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Sing Core at the Auburn Gresham Healthy Lifestyle Building

The Greater Auburn-Gresham Development Corporation is leading an effort to redevelop a vacant office building on a key commercial corridor in the Greater Auburn Gresham community. The redevelopment of 839-45 West 79th Street is a development project that will not only urge additional development along the disinvested business district, but will also bring back to life a once prominent commercial building that has stood vacant for twenty years.



The redevelopment project is being implemented as part of the recently completed Auburn Gresham Quality of Life plan which has several strategies and tasks to improve the quality of life of residents in Auburn Gresham and surrounding communities. During the 1 1/2 year long planning process, more than one-thousand residents were engaged and took part in monthly discussions and together, divided into separate issue area task force teams. The task force teams focused on core areas including: jobs, economic and business development, health and wellness, education, youth development, and more. When complete, the redevelopment of the vacant building into the Auburn Gresham Healthy LifeStyle Technology Hub directly responds to the community’s quality of life plan including workforce development, technology and educational enhancements, along with community development services supporting youth, seniors, families and disenfranchised serving the greater south side.

Sing Core was able to be part of this wonderful project by providing our Pocket Doors. These doors are a type of sliding door that recesses into the wall instead of sliding in front of it, effectively becoming invisible. We make these doors possible with our lightweight and sturdy core.

Pocket Doors

Secret doors are an exciting and distinctive way to add uniqueness to your home. Pocket doors have become an integral part of modern architecture. The can be more than just a convenient sub-type of sliding doors. Pocket doors are one of the only options when considering a concealed or hidden door.
Pocket doors provide a special twist to any sliding door application. Pocket doors largely improve the area near the door opening, as a traditional sliding door requires dedicated wall space to open over. Pocket doors fully recess inside of the wall, meaning all of the necessary holding space is in a place you already couldn’t make use of. Pocket doors also prove to be useful in space-saving scenarios, such as in an RV or small office.


Well-known to outperform any other known honeycomb core or composite honeycomb material, Sing Core has been rated at 660+ PSI and has the highest tolerances for high precision integrity over the surface of the material.

In side-by-side comparisons, patented Sing Core outperforms all other honeycomb core materials in terms of an Eco-friendly high performance material that is insulated, stronger and lighter weight. The added insulation provides both R-value ratings and sound deadening that are not available in other honeycomb cores.

That is why our most high end clients, including the scientific community, aerospace industry, nautical industry, industrial, space and military agencies rely on Sing Core for the most high precision and high performance core material available.




Sing Core Pocket Doors, like all Sing Core products, come with a 50 year structural and warp-free guarantee. You won’t find this common in the industry, as few products can hold up to it. At Sing Core, we don’t make empty promises. Your door will last for 50 years without structural or warping issues, guaranteed.

Guarantees are offered with doors which are covered, in writing, signed by the inventor of Sing Core. We take our 50-year guarantee very seriously. Our best clients depend on this worry-free performance and trust us to provide them with the best solution for large doors of any size or style.

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Space Drone

The multi-directional jet drone is designed to efficiently transport items into outer space and inner space. This jet propulsion powered drone can consist of a main body, shape can vary, and at least three pulse jet engines. An optional turbo or alternative jet can be installed vertically or horizontally, in relation to the main body.

The flying machine can be launched from the earth’s surface or from high-altitude. High-altitude launching is preferred if planning to enter outer space. High-altitude launch can be facilitated by any flying vehicle. A flying vehicle can bring the flying machine to high-altitude. The flying machine can then launch the rest of the way through the atmosphere.

The flying machine is designed to efficiently transport items, such as satellites, into outer space and in inner space. The machine can be a platform, exact shape can vary, attached to at least three pulse jet engines and an additional optional jet engine.

This flying machine can be launched from the ground or can be launched at high altitude from a flying vehicle. It is designed to operate in inner space and outer space. To launch into outer space, the flying machine can be placed on a platform supported by a high-altitude balloon. The high-altitude balloon can lift the flying machine through the atmosphere. Once the balloon reaches its peak trajectory, the flying machine can start its engines and separate from the balloon. The flying machine can then continue its journey through the atmosphere into outer space. By launching from the upper stratosphere, the flying machine will require much less fuel to reach the destination.

This can eliminate the need to send astronauts to transport items between space stations. This flying machine can be controlled by automation or by an operator.

This machine is not only designed to operate in outer space, but also in inner space. This machine can be used to transport items, take photo/videos, or even … The main body shape can be designed according to Bernoulli’s principle so that fuel consumption can be more efficient. If the body is designed according to Bernoulli’s principle, then the flying machine can be able to travel horizontally at a high rate of speed while consuming a minimal amount of fuel. This would also allow the flying machine to use an optimal angle of attack to launch from the balloon to outer space, decreasing launching fuel consumption.

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Revolutionary Garage Doors

This new generation of garage and barn doors features groundbreaking technology allowing garage door designers and engineers to reimagine their garage door possibilities exponentially by using new garage door panel surface materials for evolutionary wooden, fiberglass, HPL, aluminum, or other metal garage doors.

One of the primary reasons why Sing Core is the ideal choice is its unmatched strength and stability. Constructed using high end materials, Sing Core features a lightweight patented honeycomb core pressed between two sturdy exterior layers. This composition results in an incredibly strong and rigid material that can withstand heavy usage and resist warping, bowing, or twisting over time. Barn doors made with Sing Core maintain their structural integrity even in demanding environments, ensuring long-lasting performance.

There is no door too small or too large for Sing Core’s aerospace inspired “honeycomb” wood and foam core construction. We guarantee your panel will be perfectly straight (to AWI standards) for 50 years or more! This makes Sing Core the perfect companion for your high insulation value sliding doors, where exact straightness is the key to a great seal for a sliding door.



Garage Door

Garage doors are used as a barrier to protect your vehicle and personal items. Regular garage doors tend to fail in keeping their form and end up weathering. These doors are also not insulated and give easy access to outsiders to enter your home.

Sing Core’s patented door panel design is the leader in the industry of custom, lightweight, and sturdy doors. They are lightweight enough to easily function as a garage door, whether folding, sliding, or otherwise and provide exceptional insulation during the colder seasons. Our Sing Core products will help keep the the warm air in the garage making it more enjoyable.

Our custom production line is capable of making custom doors in any quantity. Whether you need a one off door for a remodel project or custom high end home, or you need 1000 doors for your development, Sing Core can be your supplier.



Barn Door

Sing’s patented and patent pending technologies empower his True Flat Team to create these amazing hybrid solid composite cores which weigh a fraction of other solid wood-based structure cores. Lighter weight barn doors mean lighter weight hardware and less stress and strain on the structure. This prevents the need for constant ongoing maintenance to the barn door, a huge savings over time.

Despite its exceptional strength, Sing Core is remarkably lightweight compared to traditional building materials such as solid wood or metal. This feature not only eases the installation process but also makes handling and operation of the barn doors hassle-free. The reduced weight minimizes strain on hinges and tracks, resulting in smoother operation and a prolonged lifespan of the door hardware. Whether you are installing a single barn door or a set of double doors, Sing Core’s lightweight nature significantly simplifies the installation process. 

You might not need bulletproof barn doors, but you will enjoy having lightweight large barn doors that are stronger than steel pound for pound. Sing’s large barn door core material is independently rated at 660+ PSI and is featured inside some of the highest security doors and impact doors in the world.



Carriage Door

Sing Core Carriage Doors are imbued with unique characteristics that separate them from any other commercially available standard carriage door in the world. For instance, Sing Core Carriage Doors are available in outswing (standard), inswing, overhead, barn door and sliding door configurations to meet your individual requirements and specifications.

Due to their superior strength and load capacity in comparison to carriage doors made of other materials, Sing Core Carriage Doors are keenly suited for extreme weather conditions including temperature and humidity variations.

Sing Core Carriage Doors are the perfect adornment for your garage, studio or barn, giving you an unsurpassed aesthetic appeal while being functional and extremely structurally superior.

Each Sing Core Carriage Door is a precision garage door that is handcrafted in the USA and custom built to your specifications. While capturing the beauty of century old carriage doors, Sing Core Carriage Doors are a fusion of old world technology and space-age technology to create a carriage door that is brilliantly adaptable, functional and will last for centuries.



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Hidden Sing Core Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are a type of sliding door that recesses into the wall instead of sliding in front of it, effectively becoming invisible. Sing Core makes unique sliding possible with our lightweight and sturdy core.

 Whether you’re trying to hide your pantry or keep a daring escape route, secret doors are an exciting and distinctive way to add to your home. These pocket doors have become an integral part of modern architecture, but despite their many advantages there are also some disadvantages these doors present unique challenges in the manufacturing and installation process. Pocket doors can be more than just a convenient sub-type of sliding doors. Pocket doors are one of the only options when considering a concealed or hidden door.

Along with several benefits. Pocket doors provide a special twist to any sliding door application. Pocket doors largely improve the area near the door opening, as a traditional sliding door requires dedicated wall space to open over. Pocket doors fully recess inside of the wall, meaning all of the necessary holding space is in a place you already couldn’t make use of. Pocket doors also prove to be useful in space-saving scenarios, such as in an RV or small office. These doors despite all of these benefits, they do have a couple major drawbacks if not built properly

One of the biggest downsides to poorly made pocket doors is that when they warp, they become a huge problem. A pocket door needs to remain on its tracks at all times to function, and a warped door panel could potentially pull it off of the tracks or put extra strain on them. In addition, a warped pocket door can scrape alongside the opening in the wall, damaging the finish of both the door and the wall. There are many other complications that can arise with a door that warps. That’s why we recommend using Sing Core for your pocket door, as it will never warp.

There are many reasons as to why doors warp. It could be the size of the door as in the length, width, and height. Also the skin as in the materials used. Some of these materials are more prone to become warped. Weather also plays a huge role in the life of the door. If the door is consistently in harsh conditions and exposure can become warped in no time. But overall the core of the door is the ultimate performance tester. Most doors have a hollow core that doesn’t give the door a solid foundation to resist warping.


Sing Core Pocket Doors, like all Sing Core products, come with a 50 year structural and warp-free guarantee. You won’t find this common in the industry, as few products can hold up to it. At Sing Core, we don’t make empty promises. Your door will last for 50 years without structural or warping issues, guaranteed.

Guarantees are offered with doors which are covered, in writing, signed by the inventor of Sing Core. We take our 50-year guarantee very seriously. Our best clients depend on this worry-free performance and trust us to provide them with the best solution for large doors of any size or style.

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Sing Core At W. T. Brookshire Conference Center

Pivot doors are one of the most common doors built in the industry, and Sing Core makes large, custom, and unique pivot doors a possibility with our lightweight and strong core. Sing Core panels have been used for doors in everything from celebrity homes to large commercial buildings.

Now speaking of large buildings, recently our panels can be found in the new W. T. Brookshire Conference Center. The conference center features upgraded design amenities with multiple conference rooms. The rooms are named after some of the roses in the legendary Tyler Rose Garden. The City of Tyler celebrated the opening of the new W. T. Brookshire Conference Center at the Tyler Rose Complex earlier this month. The city’s current and four previous mayors cut the ribbon for the new building.



The new state-of-the-art facility, constructed where Harvey Hall once stood, was built as the centerpiece of the Rose Complex. The city describes the new venue as “a three-acre park with a grand fountain standing before the mid-century-modern-inspired building to create an impressive and inviting entrance. The Center’s unique design brings the outdoor beauty of the Tyler Rose Garden indoors, even inspiring the names of each room. The center has a total of 50,230 square feet including a commercial catering kitchen with a loading dock, warmers, stainless steel counters and a walk-in refrigerator, a green room lounge, a multi-purpose room, smaller breakout rooms and theatrical lighting and sound system.



The panels are 144’’ in length, 56.5’’ in width, and 4’’ in height. The customer wanted the skin to be  ⅜’’ AB Ply and a Not Trimmed edge. The Sing Core Panels can be found in the conference room featured below.

At Sing Core we have many skin options. From metal doors to ceramic, to fiberglass, we got it. As seen in the specifications list the customer also wanted a Not Trimmed Edge. Untrimmed panels are preferred for clients that intend to trim their panels to final size in the field, or would like to save money by performing the work themselves. The last specification was a Professional Grade. These panels come with patented internal stiffeners and are backed by our strictest 50-year guarantee. We recommend this grade of panel for oversize panels greater than 4′ x 8′ or any project that benefits from a long term guarantee.


any door skin hard wood metal aluminum


Sing Core’s superiority lies in its exceptional strength and durability. Large industrial doors constructed with Sing Core are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, maintaining their structural integrity over time. The honeycomb core is made with high grade hardwood and insulation, creating a solid foundation that can withstand immense pressure and resist warping. This remarkable strength ensures that the doors remain robust and reliable even in the face of heavy use and challenging environments.



All of our products at Sing Core are backed by a 50 Year Warp-Free and Structural Guarantee. You won’t find this common in the industry, as few products can hold up to it. At Sing Core, we don’t make empty promises. Your door will last for 50 years without structural or warping issues, guaranteed.

This is the final product of the Sing Core doors in the W. T. Brookshire Conference Center in Tyler, Texas.

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Functional Closet Doors

Having a closet is functional and provides storage for your personal needs. But sometimes the door can be very frail and unappealing. Here at Singcore we make customizable door panels that are lightweight, high strength and fully insulated.



No matter what type of door you may need, architects, door companies, and custom manufacturers may see it as a challenge to accomplish your perfect door. They may not be able to make a door for you to do it being outside of their normal capacities. Here at Singcore we have been a reinforcement for the difficult, challenging, and large oversized doors that aren’t part of their usual operations. You may still do business with the door manufacturer who’s providing for your other doors. But to have a fully insulated patent-pending panel all you need to do is specify your doors by saying “Singcore inside.”

A hinged door with Sing Core inside can be any size. The greatest majority of Sing doors sizes are 4×8 hinged doors and larger, up to 50 ft tall large oversized doors or more. The main reason why only the best architects specify having Sing Core inside their large doors is due to the unique characteristics of patented Sing Core, which helps to create the only Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength hinged doors that can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years.

Here is an example of Singcore hinged doors that are functioning as closet doors. These door panels are 94.23’’x20.5’’x 4’’. The customer asked for MDF skin which is a fine surface material made of recycled wood products. This is an excellent option for responsible use of wood fiber and sustainability for concerned architects and builders. They also asked for an edge that is not trimmed and one of the customers notes was that they would paint it themselves. So not only did the customer receive their desired doors but that were able to completely decide the finishing touch.

The main reason is designers, architects. and door manufacturers look out to Sing Core for their architectural hinge doors is because their clients are not interested in an all ready standard pre-hung hinge doors that you can buy off the shelf. These are the most critical clients who know what they want. They want the best of the best. A high end door that is created according to their needs, wants and desires, in whatever size they want, that incorporates only the best materials and craftsmanship possible.

The best doors have Sing Core inside and are finished by highly skilled craftsmen who put all the attention, skill and love into the fine details. The craft is matched with the best hardware which results in the most exquisite high-end one of a kind hinged door that is a functional work of art. An Eco-friendly, sustainable, fully insulated hinged door which is lightweight, high strength and can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years.  Only hinge doors with Sing Core inside are lightweight, high strength, fully insulated, available in a vast array of skin types or metals.

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Beauty is Beyond Skin Deep

If you were to kick a Singcore door panel you would break your leg before you could break the door. “Peter Sing, Owner and inventor of SingCore”

High traffic areas are perfect for a lightweight Singcore door . You get a Singcore door without the weight of a hollow metal and with the highest precision.
Singcore panels are light, solid as a rock, and come with a 50 year guarantee. Our doors have a patented and patent pending core that is more solid than hollow. That is why they do not feel or sound hollow.

Although door panels may look the same; upon closer inspection you can clearly detect the difference between the Singcore door and other competitors, because the Singcore door feels solid.
Typically a hollow metal door wobbles and shakes and is only attached on the frame like a standard framed wall but a Singcore door is attached every 2-3 inches. A hollow metal framed door is fabricated like a structural insulated panel wall to make a door. But a wall does not need to withstand movement. Without SingCore the SIP can delaminate from years of use

A hollow metal door is made in the same manner as a framed wall, which is fastened top and bottom and sides.

However, a door is not a wall that is stationary and connected to adjoining surfaces on all 4 sides. A door is floating and only attached on one side or top and bottom on a pivot door. This means that a hollow metal door will shake and wiggle as it is moved on its hinges.
The larger the door the worse it will shake.

While hollow metal doors are heavy, heavy does not always mean stronger.

Door Weights Per Square Foot
Based upon 3’0″ x 7’0″ Door Size

When you hit a hollow metal door the skin can be broken through because it is hollow underneath the skin. There is no structure support.
Furthermore, when the metal frame is welded the heat causes fatigue and distortion. Singcore has a tolerance of +/-.006, no welded frame door can achieve this type of tolerance. That is why Singccore guarantees for straight and our panels for 50 years.

To be a high end door it needs to feel well made and solid. Here at Singcore our products are made like no other and it can be seen through our metal and wood frame doors.

For an example of alternative lightweight cores let’s look at aluminum core. A hollow aluminum core does not have any insulation and there is also little sound deadening.  But here at Singcore our aluminum skinned doors have built-in insulation. A value of an R3 to R6.5 rating per inch, depending on client’s needs/specifications. Our Sing Core’s filler material has natural sound-deadening properties. They can be any height, any width, any thickness and can be manufactured in as little as three days.

Sing Core doors are available in any size or shape per your specifications and specializing in large oversize doors are available in lengths and/or widths up to 50 feet. The advantage of using the Sing Core material with aluminum, is that it is nearly impervious to changing weather conditions and retains its true flatness and structural integrity over long spans.

The technology of Singcore comes from the outstanding power that is shown in the high precision making. No other door is made like Singcore.


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Sing Core at the University of Utah

The University of Utah is the state’s flagship institution of higher education, with 18 schools and colleges, more than 100 undergraduate and 90 graduate degree programs, and an enrollment of more than 32,000 students. Recently the university has taken a step forward in spiritual care at the University of Utah Hospital, with an Infinity Chapel and Reflection Room.


The Infinity Chapel and Reflection Room features Sing Core panels at the back of the room opposite of the pulpit. These doors offer excellent soundproofing qualities and are customized to fit the size and style that’s required for the Chapel. Sing Core doors provide durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. This is due to a few factors, the top of which being our patented honeycomb core that we use in almost all of our products. This wood and insulated core is designed in such a way that is incredibly strong, despite weighing a fraction of the other options. The interwoven lengths of wood provide a rigid structure that won’t bend, warp, or break. Plus, our doors are stronger pound-for-pound than steel. While our honeycomb core is where the magic happens, we also laminate our panels with high quality wood to seal the core and add additional rigidity. By sandwiching our core between two high quality hardwood boards, we add another dimension of strength to our product. In addition, this provides impact resistance, as we don’t use just any lumber lumber like some of the  mainstream options. Overall, this provides a door or wall panel that can withstand tremendous force while still being lightweight. 

For this particular project these large doors measure 113 inches in height by 64’’ inches in length, and 1.75 inches thick. And there are 7 panels The UOU or University of Utah’s purpose for their Infinity Chapel and Reflection Room was to have places set apart to offer solace and serenity, and to allow you to connect with the Sacred. People of all backgrounds and spiritual paths are welcome to enter these spaces for personal prayer and reflection, or to gather for spiritual wellness events. The Reflection Room is an intimate circular space that evokes the sky at sunrise or sunset. They invite everyone to write prayers and deposit them in the secure prayer wall. The prayers are honored by the Spiritual Care Team and ritually released. In this space you are offered to sit quietly, or make use of one of the prayer rugs provided by the staff and university. 

Each product is backed up by a 50 Year Sing Core Warranty as a promise that our panels will never warp. Warping presents a huge concern for doors and walls, and particularly large doors are at higher risk of warping just due to their size. A warped door can lead to all kinds of issues, such as sealing problems, difficulty opening and closing, and even up to full failure of the structure or function. Sing Core panels are built using our patented and patent-pending designs that guarantee they will never warp. In addition to never warping, our panels also come with a structural guarantee. This means that if the door fails in a way related to the manufacturing process, we will make it right. 


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Customizable Doors for Your Next Project

Customizing something gives you the freedom to add or take away certain aspects of an item. At Sing Core we offer the ability to do just that, by making custom doors for all your structures. We provide doors for any purpose, such as oversized cabinet doors, large doors, garage doors, pivoting doors.  The list goes on.  If you can’t seem to find those perfect doors, whether new construction or a home remodel, here at Sing Core, we can make it happen. Or if you are looking for a pivoting door for your entrance, we have you covered. No matter the task, we can service your door needs.

If you can think it, we can do it. The picture above is an example of a customized large cabinet doors. It could be a pivoting cabinet door. Now, no job is too big for the best cabinetry shops, custom cabinet builders, or millworks, if their work features “Sing Core inside.” We offer a large range of customization options which will help you suit your customers’ needs better, for example, sizes and locations of internal wood blocking, implants for lock blocks, hardware, or fastening points for added siding on the face of your Sing panel, even custom stiles and rails or premium hardwood edges on all 4 sides of the Sing panel. 



Below are some of the many options Sing Core offers as a skin choice or in other words the surface material. 


Paint Grade


Wood Grain

Wood Stave

FRP Fiberglass

Galvanized Steel



.20 in to.125 inch aluminum

HPL Formica


Cold Rolled Steel

Hot Rolled Steel

Magnesium Board

Marine Grade Plywood



Stainless Steel




Some other options we have here at Sing Core are window and light cutoffs. Sing Core provides Sing panels with window and door pre-cut and ready for installation. We will cut 1/8 larger in width and 3/16 inch wider in length to fit your window glass. We build a frame using 1.25 inch solid wood to your specifications.  The standard ready-to-ship panel condition is, “untrimmed.” All untrimmed edges are 1/2 inch over width and 1/2 inch over length. After trimming, your Sing Panel will be 1/2 inch less.

When customizing, the concern most often brought up is the weight. Though many leading competitors try to work with the design of the customer, they have trouble keeping it light and movable. At Sing Core our door panels are up to 80% less in weight allowing for a beautiful door without the hassle of being too heavy. 

Once these doors are complete the next choice is having a pivoting door or a hinged door. For a hinged door the hinges attach to both the wall and the door itself, allowing the door to swing open and shut. Hinged doors can usually be installed rather easily, are simple to operate, and most maintenance can be done by the home or business owner. For many small to standard sized doors, hinges work great. Pivot doors usually are mounted from the top and bottom near one side of the door, as opposed to the side. This attachment can be imagined as a pole running through the door, and the door rotates around said pole. Pivot doors are much more stable choices when it comes to large and heavy doors, and standard sized doors as well. Because they are not attached and completely suspended from one side, they have far less impact on their hardware. In addition, pivot doors are usually made with more resilient hardware to begin with, so your door will remain beautiful and functional for a very long time. Every Sing Core Door comes with our 50 year structural guarantee.