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The Secret Disclosure of Non-warping Wood vs. Veneers Revealed

Lowes Home Improvement Sing Core pre built torsion box panels Pro DeskWe are so excited to disclose the details of the secrets that we have discovered enabling some of our finest clients to achieve the highest performance in large wood stave products guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years.

The reason the secret has never been revealed before is due to it never being possible to create a perfectly straight large wood stave product. Wood will move (warp) or fail due to its nature; that is, until we accomplished creating non-warping products for two of our most exclusive clients.

Wood Veneer

Lightweight wood veneer torsion box substrate high strength Lowes Home ImprovementPrior to this, wood veneer was the only option for even hoping to have a mostly flat surface, but this is still an issue when attempting to cover a long span. For instance, in an oversize large wooden table or oversized wood door, if warping is a concern, wood veneer adequately deals with the tendency of thicker wood grain surface material to move and vary over time and distance.

While wood veneer is handy, it will not survive damage very well and may not be repairable, like a solid wood stave.

We understand the advantages and nature of all types of veneers while working hand-in-hand with the veneer industry.

The Problem

Two separate clients from different locations of the United States sought us out to solve this problem:

Large doors that are often extremely heavy and often fail due to the excessive weight causing strain on the hardware and structure and warping compromising the door’s sealing capabilities.

architects-material-suuportBoth clients expected a lightweight solution that was not only as warp-proof as possible but could maintain the highest degree of tolerance for flatness across the surface area. They were servicing high-end customers who understand the limitations of traditional building materials yet enthusiastically willing and able to finance the discovery of new methods to provide a no-fail solution.

The Solution Case Study

In these recent scenarios, one client requested solid mahogany wood stave while the other desired stainless steel 12 ft. x 10 ft. true flat doors. Both present their own share of challenges.

We were honored to take on the challenges – as we have always been when helping all our clients – and never more excited to know that we had overcome the challenges and achieved an entirely new level of high precision and high performance. So high, in fact, that even we had never attempted such a high standard challenge before.

sitting on large 12 ft x 10 ft mahogany pivot door in factory

Click to see the story

high precision doors laser accuracyThe Results

We were able to produce high performance lightweight doors that were stronger than steel pound for pound, had the highest tolerance (the core approximately within .006 inch) and guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist of otherwise fail for 50 years!

That creates a new standard for the most precision high performance large doors made of hardwood or any other flat building material.

The Secret Revealed

Sing core torsion box plywood lowes home improvement warehouseThe only way we could have achieved such high precision and high performance is due to the secret ingredient in the door’s core material: Sing Core. With patented Sing Core in the heart of these doors we were able to achieve these unprecedented standard results.

The secret of Sing Core lies in its unique reinforced vertical grain torsion box honeycomb core. There is no other Eco-friendly honeycomb panel material made in the USA that is lightweight, so strong (660 PSI) and can traverse long spans with little or no deflection. See comparison.

Secret Infused Applications

The-Louvre-Pyramid-Museum-Paris-FranceNow that we have achieved the results that were previously not possible by any known building technology, it is easy to see that a door could also be a wall. Laid flat; could be a floor, ceiling, roof, table or countertop.

How could you apply this technology to other applications?

Sustainable Longevity

Using patented Sing Core in practically anything can add life to products and projects that previously had a relatively short life expectancy were disposable and created a high demand on waste resources.
Consider using Sing Core in your next project for a better world.

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Lightweight and high strength is impossible for other honeycomb cores

Sing Honeycomb Sandwich Panel

Build the highest quality furniture that could be guaranteed for 50 years. Not like old, heavy antique furniture. Weight of furniture used to be an indication of high quality but high quality may have been a more accurate description of irresponsible use of natural resources.

High Precision Natural Wood Composite

True green Sing Sandwich panels use less than 10% the natural resources of the equivalent solid wood panels with definitive value-added benefits including the high precision doors laser accuracyhighest precision (within .006 inch) and will not warp, bend or twist even if using natural wood.

Lightweight High-Strength

The patented torsion box and rigid foam composite makes a lightweight, solid substrate that is stronger than honeycomb cores used in the aerospace industry rating at only 10 to 110 PSI while Sing Sandwich was independently tested at University of Washington and rated at 660 PSI (stronger than steel pound for pound). See: Core comparisons

High-end Woodworking

Life today is full of burden; never worry about your wood crafting not staying perfectly straight, or being difficult to work with or move. Lightweight, high strength furniture components are hard to come by among the furniture world.

There is a an enormous interest in importing cheap furniture due to low cost with reduced shipping and transport costs, Paper honeycomb core used in doors will failbut paper honeycomb (like used in disposable furniture) is not manufactured to last very long, intended to be disposable and replaceable so that customers return to re-purchase products on a continuous basis creating a demand for repeat sales. Good business practice or not? You decide.

At Sing Core, we’re proud to help the top craftsmen and millworks to create the most high-end product that lasts virtually forever. In fact, we help artisans to create large oversize doors that are guaranteed to be John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Washington DCtrue flat and not to warp, bend, twist or cup for 50 years! Is it any wonder that these doors sell from $10,000 to $30,000 each? See: Clients list.

You Can Do This

You can use this same technology in your home improvement or fine woodworking – and you don’t have to order by the truckload to use it. All you have to do is contact your local Lowe’s Pro Desk and embrace sustainable woodworking by using less hardwood for wood furniture manufacturers.

Sing sandwich, packed with insulation, is the most affordable solution for lightweight and high strength without compromising quality or the natural beauty of solid wood by using less hardwood lumber. In fact, using Sing Sandwich panels you could make your own hardwood on demand.

Woodworking Revolution

Many manufacturers seek out Sing Sandwich also known as, “insulated torsion box plywood,” or RSIPs (Reinforced Structural Insulated Panels as opposed to sips which are not reinforced with torsion box) Sing standard doors tested lightweight high strength insulated guaranteed 50 years no warpto create masterful pieces of art and highly functional furnishings that will last the test of time. Sing Core is the woodworkers source assisting to create a perfectly flat, non-warping wood table, large doors and the antique furniture of the future.

Whether you’re building perfectly flat wood tables, the best kitchen cabinets, building a modular temporary wood wall, any of many applications or diy wood projects, incorporation Sing Sandwich panel may be the most significant recent improvement in your woodshop.

How to Buy Sing Core Products?

Use the convenient Lowe’s store locator to find a Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse near you or inquire about Sing Core at your local lumber yard. See also: Pricing

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Solid Wood Stave Door Blanks

Applications -> Building Components -> Doors -> Solid Wood Blank Doors
solid wood stave sliding door wood planks composite honeycomb panels

Click on picture to see our wood skin gallery!

Our panels make doors!

Patented Sing Core solid wood stave door blanks feature the newest technology in the door industry for composite doors yielding the only eco-friendly, lightweight, fully insulated, high-strength doors with wood blanks of any size (up to 40 ft.) that can be guaranteed true flat and to stay flat for 50 years.

Large door versus regular-size door challenge (i.e., over 4 feet wide and over 8 feet in length):

Large doors are heavy, dimensionally unstable, require more strength due to the heavy weight, and are a challenge to manufacture, ship and install.  High-end jobs require precision and true flatness to please the customer.  A homeowner’s architect, general contractor and mill worker must solve the problem of warping doors.  The solution to the challenge is to use patented professional true flat Sing panels to make your doors.

Sing Core wood stave door planks are the only solid wood doors that will not warp, bend, twist or cup following installation.  This means no more continuous service calls for maintenance of big doors that cannot possibly stay straight due to the limitations of solid wood – or any other door core – that is subject to failure.  Sing panels have a patented honeycomb/torsion box interior which gives lightweight yet unsurpassed strength (pound-per-pound stronger than steel) and stability to any door, and allows Sing Core to provide a 50-year guarantee

Interior Doors:

Sing panels make amazing designer doors in any style.  With Sing panels, fragile doors such as French doors are made lightweight yet strong, not warping or breaking hinges, which will last for many decades.

Exterior Doors:

Sing panels make sturdy exterior doors in any style.  With Sing panels, exterior doors are lightweight and strong, even when oversized.  Our professional doors are guaranteed to stay true flat and not warp or twist for 50 years

When is a door not a door? When it fails to function as a door.

The problem is that all door core materials are either not high precision, too heavy or will move when exposed to moisture, humidity or change in temperature resulting in door failure.

Heavy solid metal or steel will not warp, bend or twist, but is not high precision due to welding (sing core tolerance is + or –  .006 inch!) and is often impractical due to the overweight issues causing excess strain on both the hardware and structure, causing continued maintenance issues.  The solution is our patented lightweight yet strong Sing core technology.

Finishing a door blank:

There are two types of finish for door blanks:  paint grade and wood grain.  Paint grade includes such finishes as metal, Masonite, marine plywood, etc.  Wood grain finish includes such finish as solid wood stave and thin veneer.

Why Use Solid Wood Instead of Veneer?

solid wood composite door planks any size thickness true flatNever settle for substandard veneer doors again. Door engineers prefer to use inexpensive veneer as opposed to real solid wood facings because veneer is thought to be less likely to warp, bend or twist.  But thanks to the super-strength of patented Sing Core technology, you can use solid wood stave and wood blanks with confidence knowing that your door can be guaranteed true flat and will stay flat.

How can a solid wood-faced door stay true flat? As every woodworker knows, when using a solid wood surface, the grain will move according to moisture or temperature change causing the door to fail. When using our patented Sing Core as a substrate you can safely use solid wood because the solid torsion box/honeycomb patented material is continually keeping the wood grain straight and true.  Whereas wood stave has more wood fiber giving it more of a chance to warp than thin veneer due to the unbalance of the both side of the door moisture contents, patented Sing technology solves this problem by combining stiffing skin on both side of our patented Sing core.  This Sing panel technology eliminates the troublesome movement of the door blank — warping is no longer a concern when wood stave is combined with patented Sing core.

In addition, solid wood is easy to work with, install (no need to hot press), repair and remodel.  That’s why professionals trust Sing Core’s years of expertise in helping to design the only wood stave doors (that look just like solid wood doors) that can stay straight and true for many decades while respectfully honoring the beauty and elegance of solid wood, which far outlasts easily-damaged veneers, yet can be sanded and repaired if necessary.

Celebrate your real wood!

solid wood stave door planks lightweight honeycomb guaranteed 50 yearsOur Eco-friendly lightweight, high strength alternative is the best   solution for combating the issues associated with weight and size,   especially large doors.  Only our patented Sing torsion box/foam   composite core combined with our years of experience provides   guaranteed solutions for oversize doors.

That’s why this technology is found everywhere, from beneath the sea   (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and everywhere in-between.

Sing panels may be finished in almost any wood species, like   mahogany, redwood, teak wood, cherry wood, walnut wood, cedar   wood, Ipe wood, sapele wood, poplar wood, ebony wood, ash wood,   oak or any other hardwood or exotic wood types available.

This same wood blank composite technology is also a common solution for high-end projects like engineered hardwood flooring, shiplap, wood furniture, wood shelves, decking, shed doors or any other application demanding high precision and exemplary performance over time.

How is wood stave/veneer added to Sing panels?

Wood stave is added directly to the metal or wood skin our patented Sing cores.  Wood veneer is added to an 1/8-inch mdf attached to the metal skin.  Call us for a free consultation on the best option for your project.

How to BuyMetal Composite Sing Core panels are true straight, light and strong.

To order Sing Large Door panels see our pricing page  and submit an order form either by email,, or print and fax it to: 360.495.4585. We’ll provide a quote within one business day. If you have questions, please contact us.

Easy Ordering

All we need to know is the length, width, thickness and what you desire on the exterior, and your custom specialty panels are made to order. Getting a quote for your specialty product, is easy, thanks to our simple online order system.

Bulk Discounts

If you’re looking for a bargain price, remember, the more you order, the less expensive your total order will be per piece. Quantity and wholesale inquiries are encouraged. Feel free to contact us for more information. Click here for Closeout specials.

Fast turnaround: In you’re in a rush, only Sing Core can be custom made within 24 hours and is proudly manufactured for you in the USA.

Fast delivery: Any thickness and almost any length, less than 5 ft wide, can be made with in 48 hours if it is rush order.

SINGCORE Large Doors are easy to order. You may choose from our stock panels or order custom sized panels. Our price is based on the length, width, thickness, and quantity. Submit a Work Order by fax or email, and we will give you a quote within one business day. If you have a tight budget, give us a call, we might have an alternative solution tailored to your needs.

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Hardwood On-Demand


Oak, Cherry, Maple


Cherry Butcherblock or Stair Tread

In an effort to share the latest technology and advancements in wood production and stock, Sing Core is releasing their Sing Hardwood On-Demand system to small work shops and large millworkers. Sing Core revolutionizes the wood working industry by re-introductcing torsion-box technology (click here for torsion box info). Craftsmen have been using torsion box for centuries, but it takes a skilled craftsman two days to create a table… Sing Core provides craftmen with the torsion box structure pre-built. Doing so allows you to make 10 times more tables in a single day.It’s taken hundreds of years to come up with a superior torsion box process that is extremely effiective, yet does not burden the production process. For a limited time and as little as $100, you can have this system to experiment with in your shop so that you can experience the lightweight, super-strength of Sing Core, and have more control over your inventory giving you the ability to create your own Sing Hardwood On-Demand.

Sing Hardwood Table

Clear Vertical Grain Fir Table

Applications include:

  • Wood flooring
  • Wood Ceiling
  • Wood Siding
  • Wood Scaffolding
  • Shelving
  • Stairs
  • Staircases
  • Wood plank walls
  • Butcher Block


The patented raw Sing Core material is provided to you in bulk. Shipping costs are minimal due to the raw material being so lightweight. You store the bulk Sing Core material and assemble your own Sing Core Hardwood

Sing Core Panels

Standard stock Sing Sandwich panels foam-panel-guaranteed-true-flat-lightweight-strongMeasurements: 4 ft. x 8 ft. x 3/4-to-1.56 inch thickness (other sizes available).

Sing Sandwich Application: Cur or rip Sing Sandwich as solid lumber core use it as substrate to glue plywood or wood stave to make hardwood lumber.

Sing Sandwich Advantage: Sing Sandwich features our patented torsion box design, it is true flat, lightweight, dimensionally stable. Hardwood made of Sing Sandwich is the strongest, lightweight hardwood. It is more affordable than most expensive hardwood, you are able to create your own Sing Hardwood with basic woodworking tools, like:

  • Band saw
  • Sanding machine
  • Cold glue press

You cold glue press could be made of Sing Timber Plank which is lightweight, true flat and super strong to press hardwood wood staves over on top of Sing Sandwich. Click here for more information on the Sing Sandwich material.


Of course we can assist you with any step of the process along the way to making your own Sing Hardwood stock. Some options include:


(Only available under license)


(Sing Core Block pre-sliced and sanded to your specifications)


(Sing Core Sheets are pre-cut to length, width and thickness to your specifications)


(Sing Core pre-asembled with solid wood edges along along length exteriors)


(Sing Core with Solid Wood Edges and your choice of skin)

Also available…

Sing Timber Block

Sing Timber Block Measurement: 12 inch x 12 inc x 8 ft

Sing-Timber-made-in-the-USASing Timber comes complete with solid wood planks on both sides of the Sing core.

Sing Timber consists of Sing Core Block with two pieces of slab added to each side 1.5 inch x 10 inch x 8 ft.

The purpose of Sing Timber is to create solid wood edges on both sides of Sing Core Block after slicing to desired thickness. All you need is to add skins on top and bottom as needed. Resulting in (for instance) a shelf of Sing Plank ready to add wood staves, wood veneer or any other type of exterior facing skins.

You could make your own Sing Timber by purchasing a Sing Core Block, then saw to your desired width, add solid wood to form any width, and your’re doo to go.

Sing Wood Substrate

Sing Core is also available as a torsion-box substrate (honeycomb wood) to be used as a substrate for any wood (or other external material) substrate.

This is Sing Core with plywood faces for easy bonding of any other hardwood face material with in-house carpenter glue.

Is also available in widths exceeding 12 inches as “Sing Panels” (see below)

Sing Plank


Port Orford Cedar Tabletop


Cherry Tabletop

Sing Planks have no hardwood only plywood skin


You do not have to wait your hardwood supplier ship to you over night from hundreds or thousands miles away, giving you inventory on-demand. All you need is stock to stock some Sing Core Block and you can create any building materials that you need, to your specific dimensions on-the-fly.

Q: Are there any other methods to build hardwood from substrate?

A: There are many type of substrate used as a base to add hardwood staves to create hardwood. It is common for veneer and/or staves to be glued on top or wrapped around with hardwood to make hardwood, but it is very heavy and sometimes unstable, creating movement. The most common substrate used is particle board, followed by MDF, plywood and LVL.

The ideal substrate is honeycomb or lightweight foam to use as substrate, but none of those lightweight materials are able to achieve the strength of Sing Core which when tested in University of Washington reached 660 PSI. Most common honeycombs (such as aluminum honeycomb core, plastic core, and paper core) and foam used in aviation industry are approximately 100 PSI, but the cost is more than 10 times more in comparison to Sing Core, and much heavier than Sing Core. This is the reason Sing Core is the primary choice for high end mill work in USA.

With some basic shop tools, you are able to build your own Sing Planks or even Sing Wood at any thickness or width.

Sing Hardwood


Advantage Sing Hardwood:

Maple-Cherry-Oak-VG-Fir-Walnut-Sing-Core1. Hardwood On-demand.

With Sing timber to saw any thickness, width to build your own Sing Hardwood. you can make any wood species, without having to inventory hundreds of hardwood planks, slabs, beams, boards, etc…

2 User Friendly.

Lightweight, strong, true flat, easy to machine to wood plank,wood beam, wood post , shelving, stair treads…

3 Stronger Than Steel

Sing Core is stronger than steel and wood lbs for lbs. When tested by the University of Washington, Sing Core had reached beyound 660 PSI. Average foam core or honeycomb core used in aircraft are approximately 100 PSI, yet cost more than 10 times the cost of Sing Core. High strength, without high cost.

You can make your own Sing Hardwood at your location by using Sing Core Block.

Sing Panels

Advantages of Sing Panels:

ready-to-ship-eco-friendly-lightweight-sing-core-panelsSing panels can be used to replace many building materials, especially when compared to other materials that are heavy. Reminding us that the rules of construction philosophy have changed:

“Heavy does not mean strong.”


“Lightweight does not mean weak.”

Whether you’re replacing plywood, other panels, exterior cladding, moveable wall systems, exterior walls, floors, ceilings, ect… No other building material compares to Sing Core panels.

Sing Panels have a plywood exterior for easy bonding of any other wood material to the Sing Core material.

Armed with Sing Core Block at your location, you could manufacture your own Sing Panels.

Call Sing Core at 360-495-3577

to get your Sing Sandwich panels today and SAVE



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Wood Stave

Woodstaves (a narrow length of wood “stave” with a slightly beveled edge) can be utilized to form the exterior of Sing Core. These can be used to replace other types of solid wood building materials.

Standard wood stave exterior measures:

  • 1/8”

Using Sing Core with wood staves is ecologically responsible doe to having the same appearance as solid wood by using fewer natural resources.

Other benefits include:

  • Material is stronger than (steel) solid wood
  • Lighter in weight than solid wood
  • Remains straight and flat
  • Rot, warp and twist resistant

Using Sing Core with wood staves reduces:

  • Energy consumption
  • Production costs
  • Labor costs
  • Shipping costs
  • Maintenance
  • Waste


Standard Hard Wood Stave Options

sing-maple sing-cherry sing-oak sing-vg-fir sing-walnut

Other thicknesses of wood stave may be available upon request, in nearly any wood species.

See also: Sing solid wood stave doors

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Sing Timber

What is Sing Timber?

Sing Timber is a large mass of wood that can be milled to any specification. Its versatility is exemplified by wood shops who saw the large timber masses in more specific smaller planks as needed. Sing Timber can come in 12 inches wide by 12 inches tall and 96 inches in length, or you can get it already cut-to-order as Sing Hardwood.

Sing Timber can be broken down into any thickness and width, to create your own wood plank. You do not have to inventory all size of plank just by sawing Sing Timber to the desired thickness. You can slice the Sing Timber to any desired width, all you have to do is to seal the deal by gluing an exterior skin on the fresh sawed side to finish your new plank.

How Can I Use Sing Timber?

Sing Timber is manufactured with a heart of Sing Core,  coverd with exterior skins on at least two sides form a large box like timber mass. It  can be sawed horizontally, sanded and glued to form a smaller wood plank. It will create any dimensional wood and it cabn be covered any hardwood species, metal, plastic or even cement to create a new generation of ulitmate lightweight, high strength products.

Sing Timber is Better than Hardwood

Sing Timber’s Sing Core makes this the only hardwood material that is better than hardwood, for a integrous building material that is just a beautiful as solid natural hardwood with far superior structural integrity.

Sing Timber’s high-strength is due to Sing Core that is less expensive than solid hardwood. When Sing Timber is produced, the energy savings are impressive, as the actual production process uses less energy, man hours and equipment usage and produces little or no waste. Sing Timber is also sonstructed of low cost, renewable natural wood fiber and recycled EPS foam. Patented Sing Core is many times stronger than most of the core materials used in modern aircraft with much less weight and a fraction of the cost of core used in the aircraft industry. The cost can be less than 10% of the inefficient core used in aircraft design.

Compare other type of honeycomb or core materials , sing core is the only core physically and cost effective to build Sing timer which will turn to hundreds of different products for many industries.

How does Sing Timber work?

Simply stated, Sing Timber can be used as any regular lumber, cut to fit your appropriate application, as in shelving, Or you could add a solid wood edge to enforce the strength and add fastening anchor point for mechanical fastening.

When working with Sing Timber with a router, be certain to attach wood strips to the area to be routed, as the exterior wood surface along the face is minimal.

Sing Timber is versatile

Our most popular format in Sing Timber is the 4×12 in 8- and or 10- foot lengths. It can be used as a stand-alone post and/or beam as is, or (here’s the exciting part) can be turned into so many different products for multiple applications. For example…

Sing 4×12 lumber can be easily sliced into alternate widths and thicknesses to suit your needs. No need to make multiple trips to the store to pick up the lumber you need, simply slice Sing Timber 4x12s into the size that you want on-site; Perfect for the millworker or ambitious do-it-yourselfer.

By sawing the sandwich panel cross the Sing core to form two pc of sing sandwich without skin on one side than add new skin or add new solid wood to build a two sandwich panel or two Sing panels at different thickness. Sing Timber is easily broken down into any dimension wood plank or hardwood. Sing Timber can be easily sliced to substitute for standard 2×4 lumber.

How Do You Add Hardwood Stave?

It is easy to add a sardwood stave to any cut or sawed section of Sing Timber.

Firstly, all you have to do is to sand the surface of your freshly-cut exposed Sing Core section of your plank.  Apply urethane glue or white glue to the smooth surface, then press. It’s that simple to turn a selection of Sing Timber into your own Sing Beam that is just as visually impressive as solid wood, but lighter weight and stronger than steel pound for pound.

Sing Timber is Strong and Straight

It is very hard to find straight hardwood without bowing, twisting or cracking.  Solid hardwood is heavy, and hard to work with.

Sing Timber is an eco-friendly solid wood composite material with a patented Sing Core interior that results in lumber that is straight and flat, unlike any other building material on the planet.

Sing Timber is also available pre-cut as Sing Hardwood.