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Here at Sing Square Log Homes, Inc. We have you covered, and we stand by our product quality 100%. All of our products carry a 10 year structural warranty.


Standard warranty

Industrial Components

Links to companies that supply you with finishing hardware for your projects.

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Useful pages and videos on assembly of your Sing products as well as support.

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True Flat Guarantee and Limited Lifetime Warranty


True Flat Guarantee premium certified true flatAll composites including (but not limited to) Sing Core and aluminum (other materials may be added to the composite material) are guaranteed to be true flat and warranted to stay true flat under normal operation and in the form and function of the specified purpose and under the agreed upon conditions at the time of the creation of the material subject to the terms of our Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Sing Core products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship, and against rotting and decay for as long as you own and live in the Home in which the product was installed, provided that (i) it is installed without alteration and in accordance with applicable building codes and (ii) installed and caulked as specified by Sing Core’s installation instructions (iii) if exterior components are painted, the paint must have a LRV of 57 or higher.

The terms of this Limited Warranty excludes (i) weathering or discoloring of the unfinished material and (ii) warping or failures which are the result of or involve stress caused by localized application of heat, movement of building or building components, or expansion/contraction of building or building components.


The Warranty on the Sing Core unit is transferable by the original purchaser to one subsequent purchaser for purchaser’s personal residence provided Sing Core receives the Warranty Transfer Certificate within thirty (30) days after the date of transfer of ownership, and provided such notice is accompanied by a check or money order in the amount of $50.00 per home.


No warranty herein covers damages resulting from improper installation, abuse, accident, negligence, abnormal or unreasonable use (including failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance), improper or insufficient handling, storage, damage resulting from fire or lightning, windstorms, earthquakes, wind-borne objects, strain applied to the unit by movement of the building, inadequate provision for expansion or contraction of framing members, installation in ships or vehicles, installation outside the Continental United States, seal failure (if the seal has been subject to immersion in water), acts of God, any other components, parts, glass and labor provided by other parties, exposure to fire, corrosive fumes, condensation damage or any events or actions beyond the control of Sing Core.

This lifetime limited warranty does not apply with respect to (1) condensation damage due to high humidity or high vibration; (2) breakage of glass (other than clear glass).

The terms of this expressed warranty excludes failures due to damage due to freight carriers, common carriers, private transportation or any other means of transportation or handling after shipping from Sing Core.

The procedure for obtaining performance of the obligations of this warranty is as follows: if you believe your entry door to be defective, contact the contractor for inspection. If the contractor determines the Sing product or parts thereof to be defective, the manufacturer at its exclusive option will repair; provide a new product or part of a product after having determined that it does not conform to the limited warranties contained herein. The manufacturer reserves the right to discontinue or make changes in any of its products. If the products covered by this warranty are not available, the manufacturer shall have the right to substitute a product that is of equal quality or value. The manufacturer will ship the replacement product or part to the nearest authorized dealer and the purchaser must pay for any and all labor necessary to install such product or part and for the transportation from the nearest authorized dealer to his/her residence.

Any claim must be accompanied by a copy of the contract evidencing purchase of the Sing Core products.

For true flat and stay flat, all-weather Sing products (especially as exterior door application) Sing products warranty for the most challenged application as mentioned must have a signed certificate presented by Sing Square Log Home Inc. in addition to our invoice. Due to the special materials, process and extra cost and challenging conditions application, uses such as 100% exposed in the weather conditions, or other specific applications as set forth in the specifications of the original order. Applicable for special purpose applications only.



Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to purchaser.



Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts; so the above limitations may not apply to purchaser.

This Lifetime Limited Warranty extends only to the Sing products which were originally installed in your Home or other structure originally and shall not be valid or enforceable if you cannot prove that the Sing products were so installed

Important Note: Keep your receipt of purchase and the receipt from the contractor who made the installation in your Home showing the date of installation and the address in a safe place.

This warranty gives purchaser specific legal rights and he or she may also have other rights which vary from state to state.


Before submitting a claim for warranty services, please see all of our help and resources available on our website. To obtain Warranty services, please call (360) 495-3577. Once a Sing Square Log Homes representative validates your claim, an RMA or Return Merchandise Authorization will be supplied to you to include with the product to return. Items without an accompanying RMA will be withheld for up to 30 days, in which you will be notified on instructions for return and shipping. The shipping cost will be billed to you. Lack of payment will result in disposal of the withheld product without any duty to the customer or account.



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Large Artists Canvas Panels

Sing Honeycomb Panels used for canvas
for artwork for the Nature Conservancy

The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty


Due to these Sing Canvas Artist Panels being so light weight, shipping via air freight to the Bahamas airport was simple, easy and cost effective. This artist canvas measures 4 ft. x 10 ft. x 3 inches with 1/4 inch plywood veneer with eucalyptus. They are now on permanent display at the Grand Bahama International Airport.


Testimony from the artist Jane Kim:

Peter and Linda along with the rest of the Sing Home team were lifesavers! They were wonderful to work with and did all that they could to meet tight deadlines without losing the flawless quality in their work. I look forward to collaborating with them again.

All the best,

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Transportation Manufacture Applications

Sing Core is providing new, space age solutions to old technologies that have been used in transportation industries for years.

sing-core-used-in-aerospace-international-aircraft-lightweight-high-strength-tru-flatYou might be as surprised, as much as we are, to find that many leading-edge technologically advanced transportation manufacturers who build the most high-tech aircraft, boat and train vehicles and containers often use old technology in the ground support of the manufacturing process.

Industry-wide, aerospace, marine, mass transit, rail and trucking industries are now starting to upgrade ground support systems for their manufacturing process that has not been updated since the late sixties.

Temporary Floor Upgrade

For instance, while building a large project, temporary floors are used during the manufacturing process. In many cases, these floor s need to support the weight of carts, instruments and heavy equipment as well as bear the weight of the heavy trafficking construction crews without fail.

The traditional method dictated that plywood (often metal clad) would be cut in the exact shape and size of actual flooring that would be installed following the manufacture. This temporary flooring system has been used for years, and though it has become customary to use it, it is simply not as practical as using an advanced system like Sing Core’s.

aerospace-maintenance-repair-and-overhaul-temporary-floor-systemCustom Size for Perfect Replacement

The Sing Core temporary flooring system is a new advancement for these industries increasing ground support exponentially, by delivering, custom-sized flooring panels that are exactly the same dimensions as final finished flooring, yet have the following attributes:

  • Are true flat with minimal deflection even under weight bearing loads
  • Lightweight, reducing labor and transportation costs of assembly and disassembly
  • Designed to withstand regular vehicular weight, movement and stress
  • Last longer, reducing repair/replacement

Regular Maintenance or Periodic Overhaul

Whether your application is in the original manufacturing process or for regular aviation maintenance checks and periodic overhaul, Sing Core temporary floor system will provide maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) shops with the lightweight, high strength, superior solution for your next D check heavy maintenace visit (HMV).

Fewer on the Job Injuries

prevent-slip-trip-and-fall-accidents-with-sing-temporary-flooring-solutionsAccording tot he U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) slips, trips, and falls constitute the majority of general industry accidents and 15% of these lead to accidental deaths. Avoid the hazardous employee or contractor exposure by upgrading your existing temporary floor solution to the more effective Sing temporary floor solution.

Traditional plywood temporary floor treatments are less effective and potentially dangerous in comparison and may actually contribute to more potential on the job injuries. Plywood is heavy and difficult to maneuver, transport and breaks down over time becoming frayed and causing exposed slivers which could lead to compounding injuries during installation and removal.

Protect your staff with sing temporary floors. Sing temporary flooring can support high-traffic, weight and heavy construction activity without fail with high PSA (independently tested at the University of Washington at 660 PSI) and little deflection over long spans (as little as 1/32, or more) for a more secure working environment preventing risk. And handling Sing temporary flooring prevents injury during installation, dismantle and transport due to being much lighter weight when compared to other materials and does not easily breakdown over time, like plywood which is heavy and not as strong (even if aluminum-clad).

Floor Openings

Sing temporary floor solution is an effective way to protect construction and maintenance workers who are working in large aircraft, sea vessels, ship yards, marine terminals, construction sites, stairwells, rail cars, elevators or skylights to avoid injury due to worker slip and fall or protection from falling equipment or debris.

Temporary Food Service Floor

Other temporary floor uses include temporary food service flooring used in mobile or seasonal eateries, restricted menu establishments, bed and breakfast kitchens and food service caterers.

Contact Sing Core and get more information on other transportation applications or how we can help you to replace your outdated temporary floor system today.



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Door Hardware and Sliding Door Hardware

Applications -> Building Components -> Doors -> Door and Sliding Hardware

Sliding Door Hardware

Krownlab-Wood-Sliding-Barn-Door-HardwareKrown Lab Modern Sliding Barn Door Hardware

Carriage-Door-Openers-Estate-Swing-KitCarriage Door Openers

Johnson Hardware Sliding Multi-Pass Door HardwareJohnson Hardware

Barn-Door-Hardware-Sliding-Door-HardwareBarn Door Hardware

Hafele-Sliding-Folding-French-Doors-Sliding-Door-HardwareHafele America Co.

Richards-Wilcox Hardware

Johnson sliding bypass hardware


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Sing Panel Samples


Samples Currently Not Available

Standard 1 1/2 inch SingCore Panels (without an edge)  w/Plywood Faces in Stock

Call 360-495-3577 for Quantity Pricing

Stack of lightweight torsion box honeycomb sandwich panels to build tiny house in no timeTry out and experiment with a single Sing Sandwich Panel of 2′ x 4′ x 1 ½”.  You will be surprised by the light weight, super-strength and Eco-friendliness of the Sing Sandwich Panel. In order to take advantage of this specially-priced offer with Free Shipping, you must order by adding to your cart and checking-out online. Free Shipping in the Continental United States only. Standard sizes, thicknesses, faces and quantities are limited to those listed.  For other dimensions and/or options please complete our online price quote for a price.

Note: While most information is available online, product support for the above panels for research and development is limited to email only.

Standard Sing Sandwich Panel Details:

  • dimension: 2 ft x 4 ft (in pairs only)
  • thickness: 1 ½ inch
  • standard plywood surface

Sing Sandwich panels are so versatile, they have hundreds of applications. You could use these patented sandwich panels to build your own lumber in your shop, or

There are so many things that you can create with Sing Sandwich panels, knowing that by doing so, your end product will be manufactured with a True Green Eco-friendly material that is lightweight, stronger than steel pound for pound with built-in insulation.

Patented Sing core are bonded with face skin with structure glue  that is formaldehyde-free and water resistant, with the most responsible use of natural wood from nature.

Create Hardwood Lumber On Demand

By having a quantity of Sing Sandwich panels on hand, you can create your own hardwood lumber, posts and beams, furniture parts, metal composite building materials (by using conventional cold press with clamp at your location) when you want it, as you need it! Having a Sing Sandwich panel inventory is the secret weapon in exclusive high-end millworks.

Create any size panel you want

Due to its extreme versatility, Sing Sandwich panels can be ripped and cut just like any other plywood-type building material. Cut into strips and glue together to make your own posts and beams, then finish them in any exterior material that meets the specifications of your project.

Looking for some panels for your project or for experimentation? Here’s an introductory offer, including FREE SHIPPING as our special get acquainted offer to you:


Sing Sandwich Panels On Sale Now

Here at Sing Core, we make the world’s best Eco-friendly oversize doors that are lightweight, stronger than any other comparable material, and are true flat. No one else could accomplish this feat if not for the Sing Core composite secret ingredient.

Now you can have the convenience of Sing Sandwich panels – that are superior when compared to other materials – in stock at your location at huge savings due to this one-time offer without using promo codes. See Sing Sandwich Photo Gallery to see other varieties of options available and can be made to your specifications.

DSC_0723Want large panels?

Certainly, when we build large panels, we can certify and guarantee them as true flat, using our high precision and almost seamless technology. But, you can manufacture your own oversized panels by patching as many Sing Sandwich panels as you need to achieve the desired dimensions of your project at your location.

Want an even better deal?

Special truckload price inquiries will also receive an extra discount for quantity. Contact us to take advantage of our special-priced outlet offer.

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How to Install a Sing Wood Floor

Step 1
Step 2

Step 1

Order your flooring. Here is a shipment of Sing Honeycomb insulated wood flooring. Each panel is 4ft x 8ft. Sing honeycomb wood flooring is the strongest most lightweight insulated wide plank floor in USA.

Step 2

Step two to installing the Sing wide plank floor is to lay 2×4 sleepers on top of your concrete floor and shim if they are not level. Fasten the 2×4 sleepers with 3″ concrete nails. This will provide the support for your panels.

Step 3

Step 4

Step 3

After you have finished Fastening the 2×4 sleepers it is time to add The 1 1/2 insulation between them.

Step 4

This is what the floor should look like once the 1 1/2 inch insulation has been installed.

Step 5

Step 6

Step 5

Now we can begin Installing the Wide plank floor panels . Sing panels are the largest wood floor panels in USA. Floors are pre-coated with urethane at the factory.

Step 6

Sing Honeycomb jumbo insulated wood floor panels are 4’x8′ fir wood flooring. (One side is fir and other is plywood.) It is the easiest floor system to install in the world.

Step 7
Step 8

Step 7

4 foot in width it is the widest floor panel ever made. It is the easiest way to lay a completely finished wood floor.

Step 8

Wide plank floor panels can be notched to fit the corner of the room.

Step 9
Step 10

Step 9

Save your money and time, use our high precision floor panel system.

Step 10

The wide plank flooring panels pictured here are stagered to create a pretty pattern.

Step 11
Step 12

Step 11

Fasten the edge of the flooring panel to the 2×4 with glue. This floor will not only never squeak it also is least troublesome to maintain.

Step 12

Pictured here the wide plank floor panels are cut to fit the corners of the fireplace. Our Sing Honeycomb panels can easly be cut to fit.

Step 13
Step 14

Step 13

It is another challenge but it can be easliy fit by using wide plank Sing Honeycomb floor panels.

Step 14

Another perfect fit of wide plank floor. You don’t have to be a professional floor installer with our flooring system.

Step 15
Step 16

Step 15

This is a finished Sing Honeycomb wide plank floor. Notice how pretty the Sing wide plank floor looks. It is the easiest way to install a DIY wood floor.

Step 16

Do it Yourself Wide Plank Flooring. A DIY floor saves you labor costs and time . Have a high quality floor at a wholesale price!

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How to Build a Sing Home


Sing Square Logs - Easy to Build
Step 1: The FoundationThe logs should be stacked as near as possible to your foundation, and if you have a slab foundation, it’s best to keep them right on it where they’re most easily accessible.

Your foundation should have 1/2″ or 5/8″ threaded rod extending from the J-bolts sunk in the concrete at approx. 3′ on center. Instruct whoever is doing your concrete work to make sure the rods are installed in the center of the stem wall, as they should extend through the center of the log. Install treated 2×8(or other size appropriate) boards using a hole saw attachment to your drill to drill holes to accommodate the threaded rod, around the perimeter of the foundation.

Lengths of flashing bent at an angle over the outside of the treated boards to form a drip edge and termite guard are installed over the boards before laying the walls. This is called the sill plate, and the logs will be placed on top of it.

Sing Sing window buck Sing Window Frames


Step 2: Installing the First Layer of Sing LogsOnce the foundation is prepared…Select the logs for the first layer and place them parallel to their permanent locations. Remember that with the butt and pass method, butt joints are staggered, and alternate from course to course. When making room for door space, simply cut the log to allow enough space.

Place the first log with its end reaching to the edge of the foundation making sure that it is aligned in the proper position. Outline the upper face of the log where the tie down plate goes to hold the log to the foundation (use the plate as a guide for tracing, making sure that the rod slides through the aperture in the center). Use a router to notch out the space you traced for the tie down. Make sure it is at least 1/2″ deep to fit the thickness of the plate. If you find that blocking in between log halves interferes with the threaded rod, simply knock it out or cut around it. If you knock it out, you may have to replace it in another location by toe nailing it. If you are not using Olyscrews in your project, simply repeat this process every 3 layers, applying adhesive every course, until you reach the top plate.

Sing Sing window buck Sing Window Frames
Remove the first log you want to install, and apply two beads of glue to the sill plate where the wood will have contact with it. Return the log, and place the tie down plates where you have notched out for them, with the threaded rod protruding from the aperture. Tighten nuts with wrench, as tight as you can. When butting logs together, it is important that this vertical seam be as tight as possible. Use plenty of adhesive, and you may also “key” this joint in the hollow space with a piece of 3″ (or double 2×4) wood blocking where the seam is, or use rigid foam insulation. You may also decide to chamfer the butt ends to provide an alternate appearance using a router or planer.


Step 3: Installing Additional Layers of Sing LogsWith the first layer done…

Place the logs for the second course parallel to their intended locations around the perimeter. Keep in mind again that just as the corners alternate with each layer, so should the butt joint seams. Align double tongue-and-groove joints, and squeeze a minimum of two (amounts vary according to log size & engineering conditions) thick beads of adhesive onto the top face of the log (outside of tongue) upon which you will install the first log of the second course. You should have at least one bead on both sides of the hollow space. Make sure that there is enough glue to squash down and form a tight seal when you place the next log on top. If you are using the recommended Franklin Titebond adhesive, keep in mind that in wet weather it may not fully cure for possibly 2 weeks because it’s water based, however it is very user health friendly and the screws pin the logs in place until the glue is cured. Make sure that the tongue on the bottom log is aligned correctly with the groove of the top log. If you find the tongues and grooves are fitting a little too snug, simply use a mallet and a piece of wood blocking to tamp them into place.

Sing Log Home - How to build Sing Log Home - How to build Sing Log Home - How to build
Drive an Olyscrew through a pre-drilled hole. It doesn’t matter which of the two wall sides you begin on, just make sure the screw is driven straight down to ensure solid contact is made all the way through the log. Be sure that it doesn’t hit the tie down plate or another screw below it. If at any time the screw threads or part of screw is exposed back it out and try again. No part of the screw should be visible (check the inside of the log to be certain the screw hasn’t gone through the curved part and is showing). Drive the screw until its head is countersunk and flush with the surface. Don’t be alarmed if the log rises further down its length, you will correct it when you drive the next screws. Be aw a leveling device, backing it out or driving it in tighter until its level. Avoid driving the screws into knots. After you gain a sense for the procedure and how it should look, you can are that the screws may alter the leveling somewhat, but you can actually employ the screw check for plumb and level every 2 or 3 layers.


Step 4: Windows, Doorways, and TrussesWhen working around openings for windows and doors…

Logs may partially reach into the opening to be cut out later if you’d like to speed up construction, but make sure you avoid the corrugated staples in the spacers as you cut. You may also want to let one course extend entirely through an opening as this has been found to reduce leveling complications, and cut it out after completion. Make sure that the course of logs that completes an opening, the header, is continuous over that opening.

Sing Log Home - How to build Sing Log Home - How to build
Windows using Sing Window Frame…The window /frame unit can be pre-assembled and finished at the factory, ready to be fastened to the log walls rough opening. This saves labor for on-site framing, bracing, leveling and installing windows.
Sing Log Home - How to build Sing Log Home - How to build
Interior Walls…Interior walls could be constructed with 10×5 Interior Sing Logs, or conventional 2x framing. Various finishing materials could be applied to the 2x framing, such as Sing Paneling or gypsum wall board.
Sing Log Home - How to build Sing Log Home - How to build
Trusses…Trusses or other types of roof structures can be installed onto Sing Log walls in the conventional way. Insert double 2×4’s into the cavity of the top layer Sing Log to form a solid bearing surface for the roof structure
Sing Log Home - How to build Sing Log Home - How to build


5: The Second FloorIf you have a second floor or loft, you can hang it directly off of the wall. Nail or screw 2×8 or 2×10 nailing strips onto the wall, and attach joist hangers to the strips.

Place the joists in the hangers and proceed with the deck, which can be a variety of materials including plywood, card decking, or other.

Sing Log Home - How to build Sing Log Home - How to build



Step 6: Finishing Electrical Outlets…

The easiest way to go is to use the remote system for your outlets they are inexpensive and require no wiring. Another option is to run your wiring along the floor and up the corners and cover with molding.

Outlets for lighting and electrical connections are relatively simple. Pick the log which will contain the outlet before installing it, and using your circular saw (or reciprocating saw) cut out the outlet from the interior wall half of the log, starting from the top. This is more easily done if your outlets are placed horizontally. Wiring should be prepared beforehand, so you can simply pull it through the hole to connect to the socket or fixture later.

Since the logs are staggered, there should be continuous space to weave the wiring inside the hollow space. You may also “fish through” after the wall is completed, use conduit, or have all outlets in the floor and ceiling.

Sing Log Home - How to build Sing Log Home - How to build
Corners…Use a router or chisel to remove the tongues from the section of log which will become part of a corner. Exterior corners should be foamed in with spray insulation (common types like “Big Stuff” or “Dap” are readily available from your local hardware store) and covered with 1″ cedar trim up the entire vertical lengths of both sides. Use sufficient caulking around the seam between the logs and the trim, as well as where the trim boards meet to ensure a perfectly tight seal.
Sing Log Home - How to build Sing Log Home - How to build
Stains…Once your walls are erected, and before windows and doors are installed, you should apply a stain to the outside facings. A porous, at least slightly tinted stain is recommended to prevent moisture and UV damage. It should preferably be designed specifically for log homes. We recommend Sikkens? Cetol? exterior and interior finishes as they have been thoroughly tested and proven to be superior.


For any log to log, or wood to wood caulking requirements, we suggest using Sashco Logbuilder. It has proven very easy to apply, extremely flexible, and long lasting.


Recommended adhesives include Franklin titebond solvent free construction adhesive, PL Premium, PL 400, and 3M 5230. We prefer the Franklin Titebond because it is water based and requires no protective gloves etc. during application, and very easy to use and clean up.


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Roof System Options

Sing Options – Roofing

Exposed roof structure and deck Option 1:

  • Beams, purlins, rafters, etc. from timber, reclaimed timber, or glulam (exposed)
  • Sing Roof Decking or T&G roof decking (exposed)
  • Rigid Insulation
  • Roof sheathing
  • Metal roofing

Exposed roof deck Option 2:

  • 2x framing
  • Sing Roof Decking or T&G roof decking (exposed)
  • Batt Insulation
  • Roof sheathing
  • Metal roofing

Engineered trusses Option 3:

  • Engineered trusses
  • Batt Insulation
  • Roof sheathing
  • Metal roofing
  • Interior ceiling finish by owner



Sing Flooring and Roof Decking
Vertical & straight grain, wide-plank flooring for your   Sing Log HomeSing   Log Homes are solid and substantial homes. They need “solid”   flooring to compliment them.

Our Sing Flooring System consists of vertical and straight grain wide planks   that are made from 1-1/2″ or 2-3/8″ solid wood laminates. Thanks to   the patented quarter-sawn manufacturing technique and the laminating process,   the Sing Flooring System is thicker than most solid wood floors,and yet more   dimensionally stable than most engineered wood floors on the market. It is   truly the best of both worlds

The Benefits of using Sing Home Flooring are endless. Here a list of a few of them:

  •     Does Not Require Subfloor –     Sing Flooring is subfloor and finish floor in one. Just fasten Sing     Flooring to the floor joists like subfloor…[read more]

Sing Flooring is subfloor and finish floor in     one. Just fasten Sing Flooring to the floor joists like subfloor, then sand     and finish like any premium solid wood floor. Sing Flooring can even be     exposed to the weather during construction.

  •     Dimensionally Stable –     Sing Flooring is manufactured from laminating quarter-sawn (vertical grain)     solid wood strips…[read more]

Sing Flooring is manufactured from laminating     quarter-sawn (vertical grain) solid wood strips. Quarter-sawn lumber offers     superior strength and dimensional stability over flat-sawn lumber. Sing     Flooring virtually will not warp, sag, or squeak.

  •     Water Resistant –     Unlike any other solid or engineered wood flooring, Sing Flooring offers     unparalleled water resistance…[read more]

Unlike any other solid or engineered wood     flooring, Sing Flooring offers unparalleled water resistance. During our     tests, Sing Flooring had been exposed to the weather for 2 months (often     soaked in rain) with no structural nor cosmetic damages.

  •     Healthy & Sustainable –     No formaldehyde or other toxic chemicals are used during Sing Flooring’s     manufacturing….[read more]

No formaldehyde or other toxic chemicals are     used during Sing Flooring’s manufacturing. Now you can enjoy wood as a     healthy natural resource. Sing Flooring is also a environmentally friendly     and sustainable wood product, since it can be manufactured from much     smaller lumber.

  •     Quiet & Warm –     Sing Flooring is comfortable to walk on. The plank’s extra thick     “soft” wood construction…[read more]

Sing Flooring is comfortable to walk on. The     plank’s extra thick “soft” wood construction makes Sing Flooring     quieter and less tympanic than most hard wood flooring. Sing Flooring also     offers more thermal mass than regular thinner flooring materials. The     ability to retain and slowly release heat give Sing Flooring a warm feel     and also makes it an ideal wood floor for radiant floor heating.

  •     Long & Wide –     Sing Flooring is one of the widest (9-1/2″) and longest (up to 16′)     solid wood…[read more]

Sing Flooring is one of the widest (9-1/2″)     and longest (up to 16′) solid wood flooring materials on the market. This     translates to less labor and fewer seams

  •     Install Anywhere –     Sing Flooring is versatile due to its strength, dimensional stability and     water resistance…[read more]

Sing Flooring is versatile due to its strength,     dimensional stability and water resistance. Now you can have beautiful hard     wood floor anywhere in the house -even in bathrooms. The Sing Flooring     Premium is perfect for loft or upper level flooring application -wood     flooring and ceiling planks in one installation. Other applications include     roof deck, outdoor decking and counter tops.

CALL – (360)495-3577