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December 2nd 2022

This set of oversized sliding relies on the
highest precision and non-warping substrate
to maintain effortless functionality.

They came to Sing Core and were not disappointed.


Click to see the details of the pictured doors.



November 22nd 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!


Another beautiful door from our happy customer.

Patented and patent-pending Sing Core guarantees non-warping for 50 years.



November 18th 2022

Winter is here.

Sing Core sliding doors will keep your room warm. If you need factory doors, barn doors, or garage doors, Sing Core has you covered.

No overhead garage door can be as airtight as Sing Core. Guaranteed.

If you’re curious to see Peter Sing’s other earth-friendly inventions, click here and click here to see why.



November 10th 2022

Custom garage door from a top millwork company on the East Coast.

Sing Core sliding doors will keep your room warm. If you need factory doors, barn doors, or garage doors, Sing Core has you covered.

You cannot buy such a lightweight, high-strength, non-warp, and fully insulated door like this from regular garage door dealer.
The only patented door technology that offers a 50 year guarantee.



November 3rd 2022

Check out these beautiful doors from another happy customer.

Sing Core is the only door company to offer a 50 year warp-free guarantee for any size door.

If you like what you see, share it with a friend!



October 27th 2022

This photo is fresh from one of our happy clients. There is beauty in simplicity.
Sing Core can do that for you.

We are the most innovative door core company in the world.



October 21st 2022

Sing Core has developed a new method for creating raised panel doors that is as fast as 1-2-3.

Any size, guaranteed non-warp

From Sing Core panel to raised panel door or stile and rail door in less than two minutes. Reduce your labor costs, increase your production, and build the best door.

If you would like to know our secrets, send us a message.



October 14th 2022

Take a look at this masterpiece crafted by one of our clients. No, it isn’t a glass door, but mirrors secured to our patented substrate.

If you look closely at the gap between the doors, you can see it is perfectly even from top to bottom.
Glass is heavy but Sing Core substrate is very strong yet lightweight making the two the perfect combination.



October 5th 2022

Sing Core’s innovative team has created the quickest and easiest method to build an outstanding stile and rail door.

We guarantee you have never seen any door technology like this invention before.

Click here to learn more about our innovation.



September 23rd 2022

Sing Core produces the best high strength and high precision non-warp substrate so that you can build the best large sliding doors in the world.

If you can design it, Sing Core can create it!
Click here to learn more.



September 1st 2022

At Sing Core, we pride ourselves on being able to produce the most stable, lightweight, and precise substrate for oversized doors.

Our technologies are always evolving and adapting to help millworkers and door manufacturers produce the most highly rated high-end doors. Click here to read more.


Sing Core is the most innovative door substrate manufacturer, supporting door manufacturers and millwork companies to build the high-end large door for most unique homes in the world. We work with architects, millworks, door manufacturers, and general contractors only.
We do not service retail door companies.



August 2022

These doors were impossible to keep straight, now they have a 50-year warp-free guarantee. Click here to see for yourself how the impossible was made possible by reimagining these doors with Sing Core inside.

See why Sing Core is trusted to do the heavy lifting on the most challenging jobs, backed by many patented and patent-pending technologies.



July 2022

The best Sing Core applications:
We supply millwork and door companies with the best substrate to build oversized high-end doors.

Click the video see beautiful architectural doors using Sing Core’s Substrate.

Check out this video about some of our many Sing Core applications and other revolutionary inventions.

Click to see our Sing Core applications and other revolutionary inventions.



May 2022

As the new door season kicks off, check out the current trends at Sing Core.

Plus see latest trends such as horizontal grooved doors, curved doors, CNC carved doors, and more…



April 2022

Ever want to build a large stile and rail door that will not fail?

We are always helping our clients build the best doors in the world, now introducing fail-free stile and rails with our new patented stile and rail core.
Put this powerful door tech to work for you and imagine the possibilities.
See our new patented and patent-pending stile and rail door technologies.



March 2022

We are looking for people to add to our Best Tiny House Team.
This may be a perfect opportunity for you or someone you know who loves tiny houses as much as we do.

Interested? Click here.
Let’s talk about how we can help each other make the world a better place one tiny house at a time.



February 2022

These doors were impossible to keep straight, now they have a 50-year warp-free guarantee. Click here to see for yourself how the impossible was made possible by reimagining these doors with Sing Core inside.

See why Sing Core is trusted to do the heavy lifting on the most challenging jobs, backed by many patented and patent-pending solutions.



January 2022

This Sing Core beautiful stile and rail designed door has been standing for well over 10 years exposed to the weather.

There has been no warping or delamination. You can use our methods to triple your production without increasing labor costs.

Click here for more information on our stile and rail doors.



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High-End Stile and Rail

If you are short of skillful woodworkers, we can help you build the best door.



The easiest way to build a high strength, high precision, lightweight, insulated, and non-warping door with patented and patent-pending technology, even if exposed in constant weather.
All you need to start is a Sing Core panel and you can turn it into any style of door.
“No other door can do what we do.”


If you would like to learn more about simple ways to build the best doors click here.


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Large Sliding Doors

If you’re looking for the best large sliding door, you’ve come to the right place. Sing Core specializes in creating the ultimate sliding door experience. We manufacture the only door substrate that you can use to create the most extraordinary doors in the world.

The above picture is a demonstration of Sing Core’s strength.  Two 8’x9′ oak doors (approx. 800 lbs.) laying on top of two 7’x8′ curved doors.  The curved doors had no visible movement due to the high strength of Sing Core. As you can see, the eye plate is so small but can support such a large door panel.


These three curved panels measure 7’x8′ and are built to the highest precision and strength to last a lifetime.


Here is another example of a curved door with a smaller radius built with the exact same expertise.


Sliding Doors
The deal with sliding doors is that you want your sliding doors to remain straight and true throughout their service life. Architects, designers and end users face the issues associated with sliding doors, but rest easy knowing your sliding door has Sing Core inside.

Problems with Sliding Doors
The first problem with sliding doors is that they tend to move (warp, bend, twist or cup) compromising the doors’ performance. Especially in the case of sliding doors because they hang parallel to a wall (like sliding barn doors), next to another door (such as double sliding doors) or within a wall (like sliding pocket doors). If the door does not stay straight, it can wreck either the sliding doors or the surfaces they slide against, or both.

One way to overcome the warpage issue is to utilize stronger materials which tends to greatly increase the weight. The downside is that increasing the doors’ weight creates another set of challenge. For example, heavier doors require heavy duty hinges to support the doors. Heavier doors also require more labor for handling, installation, and any servicing it may require.


As you can see, this massive door is 8’x9′ and remains perfectly straight.  So straight, in fact, that it is perfectly freestanding on end!  If there was even the slightest amount of warpage, then this door would topple over.


Sliding Door Design Problems Solved
Architects and engineers are constantly perplexed with the problems associated with sliding doors, fortunately an Eco-friendly composite solution made in the USA, helps to solve the problems associated with faulty sliding door design. Patented Sing Core, along with their true flat door team, can help to create sliding doors that will remain straight and true far beyond the service life of any other sliding doors. By working with Sing Core’s design staff a combination of Sing Core and patent-pending sliding door stiffening solutions can create perfect sliding doors that are lightweight, high strength and can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup or otherwise fail for 50 years.

These oak doors are manufactured with the highest precision.  As you can see, there is no gap between the two oak doors.  If they were slightly warped, or a little uneven, there would be a gap showing, possibly more.

The Perfect Large Sliding Doors
The best custom door manufacturers and millworks who offer long warranties on their large doors have a secret inside each one of their high end professional sliding doors: Sing Core inside. A properly designed and built large sliding door with patented professional Sing Core inside can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years.

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New Sing Core Technologies

Sing Core is on the leading edge of building very large doors, and in the process we are getting better and better which means our doors are becoming stronger, lighter, and even more dimensionally stable than ever before.

We have applied several new patent-pending technologies to further yet improve our doors.

Take a look!

Why are we always the best?

Because the owner/inventor Peter Sing and his team are always creating new ideas which are then put in motion to produce the best door in the world.  Our innovation never sleeps and is constantly evolving to overcome any challenges our products may face.

Our specialty is very large doors; such as oversized pivot doors, sliding doors, hinge doors or even garage doors.  Our patented and patent-pending technologies are applied to much more than our doors.  Some other popular applications include room partitions, tradeshow displays, tiny houses, and much more.

This picture,

will show, it may look no different than other doors. But this is the highest precision. Strongest lightweight, large door in the world by applying several of our new patent-pending technologies.

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Gravity Generation

“I am sharing some of my newest inventions with you that I’ve designed to put an end to global warming. This may be our only solution.
We need your help to share with your family and friends in hopes to reach our government and entrepreneurs. We need them to be aware that this invention exists and will be our future to acquire clean and renewable energy. Mountains are always growing since the beginning of time. See the video below for an introduction.”
-Inventor Peter Sing


Our invention utilizes gravitational forces like never before. Here is a reference to other gravity powered inventions that have been tried and true.


In China, they made an elevator that reaches to the mountain tops. An elevator like this could be used to convert gravitational force into electrical energy.

Similar concepts have been created, but are extremely costly and are not very efficient. In Switzerland, a company built a large crane, approximately 70 meters tall, that lifts 35 ton concrete blocks and gradually lowers them to generate electricity. But wouldn’t the crane require a massive amount of energy to lift the block?
You can read more about their methods here.





Recent thoughts-

“Thank you for the information and I will definitely share to all my contacts.”


I’m sorry, I just don’t see this working at any useful scale.

First off, it’s easy to convert falling water to energy, from using ancient water wheels to modern turbines, but the efficiency of getting useful energy out of lowering rocks would be low.

Once lowered, disposing of this huge amount of rock would be extremely difficult. I’m in the business of leveling land to creat lots, and we use huge amounts of diesel fuel for what would be a trivial amount of earthwork compared to what you are talking about.

The politics of such a massive disruption would be hard to imagine allowing success, even if the practical limitations were overcome.

What happened to your idea of harnessing energy out of rising and falling boats/barges. I could imagine this working, have you done any calculations on the amount of energy harnessed from the rising and falling of a given mass of sea water yet?”
-Dr. White

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Sing Core Innovations

If you think Sing Core builds the best large doors, please see our media page.

Our innovations go far beyond our remarkable doors. Open the Sing Core innovation door and you will see much more.

We can create a more environmentally friendly world with our innovations.

Sing began by founding a way to use small logs to create the most elegant log homes. Click here to see Sing Log Homes. They are believed to be the best and environmentally friendly logs homes in the world.

Beyond that, we also build tiny houses. Take a look-

Our client said that his tiny house made of Sing Core is worth $5,000,000 because it is the best. See more here.

Sing’s inventions did not stop there, Sing’s post and beam is the future of lightweight eco-friendly building materials and can even replace steel beams which are terrible for the environment.

Our new inventions cover how to launch satellites into space without wasting so much energy. The current methods are so incredibly wasteful it’s a joke.
This is possible because of Sing’s invention 40 years ago. It is a spherical pulse jet engine, which could be use to reach space and travel in any direction.

Back on earth, Sing has introduced revolutionary advancements to the modern electric vehicles. You can see here for our innovations for the future.

Sing has also developed a solution to get rid of the Coronavirus. If everyone would have used his device in the beginning of the virus, we would have had no need for the vaccine. His device is a economically friendly way to isolate the virus from the world.

If you think our innovations can help change the world, share this with some friends and let the whole world know. Click here to see our media section.

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How to Build the Biggest Warp-free Door

Sing Core has long been in the business of building the biggest warp-free doors in the world. And now you can learn how to build the biggest warp-free door as well. The first thing to note is that Sing Core does not build doors, even though Sing Core is credited and called out in architectural specifications as Sing Core door(s).

Inventor Peter Sing’s patent and patent-pending inventions are deployed in Sing’s Sing Core factory to provide the warp-free basis for high-end millworks and the biggest door companies for building big doors, over 8 ft. tall and up to 50 ft. or more, that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

New Door or Replacement Door

Sing Core assists in the building of either New Doors, doors that have not existed before, or Replacement Doors, doors that are being replaced and may have to be replicated to maintain the appearance of the original door, such as in the case of participating in a historical restoration.

How to Build the Biggest Warp-free Door

Since Sing Core does not build doors, it is up to the architect to imagine what size the new door should be and of what materials the door should be made of. In the case of replacement doors, Sing Core is provided all the specs based on the original door to be either replaced or replicated.

The following steps are followed in making a door with Sing Core inside:

Step 1: Answer questions, and estimate

  • What is the size (length, width, thickness) of the door?
  • How will you be finishing the door
  • What type of door hardware will be used (hinge, pivot, sliding, overhead, etc.)?
  • What style of door (flush, architectural, plank, French, Dutch, etc.)?
  • How and where will the door be used?
  • Will this be an interior or exterior door?
  • Are there other specifications (weight, insulation, sealing, etc.)?

Step 2: Re-evaluate and refer to Sing’s True Flat Team, if necessary

Evaluate your estimate and let Sing Core know if we can help meet your budget

The True Flat team is available to help you provide your customer with a door that fits within their budget.

Sing Core and the True Flat team can suggest ways of changing some of the details of the panel, such as, reducing the height/width or choosing a more cost-effective skin.

Steps might need to be made to modify Sing’s composite hybrid solid substrate to accommodate the challenges that may not have been noted in the original details gathered in Step 1.

Step 3: Manufacture specified Sing Core

The specific Sing Core substrate core is then manufactured in Sing’s factory by skilled workers who have been manufacturing Sing’s cores for years using Sing’s patented and patent-pending technologies. Occasionally, a new challenge is recognized that the true Flat Team has never seen before, that is when Sing get to inventing again, and when a solution is achieved, this will likely lead to another patented solution.

The core which is based on Sing’s insulated reinforced vertical grain torsion box core, may or may not be framed, and is sandwiched between two matching skins, ready to be used as door core.

If no other services are required, skip Step 4, and go directly to Step 5.

Step 4: Additional services

To further assist the millworks and door companies in the manufacturing process, Sing Core may provide other services. For instance, the millwork or door builder may elect to have Sing’s factory apply additional outer door skins to the completed Sing Core substrate, in a sense, creating a custom door blank.

Some of the additional services that Sing’s factory may provide, include:

  • Trimming
  • Adding exterior skins
    • Wood stave
    • Veneer
    • Cement board or concrete
    • High Pressure Laminate (HPL)
    • Fiberglass
    • Formica
    • Metal
      • Aluminum
      • Cold rolled steel
      • Copper
      • Galvanized steel
      • Hot rolled steel
      • Lead
      • Stainless steel
    • Impact/Bulletproof/Blast resistant materials
  • Light cutouts, openings, for glass inserts
  • Routing for architectural grooves

Step 5: Package and ship to millwork or door company

Sing’s factory packages and ships the door core or prepared blank to the millwork or door company who will finish the door.

Step 6: Finishing

Finishing takes place at the millwork or door company who installs hardware, finishes, and hangs the door, which is ready for installation.

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How to Use Sing Sandwich Core

With the growing number of users who can now obtain Sing Core through their local distributors, we now offer you educational resources online because we desire to see you be as successful as our high-end clientele. We think that you will discover, as they have, that Sing Core is by far the best lightweight, high strength, fully insulated core material in the world.

Here you will find the tools, tips, and techniques that will help you maximize your efforts using Sing Sandwich Core.

Free How to Build eBook

We are offering you our book, How to Use Sing Torsion Box Composite Sandwich Panels to Build Endless Products, in downloadable eBook format

How to Use Sing Sandwich

The introduction basic tutorial on to how to use sing sandwich as substrate core material.

Why and How to Use Sing Sandwich Core

Sing Sandwich Panel provides the wood worker with pre-built torsion box at an affordable price.

Sing Sandwich Closing the Edge

Sing Sandwich has Sing Core exposed on the edge. This is normal and rudimentary for millworks and the high end developers…


How to


You Have Questions?

If you have already obtained Sing Sandwich Core from your local distributor and have questions about how to use it, please post them before and check back here. It is our intention to answer your question on this page. These questions and answers make the Sing Core experience better for everyone.

Thank you for your support.

PS: Please respect that we do not have customer support set up for consumers, but in the interim, please feel free to post your questions below and we will try to answer them here the best we can.

Thank you,

-Sing Core


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Sing Core Now Available to Everyone

This may be the most important update from Sing Core ever.

Ever since the creation of lightweight, high strength, fully insulated, and warp-free Sing Core, inventor Peter Sing has sincerely desired to see this revolutionary material in the hands of the people, but due to the cost restraints of manufacturing a vertical grain small cell reinforced torsion box core, it was restricted to only high-end clientele who could take advantage of the technology.

13 foot lightweight panel strength peter sing core

Since then, Sing has invented many patented and patent-pending technologies to support these high-end architects, millworks, and door companies to make the impossible possible and still offer Sing’s unprecedented 50-year warp-free guarantee on door up to 50 ft or more.

Now, finally, Sing Core is available for you in the form of raw Sing Sandwich Core available from your local distributor.

This is good news for the thousands of craftspeople, engineers, furniture, and tiny house builders who have contacted Sing Core in the past and were disappointed with discovering that the cost was too high, or they were considered unqualified to handle such a raw substrate.

The Sing Core  factory only deals directly with architects, millworks, and door companies who have elitist clientele. This is still the case but now, Sing’s dream comes to life, as he can see his product reach the people who sincerely desire to use his technology in the real world.

There is no doubt that Sing’s reinforced insulated torsion box core invention is the most


High Strength

High Precision

Fully Insulated

Substrate in the World

Nothing else to date has been able to compare to Sing’s patented and patent-pending technologies in terms of weight vs strength, allowing architects and millworks to create lightweight works of grand size without compromising precision or performance.

Available via Your Distributor

If you are in the business, you already have distributors that you already deal with. Sing Core is now opening their most effective and popular product used by the best millworks in the United States of America to your distributor(s). So that the next time you place your order, you can simply add Sing Core to your order from the distributor that you already use, and they put it on the same truck that is delivering the rest of your products for use on your project(s). Now, it’s that easy. The product?

The Sing Sandwich Substrate

Raw, unfinished, and available in

4×8 or 5×10

This is hands down, the most popular, most powerful substrate in the world. With it you can build a structure or shelter without the need for framing,

create lightweight, insulated products of any kind,

anything from cutting boards to complete luxurious homes, and everything in between.

Keep in mind that the Sing Sandwich Substrate is raw and unfinished. It is for using as a full unfinished panel by itself, but will require trimming (as there will be exposed glue on the edges), but know this is the exact same bulk material that the most exclusive millworks use inside their creations that sell for thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of dollars.

One tiny house builder said he’d sell his tiny house built with this material for $5 million. Take a look at his $5 Million Tiny House.

Look at the many applications where you can apply the Sing Sandwich Substrate.

The Sing Sandwich Applications are nearly endless (see full list) as they are the secret ingredient inside the most expensive Building Applications and Components and it’s so versatile and easy to employ as long as you know How to Use Sing Sandwich.

Make a Table

You can use Sing Sandwich Core to make a huge table lighter in weight many times but stronger. Here’s some examples of tabletops with Sing Core inside.

This is why torsion box was originally used, but Sing’s invention takes torsion box to the next level by reducing the size of the grids, flipping the grain perpendicular, and reinforcing with rigid insulation, for incomparable compression and shear strength.

Replace Other Core Materials

We suggest cutting your Sing Sandwich Core into manageable pieces, say 1 ft x 1 ft squares, and insert into your own panel or product, cut to size, then hot or cold press between the skins you require. Just like you might use aluminum core, plastic honeycomb core, paper core, wood-based core such as LVL, interjoined wood, particle board,

Strong Hybrid Solid Composite Core

Plus, know that Sing Core is strong through and through, the voids inside honeycomb are left empty, Sing Core torsion box grids are not hollow, they are reinforced with rigid foam insulation to create a hybrid solid composite core.

Slice to Desired Thickness

You can slice Sing Sandwich Core to the thickness that you need (less the skin to be added) just like you might using a solid wood core material, then add another skin to recomplete the torsion box structure, and insert as substrate. You cannot do this with other cores as they will fall apart.

Caution: We also caution you against making anything oversized, like a 20 to 50 ft door. (See Don’t Try to Make a High-end Door below.)

Lower Price

Thanks to Sing’s new manufacturing method and subsidies provided by high-end clientele, raw Sing Sandwich Core can be manufactured at a lower price and is comparable in cost to other types of traditional core materials, so now is the time to contact your local distributor to as for Sing Core.

Empower Your Imagination

Simply buy bulk 4x8s, like the big boys do, as many as you need, cut to size and create whatever your heart desires.

Remember, Sing Core is not available from our factory, only directly from your local distributor, the 1 that you already deal with.

Do Almost Anything You Want

You can cut into smaller pieces, i.e. 1 ft x 1 ft for easy storage and inserting into anything that you want, though we caution against making anything too large. The Sing Core factory specializes in extravagant oversized projects that feature Sing Core inside, plus other supporting technologies, see disclaimer Don’t Try to Make a High-end Door below.

We Set Up Your Distributor

If they currently do not have Sing Core in stock for you, have them contact us. We will set them up, so that you can have full access to the Sing Core material you have so longed to use.

Sing Core for Everyone

This is a dream come true for inventor Peter Sing who has always wanted to see his material in the hands of every craftsman, artist, and manufacturer in the world. And now, thanks to the support of the most elite providers in the world and through this method of supplying the raw material to you through your favorite distributor, you can be using Sing Core in your projects, limited only by your own imagination.

Don’t Call Us

While we are so excited about being able to now offer Sing Core to the public, please accept our apologies in advance, as we do not offer customer support for consumers. We assume that you have the technical know-how and equipment necessary to use Sing Core responsibly, just like the professionals we supply. If you need to learn, there are many resources that can be found amongst the Sing Core website. See How to Use Sing Sandwich Core. Please feel free to check there for more information. If you feel you are in over your head, please find a professional millwork near you who can help you fix and/or finish your project to your satisfaction. By buying any Sing Core product, you do so at your own risk and accept full responsibility for doing so.

Don’t Try to Make a High-end Door (disclaimer)

You can probably use Sing Sandwich Core alone to use as substrate in a door up to 7 or 8 ft tall. A major part of what we do it to assist high-end door companies create doors of immense size that are guaranteed to remain true flat and warp-free for 50 years. While Sing Sandwich Core is found inside these huge high-end doors, it is not the only product you will find inside. Inventor, Peter Sing, has many patent and patent-pending technologies that are part of this large door segment, and his True Flat Team helps to engineer the hybrid and composite core inside these highly specialized door that lead to this level of performance. Factors taken into consideration besides the overall size of the door include but are not limited to, the surface material (skin), application, style (look) of the door, extra materials inside the door (interior blocking), how the door will be articulated (hardware), interior or exterior, location (geographic location, sea level, door facing direction, etc.), and usage, jut to name a few. Just as a word of caution that using Sing Sandwich Core alone will not result in a high precision and performance door, the type which Sing Core creates and guarantees to remain warp-free for 50 years. Please do not try this at home.