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New Hidden Door Made by Sing Core

Secret Door Made by Sing Core

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Secret or hidden doors, while sounding like something out of a fantasy or mystery novel, are a very real and unique feature that many people put into their homes. These doors are practically invisible, blending in with their surroundings and closing to be completely flush with the nearby walls. This Sing Core customer requested just that, and these photos show the product during and after installation. Continue reading to learn how Sing Core can bring amazing hidden doors to your customers!

Why a Hidden Door?

The use for these doors may seem secretive or sinister, but in reality it is often just a clever way to separate rooms without having the appearance of a doorway. For example, if your customer has a lounge room or something similar meant to entertain guests, they may not want a closet door visible among the decorated walls. However, a closet would be the perfect place to store games or other entertaining essentials, so they don’t want to simply skip having one, either. Thus, a hidden door allows the best of both, giving the utility of a closet without having to compromise on appearance.

Sometimes, hidden doors are used to conceal panic rooms or areas of importance as well. This is more closely related to what most people think of when they hear the term “hidden” or “secret” door, and it is a valid purpose. However, not the only one.

How Do They Work?

Hidden doors can function in a variety of ways, often as a flush sliding door as a cleverly disguised pivot or hinge door. They are also often called jib doors, referring to their flush-to-the-wall nature. Regardless of the mechanism, they are trimmed to perfectly and seamlessly align with the surrounding wall, then usually decorated with trim or other details to fully conceal them. All in all, they are not much more difficult to install or use than a standard doorway between rooms. They do, however, take much more effort in precision and detail, which is why Sing Core is the industry’s go-to for hidden door panels.

Sing Core for Hidden Doors

Due to the importance of precision and function, Sing Core panels work great for hidden doors. Sing Core panels are the most accurate, dimensionally stable, and warp free material out there when it comes to door panels. Our panels are incredibly strong, and yet lightweight enough to be easy to install and provide less wear on the hardware. They are also structurally guaranteed, as each professional panel comes with a 50 Year Warp-Free and Structural guarantee. It isn’t good for any door to warp or bend, but especially for a hidden door, as that not only limits its function, but also its core design. It’s much harder to “hide” something that is bending out from the wall. That is why we recommend using Sing Core, as you not only get a high quality and one-of-a-kind product, but also the 50 year promise that the hidden door will continue to look and work beautifully.

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“I look forward to using them again.” – Sing Core 7 Door Order Review

Sing Core Customer Testimonial

At Sing Core, we value a job well done and the kind words of our customers. This customer was pleased enough with their order to leave a review, and we’re grateful to them for doing so! Here’s what they had to say:

“As an Architect, I engaged Sing Core to produce large scale slabs for seven pivot doors for an artist’s studio.  The doors were of a scale and proportion that required a core that was light, stable and would not warp.  Singcore was able to produce what we needed in a timely manner.  The product was cost effective given the scale and quantity.  Our millworker found the product easy to work with and was able to install all required hardware effectively as Singcore provided all the requested blocking and made it easy to coordinate.

I look forward to using them again.”

The Order

This was a large order, consisting of seven large paint grade doors. The order was placed by an architect who was working on a large scale project, and they were very pleased with the product they received.

The order was mostly comprised of 96” x 60” x 3” panels, all professional grade and ready for paint. The doors were built to be put in an artist studio in Chicago as pivot doors, and the installation team did an amazing job finishing and mounting these beautiful doors.

Why Sing Core?

Sing Core panels are used for a variety of doors between many different sizes, and due to our patented honeycomb core they work particularly well for large doors. This, among other reasons, is why the client went with Sing Core for their project. With as many large doors as they were making, they needed to ensure each one had the qualities that Sing Core promises with each one of our panels. Those qualities include strength, durability, a lightweight nature, and remaining warp free.

As large doors, these would be particularly prone to warping due to their increased surface area. A warped door causes a number of issues, sometimes up to complete failure of the door and damage to the nearby area. Since these were put into an artist studio, they needed to be able to withstand constant traffic, equipment movement, and more without failing. Sing Core panels are impact resistant, long lasting, and guaranteed warp free. In fact, every door panel we produce comes with a 50 Year Warp-Free and Structural Guarantee to ensure you never have to worry about these issues. For a seven door order of large doors, the client was very pleased with the warranty, as well as the end result and quality of the delivered product.

How Can You Get Sing Core Doors?

If you want to get Sing Core doors for your next big project, feel free to submit a quote request on our website! We’d be more than happy to discuss details with you and get you an estimate. Whether your project calls for one door, seven, or even more, Sing Core promises quality and a long life on our products!