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Being Eco-Friendly at Sing Core

Sing Core’s Eco-Friendly Design

Here at Sing Core, we strive to leave the Earth better than we found it. That philosophy drives our material sourcing, production methods, and many more aspects about how we run as a company.

Eco-Friendly Sourcing

When it comes to our wood, insulation, and other materials, we source them from the most eco-friendly places we can find. For example, the wood we use is renewable, and our insulation isn’t shredded fiberglass. Our panels are crafted to be high quality, long lasting, and strong, but we don’t sacrifice our Earth-conscious promises to achieve that.


Lower Emissions

Another way we keep our impact on the Earth in check is through lowering our emissions through local production. We are an all American company, and every one of our panels are made in Washington State. By staying local and keeping business in the country, we not only promote and help the economy, but also the environment, as we have significantly lower emissions and fuel consumption compared to companies that outsource their production. Shipping product, especially large custom pieces, can be incredibly time consuming and uses a lot of fuel. This fuel burning can harm the atmosphere, and in some cases, spills and damages can dump toxic gas and oil into the delicate ecosystems in the oceans. Sing Core doesn’t contribute to this damage on the planet, as we keep our production local.

No-Burn Factory

Many factories burn trash, chemicals, or other harmful materials in their production process. These places often have smoke columns and plumes of thick, dark smoke to mark where they are. At Sing Core, we don’t burn anything in our panel production. There is nothing in our process that requires burning, melting, or anything of the sort, and as such our impact on the atmosphere is near zero.


Better Product = Less Waste

Not to gloat, but Sing Core panels are incredibly strong. Not only that, they last a very long time, and even come with a 50 Year Structural and Warp-Free Guarantee. This may seem like a sales pitch, but it actually plays into our environmentally friendly mission. By creating panels that last a long time and can be easily repaired, we greatly reduce the amount of waste from replacing or scrapping projects. Every time a door needs replaced, it ends up in a landfill, or at best parts of it get recycled. With a Sing Core panel, you won’t have to worry about replacing the door any time soon, which in turn cuts down on our impact on the environment.

Sing Core strives for many things, such as creating the best door and wall panels on the market. But in these endeavors, we will never lose sight of the importance of being eco-friendly. We are also always looking for ways to lessen our impact even more, and are working to join the list of companies that can proudly say they’ve made a difference.

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7 Years Later, Sing Core’s AIA Donation

Seattle’s Center for Architecture and Design had their grand opening 7 years ago in March, 2016, and they have stood as a pillar for the architecture and design industry ever since. We are honored to have worked with the AIA to construct this beautiful place. Their confidence in us and our product was felt, as this was a major project that had a lot of work put in from start to finish. It all started with an amazing design plan and incredible vision for the limited space they had available, and together with the great teams working on this project we were able to build the wonderful gallery that can be seen today.

Seattle Center for Architecture and Design

As a chapter of the American Institute of Architects, the Seattle Center for Architecture and Design welcomes and promotes many different styles and techniques of architecture, hosting valuable presentations and events in their welcoming gallery. On display they have many different subjects of the architecture and design industries, and many people visit the center from open until close to see these marvelous features and discuss these themes.

During their grand opening, the Center for Architecture and Design was in need of some large, adjustable walls and doors to manipulate the gallery as needed. Their vision was to have walls that could be adjusted to create a beautiful, open space for guests, but could also be turned as to create a closed area to hold meetings and conferences. Sing Core donated the wall panels needed for this grand project, as well as customized them with additions such as a man door, allowing an easy entrance and exit even when the room had been closed off. The donated panels were actually so large that the front windows had to be temporarily removed, as the product would not fit through the door!

In addition to the adjustable walls and doors Sing Core donated, we also provided furniture for the office in the form of high end desks, shelving, partition walls, and more, all using our patented and patent-pending Sing Core products.

These grand adjustable walls are still in place today, and can be seen as a main piece of the Center’s gallery. They were created and still function to serve one main purpose: to maximize space in an innovative way. And while Sing Core is proud of our donation, we also owe a significant compliment to the incredible teams that designed the floor plan and installed the doors and walls, as their excellent skills and labor were just as essential in creating this space.

Texas Society of Architects

Sing Core also provided our panels at a discount to the Texas Society of Architects by AIA for use in their offices and building space. The location had a significant noise problem with their high, industrial style ceiling, and they needed high end panels to cut down on the echoes and residual sound. By installing Sing Core panels in strategic places, they were able to significantly cut down on the noise and establish a far more relaxed and focused work environment. Once again, this could not have been done without the incredible design and installation teams who perfectly utilized the Sing Core panels..


Sing Core is proud to be a platinum donor and support these AIA locations and the amazing things they do for the architecture and design community. If you are a member of the AIA, please share this article with your fellow AIA members, and we welcome you to reach out about any AIA project like these so that we can continue to help the organization, and we would be honored to do so at a discounted rate to help your budget. To learn more about the products provided to the Seattle and Texas locations, click here.

More Pictures of the Seattle and Texas AIA Donations

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Sing Core in 2023

What is Sing Core up to in 2023?

The last few years have been globally hectic, to say the least. Economies are shifting, a pandemic sent waves of uncertainty around the world, and now big things are in motion for nearly everyone. So, what does that mean for Sing Core?

The Road so Far

Sing Core has been making incredible advancements in our technology for over a decade now. Peter Sing’s innovative honeycomb core design has been used for many different applications, primarily as door and wall panels. We have created incredibly large doors, wide doors, doors with custom designs, and a variety of other unique projects to satisfy our growing family of customers. We’ve even had doors placed in celebrity homes and high end offices!

Last year, we helped many people find a custom door they are happy with, and we look forward to continuing that mission into 2023 and beyond.

Goals for 2023

In 2023, we plan to continue bringing amazing custom doors to customer’s homes, but also have other ambitious goals in mind. For one, we are constantly looking for ways to enhance our manufacturing process, and every day spent hard at work is a day spent marching toward yet another innovation. In addition, as we continue to grow our production and work flow, our research team is looking into ways to make our product more cost efficient and last longer. Not that these are concerns we have, as Sing Core products are the industry leader in lightweight and durable door panels, but having an open mind on how we can improve our consumer experience is always valuable.

We also are always on the lookout for other uses for our panels and cores, and you may find Sing Core popping up in other aspects of the home, office, and construction industries.

Lastly, we are expanding our team to allow for faster production, better communication, and the best experience possible when you choose Sing Core for your home or office needs.

Changes to Expect

Some specific changes you may see coming are:

  • Updating our Website

You may notice some differences on our website as we look to remove outdated information, upgrade our user experience, and provide consistent updates and articles revealing information about secrets, products, and behind the scenes details about how we improve your home.

  • Growing our Social Media Presence

Nowadays, the quickest and easiest way to reach you community is through social media. We are acting on ways to expand our outreach and connect with you, the consumer, more openly and efficiently. Make sure to find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to see all of our posts and engage with us!

  • Updating Business Assets

Sometimes, change is good. You may notice some changes to the appearance of familiar things, such as the website, media accounts, images, and branding. Regardless of what things look like, and no matter how our presentation may change, we will always be Sing Core, and we will always bring you incredible products that you can rely on.


Sing Core has been around for over 10 years now, and we couldn’t have made it this far without you, our incredible customers. So whether you’re an expert architect, brilliant businessperson, or a loyal and loved customer, you inspire us to keep innovating and be the best that we can be. Our products have integrity, resilience, and strength at their core, and we hold those same values at our core.

Here’s to an incredible 2023.

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Sing Solution Considerations

What should you consider when seeking out the Sing solution?

1. Dimensions Affect Price


Sing Core can build anything that can be panelized, from large pivot doors to hangar doors and panelized structures such as warehouses or even Sing Log Homes. Very large panels or walls can reach enormous proportions and can be made modular for near seamless assembly on site. Other factors which affect the overall price of your project will be,

2. Importance of Surface Material


The skin material used on your panel’s exterior greatly affects how the substructure is built. Basically, the greater the tendency for the exterior surface material to move, the more of Sing’s True Flat engineering is required to create a hybrid substrate which will counteract the panel’s tendency to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise create a challenge in the field over time.

Cutaway shows detail of patented reinforced vertical grain torsion box core

3. Sing Core Inside

The core of the panel in question can come in many different variations besides the patented and fully insulated, reinforced vertical grain torsion box core to match the high precision performance expectations of your project. Many considerations are made to determine the size of the patented structure grids as well as integration of patent-pending counter-warp materials to achieve desired results.

4. Thickness

Thickness of your panel and each of its features affects everything. For instance, it is much easier to keep a panel straight and true the higher the percentage of patented Sing Core is inside your panel proportionally. Even if your surface material is natural wood, your client might desire 3/8” thick material, when using 1/8” material is far more effective, and the difference is not noticeable on the end product.

All of these things play a part in the design and engineering of your panel in terms of

Giant Factory Door Extremely Light Weight


The overall weight of your custom panel(s) is determined by the sum of all the components which are necessary to create a one-of-a-kind solution which meets your required specifications. The greater the amount of Sing Core inside your panel, the less it will weigh and the stronger it will be.


No other substrate in the world is more lightweight or high-strength than inventor Peter Sing’s Sing Core, which provides for a solid composite core based on Sing’s patented insulated and reinforced torsion box structure, which is stronger than steel pound for pound (660+ PSI). By doubling the among of patented Sing Core, you multiply the strength of the panel four times.


Besides being Eco-friendly and made in the USA, patented Sing Core is the only substrate which can guarantee your panel will not warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail. In fact, this revolutionary building material enables the best door companies in the world to build large doors of any size which can be guaranteed warp-free for 50 years (a first in the industry).

Affordable Sing Core Made in USA exported to Thailand

Affordable Sing Core Made in USA exported to Thailand


Sing solutions for problems and challenging projects can be costly, but they may also be extremely affordable depending on your performance expectations.

If you are on a budget and flexible about some of the elements of your design, there is a good chance that Sing’s True Flat Team may be able to reengineer a solution for you that will both meet your budget and your performance expectations.

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About Sing Core

SingCore panels are engineered with a lightweight, insulated, vertical grain tension box core. Then two skins are adhered to create a panel that’s lighter, stronger, and warp-resistant. Because the strength off our core doesn’t rely on wood, which is a naturally warping material, SingCore panels have a 50 year warp-free guarantee; the only one offered in the industry.

Additionally, SingCore panels are completely customizable, making them perfect for any project.



  • Length and Height are based upon your specifications to fit your project’s needs. We can also custom manufacture your panel’s grade, core grid size, skin type, edging, trimming, internal blocking, and thickness. However, the minimum thickness is 3/4″. There is no maximum thickness!


  • You can order Sing panels with open or closed edges. Ordering your Sing panels with open edges is useful if you intend to work with the panel post-manufacturing. If you prefer closed edges, the skin material will be pressed and glued over a solid wood frame. Unless specified otherwise, edging is 1.25″ solid birch.

Skin Options

  • We provide many different skin options to fit any of your construction needs. This includes Birch, MDF, Mahogany, Fir, Cedar, and even metals like Galvanized Steel. See images of example door skins on our Galleries page.


  • Unless otherwise specified, all of our panels are shipped untrimmed. If you need a clean, finished panel on arrival, simply specify in your order. Open edged panels will always include trimmed edges.

Other Specifications: Internal Blocking and Embedded Chases

Many custom projects require specific hardware to be installed in our panels post-production. Therefore, we offer additional wood blocking anywhere within the panel. However, increased amounts of internal wood blocking will increase the weight and the likelihood of warping since wood tends to warp over time.

Custom Sing Panels can be manufactured to your architectural specifications, which may include special chases for plumbers to route hot and cold water feeds or electricians to run electrical wiring through. Since every Sing panel is custom manufactured, we can have your wire chase or plumbing pre-installed within your panels at any specified location.

For any special customization you need for your project, please provide us with detailed specifications and drawings so we can be sure to give you the product that you need!