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Lightweight Strong 3/4 inch MDF Torsion Box Cabinetry Panels

Sing Sandwich cutaway exposing patented Sing CorePatented Sing Core is bringing the latest development in lightweight and high strength technology to visit the cabinet industry. Imagine being able to use a lightweight building material that is commensurate with high-tech aerospace technology at 20 percent of the price.

This new cabinetry alternative to MDF 4×8 sheets delivers many times the strength of solid MDF at a fraction of the weight with no headaches. Sing MDF cabinetry panels come in 4×8 and 5×12 sizes in convenient 3/4 inch thickness.

How are 3/4 inch Sing cabinetry panels made?

Start with patented Sing torsion box (2×3 inch grid size) where the voids are filled with recycled rigid foam insulation wall to wall with and sandwich it all between two sheets of 1/8 inch MDF and bond it altogether with formaldehyde-free adhesives for an Eco-friendly lightweight high strength composite MDF panels that out performs any other lightweight building material in terms of strength, weight and longevity.

Compare to other lightweight panel material

Compared to any other lightweight panel building material, like honeycomb panels made of paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, cardboard, or even high-tech aerospace panels (costing five times as much per sheet) Sing 3/4 inch cabinetry panels are a bargain at twice the price.

Secret Ingredient Inside

High precision lightweight high strength warp resistant insulated reinforced torsion box Sing Core high performanceThe secret ingredient inside the Sing 3/4 inch cabinetry panels is the torsion box composite core that is the same product used by the US Navy and other high tech industrial applications where strength and weight are both considerations. This is the same technology used to build large doors – of any size or style – that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for a full 50- years.

Imagine having this material inside your cabinetry and/or furniture… Say, “goodbye,” to disposable furniture and heavy cabinetry which are highly desirable qualities sought in aircraft, marine and recreational vehicle platforms for both less weight and less maintenance over time.

Lightweight high performance cabinetmaking material

Lightweight Sing Bookcases

Lightweight Sing Bookcases

Even though plywood and particleboard are fairly standard fare in cabinet shops around the world, certain high end cabinet makers are seeking to embrace this new technology which is the perfect combination of old (torsion box) and new (composite) fine woodworking craftsmanship. Plus (as you undoubtedly already know) both plywood and particle board are heavy and prone to warp and rot; unlike Sing 3/4 inch torsion box cabinetry panels.

Structural integrity

The structural integrity of these hybrid cabinetry panels surpasses anything know in the affordable lightweight composite material and is increasingly finding its place amongst the transportation and general construction categories as an impressive upgrade alternative to plywood or other materials.

Built-in insulation

Sing composite cabinetry panels feature built in insulation (the rigid foam insulation filling the torsion box voids) that is a unique added feature whether you are building cabinets and/or other furniture.

Easy to work with

Standard woodworking tools are all that is required to take full advantage of Sing cabinetry panels, treat them just like you would any standard 4×8 piece of 3/4 inch panel.
Sing cabinetry panels are revolutionizing the industry as they are increasingly being found as a standard commodity in cabinet shops, millworks and furniture manufacturers throughout the United States and the world.


Sing cabinetry panels have unfinished (exposed, i.e. you can see the core) edges. This is easily remedied by adding edge trim, or closing the edge by any method desired. Also, the core material can easily be routered to accommodate insertion of wood implants where desired or necessary.

Simply CNC router out Sing Cabinetry Panels to insert any desired material.

Made in the USA

Eco-friendly Sing cabinetry panels are proudly made in the USA

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Pre-built Torsion Box for High-end Craftsmen

Imagine being able to build a torsion box work table – or anything, for that matter – without the time, energy and cost of building the torsion box yourself?


Sing core torsion box plywood lowes home improvement warehouse

Q: How easy is it to work with?
A: Just use your normal wood working tools and treat it just like you wood any other piece of plywood.

For years, inventor Peter Sing has been providing the military, high-end millworks and architects across the USA (see clients list) with massive torsion box structural panels that are lightweight and stronger than steel pound for pound.

lightweight panel honeycomb high strength guaranteed true flat table topsThe most experienced woodworkers agree that torsion box is the answer to hand-crafting a large wood, straight, structurally-sound table while having some control over the overall weight and responsible use of natural materials.

Sing’s invention revolutionizes the torsion box industry by tweaking the entire torsion box concept combining wood craftsmanship and space-age technology in his factory located in McCleary, Washington, cranking out solid torsion box panels that are proudly made in the USA for his upscale clientele.

Discerning wood workers who are called upon by designers and owners of multi-million-dollar homes face challenges especially when it comes to oversized big doors. While there is no doubt experienced wood workers can make the most beautiful wood doors for their discerning clients, invariably the doors fail if they are large in size due to the inherit nature of the wood itself.

Wood will move and adapt to temperature and moisture causing it to move, compromising the functionality and seal of the most elegant hand-crafted wood door. Diligent woodworkers have sought out sing’s solution to the oversized wood door.

The same scientific solution of reinforced torsion box applies to tables and other structures that can be built without traditional wood framing for furniture or stick-built homes.

Close up side view of exposed torsion box honeycomb foam core sandwich panel

Why Torsion Box?

Because other methods of building a table top are basically inefficient. For instance, a table top built of a solid material will shift and move over time compromising its degree of flatness. Also solid materials that are less likely to move are extremely expensive, heavy and would only be considered for a permanent fixture.

The torsion box table top design gives as flat a surface area as possible while reducing the weight of the table top due to the hollow areas in the center of the boxes. Using a torsion box design, a craftsman can build the most flat surface using 1/10th the solid material.

How do I build a torsion box table top?

DIY tosion box do it yourself how to build torsion boxMaterials needed: Wood for exterior frame, plywood for interior framing, saw, carpenter’s wood glue, cold press (with weight or clamps), meticulous measuring ability, focus, diligence and good minor motor skills.

Basically, you will need to establish the perimeter of your table top with an exterior frame according to the dimensions of your table. This exterior frame is generally made of wood.

The frame is built atop an underlying exterior surface material, most commonly, plywood (many varieties abound).

The most common torsion box material is plywood.

Building wood-framed boxes within the exterior frame wall-to-wall comprises the torsion box grid.

Once your torsion box structure is complete you can adhere top and bottom exterior plywood (referred to as stress skins) to complete your torsion box design.

Is it the perfect torsion box?

Probably not. The problem with traditional torsion box is that there is little or no shear strength, so if the structure is strained with enough horizontal torque the boxes could be compromised causing it to collapse. Plus, being made of wood still invites the base materials to move and give when adjusting to temperature or moisture in the environment.

How to build a better torsion box?

torsion box plywood cutaway sing core lowes home improvement warehouseInspired by traditional torsion box and using his experience gained in the aerospace industry, inventor Peter Sing created a better torsion box.

Materials needed: Wood frame, plywood strips (with grain oriented vertically as opposed to horizontally as used in traditional torsion box), saw, cold press, high-end waterproof formaldehyde-free glue, recycled dense foam that can be precisely cut into boxes.

Here’s how you build a better torsion box:

torsion box animationStart with your wood frame atop a stress skin, just like you would in the traditional torsion box example. This time run your plywood strips three inches apart, side by side, along the length of your exterior frame. (At this point it looks like you might be having mice race for the cheese at the other end, but keep your money in your pocket; there are no mice here.)

Now, place your 3 inch foam cubes between the vertical grain rails. Insert a 3 inch bumper (or stile) to close off the recycled foam completing your first row of interior boxes. Then place another 3 inch foam cube, followed by another bumper. Repeat until the entire interior area is filled wall to wall.

Adhere top and bottom exterior skins and you’re done.

Congratulations; you’ve just built the best torsion box structure ever!


How could you make it even better?

You’ve got to admit, as effective as it is, the tedious process is not only time consuming but expensive. But what if…

super honeycomb 2x4x1 2 ft x 4 ft x 1.5 in Sing Sandwich torsion box panel

2 ft x 4 ft x 1.5 in – no solid edge LT plywood

What if you didn’t have to build the torsion box structure at all?

What if you could buy Sing’s torsion boxes already pre-built for you?

That’s right. Mr. Sing’s factory is cranking out his patented torsion boxes by the truckload, and he’s offering special pre-built torsion box implants that measure 48 in. x 24 in. x 1.5 in. complete with stress skins for you to cut to size, drop into any frame for the perfect torsion box strength and lightweight design.

Sing Torsion Box is fast, easy, affordable, solid, lightweight, stronger than steel pound for pound and environmentally responsible.

How to I use Sing’s pre-built torsion box?

Make-your-own-Sing-Panel-Cold-press-methodIt’s easy to build your own products on demand, as you need it in any size you want.

This is the most popular in-house Sing technology used by craftsmen and millworks.

You might have never known how easy it is to build using this cold-press drop-in method.

How Easy Is It?

This is how simple it is to for you to use our pre-built torsion box.


All you have to do is to coat the underside of your bottom skin with regular carpenter glue…


Place your wood edges atop the glued-side of the skin…







Then fill the void with pre-built torsion box pieces until full.


Place glued top skin onto your completed work…


Finally cold-press until dry.

It’s that easy: Congratulations; you just made your own insulated reinforced torsion box panel!

$50 to Share Your Sing Project with Sing Core

plenty-of-entrepreneurs-are-on-the-lookout-for-that-perfect-green-business-opportunity-that-are-both-lucrative-and-eco-friendly_-300x287Submit a copy of your receipt along with drawings and photos of your project built with Sing Sandwich. If we feature your project on our web site ( you will receive a $50 cash reward for sharing your project (with your name and full credits) to help make the world a better place. You will also receive a certificate recognizing and honoring your sustainable efforts.

Details, photos and instructions compliments of Lightweight University.


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Torsion Box Assembly Table Multi-function

The torsion box assembly table has been the stand out project for the high-end wood worker. Regardless of the end-user’s specific application needs, there is no other method as effective as torsion box structure for building a table that can be lightweight and extremely flat.

Now thanks to Sing Core and Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse, you can have access to torsion box plywood that is pre-manufactured for you. That’s right; all the hard work of building the torsion box core for your project has already been proudly made in the USA in the most Eco-friendly manner.

But wait; there’s more: Not only is Peter Sing’s patented torsion box plywood pre-made, but he’s taken it one-step further… Rather than leave the empty spaces inside the torsion box vacant, he’s bonded rigid recycled foam wall-to-wall for a solid substructure that is insulated, sound-deadening with unparalleled shear strength and stronger than steel pound for pound!

Finally, a lightweight high-strength building material that is the next generation of torsion box technology, empowering every woodworker to reduce costs and production time without compromising the integrity of the detailed craftsmanship.

Building your Torsion Box Workbench or Assembly Table is so easy now thanks to this revolutionary torsion box plywood from Sing Core.

Simply bond any surface materials that you desire to the Sing Core torsion box plywood with regular wood glue and you’re ready to go. No special tools are required, as you use your regular woodworking tools treating the torsion box plywood just as you would any other plywood building material. You can make a wood table, a butcherblock workbench, stainless steel work table or project table regardless of your table plans.

Need an instant flat 4 x 8 flat surface as a temporary workspace? No problem. Balance a sheet of torsion box plywood atop a couple of chairs for an instant torsion box assembly table.

Plus, your torsion box assembly table has so many functions.

With little modification (and without compromising your original work of art) you can instantly transform your Sing torsion box work table into:

A Composite Press

Create your own torsion box or composite panels, or even create Eco-friendly wood stave composites for effective, yet beautifully ornate wood project that look like solid wood but are incredibly strong and will last forever (Sing guarantees the products that he make using this method for 50 years).

Using this technology, woodcrafters can create wood projects with a high level of integrity that will not compromise or fail over time. Forget those disposable items from Ikea, when you can create one-of-a-kind works of art that will become valuable heirlooms for centuries.

Want to ship your creations from here to there? Now you can do so at much less cost if you use this lightweight building material, using less fuel consumption due to the lightweight attributes of your final project.

It was nearly impossible to get your hands on this revolutionary building material that is stronger than the lightweight composite material used in the aerospace industry and only a fraction of the cost.

Now, thanks to Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse, you can get Sing Core torsion box plywood from the Pro Desk.

Get your hands on some Eco-friendly Sing Core torsion box plywood and help make the world a better place.

Woodshop project ideas

How to build a work table

How to make a wood table

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Torsion Box

Traditional-Torsion-Box-DiagramTorsion box design in woodworking is basically a number of wooden boxes assembled together to make up the core material sandwiched between two sheets of wood. This is a labor-intensive process for craftsmen, but does produce a lighter-than-solid-wood product that has increased strength due to the torsion box interior.

Click for How to Buy Torsion Box Sandwich Panel

Craftsmen have been using torsion box for centuries, but it takes a skilled craftsman hours if not days to create a table… Sing Core provides craftsmen with the torsion box structure pre-built. Doing so allows you to make 50 times more tables or 100 or more Sing Torsion Box 2 in x 12 inch x 8 planks in a single day. Wood products made of patented Sing Torsion Box lumber, panels, posts or beams can be easily mass produced in a small work shop without adding any heavy wood working machines. The labor-saving and high-quality will make it possible to bring the furniture making jobs back home, creating jobs and improving local economies while reducing the impact of imported furniture.

Inventor Peter Sing has taken torsion box technology to the next level, making massive improvements to the primitive, yet effective, torsion box design.

Sing Improvement # 1: Flip the script.

torsion box animationThe first improvement on the traditional torsion box design was so simple that it was merely, “a gift,” as Sing explains. Torsion box grids have always been an effective way to produce a large wooden surface, while retaining some integrity of strength and resulting in a lighter weight end product. “But,” says Sing, “the wood material used to construct the torsion boxes always used horizontal grain.” By reorienting the grain to be vertical, the resulting torsion box became 10 times stronger than the horizontal grain original designs, but he wasn’t done, yet…

Sing Improvement # 2: Fill the void.

The next step was to fill the void with a stable, yet lightweight, material. Recycled foam was the answer. By filling the vacant space in each cavity of the torsion box, edge to edge greatly increased the strength of the torsion box, as well as adding insulation and sound deadening properties, without adding much noticeable weight increase.

Sing Improvement # 3: Fuse the structure.

The final step in Sing’s revolution in torsion box design was to develop a method to bond all the necessary components together resulting in a nearly indestructible, yet solid, lightweight structure. Experimentation led to discovering superior bonding agents for superior adhesion that will not breakdown due to stress on the structure or over time… and this was achieved without the use of formaldehyde or toxic chemicals.

Torsion-Box-Club-617The result is a natural torsion box design combined with recycled materials that could be used as a substrate for nearly any building material, making Sing Torsion Box the composite material of the future.Sing Core is also Eco-friendly, “True green,” Sing calls it because it is all manufactured naturally, with little energy consumption, uses recycled materials with little or no waste. It also reduces the greenhouse effect in fuel expended in the delivery of the material due to being so lightweight. Manpower reduction is also an effective savings due to its lightweight characteristics.

Sing Core is proudly manufactured in the USA in McCleary, Washington, and due to its lightweight attributes can be shipped to any location on Earth at a fraction of the cost of other, traditional solid building materials while maintaining strength over long spans, much stronger than any other natural materials.

Click to see how to build anything better with Sing Sandwich Torsion Box Panels

Peter Sing was awarded a patent on his improvements to the traditional torsion box technology and eagerly desires to share his invention with the masses in an effort to, “make the world a better place.”


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Torsion Box Club

Sing Torsion Box Club
FREE to Join Today
Members Only

Meet us at the Woodworking Show
November 15-17, 2013
Friday 12-6; Saturday 10-6; Sunday 10-4
Portland Expo Center
2060 N Marine Drive Portland, OR 97217

Woodworkers know the best solution for building a true flat work bench, door or panel is to use a torsion box structure. It takes a skilled craftsperson hours, if not days, to build a true flat strong lightweight bench. This torsion box is very labor intensive, people only do it for extremely high-end or as a labor of love.

The good news is Sing Torsion Box structures are made in our factory by the train load with highly precision machinery. It is more precise, higher in strength and lighter in weight than any torsion box structure created by a wood shop. Now you can use the most advanced torsion box to build endless products at very low cost.

Inventor Peter Sing invites you to apply for free membership in his Sing Torsion Box Club today.  Members are invited to attend free seminars and first-time attendees receive enough Sing Torsion Box core to build a large size work bench free… and bring your truck to take advantage of seminar-only you haul bargains.

Sing Torsion Box Club members have access to exclusive how-to information and details about how to build the strongest, most lightweight products using eco-friendly Sing Torsion Box technology.

Member Benefits:

  • Free Seminar(s)
  • Free How-to Details
  • Free Sing Torsion Box Material*
  • Members Only Club Discount Pricing
  • Build Products for Us
  • Build Products for You
  • We Sell Your Sing Products
  • Make the world a better place promoting Eco-friendly woodworking

Joining is free and you can enjoy all the benefits that come with membership by having access to free material to build to your heart’s content using patented Sing Torsion Box or Sing core.

Members are also part of a growing network of craftsmen, and will be able to trade your skills with the highest quality wood material at no cost to you and/or purchase material at club discount price.

Free Seminars

Sing Seminars are held periodically (currently bi-monthly, increasing frequency according to growth of movement) at our showroom, next to our factory.

These seminars explore tools, techniques and processes that maximize the Sing Torsion Box technology. As well as:

  • Discover how to build new Sing products
  • Take advantage of 1-day-only discount offers (bring your truck)
  • Take advantage of skills-for-materials offers
  • Network and exchange woodworking knowledge with others
  • Reduce overhead and maximize profit
  • Access evolving marketing techniques
  • Business-building and merchandising

Members can join our Active Craftsman Division (ACD) entitling you to all knowledge and material needed (including Sing Torsion Box, adhesive(s) and wood veneers) to cold-press (included) and manufacture your own Sing furniture panels, boards and beams.

Free Sing Torsion Box Material

In this exclusive grass-roots movement, we are partnering with skilled craftsmen who desire to promote the wave of American-made handcrafted products that are the best in the world. We know these are hard-times, and we are here to help you get from here to there.

In an effort to help motivated and talented woodworkers, we are willing to provide select ACD members with the materials they need to build their products up-front. This is by invitation only and you can enroll in this program at our free seminar.

ACD Members are invited to attend our detailed seminars at our factory location, so that you can be assured to have the best, most current information and designs at your fingertips.

Members Only Discount Pricing

Sing Torsion Box Club members save up to 75% on materials i.e. Urethane Glue, Sing Core, Sing Sandwich Panels, Sing Panels, hardwood veneers (oak, maple, birch, sapele, walnut, luan, etc…) at a fraction of the price of regular distributors.

Member Responsibilities

1 Study our web site to learn and believe that Sing Torsion Box is what you would like to use at your wood shop.

2 Tell your friends and enter our wood blog to talk about your experience about Sing Torsion Box as non-biased comments and share with the wood working trade what your Sing Core knowledge.

3 Use your Sing Torsion Box Club membership to use Sing Core and Sing Sandwich Panels to build all types of Sing products. Members can sell products back to Sing Core, or can be sold on consignment at Sing Core, sell at your own on line store or let us sell for you.

4 Promote Eco-friendly products and keep jobs at home by using your skills to build products to last and will help to spread the word to others about Sing Torsion Box and make the world a better place.


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Hardwood On-Demand


Oak, Cherry, Maple


Cherry Butcherblock or Stair Tread

In an effort to share the latest technology and advancements in wood production and stock, Sing Core is releasing their Sing Hardwood On-Demand system to small work shops and large millworkers. Sing Core revolutionizes the wood working industry by re-introductcing torsion-box technology (click here for torsion box info). Craftsmen have been using torsion box for centuries, but it takes a skilled craftsman two days to create a table… Sing Core provides craftmen with the torsion box structure pre-built. Doing so allows you to make 10 times more tables in a single day.It’s taken hundreds of years to come up with a superior torsion box process that is extremely effiective, yet does not burden the production process. For a limited time and as little as $100, you can have this system to experiment with in your shop so that you can experience the lightweight, super-strength of Sing Core, and have more control over your inventory giving you the ability to create your own Sing Hardwood On-Demand.

Sing Hardwood Table

Clear Vertical Grain Fir Table

Applications include:

  • Wood flooring
  • Wood Ceiling
  • Wood Siding
  • Wood Scaffolding
  • Shelving
  • Stairs
  • Staircases
  • Wood plank walls
  • Butcher Block


The patented raw Sing Core material is provided to you in bulk. Shipping costs are minimal due to the raw material being so lightweight. You store the bulk Sing Core material and assemble your own Sing Core Hardwood

Sing Core Panels

Standard stock Sing Sandwich panels foam-panel-guaranteed-true-flat-lightweight-strongMeasurements: 4 ft. x 8 ft. x 3/4-to-1.56 inch thickness (other sizes available).

Sing Sandwich Application: Cur or rip Sing Sandwich as solid lumber core use it as substrate to glue plywood or wood stave to make hardwood lumber.

Sing Sandwich Advantage: Sing Sandwich features our patented torsion box design, it is true flat, lightweight, dimensionally stable. Hardwood made of Sing Sandwich is the strongest, lightweight hardwood. It is more affordable than most expensive hardwood, you are able to create your own Sing Hardwood with basic woodworking tools, like:

  • Band saw
  • Sanding machine
  • Cold glue press

You cold glue press could be made of Sing Timber Plank which is lightweight, true flat and super strong to press hardwood wood staves over on top of Sing Sandwich. Click here for more information on the Sing Sandwich material.


Of course we can assist you with any step of the process along the way to making your own Sing Hardwood stock. Some options include:


(Only available under license)


(Sing Core Block pre-sliced and sanded to your specifications)


(Sing Core Sheets are pre-cut to length, width and thickness to your specifications)


(Sing Core pre-asembled with solid wood edges along along length exteriors)


(Sing Core with Solid Wood Edges and your choice of skin)

Also available…

Sing Timber Block

Sing Timber Block Measurement: 12 inch x 12 inc x 8 ft

Sing-Timber-made-in-the-USASing Timber comes complete with solid wood planks on both sides of the Sing core.

Sing Timber consists of Sing Core Block with two pieces of slab added to each side 1.5 inch x 10 inch x 8 ft.

The purpose of Sing Timber is to create solid wood edges on both sides of Sing Core Block after slicing to desired thickness. All you need is to add skins on top and bottom as needed. Resulting in (for instance) a shelf of Sing Plank ready to add wood staves, wood veneer or any other type of exterior facing skins.

You could make your own Sing Timber by purchasing a Sing Core Block, then saw to your desired width, add solid wood to form any width, and your’re doo to go.

Sing Wood Substrate

Sing Core is also available as a torsion-box substrate (honeycomb wood) to be used as a substrate for any wood (or other external material) substrate.

This is Sing Core with plywood faces for easy bonding of any other hardwood face material with in-house carpenter glue.

Is also available in widths exceeding 12 inches as “Sing Panels” (see below)

Sing Plank


Port Orford Cedar Tabletop


Cherry Tabletop

Sing Planks have no hardwood only plywood skin


You do not have to wait your hardwood supplier ship to you over night from hundreds or thousands miles away, giving you inventory on-demand. All you need is stock to stock some Sing Core Block and you can create any building materials that you need, to your specific dimensions on-the-fly.

Q: Are there any other methods to build hardwood from substrate?

A: There are many type of substrate used as a base to add hardwood staves to create hardwood. It is common for veneer and/or staves to be glued on top or wrapped around with hardwood to make hardwood, but it is very heavy and sometimes unstable, creating movement. The most common substrate used is particle board, followed by MDF, plywood and LVL.

The ideal substrate is honeycomb or lightweight foam to use as substrate, but none of those lightweight materials are able to achieve the strength of Sing Core which when tested in University of Washington reached 660 PSI. Most common honeycombs (such as aluminum honeycomb core, plastic core, and paper core) and foam used in aviation industry are approximately 100 PSI, but the cost is more than 10 times more in comparison to Sing Core, and much heavier than Sing Core. This is the reason Sing Core is the primary choice for high end mill work in USA.

With some basic shop tools, you are able to build your own Sing Planks or even Sing Wood at any thickness or width.

Sing Hardwood


Advantage Sing Hardwood:

Maple-Cherry-Oak-VG-Fir-Walnut-Sing-Core1. Hardwood On-demand.

With Sing timber to saw any thickness, width to build your own Sing Hardwood. you can make any wood species, without having to inventory hundreds of hardwood planks, slabs, beams, boards, etc…

2 User Friendly.

Lightweight, strong, true flat, easy to machine to wood plank,wood beam, wood post , shelving, stair treads…

3 Stronger Than Steel

Sing Core is stronger than steel and wood lbs for lbs. When tested by the University of Washington, Sing Core had reached beyound 660 PSI. Average foam core or honeycomb core used in aircraft are approximately 100 PSI, yet cost more than 10 times the cost of Sing Core. High strength, without high cost.

You can make your own Sing Hardwood at your location by using Sing Core Block.

Sing Panels

Advantages of Sing Panels:

ready-to-ship-eco-friendly-lightweight-sing-core-panelsSing panels can be used to replace many building materials, especially when compared to other materials that are heavy. Reminding us that the rules of construction philosophy have changed:

“Heavy does not mean strong.”


“Lightweight does not mean weak.”

Whether you’re replacing plywood, other panels, exterior cladding, moveable wall systems, exterior walls, floors, ceilings, ect… No other building material compares to Sing Core panels.

Sing Panels have a plywood exterior for easy bonding of any other wood material to the Sing Core material.

Armed with Sing Core Block at your location, you could manufacture your own Sing Panels.

Call Sing Core at 360-495-3577

to get your Sing Sandwich panels today and SAVE



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Lightweight Export Beams and Panels for Thailand Skyscraper

We specialize in Large Oversize Doors

We are exporting Sing Core to provide the tallest skyscrapers in Bangkok with the solutions to their design problems.


(Photo above, pre-export at home in the USA)


What design problems do you think they have? Mostly the same problem all large project designers run into, like the complexities of ecologically friendly, lightweight, strength and integrity over long lengths. Sing Core is the superior solution for these obstacles.


Photos here are of a container of Sing Core beams and panels used in the construction of one of the tallest buildings in Bangkok, Thailand. This is likely one of the only patented plywood product to be exported to Asian countries. Why? Much of our plywood is imported because they can manufacture it so inexpensively off-shore. In fact, their prices are so low that American companies have accused them of dumping product to bury the American wood industry, resulting in a 25% import duty on imported plywood products.


So, think about that… Asia importing Sing panels and beams… The only reason that they would do that is if it was the only way to solve their design problems; and nothing fits the bill like Sing Core.

Fixed3Sing-Core-Long-Carry-Bangkok-Thailand copy


From an export point of view, note that the shipment of product is ten times stronger than standard wood product, yet weigh 70 to 80 percent less than the equivalent plywood.


In a time when the United States is encouraging you to not to import by charging a 25% tariff on incoming plywood, why not shop at home and consider a structural technology that is far superior not only to import varieties, but nearly any other conventional construction material.

In case you are unaware of the Sing Core technology; here is a basic rundown:

The Sing Core is based on primitive torsion box honeycomb designs, but is exponentially improved upon the basic design.

Sing Core is manufactured with LESS

  • raw materials
  • labor
  • equipment cost.

Our unique manufacturing process requires LESS

  • energy for production
  • space
  • and makes less waste.

Sing Core panels are

  • true flat
  • fully insulated
  • sound deadening
  • lightweight
  • extremely strong
  • last the test of time
  • and are earth friendly.

That is why the supplier of high-end custom-built oversize products to the

  • President
  • Prime Minister
  • Kings
  • and the Pope

has sought out Sing Core as their solution. Yet, we make this technology affordable, even to compete with cheap imports.

If you are currently importing substandard plywood from off-shore, shouldn’t you think about being proud to say, “Made in the USA,” reducing your costs, delivery times and providing your clients with a superior product that is not only eco-friendly but “true green”?

Spend Less Get More With Sing Core

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Sing Core Panels


Museum & Trade Show Panels 
Sing Metal Composite Panels
Sing Post & Beams
Sing Ceilings
Sing Tiny house

torsion box, sandwich panel, honeycomb panel, lightweight panel

Peter Sing- inventor and president of Sing Core- spent forty years of his life to create this new sandwich honeycomb panel technology and with hard work and great perseverance, he has succeeded in his goal. His next step for his company, is to spread the word out to everyone. Peter Sing believes that people are crazy for settling with heavy, non-versatile, and expensive plywood/particle board when they can use Sing Core’s lightweight, affordable, and reliable honeycomb panels.

Imagine being able to use a lightweight, strong, wooden honeycomb panel that allows you to create anything from basic furniture or large sliding door to an entire house that you live in. But Sing Core is cheaper and friendlier to the environment. Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not, because Sing Core Honeycomb Panels give you that advantage. This new and innovative style of honeycomb panel is so much more than lightweight, strong, and durable; it is long lasting, reliable, simple, and affordable.

Why use thick plywood- that can be difficult to construct with- when you can use the versatile Sing Core honeycomb panels. Through Sing Core, you will have the components to be able to build thousands of Sing Core products, with that eco friendly touch.


Pictured to the right is a 1 ton truck on a piece of 1/4″ inch thick Hardy Plank wrapped around our Honeycomb core. it does not crack under the pressure of a 1 ton truck. This is the future economical, concrete home structure. The picture is proof. Can you drive a 1 ton truck over a conventional frame home wall without it cracking??



Sing Core Honeycomb Panel description:

  • Strength– Is more than 10 times the strength of aluminum honeycomb core. A one inch by one inch grids aluminum core only has 60 psi; Sing Core 2”x 2” grids have reached more than 660 psi, the smallest core possesses more psi strength, but failed the test against Sing Core. Sing Core grid’s sizes range from 2 in x 1.5 inch to 5 in x 5 inch.
  • Sing Core with Application– Starts from 4 lbs. per cubic ft. and the larger the core grids, the lighter it weighs.
  • Dimensionally Stable– Doors made of Sing Core are guarantee to be true flat. Since we assure the flatness of Sing Core doors, our customers haven’t requested any refunds for their purchase. The most popular door that we manufacture are oversized doors (larger than 7 ft. x 3 ft.). We can do any custom size; the largest door/movable wall we sold was shipped to Bangkok, Thailand and was, 32 ft wide x 16 ft tall (four of them to divide a large conference room to several small conference rooms or a banquet hall).
  • Eco Friendly– Sing Core honeycomb panels are made of renewable veneer. The Sing Core panels take less energy to build a strong composite core, lightweight (which take less energy to transport), has longest life span, and it’s environmentally friendly (compare to other type of core such as paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb core, and plastic core).
  • Sing Panels- Come complete with solid wood edging, pvc edge, aluminum edge, or open edges.
  • Skin Choice- Several different skins: such as aluminum, FRP, cement, plastic, and wood. Sing Core products are suitable for indoors/outdoors, plus, our panels are waterproof because of the many different varieties of skin and close cell foam to keep the panels completely watertight. There are two types of wood based panels; paint grade and wood grain.
  • Thickness- Sing Core honeycomb panels come in any thickness from 1/2 in. to more than 8 in. size of Sing panels;The largest door/movable wall we build are 32 ft wide x 16 ft in length (It weighs less than 800 lbs App. 1.5 lb per sq ft),With our patented Sing core biscuit layin under each join  which keep the Sing large oversize panel true dimensionally stable without any movement due the the temperature and moisture change (We offer a 10 year structural guarantee) paint grade.

Multiple Sing Panels can be joined together by a variety of methods to create entire structures or large multi-panel projects on-site using a variety of fastening options.

Galvanized steel equipment enclosures

Sing Core Panels are typically Paint Grade- Produced ready to finish by consumers and businesses. Panels are paint grade, not paint ready, which means that the customer may have to putty, sand and prime before painting.

Custom Choices for Wood Grain- There are paint grades, wood grains skin for Sing panel finish treatment, and there are two type of wood grain Sing panel available. Option 1 is veneer/staves and option 2 is strips/planks. Sing plywood skinned panels are used to build doors, floors, walls, table tops, and roofs; It’s the least expensive and the natural plywood has a thin layer of wood veneer on the surface (the advantages are very affordable, can be stained/ shows beautiful wood, difficult to sand, repair, and has tiny join if it is over 4 ft x 8 ft size).

Two Types of Wood Grain- Sing plank- The 1st type is plywood type of wood skin which uses 1/8 inch wood stave of any kind of wood species, pressed on the top of Sing core panel(advantage: wood stave Sing panel can be sand,repair,like solid wood due to the thicker wood surface).click here to see picture. The 2nd type, is Sing wood grain panel glued to the  natural wood stave slice solid wood to 1/8 inch thick then glue on top of Sing torsion box long panel. Sing true wood planks normally range from 7 in. to 10 in., wide x 8 ft. or 10 ft. in length x 1 1/2 inch thick which look more true flat than real solid wood (click here to see pictures), than glued edges. Sing wood planks can form a large oversize door, table, or wood plank. Sing Core panels could be made at any size and thickness. Sing wood planks are light weight, true flat, fully insulated, and sound deadening than solid wood. Sing Core panels look and function better than solid wood which will warp and shrink. (it would be impossible to join solid wood planks to build doors as large as 10 ft wide x 12 ft or larger). See picture of Sing Core Flooring. Natural planks provide beautiful wood and Sing wood panel invention will make it even more beautiful and function better.


-Instructions For Ordering Panels-

How to order your Sing Core and Sing Core panel :


1.) Download the Order Form Here:

Text format order form download

2.) Review sample and Fill out the form. Email to

Complete as much as you can, and we’ll take it from there. A non refundable 50% deposit will be required to start your order. We accept all major credit cards, check, cash and wire transfer. You can also print the order form, complete by hand and fax to 360-495-4585.

We offer introductory prices for nonprofits, architects, and interior designers for personal trial use. For all purchases, submit a completed order form to or by fax: 360.495.4585. Prices vary based on dimensions, skin type and quantity.If you have a tight budget give us a call, we might have an alternative solution tailored to your needs.Because Sing Honeycomb technology is adaptable, we might be able to substitute honeycomb post and beams to achieve the same results.


We make the rice, you make the fried rice! Just choose your dimensions, thickness, and skin. The R&D and design finishing are up to you. You will also find links to designers, architects, and suppliers of: hardware, skin, finishes, windows, and panel fasteners on our links tab.

If you need further assistance contact us via our contact form.

Technical information about Sing core panels

Metals– Aluminum, cold roll steel, galvanize metal, and stainless steel. Thickness ranges from 0.020 in. to 0.125 in. or thicker. Also, there are many choices of color and treatment of those metals to choose from.

Sizes– Seamless 4 ft x 8 ft to 5 ft x 10 ft  (special order 5 ft by 55 ft or longer). With our patented Sing biscuit as the bridge under the joint location, we are able to build panels in almost any size with close precision. The largest door/wall Sing Core has built was, 32 ft. x 16 ft., 2 1/4 in. thick with 2.7 mm thick Luan skin (click here to see picture).

Custom order– We are able to custom build to your individual needs. Sing Core and Sing honeycomb panels are made in the USA with our highly automated facility. We are able to deliver your panel within 24 hours if it is rush job.

Proto Type– OEM and RD, design/product services are available, please contact us for detail. Panel designs are customer driven; we will provide our experience and knowledge to exceed expectations.  Customers are #1 and we look forward to serving you.

Custom Lamination– Our facility has the most advanced equipment to provide large quantities of Sing Cores (truck load per day). We are able to laminate your materials to our Sing Core according to your specifications. Potted inserts, solid wood block implants, helix coils, and tapping of solid aluminum blocks can  be incorporated in Sing Core honeycomb  panels .  These implant and fastener  make it possible to fasten hardware, bolt components (edge enclosure and solid material implant for mechanical fastening). Also, windows and doors are pre-cut to fit the requirements of your design.


Sing Honeycomb Panels acclimatizing; according to the type of the skin. Aluminum, metal, plastic skin, concrete, and ceramic skin will be delivered in perfectly straight condition without any acclimatizing, plywood, hardboard, and hpl because it will take much less time to acclimatize than mdf. The best way to acclimatize is stand panels on edge with 4” or more of equal spacing between each panel.


Sing Core Panel

Sing Panels come complete with solid wood edging, or open edged, sandwiched in between the skins. Sing Sandwich Panels and Beams are ready to distribute to consumers and businesses. Sing Sandwich Panels are ready to be stained or painted depending on order type. Just assemble, prepare, paint and enjoy.