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Free Standing Closet Walls Modular Wardrobes

Sing Core closet walls are proud to announce their gaining traction in the custom closet industry. There is no doubt about the growing trend in the battle of home owners and renters for more closet space. Even if your home has luxurious and roomy walk in closets, chances are you could use more wardrobe storage. And it appears that the Sing free standing closet walls modular wardrobes is the answer to creating all the closet space you could ever want in minutes.

Closet Moveable Walls

Not only are you able to create your own additional walk in closet of any design or size, but Sing Closet systems need not be restricted to their location. They can easily be moved or reconfigured to serve a completely different purpose, such as temporary office space or room dividers, not unlike how museums and art galleries use our moveable walls.

Portable Wardrobe Closet

And if you’re renting and you move, just break down your Sing portable wardrobe closet, flat pack it, throw it into the back seat of your car, trunk or moving van, and take it with you to your new location.

For years, Sing Core has been providing industrial and commercial interior and exterior wall systems as temporary walls used in construction, to redefine space for special events, to maximize display areas, or create massive facades. We knew it wouldn’t be long and Sing Core would be showing up in homes, not just as doors, but in the areas of

Room Dividers, Lightweight Furniture and Insulated Sheds

closet walls

closet walls

Who would have thought our entering the industry of Trade Show Displays would spill over into the homeowners with vision and purpose. Using the same patented technology used in our modular trade show systems, and due to an incredibly passionate call from homeowners, Sing Core has developed a lightweight, high strength, insulated freestanding wall panel that enables homeowners or renters to redefine their living space, creating more possibilities within the existing living space.

Using Sing freestanding wall panels, anyone can now divide a single room into two rooms, create a walk in closet, office area, or compete temporary bedroom in a matter of minutes, with our unique, modular free standing insulated wall panels.

Now, closets are springing up all over the world, thanks to Sing freestanding closet wall panels. Wait, there’s more…

The Ultimate Closet Organizer Closet Systems

We have expanded you ability to create a walk in closet because we provide you with the best closet systems available including the most vast closet organizer opportunities thanks to the integration of our freestanding slatwall closet wall panels.

Slatwall is a product that was created and embraced by retail merchandisers, due to its unique symmetrical look as well as giving shop owners and merchandise display companies flexibility of showcasing nearly anything with reconfigurable simplicity. It didn’t take long and slatwall was the rave of anyone who owned a garage, because your could reclaim and maximize your garage space, while keeping it tidy and streamlined. Sing free standing slatwall panels increase your options exponentially. Thousands of Slatwall display components and hardware is currently available for you to unleash your inner creative genius.

You can line your entire closet with freestanding slatwall closet panels which allows you all the power and creative space solutions employed by the best high end and most expensive custom closet builders in the world, only you can do it yourself, with our DIY closet solution in minutes

Easy to Assemble Free Standing Closet Walls Modular Wardrobes

It’s so easy to assemble your free standing closet walls modular wardrobes, that you don’t even need any tools. You will need your fingers to tighten wing nuts, but that’s all you will need to build your own closet in minutes.

Throughout America from California closets to New York closets, Sing Core is there, empowering the people to create their own portable, modular, temporary closets of any shape, size or degree of functionality.

Closet Doors

And if you need a door for your free standing closet walls modular wardrobes, we are making available to you Sing freestanding closet wall panels specially designed to operate as a closet doors to perfectly match your Sing walk in closet systems.

This is how many people are also redefining their living spaces by creating separate closets, or adding a temporary wardrobe closet that can be easily reconfigured on the fly to expand of decrease the size of your closet, or to turn your closet into room dividers, temporary walls and/or room partitions.

You are never limited to one design or use, you can do almost anything without having to build or hire a contractor to create or redefine your space.

Sizes of Freestanding Closet Wall Panels

Sing freestanding closet wall panels are available in 2 foot, 3 foot and 4 foot wide panels and in your choice of 6 foot, 7 foot or 8 foot heights.

New York Free Standing Closet Wall Panels

The greater New York area is currently the number one user of our free standing closet wall panels and the most popular size for our friends in New York are 3 foot wide by 7 foot tall. These 3×7 free standing closet wall panels are easier for one person to handle, meet local building codes and do not require a permit to install.

We love our fans in New York City, though we love all our customers, no matter where they are, not just NYC.

10 Year Guarantee

We know you’re going to be moving and exposing your free standing closet walls modular wardrobes to a variety of circumstances and changes in environments. You can rest assured knowing your free standing closet walls modular wardrobes are fully backed by our 10 year warp-free no fail structure guarantee. That means your free standing closet walls modular wardrobes are built to be erected and knocked down, flat packed, transported and reassembled over and over again without fail. They are built to last for centuries but guaranteed for 10 years.

Thank you for loving the newest most revolution lightweight high-strength solution to enter the free standing closet walls modular wardrobes marketplace.

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Freestanding Slatwall

Affordable freestanding slatwall from Sing Core is completely different from any other freestanding slatwall in the display industry, excelling in precision, performance and log service life. Sing freestanding slatwall is modular for easy set up, knock down, flat pack, transport and storage of your floor standee.

freestanding slatwall

Freestanding Slatwall

You will find economical Sing free standing slatwall in tradeshow displays, retail merchandising and in storage facilities. In the retail industries, stores can display more items for retail displays. The display options are widely varied from shelves and literature displays to wire baskets and bins, and so much more… Freestanding slatwall regularly showcases sale items, small food items, fashion apparel, sports items, shoes and accessories.

Finally, a high performance low cost option for serious marketing and maximization of display space. All Sing slatwall products follow the industry standard of 3″ O.C. to integrate with the thousands (if not millions) of readily available slatwall hardware, fixtures and display options.

Easy to Assemble Modular Freestanding Slatwall

Sing freestanding slatwall systems all use patented Sing Core modular guaranteed true flat components. Easily assemble with no tools required (just finger-twist wing nuts for fastening) in less than two minutes. While maximizing your budget and your display areas, you can connect as many freestanding slatwalls together to achieve a continuous wall, or use to create customer flow, like rat wall for sales and marketing.

High Performance Freestanding Slatwall

Only Sing Core free standing slatwall is lightweight (a fraction of the weight of other solid core materials), high strength (660 PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound), fully insulated, high precision (+/- .007 in.), and can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 10 years of regular service.

Very Strong Freestanding Slatwall

The strength of the Sing free standing slatwall is so strong, it can sustain displaying items of heavy weight without compromising the performance, enabling you to display heavy items or equipment, that other slatwall materials are not strong enough to hold, without compromising the slatwall.

Freestanding Slatwall Flat Pack

Sing free standing slatwall system can be broken down into modular components, flat packed and transported in the back seat or trunk of your car, or alternatively shipped via UPS, or checked with baggage on your airplane.

Freestanding Slatwall Sizes

Sing freestanding slatwall comes in several sizes and configurations to accommodate all your freestanding slatwall display needs. Standard sizes are in standard foot sizes of 24” x 72” slatwall display, 36” x 72” slatwall display, or 48” x 72” slatwall displays. Or, if you prefer, you can have something shorter, to use as your,

Freestanding Slatwall Counter Top Displays

The shorter 2 ft. height of your freestanding countertop display transforms any, otherwise neglected, yet available display space atop your counter, table or desktop, or other flat surface into a merchandising and promotional space. Slatwall counter top displays are available in 24 inch, 36 inch and 48 inch widths to accommodate you’re reclaiming of available display space.

For the more aggressive users of slatwall display concepts, you might be interested in our,

Slatwall Trade Show Displays

If you’re looking for an even more effective use of available display space, the Sing slatwall trade show system might just be what you’re looking for. Giving you the ability to use our modular slatwall system to create slatwall room dividers, or complete walls covered in slatwall on both sides.

Imagine, transforming so much of your floor space and/or wall space into marketing display space, maximizing your ability to show all your wares, while making it so easy for your customers and clients to explore what you have available.

See: Slatwall Trade Show Displays

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Slat Wall System

Sing Core is proud to be hearing the rave reviews about what is being referred to as the best slat wall system in the industry surrounding trade show displays. You might be asking,

What Makes the Sing Slat Wall System So Good?

answer is slatwall panels with Sing Core inside are very unlike any other slatwall panels in the marketplace. So what makes the Sing slat wall system so different is that our patented vertical grain torsion box core combined with rigid recycled foam, creates slatwall panels that are lightweight and stronger than steel pound for pound.

If you’re maximizing your wall display space, slatwall has long been the solution for space-saving as well as maintaining a professional appearance, and the the slatwall marketplace is flooded with an abundance of slatwall display hardware, enough to satisfy any savvy merchandiser.

Wood Slat Wall

Even though our white Formica is very popular, many clients request wood slat wall for the elegant natural wood look, while still enjoying the same advantages of the Sing slatwall panel. The standard default Sing Slat Wall System comes in white Formica, you can also choose smooth Birch surface material, ready for you to paint or finish however you like.

Slat wall (also referred to as slot wall) makes the best use of your trade show space, and it’s so convenient to setup, use, change, tear down, transport and store for the next show.

Sing slatwall systems are built around the patented Sing slatwall panels which come in two-inch-thick panels that are either 4 ft. tall or 8 ft. tall (actually 47.5” and 23.75”) to accommodate whatever combination of slat wall system you want to design.

Plus, you don’t have to limit yourself to a one hundred percent slatwall display. You can alternate between smooth surface area and slotted wall panels. That’s why our half-height slat panel is so exciting to work with, due to its being so flexible and reconfigurable. And there’s more,

Toss your entire slat wall system into the back seat or trunk of your car, and drive it to the next show or event. That’s why people enjoy the half-height slatwall panels, because they can easily be transported, or packed for shipping.

Your use of your Sing slat wall system need not be restricted to trade show, as many of our clients are also using their slatwall display in their places of business to use as retail slatwall.

Expands With You

Your Sing slat wall system is more versatile and expandable than any other Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength trade show slat wall system because if your business grows and expands, there’s no need to abandon your old system to get a new one. All you have to do is to order the modular slatwall components you need to accommodate your new growth or urge to expand upon your original trade show booth design.

Heavy Duty Slatwall

Weighing in at a fraction of other slatwall display systems, patented Sing slatwall is not only lightweight slatwall, Sing Core is very strong (independently tested at over 660 PSI) making it the most effective heavy duty slatwall in the trade show industry, which is why we back every slatwall panel with the most impressive guarantee…

Ten Year Fail-free Guarantee

Every Sing slatwall display is backed by our 10 year no fail guarantee, which means your slatwall display panels are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 10 years. That’s ten years of rugged, and repeated set up, tear down and long service life.

Freestanding Slatwall

Freestanding slatwall slat wall system

Freestanding slatwall

Not just limited to applications centered around applications requiring a slat panel wall, we also offer freestanding slatwall, which can be used in the vacant floor space inside your trade show booth or in your stop, retail store or other application when attaching to a wall would not be prudent or may not be possible altogether.

Again flexibility and ease of assembly is key in any slatwall display, so the half-height slatwall panels make good sense to incorporate into the slatwall display design, whether your building a freestanding slatwall display of simply using our freestanding slatwall as an extra freestanding display area.

If you have a lot of ideas, concepts and merchandise to show and express at your next trade show, then Sing Core slatwall panels make all the difference.
Sing slotted wall panels are very versatile, in that not only can you alternate between slat panel wall and smooth surface wall in your design. You design your own slat wall display, and order only the modular slat panel wall components you need to build your best trade show booths every conceived.

If you’re ready to take the leap and get one of Sing’s freestanding slatwall units to call your very own, all you have to do is to design and build your own booth, by clicking on the components you need to see your trade show ideas come to life before your very eyes.

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Trade Show Booths

Sing Core trade show displays are changing the trades how industry one trade show booth at a time. Never before has it been so easy to design and build your own trade show booths, thanks to Sing’s modular trade show display panels and components. Just create your trade show booth design using your imagination and creativity, then pick out the pieces you need to make it happen and build your own booth.

The Sing modular trade show system is so comprehensive you can come up with any design you like, trade show panels are available in both 36 inch and 22 inch widths, and all modular trade show booth panels are 2 inches thick. They are 94 inches tall and come in your choice of a full height trade show panel or a half-height trade show panel. You also get to select from our ultra sleek and smooth white Formica or slatwall trade show panels, in either full or half-height so you can mix and match them to your heart’s content.

Trade Show Booths

No other trade show display system is so lightweight, high strength, Eco-friendly and sustainable. Sing modular trade show panels are made to be a one-time purchase for you trade show booths. They are made to be used again and again, assembled, disassembled, erected and knocked down, flat packed, transported to the next trade show or stored until the next trade show, over and over again without fail.

In fact, Sing modular trade show panels are the only trade show panels which come with a 10 year guarantee not to fail due to warp, bend, twist or fail structurally for ten years of rigorous use.

Flexibility and versatility are the primary attributes sung by Sing Core clients who are singing our song about their trade show booths being the best trade show displays of all time.

Portable Trade Show Displays

The lightweight and convenient sized portable trade show displays make it easy to toss the entire trade show displays in the back seat of your car to ride along with you from home or trade show to trade show, without having to worry about shipping or transporting your portable trade show displays from location to location.

Custom Trade Show Displays

Of course, our most high end clients have us build their custom trade show displays to their architectural specifications, so the sky’s the limit. And many of these trade show booths, even though they are expensive, are limited to a single use or series of uses throughout a single year, then are disposed of.

We join in with our clients who sing about how there is so much more green impact to our world by using reusable Sing trade show booths, plus the lightweight and recycled insulation reduces the trade show carbon footprint across the board.

Trade show exhibits are no longer limited to some pre-designed trade show booth that doesn’t look or act differently than other trade show booths, because Sing modular panels are so flexible, efficient and long lasting and can expand as you and your business grows pretty much forever.

All Sing modular trade show systems are made to work together

Invite Sing Core to provide your next trade show display

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Slatwall Trade Show Display

You could get your custom slatwall trade show display custom designed and built like this one for thousands of dollars, or you can do it yourself with Sing modular slatwall display panels, creating your own individual booth design by mixing and matching the trade show wall panels in any configuration you want.

Start with any exhibition booth you want using modular trade show display components. When you want to expand or change your exhibition booth design, no problem; just order the modular trade show components in either lightweight slatwall or standard trade show panel configurations, and you’re on your way.

Slatwall Trade Show Display

Sing modular trade show components come in two standard panel width, 22 inches and 36 inches. Each trade show panel connecting standards come in a variety of configurations, making it easy for you to alter or completely change your entire display at any time.

Click Here to Build Your Own Booth

slatwall trade show display

Slatwall trade show display

Freestanding Slatwall

freestanding slatwall

Freestanding Slatwall

You can also enjoy the expanded trade show booth design capabilities of adding as many freestanding slatwall displays inside your trade show booths. Our free standing slatwall display features slatwall on both sides of the display and can be placed at any location inside your slatwall trade show display.

Patented Sing lightweight slatwall panels not only weight a fraction the weight of heavier slatwall panel designs, they are so very strong.

How strong are Sing lightweight slatwall panels?

Sing Core was independently rated at 660 PSI; that’s many times stronger than any other lightweight trade show booth panels ever seen in any slatwall trade show display.

If you care about how your trade show display stands compared to others, you can rest assured that your Sing lightweight trade show system is designed to survive multiple builds, dismantles, trade show booth redesigns, transports and storage. This Eco-friendly and sustainable trade show system solution puts an expandable display in your hands to be used over and over again without fail.

In fact, your modular lightweight slatwall trade show booth wall panels are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 10 years of faithful service. No other slatwall trade show display system in the world can have such an amazing guarantee.

How can you guarantee your trade show panels for 10 years of use?

The secret is inside each lightweight slatwall trade show panel. They are extremely high precision, lightweight and high strength due to having Sing Core inside each trade show wall panel. It’s the only way to make such a claim; by using the same patented technology that is used for the most high end large doors enjoyed by governments, scientific laboratories and high security headquarters.

You will find this material everywhere on planet earth from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and now you can have this same material featured in your DIY high tech lightweight slatwall trade show displays.

Unlimited Versatility and Expandability

You can change, grow and expand your trade show booth design at any time. For instance, if you start out with a 10×10 trade show booth, and you find you want to expand your slatwall trade show display to say a 10×20 trade show booth, in most cases you’d have to get a completely different trade show display to accommodate your additional trade show space. No so, with your Sing display. All you have to do is add the modular trade show components you need to expand your display and you’re on your way.

And you can change your trade show displays at any time, adding components and connectors as you like to reconfigure your booth design at will.

You can even add separate office space, a theater, or conference room, by utilizing trade show panel “D” which is a door built in to a 36-inch door panel which snaps into place just like any other modular Sing trade show wall panel, placing it anywhere you want in your slatwall trade show display booth design.

This revolution in tradeshow displays allows you to create your own trade show booth any way you want using Sing modular components for exciting trade show displays that feature patented lightweight slatwall solutions and standard trade show panels, maximizing your creative trade show booth design possibilities.


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Metal Pivot Door

Metal pivot doors are gaining in popularity among high end homes, government agencies, scientific laboratories and elite commercial establishments. So, whether your interest in a metal pivot door is residential or industrial, Sing Core can help you build one of the best metal pivot doors in the world.

metal pivot doors with waterfall edging

metal pivot doors with waterfall edging

What makes Sing Core’s metal pivot door so special?

Metal pivot doors with Sing Core inside exceed the expectations of door manufacturers around the world in an Eco-friendly manner excelling in significant reduction in weight while remaining high precision, high performance, and stronger than steel pound for pound. No other lightweight door can deliver such results in terms of lightweight and high strength. That’s why only Sing professional metal pivot doors can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist of otherwise fail for 50 years.

What’s the number 1 use of Sing Metal Pivot Doors?

No matter whether the installation is in a high end multimillion dollar home, or a commercial application, the highest and best use of your Sing metal pivot door is as an impressive pivot front door.

Pivot Front Door

Pivot front doors are more impressive when they are stylishly finished, but even more impressive than the exterior material used, the size of the metal pivot door is even more important. The emphasis on being large and oversized plays an important role in the first impression of anyone viewing a large pivot door the first time you lay eyes on the project.

The most significant highly memorable feature of any structure is the visual impact of a large, oversized pivot door. In fact, the bigger, the better. The height, the width and the thickness of your pivot front door makes all the difference.

Metal Pivot Door Detail

The detail of the metal pivot door is invaluable, and every detail will contribute to the success or failure of your pivot front door. A large metal pivot door, while it is very impressive, does pose a number of problems associated with such a large monolithic structure. The first hurdle is in the managing of the weight of a large metal pivot door. To make it out of solid metal, is generally not practical, because the sheer weight of the large pivot door will create problems for the pivot door hardware as well as the frame and structure surrounding the big metal pivot door. The answer lies in Sing Core’s ability to build a

Lightweight Metal Pivot Door

Reducing the weight of your metal pivot door significantly reduces the cost of the pivot door hardware (as it is calculated based on the weight of the door) which can cost many times the cost of the pivot door itself. This also reduces the cost of shipping, handling and installing an otherwise heavy pivot door. While there are other options for dealing with the issue of weight of a particular pivot door, none are more dimensionally stable or

High Strength Metal Pivot Door

Sing Core is the only method of creating a lightweight, high strength metal pivot door. The strength is achieved by starting with a patented torsion box substructure where the otherwise empty boxes are filled with rigid insulation and sandwiched between two sheets of plywood to provide a solid composite structural core which delivers unparalleled warp resistance and strength (660 PSI). Not only are these metal pivot doors lightweight and incredibly strong, they are the only metal doors that can come with a

50 Year Warp-free Guarantee

That’s right. Your professional Sing metal pivot door can be lightweight, high strength and guaranteed not to warp- bend, twist of otherwise fail for 50 years, including a full structure warranty against any other potential failure.

Metal Pivot Entry Doors

Your metal pivot entry door caries along with it a great deal of responsibility, which makes it a security door, either as an intentional specification, or implied as a security barrier. So, it is imperative that your pivot entry doors are strong enough to ward off security compromises as well as being fully

Insulated Metal Pivot Doors

Every Sing metal pivot door is fully insulated to deliver the best climate control and sound deadening capabilities. This insulation is important because in most, if not all cases, your pivot entry door separates two extremes, one being the exterior surface area facing the elements as in the case of an exterior pivot front door, while the other side faces the structure’s interior, which could be vastly different, especially in terms of extreme weather conditions.

Metal Pivot Door Prices

We have a very simple method of determining the price of your metal pivot door. All you need is the height, width and thickness of the door as well as the type of metal and gauge desired on the metal pivot door’s surface. Click Here for Pricing.

Aluminum Pivot Doors

Aluminum pivot doors are the most popular of all large metal pivot doors, which we specialize in. Aluminum pivot doors can be made in any size or style and can include specialty finished aluminum or anodized aluminum pivot doors. And while all Sing Core products are manufactured in the USA, the finish-work is only being completed by the millworks that we work with hand-in-hand to deliver the best metal pivot door results. Although aluminium pivot doors are not the only pivot doors we make, we also provide other metal pivot doors, such as

Hot rolled steel pivot doors

Hot rolled steel pivot doors are increasingly taking the stage in industrial and artistic installations, hosting their signature heat marks as part of the design feature of hot rolled steel pivot doors, or alternatively painted to minimize the heat marks.

Cold rolled steel pivot doors ~ Galvanized steel pivot doors ~ Stainless steel pivot doors

Diamond plate steel pivot doors ~ Anodized aluminum pivot doors ~ Brass pivot doors

Bronze Pivot Doors

As well as copper pivot doors and copper plate pivot doors, just to name a few.

Submit your price quote request and find out how Sing Core can assist in making all your metal pivot door dreams come true.

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Metal Sliding Doors

When it comes to metal doors, there is one supportive resource behind the scenes that you might not even know is there, if you are the proud owner of some of the best metal sliding doors in the industry.

It’s very important that sliding doors be operable, especially in the arenas of bypass sliding doors or double sliding doors, and if your sliding metal doors are large in size, or in use as steel security doors, then other challenges must be taken into consideration in the architectural design and specification of your metal sliding doors.

Architectural specifications requiring Eco-friendly, lightweight and high strength metal sliding doors must be spec’d with, “Sing Core inside” to achieve these specifications. There are other benefits of having Sing Core inside your sliding metal doors, such as being pre-packed wall-to-wall with sound deadening and climate controlling insulation, and so much more.

Metal Automatic Sliding Door

If you’re dealing with a metal automatic sliding door, you can have virtually hassle-free installation and very little maintenance over time is your metal sliding doors are lightweight, high strength and warp-free. When sliding metal doors start to fail, bend or warp, it causes undue stress on both the automatic sliding door hardware as well as the structure that houses the hardware. This can cause expensive maintenance issues over time. Unless your sliding metal doors have Sing Core inside.


Warp-free Metal Sliding Doors

Only metal sliding doors with Sing Core inside can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years. This means your sliding metal doors can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years, including the full structure warranty of the door. Plus, the lightweight and high strength characteristics of the door, means less maintenance necessary over time, truly a breakthrough in architectural metal sliding door design specs.

Any Type of Metal Sliding Doors

We, at Sing Core, specialize in creating metal sliding doors that weigh a fraction of the weight of other metal sliding doors, as well as providing all the extra benefits of having Sing Core inside. Some of our most popular types of metal sliding doors include aluminium sliding doors and steel sliding doors, but we also provide the top metal sliding door manufacturers with the best sliding metal doors of different metals, which could include any available flat metal door skins. We make brass sliding doors, bronze sliding doors, and copper sliding doors, built to architectural specifications.

Aluminium Sliding Doors

In our support of architects and the custom metal door artisans, sliding door manufacturers, millworks and metal works companies who dare to deliver only the best aluminum sliding doors available. Sing aluminium sliding doors are made to the highest degree of accuracy and precision. Many types, styles and weights of aluminum are available, including anodized aluminum sliding doors, which are visually compelling when specified by the architect or custom aluminum sliding door manufacturer.

Steel Sliding Doors

Next up, our most popular metal sliding door are made with a variety of steels, to get that extra special, high-tech and ultra exclusive visual impact that can only be enjoyed if you have your cold rolled steel sliding doors, diamond plate steel sliding doors, galvanized steel sliding doors, hot rolled steel sliding doors, or stainless steel sliding doors manufactured to architectural specifications with Sing Core inside.

Metal Exterior Sliding Doors

Metal exterior doors can pose additional challenges, especially if they are large metal sliding doors that have one side 100% exposed to the elements. That’s just asking for trouble due to warp, but nor for your Sing metal exterior sliding doors, because they can be made not to warp. You also have the quandary of having one extreme environment on one side of the door and the other side facing the structure’s interior which also contributes to door warping. Now there is a solution to large metal exterior sliding doors, and the solution is having Sing Core inside.

Metal Kitchen Sliding Door

Besides exterior applications, interior metal sliding door applications include application specific metal sliding doors, such as metal kitchen sliding doors, and cold storage metal sliding doors. Whatever your application whether it is interior or exterior, Sing Core can help your favorite metal sliding door company to build the best metal sliding doors to your specifications and expectations.

Serving the Top Metal Sliding Door Manufacturers in the World

Sing Core provides professional Sing Core metal sliding door core to the top four metal sliding door manufacturers in the world (with billions of dollars in annual sliding metal doors) enabling them to create a high precision, high performance custom metal sliding door that can be Eco-friendly, made in the USA, lightweight and high strength sliding metal door, that can be guaranteed not to fail for 50 years.

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Trade Show Booth Design

Finally, a trade show booth design breakthrough that is taking the trade show industry by storm. Trade show booth designers are having the time of their lives creating the best trade show booths, while allowing their genius trade show booth ideas to soar the gamut of possibilities.

Now, you can design and build your own trade show booth using the Eco-friendly modular trade show display components that are lightweight (a fraction of stick contractor-built trade show displays), high strength (660 PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound), and click together easily without any special tools (only an Allen wrench) or skilled labor required to assemble.

The Sing modular trade show wall panels come in convenient, easy to handle 22 inch or 26 inch wide two-inch-thick units which lock into aluminum connecting standards which are 2×2 inch. Standard connection methods may accommodate and 90 degree combination.

Armed with these modular components for trade show display, you can let your fearless imagination run wild to create the most amazing trade show booth configurations.

Click Here to Build Your Own Display

Of course, you can choose from any standard pre-configured 10×10 trade show booth or 10×20 trade show booth design kits in stock and enjoy FREE SHIPPING to any street address in the USA.

The pre-configured kits feature a standard trade show booth design and can come with trade show accessories, such as trade show lighting, for a turnkey trade show booth that you can set up within minutes and be as professional as any of the other high end trade show vendors, with Free Shipping to your door.

If you’ve used inexpensive pipe and drape tradeshow displays, this is a huge upgrade for you that puts your trade show booth in league with the big boys.

And when it comes to your trade show booth design, you need not restrict your trade show booth ideas, as you can have any design shape of features and Sing Core’s standard smooth, white Formica provides an excellent base for attaching your attention-grabbing trade show graphics and/or colored vinyl applications.

Say, “Goodbye,” to Trade Show Booth Rental

“Thank you for Sing Trade Show Displays. With the cost of two trade show booth rentals, we own our own tradeshow system that we redesign at any time and we never have to rent another trade show booth again. Thank you.”

Your Sing trade show booth design system can pay for itself in two trade shows. You can put that money in your pocket or use it for other marketing opportunities to better promote your wares.

Artistic Trade Show Booth Design

Plus, you can enjoy all the benefits of your Sing modular trade show system, such as lightweight, easy to handle trade show components that can easily be assembled, knocked down and flat packed for easy transportation and storage – And your own your own trade show booth.

And your Sing trade show design can be changed at any time. Want to increase the size of your trade show booth for the next show? No problem. Just add the additional modular trade show components to accommodate your new trade show booth design.












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Portable Trade Show Displays

Take note, portable trade show displays have gone to a whole new level, raising the bar for the trade show industry around the world. If you don’t already know about them, Sing Core’s portable trade show displays are increasingly gaining traction at your favorite trade show.

Why are Sing Portable Trade Show Displays so popular?


First of all, Sing trade show displays are manufactured differently than any other tradeshow displays. Your Sing Eco-friendly display system is made in the USA by hand in our factory using less energy, formaldehyde free-adhesive, with little or no waste, has a very small carbon footprint, and are reusable. This portable trade show display uniquely sustainable solution for all your future trade shows.


All Sing portable trade show displays are very light in weight, weighing a fraction of the weight when compared to stick built trade show displays. This reduces the amount of fuel used to transport your portable display, as well as the manpower necessary to assemble, disassemble, or reconfigure and store your trade show booth.

High Strength

Your portable display units are more than four times stronger than stick-built trade show displays, thanks to having patented Sing Core inside, which is an insulated torsion box composite core, independently rated at over 600PSI, making your tradeshow booth stronger than steel pound for pound.

Easy to Assemble

Once you’ve seen any of Sing’s portable trade show displays assembled, or assembled one yourself, you would never want to going back to trying to create your trade show booth any other way. Each display panel is lightweight, easy to handle and requires no professional skills or specialized tools to set up or take down. In fact, the only tool you need to either put together or take apart your portable trade show display is a simple Allen wrench.

Highly Versatile

No other Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength trade show booth design is so flexible. All Sing portable display components are designed to interlock with each other, so your trade show booth can grow with you. You’re not locked into a one-time purchase, which requires a purchasing a separate trade show booth to accommodate a larger display area. Not so with your portable trade show displays which are nearly a one size fits all solution, because all you have to do is to add the modular trade show components to accommodate your new space or improved trade show booth design.

How do I get a Sing portable trade show display?

There are several ways you can go about it, you can start by selecting from one of our pre-configured and prepackaged Sing

Trade Show Display Kits

in your choice of trade show booths 10×10 or 10×20 trade show booths. Which for a limited time, come with


to any street address in the continental USA.


Alternatively you could build your own booth, exercising your creative genius and creating your own trade show booth design by acquainting yourself with our various standard modular trade show display components and

Build Your Own Booth

Or, for those who know what they want and demand nothing less than the very best trade show booths, you can design and we can build for you, your own

Custom Trade Show Displays

Custom built to your specifications bringing your most creative booth design to life.

And don’t forget, when you have one of our Sing portable trade show displays in hand, we partner with you into the future, supplying you with any of the trade show display components you need to expand or redesign your display system. And each Sing display panel is fully guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or structurally fail at any time for ten years. That’s an unheard of

10 Year Guarantee

that isn’t available anywhere in the trade show industry for any Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength, and versatile, sustainable display system, bar none. We guarantee it.