall systems, no special hardware is necessary. Anything you need is easily attainable from your local hardware store, or available through online retailers like eBay or Amazon.

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Mother Earth Trade Show Panels

mother-earth-iconWhen it comes to earth-friendly products, nobody knows more about it than Mother Earth News… So, when they are having their trade show(s)… who do you think they turn to get lightweight eco-friendly materials for their displays?


You guessed it: Sing Core.

Why Sing Core? The answer is, because Sing Core is the only source using the patented technology that is the future of renewable and sustainability in building materials.


Sing Core Building Material is:

  • Lightweight
  • Very strong
  • Bio-friendly
  • Lasts and lasts…
  • Economical to use
  • Easy to learn


Think about it… What if you could make something that has the strength of stainless steel yet was extremely lightweight, while maintaining its integrity over long spans?

Certainly, this is the conundrum perplexing the minds of many architects, designers and engineers at this very moment… Sure, you might find something that will give you the strength that you want and need for your project, but in most cases, the cost of that strength is extreme weight.

That heavy weight can compromise your project, sending you back to the drawing board.

I don’t know how many times we have received calls thanking us for saving a project that would have ended up in the trash, had it not been for our lightweight and super-strong technology.

But that’s not all that you get with Sing Core’s approach to design and production solutions…

Sing Core has other attributes that are very compelling, for instance, Sing Core is bio-friendly. In a world that is on the brink of over-using its valuable natural resources, it is important for all of us to do what we can to nurture our planet and take responsibility for what resources we consume.

Sing Core is manufactured with minimal amounts of natural resources and recycled material in a manner that requires less energy to create than any other building material, and produces less waste.

Sing Core is also designed with longevity in mind. In our increasingly disposable society, manufactured products are built using cheap material and components… and the best-selling items are built off-shore due to the lower cost of production, making it hard for Americans to compete.

Cheaply-manufactured imports have a life-expectancy of what? Two years? While Sing Core will last lifetimes without structural degradation, which means that we can build products that can be left to future generations that are not expendable or disposable.

Whatever happened to our Made in the USA pride in manufacturing that this country was built on?

Sing Core is fighting hard to bring back American pride and our economic infrastructure by making this space-age building material available to every woodworker who wants to build something meaningful and profitable. This will make the world a better place by supplying beautiful, high-quality products that are not so expensively made to put them outside the reach of the average consumer.

As a matter of fact, Sing Core’s inventor, peter Sing is so committed to rejuvenating the economy with his grass roots approach to a new, “true green” revolution, that he is training individuals in his patented technology via Lightweight University.


Scholarships and subsidies are available for one-man operations and artisans, as well as independent businesses. Training and licensing is also available for mega builders and manufacturing facilities, for those who truly want to make a difference for preserving our planet and producing a superior end product.

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Trade Show Panel FAQ

Common FAQ|Doors|Trade Show Panels|Tinyhouses|Log Homes


Sing Trade Show Panels FAQ

What makes Sing cores different from paper honeycomb trade show panels?

A: Our trade show panels use recycled eps foam and our patented vertical grain grid system, which provides much more strength and is as light/lighter than paper honeycomb.

How can I get Sing trade show panels?

A: There are three ways to order Sing trade show panels, 1) Order one or more pre-congfigured trad show display kits (easiest way, buy with one-click). 2) Build Your Own Booth. Create your own DIY customized trade show display kits using patented Sing Core trade show panel kit components, or 3) Create your own custom trade show display design and we build it to your specs using patented Sing Core inside (requires drawing).

What makes Sing cores different from paper honeycomb trade show panels?

A: Our trade show panels use recycled eps foam and our patented vertical grain grid system, which provides much more strength and is as light/lighter than paper honeycomb.

How much is a custom trade show drawing?

A: If we create the drawing for your custom trade show display the cost is $60, whereas if you attach your drawing (your drawing doesn’t have to be professional, it could be simply sketched on a napkin) to your quote request form, there is no charge for the drawing. The reason we require a drawing is so that we can know the basic shape of your structure which will help us to better quote your trade show display.

Can our company purchase only the Sing Core to make our own trade show panels?

A: The different options of our Sing Core and Sing Core Panels and our Sing Trade Show Panels allow you to decide how you want to work with our technologically advanced core material.  You can choose how much or little work you want to apply to the core*.  (*when applying skins you will need to use a cold-press method)

  • Purchase just the core, you would then apply the skins on both sides and solid wood edging* (*place edging before apply top skin) or
  •   Purchase core with skins* (*birch or luan) and apply the edge-banding yourself or hire someone to do it
  • or
  •   Purchase the core as an all in one component* (core, skins [birch or luan ] & solid wood edging)and receive your panels complete, just paint/seal and finish as you desire and install hardware.

How strong are your museum panels?

A: Our Sing Trade Show Panels 4’ x 8’ x 1 3/8 standard trade show panels can support the weight of 4 people between 2 saw horses with no other support and with negligible bending.

Are significantly more water resistant than paper honeycomb museum and trade show panels.

Our Sing trade show panels come with a 10 year limited structural warranty. Limited warranty

How light are your Sing trade show panels?

A: Our Sing trade show panels are at least one-third or more lighter in weight.

How much do your Sing cores, Sing panels and Sing trade show panels cost?

  • That is an excellent question and one that cannot be answered here on our Q & A page as our pricing depends on a number of factors
  • Do you want Sing Cores only, Sing Core Panels or Sing Trade Show Panels?
  • How many would you like to purchase?
  • How thick would you like the panels to be?
  • Please email us your questions and we will respond within 1 business day.

What types of material can I laminate to Sing Core?

A: Any substrate (skin) that is capable of carrying a load.


How do you ship?

  • LTL Freight Company – common carrier,
  • Arrange for pickup by your preferred carrier
  • Customer pick up from our facility here in McCleary, Washington


What is your lead time?

A: Usually four to six weeks, but this has been known to extend out to five or more weeks on occasion.  For our regular contract customers, we block out production time for them and for others we will “work with them” as our production schedule allows.


How does my company become a “Regular Contract Customer”

A: You can become one of our “Regular Contract Customers” by   entering into a contract to order at least 50 cores per month with our company (this allows you to receive better discounts and reserved production  and shipping times)


What size are your panels?

  • We can manufacture panels up to 20’ x 50’.  However, the most commonly ordered size is 4’ x 8’* (*finished size is 47” x 95”)  and are usually determined by the size of the skins available.  Sizes are limited somewhat by shipping company restrictions as well.
  • We also offer oversize Sing trade show panels, these would be done in 4’x8’ sizes and then you would attach using biscuit joints


How do we assemble a large Sing trade show display?

  • We will ship your trade show panels in crates to ensure their safe arrival.
  • Our largest panel can come 12’ x 10’, but you can combine these to make almost any size trade show wall you desire.
  • Once your trade show panels have arrived, take the panels to the room they will be assembled in and do the following:
  • 1st: arrange your panels either on the ground or place on platform but ensure that it is being assembled on a level plane so that they can be joined precisely.
  • Next, join the panels in the horizontal position using our biscuit joints and applying glue in the grooved “biscuit” cut, then insert  biscuit joint to one side of panel, apply glue to groove in second panel that will be attached to the first panel, slide panel so that the other half of biscuit is inserted into the biscuit groove and allow all glued areas to dry completely.
  • Once all of the panels have been assembled together to make your oversize wall and glue has completely dried you may then lift and begin installing your wall with your hardware
  • “Call us if you have any questions/concerns on how to install our Sing trade show wall panels” 360-459-3577


How much pressure to I use to apply skins myself?

A: Enough for intimate contact with our Sing Core with or without solid wood edging but too much pressure can cause damage to the core.


Do you have distributors?

A: No, at this time everything is sold directly by us from our manufacturing location in McCleary, Washington.


Do you keep any panels in stock?

A: All of our Sing Cores, Sing Panels, & Sing Trade Show Panels are made to order for each of our customers.