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Privacy Cubicle

The Sing Privacy Cubicle is an entirely new approach to contemporary office space. While office cubicles have been an effective way to manage spacious real estate while accommodating many office workers, office work productivity has declined over time while the issue of cubicle privacy has escalated among office workers.

Due to the modular design of Sing Privacy Cubicles, your office cubicle can take on any design characteristics from a traditional half-height wall, to full length, with an enclosed top and your choice of an open door way, half-height (Dutch) door, or full-length French door with large window cut out lite opening.

The culture of the government workplace which has forced individual workers to subject themselves to a beehive-like honeycomb work structure is changing, and it is doing so to improve worker productivity and to increase employee retention.

While the cubicles of yesteryear cubicles offer limited privacy, it can be difficult to make personal calls from a cubicle without being overheard by other coworkers. That led to the Sing Privacy Phone Booth, which provided a great deal of private communication, as one could be placed just about anywhere among an open office area.


Even so, workers within these cellular-type work environments were still subject to having every sound made within a worker’s cubicle space observed by their neighboring cell mate, possibly heard many cells away. And certainly, if customer service was a concern, to those whose attention your office appealed to, they would feel as though they were talking to someone in a boiler room cell center. Not a good experience.

Granted, the fabric-covered walls of traditional cubicles do reduce reverberation and also help to contain the sound, it is not as effective as using a sound-dampening wall, which reduces sound transmission from the inside out. This is the same technology used in Sing Sound Booths which are used in offices, broadcasting, science labs, and recording studios.

Available in custom sizes, Sing Core offers interconnecting Sing Privacy Cubicle panels in the following standard sizes:

Privacy Cubicle Panels

35.5” x 21” x 2”
46” x 21” x 2”
35.5” x 44” x 2”
46” x 44” x 2”
90” x 46” x 2”
90” x 35.5” x 2”

Privacy Panel Connectors

90 x 2 x 2
46 x 2 x 2
44 x 2 x 2
35.5 x 2 x 2
21 x 2 x 2

In our ever-changing world we are faced with a growing sense of loss of privacy and individuality, the Sing Privacy Cubicle can help restore a sense of independence, creating a more valuable work environment and increasing office efficiency and positive workflow, which would otherwise be lost due to lack of privacy.

It’s about time that office sounds were reduced by sound isolation and absorption which patented sing Core has been known for throughout the years.
Corporate office space can be further maximized with custom enhancements, including additional privacy screens, doors and windows of any architectural configuration, all with the sound deadening characteristics of Sing Core built in.

Sing Privacy Cubicles are modular and connect quickly and easily. They go from flat-packed condition to fully functional workstations in minutes, and the lightweight and high strength design makes these cubicles easy to move without having to disassemble them, although they can easily be disassembled and stored when not in use.

Other advantages of being so lightweight include less work-related injuries in during setup and teardown and transportation costs between locations and or storage facilities.

Sing Privacy Cubicles


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Lightweight Wood

The strongest, lightest weight wood-based building material in the world is lightweight wood with Sing Core inside. Now, that’s a bold statement, but one that proves to be true time and time again across the board in all industries.

Inventor Peter Sing using combinations of his patented and patent pending lightweight wood manufacturing technologies can create lightweight wood structural building materials which are hybrid and composite materials which expand the realm among contemporary architectural projects in America and around the world.

Available in any format, such as panel, post, and beam, Sing lightweight wood products are lighter than other wood-based building materials (one-third the weight or less, depending on the specifications) and stronger than steel (University independently tested at 660+ PSI) without compromising the highest precision (+/- .006 in.) tolerances.

This is why Sing’s lightweight wood is used to build large high-tech modern doors from military installations as well as featured installations in the most expensive homes of billionaires worldwide.

Sing’s special brand of large lightweight wood doors are impacting the doors industry in a huge way especially in the area of the oversized door market. Big doors make a massive impact on people as they encounter such large doors, such as an enormous pivot front door, which seems to leave the most lasting impression.

While contemporary architecture is more commonly moving toward bold designs, the limitations of available building material can be problematic when designers, engineers, and contractors are tasked with bringing such visionary projects to life.

For instance, as every major door manufacturer in the world knows, if a wood door is over 7 feet tall and three-and-a-half feet wide, you are looking for trouble, because not long after installation (while the grand opening may unfurl flawlessly) those bid doors are going to warp.

That’s where Sing’s core comes into play to literally save the day.

Solution to the Large Warped Door Problem

The biggest and best door companies in the world rely on Sing’s lightweight wood doors to deal with the complications presented in all large doors of any size or style, whether it’s a tall, skinny door at NASA, or a huge 40 ft. tall sliding door in a military installation, Sing’s patented lightweight wood technologies can create the largest doors which can be


Not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail.

If it’s the first time you’ve heard of it, it sounds too incredible to be true, but large lightweight wood doors with Sing’s core inside are actually guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years. Until now, such a guarantee was unheard of in the door industry.

The Secret of Building Warp-free Lightweight Wood Doors

The secret of building warp-free lightweight wood doors is found inside Sing’s patented reinforced torsion box core material, which is similar (and inspired by) the various honeycomb cores used in the aerospace industry where he became aware of the limitations of traditional honeycomb core materials.

His unique composite hybrid warp-free solution is the key to making what has been referred to by the most high-profile door manufacturers in the world as the key ingredient in the world’s best doors.

How to Build Sing Core

First off, you start with a torsion box grid structure, only instead of orienting the grain of the wood torsion box horizontally, as you normally would, you turn it, so the grain is vertical instead. Vertical grain torsion box grids are many times stronger than horizonal grain. This single improvement was the beginning of the answer to building a better honeycomb substructure material.

But Sing didn’t stop there because the inside of each box was empty, so he decided to add rigid foam to fill the empty voids. Sandwich this hybrid torsion box core between to flat sheet goods, and there you have it: Sing Core. And Mr. Sing has complete control of the size of the reinforced torsion box grid, so to increase the strength, he can make the grid size smaller, as little as 2-inch by 2-inch squares for super strength Sing Core, the lightest and strongest substrate in the world.

But, that’s not all.

Wood Species and Warp Tendencies

Every wood species has its own unique tendencies to warp, so Sing devised an entirely new system of enhancing his Sing Core substrate with strategically placed anti-warp materials which counteracts the natural inclination of each wood species to move.

In this way, each custom door that Sing’s company helps to design and build to deliver warp-free high-performance over a 50-year service life (even though, as inventor/president says, “Each door is built to last centuries, but I guarantee it for 50 years.”) is an individual work of art.

Not Limited to Large Lightweight Wood Doors

The very same patented sing technologies that goes into each of their lightweight wood doors can be applied to doors made of nearly any available flat building material. A few examples would include


Aluminum Doors Brass Doors
Cement Doors Concrete Doors
Cold Rolled Steel Doors Diamond Plate Steel Doors
Fiberglass Doors FRP Doors
Galvanized Steel Doors Hot Rolled Steel Doors
HPL Doors Kevlar Doors
Lead Doors Lexan Doors
Magnetic Doors Masonite Doors
Metal Doors Rare Species Wood Doors
Stainless Steel Doors Steel Doors

Any of the doors listed above could be made lightweight and stronger than steel pound for pound with Sing Core inside.


Not Limited to Doors

While the veracity of this invention has been proven and withstood the test of time in the large oversized door marketplace, Sing’s lightweight high strength core technology translates to any project where size, weight, and strength might present problems in any design.

You might be surprised to find that entire homes have been built entirely of Sing Core products.

Aerospace Panels Broadcast Stations
Clean Rooms Cold Storage Rooms
Equipment Enclosures Furniture
Hurricane Panels Impact Resistant Walls
Insulated Flooring Systems Kitchen Islands
Large Conference Room Tables Marine Bulkheads
Mezzanine Floors Museum Displays
Recording Studios Signboards
Solar Panels Sound Isolation Booths
Submarine Panels Temporary Portable Garages
Theater Walls Trade Show Booths
X-ray Systems

In other words, the possible applications for Sing Core are almost limitless. So if you’re having issues and challenges associated with weight and dimensional stability, there’s a good chance that Sing Core may be the answer you’re looking for.

Contact Sing Core for more information.

Large Lightweight Wood Doors

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Sound Isolation Booths, Rooms, and Offices

Long known for sound isolation doors and walls, you may have noticed all kinds of sound isolation structures springing up all over the world which have sound dampening Sing Core inside, like our Sing Phone Booths.

The most comprehensive acoustic sound booths made in the USA have sound dampening Sing Core inside. Affordable sound isolation booths can be made in classic DIY fashion by the avid do it yourselfer who can start with a package or basic Sing sound panels.

Many sound booths do not require accessories, like electrical chases, ventilation, or installed lighting fixtures. That said, a high-quality basic sound structure doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and nearly anyone could simply assemble the pieces of a four or five-sided sound isolation structure.

DIY Collapsible Sound Booth

Sing’s “Don’t be framed” technology is the basis of building a soundproof structurally sound isolation booth without using any frame at all. Simply attach the four or five (or more) panels together and voilà, you have an instant soundproof room ready for any sound recording activities, such as

  • Podcasting
  • Musical instrument recording
  • Recording singers
  • Voiceover work
  • Music rehearsal
  • Audiovisual recording and editing (sound, video, cinema, tv…)
  • Gaming

Standard DIY Sing panels come in stock as MDF, but can be custom-ordered in almost any conceivable flat building material.

Of course, Sing Core can be found in the most high-end high-tech environments including Fortune 500 companies, government and military facilities, science labs and institutions, aerospace and nautical industries, just to name a few.

You can get a flat-packed sound isolation booth, privacy room, or modular conference room with Sing Core inside that snaps together in minutes. Modular Sing sound isolation panels are so lightweight a strong that anyone can assemble a sturdy soundproof structure in no time.

Sing isolation structures are used in radio and broadcasting, by music academies and institutions, sound and AV schools, sound testing facilities, laboratories, space tech, and in various telecommunications industries.

Whether you’re a private recording studio, television network, educational institution, medical establishment, secure government facility, or an eccentric individual who highly values peace and silence in a secure and supremely quiet Zenlike atmosphere, a sound-deadening Sing privacy booth will provide you with the perfect sound proof space.

Though there are standard sizes of Sing isolation enclosures, the majority of them are custom designed and built based on the architectural specifications as set forth by the client, engineers, architects, or designers.

Your Sing sound booth can knock out ambient sound and acoustic noise for superior sound isolation, whether your requirements are for safety, security, or pristine sound production characteristics.

Portable Sound Isolation Booth

If you need a soundproof acoustic booth on-the-go, then the Sing collapsible flat-packed sound booth is for you, and you don’t have to be Bob Eubanks (The Newlywed Game) or Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen) to use one. As a disassembled sound isolation structure can easily fit in the backseat of your car as you take it from location to location.

Our most popular applications for portable sound isolation booths include being used as a podcast booth, vocal booth, recording booth, music studio, drum booth, or phone booth, which can easily be assembled and disassembled on site in minutes.

For the organization focused on efficiency, there are specialized peace and quiet sound-secure environments which are specifically designed with you in mind, depending on your capacity needs. For instance,

Phone Booths

Phone booths are the most common rendition of the Sing sound isolation booth, which is designed for one-person occupancy to provide privacy while significantly reducing ambient office noise. Phone booths come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Workspace Booths

As the name might suggest, workspace booths may vary in size but generally have the capacity to accommodate one to three persons at a time, for special projects, brief meetings, or on demand teleconferencing.

70 ft of office assembly including back wall and offices in 45 minutes

Conference Rooms

To think that you now can have a sound-deadening modular, portable, reconfigurable conference room anywhere any time which can be flat-packed and stored when not in use, is of immense value in corporate America today.

In-Plant Offices

Factory in-plant offices are the largest scale use of sound deadening Sing panels which can easily be set up and torn down at will. Easily stored between uses, your sing in-plant offices are built to last for years and can easily grow with your organization. Thanks to the modular design, you can reconfigure or expand your in-plant office at will.

Say, “Goodbye,” to nasty reverberation, echo, and ambient sound interrupting your production or communications with your modular Sing isolation sound booth.

While our standard surface material is MDF for its smooth appearance which can easily be painted, or accept vinyl graphics, your custom Sing sound isolation booth can be any dimensional size and can be manufactured of any available flat building material, such as any species of natural wood grain, aluminum, brass, cold rolled steel, copper, diamond plate steel, fiberglass, FRP, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, HPL, Kevlar, LVL, Masonite, stainless steel, you name it, you can have it.

T Slot Training Facility

US Navy Training Facility Outfitted with Sing T Slot Panels

Sound Isolation Booths, Rooms, and Offices



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Sing 5 Drawer Dresser

New, Revolutionary Furniture Built to Last Forever: Sing furniture is the new method to build high quality furniture that can be easily knocked-down and flat-packed for easy storage, transport and/or moving. The best apartments and condos provide modular Sing Furniture for pre-furnished units for rent and/or lease. While other flat-pack furniture is available it quickly deteriorates with use and needs to be replace, while Sing furniture is built to last forever, and easily broken down and flat packed for easy storage and/or transport in between uses.


Beautiful Port Orford Cedar wood stave drawer fronts.

For Sale in the Sing Core Outlet

1 Why Bigger is Better

Sing 5 Drawer Dresser drawers are larger capacity (5 ft wide x 22” deep x 9 ½” tall) for easy storage of larger items, such as more clothing, jackets, and bedding.

2 Stronger/Strongest

Built to last for centuries, Sing furniture is strong enough to stand the test of time, to be easily reused or repurposed, unlike common inexpensive furniture which is found filling garbage facilities around the world.

3 Why Lightweight is Important

Because your Sing 5 drawer dresser is so lightweight, it can easily be moved from location to location, even by one person. Increased safety when rearranging furniture or room layout, with reduced risk of injury, as well as saving shipping costs.

4 Flat Pack

By being flat packed, your Sing 5 drawer dresser ships to you for lower shipping costs, plus it takes up less space while in storage in its knocked-down (flat-packed) condition. Can easily be repeatedly assembled, disassembled and moved from location to location, easily fitting in the back seat of your car.

5 Easy Assembly

Your Sing 5 drawer dresser is so simple and easy to assemble, most anyone can do it. No need to hunt around and find someone local to assemble it for you. No waiting. Unlike other inexpensive flat pack furniture with many confusing pieces which take hours to assemble, your Sing 5 drawer dresser easily assembles in minutes.

It’s no surprise that big and strong Sing 5 drawer dressers are increasingly appearing in garages and shops near you.

With Sing Furniture, you can go from this



to this



in minutes

We put Sing panels to the test of building furniture. We found this to be the easiest way to make a collapsible dresser drawer that can be assembled and reassembled in minutes and will last forever.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Sing honeycomb panels
  • Screws
  • hand drill

Assembling the dresser drawers is easy.

Lay panels for your collapsible drawers out flat so you have the right & left sides matching. Slide the front and back of the drawer into pre-cut slot. Add screw to each corner of drawer. No need to add glue. After sides are built screw on the bottom and your flat pack drawer is ready to be installed in dresser box.

How to Build Your SH Dresser

Your cedar modular dressers are designer quality furniture pieces that are customizable to your needs. We ship you our patented furniture panels. Choose how many drawers and the size you’d like.

Total size of finished flat pack dresser is 5’2″W x 23 1/2″ D x 34″ H

Drawers are 5 ft wide x 22” deep x 9 ½” tall.

Totally collapsible flat pack furniture for convenience of easy shipping. Each collapsible dresser can be packed in 10″h x 24″w x 60″ L box.

Things you’ll need

  • Sing honeycomb panels
  • Screws
  • A screwdriver or hand drill


Slides are pre-installed at factory for drawer box.

Slides are pre-installed at factory for drawer box.


Step 1:

Order your panels from Sing Honeycomb. You can order different sizes and they are cut to order. The slides are installed at our factory.

Step 2:

Lay panels for your collapsible drawers out flat so you have the right & left sides matching. Slide the front and back of the drawer into precut slot

Step 3:

Add screw to each corner of drawer. No need to add glue. After sides are built screw on the bottom and your flat pack drawer is ready to be installed in dresser box.

Step 4:

Insert drawer into dresser. You’re done. Sing collapsible drawers are constructed with 8 screws on the ends to hold on the sides, no need for glue this is so you can assemble and disassemble for moving or easy storage

All of our products start as our basic Honeycomb core panels from there they can become almost anything you can imagine:

3″ screws to fasten each corner of wide dresser, no glue used for easy dis-assembly

Slides are pre-installed at factory

Corners of drawer are screwed together for strength

Strongest Drawer box without any glue

Collapsible dresser drawer has strength to hold 160 lbs on 5 ft span

Patented Honeycomb material is lightweight yet high strength so this collapsible dresser even though lightweight will last a lifetime.

Flat pack furniture 10″h x 24″w x 60″ L box.


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Office Space Optimization Privacy Offices Phone Booths

Sing Core assists office building to customize and maximize their office spaces on demand. Sing office space optimization components are modular, sound deadening, lightweight, and stronger than steel pound for pound.

We offer our customers a variety of options of panel sizes so that you can create any size space, subspace, or space division, with whatever degree of privacy you desire. You may include sound-insulated floor and ceiling, or not.

Other office phone booths are predominantly imported from overseas, while Sing office space optimization panels and products designed for privacy in offices and phone booths are proudly made right here in the United States.

You have access to all the components, the wall panels in a variety of sizes, as well as floor and ceiling panels. Kits may be configured with wire chases built-in, or you can have your craftsmen or millwork handle that part. We can also provide you with accessories that you might need to help complete your kit.

For instance, if you’re designing a soundproof phone booth for your office, you will want to include walls with wire chases, a floor, a ceiling, a fan, and electric access. You can select all the components you need, right here, or if you’re of the DIY persuasion, you can do it yourself.

We empower you to do the work yourself and save a lot of money by getting the components, separately, but in exchange for all that cost savings you, or your contractor will have to assemble and finish your portable office or privacy phone booth.

Sing phone booth walls are fully insulated to provide you with the best sound dampening results. Now, you, and your staff, can take private phone calls without having to leave the office, just step into your office privacy phone booth with Sing Core inside.


Also, no other portable phone booth system is so versatile, as you can easily expand, or change the design of your phone booth thanks to our cam lock modular design. What is a phone booth this morning could be transformed into a Sing conference room at lunch time.

Sing Portable Conference Room

You can opt to get the Sing Portable Conference Room which sets up quickly and easily on demand, whenever you need to have a meeting with your associates within a few minutes. The standard Sing Portable Conference Room measures, 168 x 120 x 92 tall, but you can have it be any size you want, just by adding the extra sound dampening wall panels that you need. It’s as easy as that.

Privacy Phone Booth Sizes

  • Sing Soundproof Phone Booth in MDF

    Sing Soundproof Phone Booth in MDF

    41 5/32 x 41 5/32 x 87 5/32

  • 41 x 45.5 x 84.5
  • 46.5 x 84 x 84.5
  • 92.75 x 92.75 x 84
  •  47.5 x 29.5 x 80.5
  • 85 x 46.5 x 80.5
  • 47 x 47 x 90
  • 46 x 43.5 x 91
  • 53 x 77 x 91
  • 77 x 77 x 91
  • 47 x 47 x 85
  •  86 x 47 x 85
  • 84 x 84 x 84

The Sing Soundproof Phone Booth uses patented and patent pending technology to provide a lightweight modular technology that assembles and disassembles in minutes for easy transport. Base models available in Small, Medium, and Large, in smooth stock raw MDF finish, ready for applying any exterior material, treatment, or vinyl wrap, and featuring an attractive French door glass cutout in the front door of your soundproof phone booth.

Other finishes include any available exterior material, like skins used on Sing Doors, to satisfy any design theme you may have in your office at extra charge.

DIY Kits

Sing Soundproof Phone Booths are available as DIY do-it-yourself kits, where you can buy the modular panels, purchase and install your choice of lighting and ventilation/air system on your own. Save a lot of money by selecting your connection method and doing it yourself.

Now with Ventilation Ducts!

We all know that being alone in a phone booth is a recipe for unpleasant smells, temperature, and humidity. With SingCore’s patented and patent pending revolutionary booth panel design, we have ventilation covered.  Our cutting edge manufacturing techniques allow us to build venting  ducts directly in to the fabric of the wall panel’s themselves. This means you have no mess and no fuss, just clean air when you need it.

Unlike other comparable phone booths or privacy booths, which either feature direct ventilation or no ventilation at all, our indirect ventilation allows you to get all the fresh air that you need from sources outside the noisy room. This means you have complete privacy, with the ability to stay in your box for hours or even days at a time.

Wire Traces for Optimum Lighting and Power Option Flexibility

With multiple integrated wire traces included in every panel, you have maximum flexibility when it comes to choosing the exact position of electrical elements including power outlets, wall outlets, USB charging stations, ethernet / networking ports, switches, area and work lighting, and so much more!

Save time and money, without the need for ugly exposed wiring, or custom installation of wire conduit. Our non-conductive wire chases mean that safety is of top concern. Our patented wood and foam interior construction allows you to freely cut in to and install wiring boxes, covers, lights, or anything else that you desire.

Your Choice of Accessories

SingCore office privacy booths are the ultimate in flexibility. They are fully customizable, with any number of third party components. Here is a short list of our top recommended products, although many other similar products are suitable for use with our booths

Quiet Ventilation Fan

Take advantage of our innovative low noise, high external isolation air flow design with this ultra quiet fan. Bask in the bliss of perfect silence, even when surrounded by the ceaseless storm of business, engineering, design, and commerce. Bull pen environments, open concept offices, factory floors, or any loud room can be the home of one our perfectly still refuges.

Led Ceiling Light

Illuminate your office inside the office to perfection with this stylish and modern low power LED light fixture. Sleek, it complements any number of styles and complements the minimalist design of our sound isolation cubes. Combined with our included wire traces, this fixture is a breeze to wire, including in wall switches located in a variety of positions around the room.

Office Space Optimization Privacy Offices Phone Booths


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Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminum composite panels have entered a new era in the arena of aluminum composite materials, ACM panels with the advent of Sing aluminum composite panels with Sing Core inside. Long gone are the days of flimsy aluminum honeycomb panels, making way for the next generation of lightweight aluminum panels that are stronger than steel pound for pound.

Let’s see your aluminum honeycomb panels do this:

1" thick aluminium composite panel spanning 13 ft

1″ thick aluminum composite panel spanning 13 ft

This is the inventor and president of Sing Core standing on a one-inch thick aluminium composite panel spanning thirteen feet with little or no deflection. Try that with any other aluminum panel, and you will crash to the ground.

Now only $256 for a 4’x8′ sheet.

Size Sqft Price
4’x8′ 32sqft $256/sheet
4’x10′ 40sqft $320/sheet
over 4’x10′ any size Ask for price

Custom Sizes Available

If you have a special custom, architecturally specified, or otherwise unique requirement for your project, don’t hesitate to ask. We are experts in the unexpected, and seek to exceed your every desire. Visit our pricing page for more information and to submit your price quote request.

Sing’s aluminum wall panels are by far the strongest lightweight panels, and this is not your daddy’s aluminum panel, as Sing’s insulated aluminum panels are the highest precision and rated for both sound deadening and climate control aluminium composite panels available anywhere.

The basis of this revolutionary Sing-patented aluminum composite material is a hybrid core material based on vertical grain torsion box reinforced with rigid insulation throughout which makes a composite solid base substrate which is both lightweight and extremely dimensionally stable.

With the most off-the-chart sheer strength of any known aluminum sandwich panel, with all the feather weight and insulation value of aluminum foam panels, results in an aluminum composite panel 4×8 that can easily be handled on the job site with little risk of on the job injuries.

Sing’s ACP panel is causing a stir across the board as these aluminum composite panels are increasingly being specified in the latest creations of contemporary architectural designs.

All your aluminum honeycomb core nightmares just disappeared under the glistening light of these superior interior aluminum wall panels with Sing’s core inside.

If you’re looking for an aluminum composite panel for sale that stands head and shoulders above the rest, Sing Core’s laminated aluminum panels lead the pack, offering the best that interior or exterior aluminum panels could possibly offer, such as,

• Eco-friendly Construction
• Lightweight
• High strength
• Fully insulated
• Dimensionally stable
• Highest precision
• Warp-free
• Sustainability
• 50-year guarantee

Whether you’re in search insulated patio panels, or aluminum wall panels exterior doesn’t really matter because aluminum composite panels built using Sing’s patented aluminum honeycomb sandwich panels are so strong and lightweight that they can easily support other heavy weight added materials or large glass lite openings for extending visual representation and connection to the outdoors.

Aluminum Honeycomb Door Core

One of the most popular requests for Sing’s patented aluminum solution is as replacement for aluminum honeycomb door core. This is nothing new, as Sing’s company has been assisting the beggest and best door companies and millwork make the biggest doors in the world with his patented solutions that are far less in weight, much stronger, and can guarantee doors with Sing Core inside against door warp for 50-years.

50-year No-fail Guarantee

Your aluminum composite metal panels can now come backed by inventor Peter Sing’s 50-year no fail guarantee, which guarantees that your aluminum composite panels will not warp-bend, twist, or otherwise fail for a full 50 years. An unparalleled offer which clearly demonstrates the inventor’s surety in his creation. Clearly, there is nothing comparable in the industry, where Sing’s custom aluminum panels are touted as, “The Best of the Best,” in multiple categories.

Compare Insulated Aluminum Panels Price

You would be hard-pressed to find anything that comes close in terms of performance, but are Sing’s aluminum panels beyond the reach of the average consumer? You may be pleasantly surprised that the current answer is, “No.”

Due to the acquisition of a new factory as part of the latest expansion at Sing Core, these particular aluminum panels for sale are cost-compatible enough to replace all pre-existing insulated aluminum wall panels and/or aluminum clad foam panels, if your panel sizes fall within Sing’s standard range.

The new line of affordable aluminum composite panels includes only standard sizes of aluminum panels with are limited to exact pre-configured sizing. This can greatly reduce your insulated aluminum roof panels cost, or any ACM panels cost, when considering aluminum honeycomb panels price for your job.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable aluminum solution that truly is “something new,” contact your favorite aluminum honeycomb panel suppliers, and ask them about Sing Aluminum Composite Panels.

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SingCore’s Fried Rice Culture

You may be surprised to hear that SingCore is a fusion of East and West. The true embodiment of the American dream, a rags to richest story. Yet, it also maintains a firm grasp of Far Eastern lifestyle and philosophy.

Why You Should Do Business with SingCore

Here at SingCore, we have a saying that goes like this — “We don’t sell you fried rice. We sell you uncooked white rice, and then teach you how to make fried rice.”

This really is the core of our way of doing business.

Eat Your Own Lunch

With decades of experience in the business, we can be certain about only one thing. And that is one should always eat their own lunch. That’s why we stay in our own lane, and aren’t too greedy.

When there is some money to be made, we are alway sure to share the wealth with our collaborators, clients, and subcontractors.

Unfinished Is Your Benefit

When you do business with SingCore, you can be certain that we will never upstage your work with our own finished products. That’s because we don’t sell finished products at all.

We know our place in the world, to supply the world’s best core material for use in doors, panels, and other architectural usages. Others may even try to take credit for our work, or keep our contribution a secret from their competitors. Verily, some of the best, most expensive builders, millworks, and architects in the country would do almost anything to keep us as their own secret weapon, if they only could.

Wholesale for the Win

We do not sell to home owners!

It should be clear from our conviction that our mission in life is to supply industry professionals with whole sale, industry professional only, panels, doors, oversize doors, and especially metal and wood doors of all sizes.

That leaves you free to make a living from the wonderful creative heights that our magnificent technology opens up to the masses.

Price Yourself Fairly

The key to staying in the race is pricing your SingCore architectural panel or door fairly. When you have a superior product, you must demand a superior price from your clients.

We recommend that you start with the price estimate that we are able to provide for the door or panels of your choice, and then charge your clients 2-3 times that amount.

Of course this is only a rule of thumb, and not really a recommendation, or even necessarily a good idea.

Are You Hungry

If you are a motivated professional, we have much rice for you to make fried rice. You may even get fat if you aren’t careful.

The next step to starting a glorious relationship between our two companies is to submit a price quote request, so that we can determine how to best serve you and your project.


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SingCore Aluminum Skin Composite Plywood

Now Introducing – Plywood with Aluminum Skin

In a new and exciting venture for SingCore, we are moving in the direction of high quality mass produced composite aluminum plywood products! If you thought plain old plywood was good, then just wait until you try our aluminum composite plywood sheets

Sizes available

Size Price
4’x8′ $256/sheet
4’x10′ $320/sheet
5’x8′ $???
5’x10′ $???



Thickness Price
1/4″ +%??
1/2″ +%??
3/4″ +%??
1″ +%??
1 1/2″ +%??
2″ +%??
2 1/2″ +%??
3″ +%??

Aluminum Wrapped Plywood

When you need additional safety and protection from contamination, wrap up your wood!

Available in single sided, and double sided construction. Our aluminum skinned plywood sheets will last longer than you thought was possible. And, are available in a wide variety of finish options.

Applications including sing paneling, low cost exterior structures, maritime, playgrounds, sheds, tiny homes, trailers, boats, and so much more!

Better than LusterBoard

Our aluminum “LusterBoard” alternative is much more flexible and designable. We offer panels in the widest variety of sizes and thicknesses. We also exceed the competition in terms of aluminum skin color options including:

  • Red Aluminum Plywood Panels
  • Blue Aluminum Plywood Panels
  • Green Aluminum Plywood Panels
  • Black Aluminum Plywood Panels
  • White Aluminum Plywood Panels
  • Orange Aluminum Plywood Panels
  • Natura Aluminum
  • And More+

Exceeds NuAlum

Our product is made by hand, with love, by skilled professionals. When it comes to overall quality, there is nothing else like SingCore’s structural aluminum composite sheets on the market.

In the end, there is no comparison. The most essential qualities of the respective products win out. You don’t need me to tell you how this will end. So, which aluminum composite panel will you choose. I know that I always choose the one that makes me Sing!

Don’t Settle with PolyMetal

In terms of strength, weight, and straightness, SingCore stands out from the competition. We are not here to brag about ourselves, but to kindly remind you not to settle on a single brand of aluminum composite sheet materials. Just because something else worked for you in the past, doesn’t mean that our aluminum plywood panels won’t work for you in the future.

Mecedes Van Luggage and Bed Light Weight Strong 1 inch accessories (16)



Laminated Plywood

The key to our laminated plywood / aluminum product is the layer of aluminum on the outside. Typical plywood can be rough, unsightly, and susceptible to moisture ingress from exterior environments. This may lead to warpage in signs, lightweight structures, and maritime situations.

That’s where the aluminum comes in! Aluminum is rust free and impervious to the elements. Yet, it remains lightweight, fire resistant, overall very attractive to they eye.

Laminated Aluminum

Our sheets of standard size construction grade plywood are applied, in a proprietary process of “gluing,” in between or on one side of a sheet(s) of aluminum. This is why we call it laminated aluminum. This technology is the key to our success.

In what some might call an “unholy” marriage, the remarkable properties of aluminum are forever wedded to the low-cost availability of plywood sheets. So what are you waiting for?

Aluminum Laminate Sheet

You may want to know, “How much does an aluminum laminate sheet cost?” The answer may surprise you!

For more information on pricing, including custom sizing and finish options, please contact us directly!



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Vibration Proof Doors and Panels

Sing Core has developed a new hermetically sealed shock absorbent panel which has lightweight insulated Sing hybrid core which is long known to be stronger than steel pound for pound (660+ PSI) is in the center of the door or panel.

The new Sing vibration proof door cores and panels are designed for sound absorption as well as absorbing other types of vibration and providing floating separation between composite and neighboring components.

Thereby, preventing transmission of gasses, sound, and thermal influence between surfaces, while hermetically sealing the contents for the perfect low volatile organic compounds (VOC) door or panel solution for use in museums, scientific laboratories, and highly controlled areas.

Wide variety of applications include everything from refrigeration and climate control to equipment enclosures and high-security impact resistance, and sound proofing.

This new vibration proof technology assists industry-wide dampening of a variety of vibrations in the transportation industries including automotive, truck, rail, marine, and aerospace division where minimizing vibration transfer can yield huge benefits.

For years Sing Core has been used inside boat hulls, bulkheads, decks, roofs, floors, and doors in all manner of high-end boats and yachts.

Effective in the maximization of vibration control for machinery industrial applications abound as well as throughout the home, business, and locations which house equipment which is responsible for sound transfer, including HVAC ducting and metal plenums.

Sound isolation has never been so lightweight and high strength. Until the invention of Sing Core, preventing sound transmission required mass and heavy materials which could compromise the entire project, especially in areas where weight could have a significant impact on a structure. This is far more potentially troublesome for seagoing vessels or aircraft, where Sing Core’s solution fits like a glove because lighter is better, especially if you can achieve structural integrity.

In the theater, on stage, or cinema playhouses, Sing sound absorption and vibration control doors and panels are versatile and can be custom designed and built for you custom wall, floor and ceiling assemblies, such as those used among high tech industrial venues, government, and military installations.

Decreasing sound and vibrational transmission of anything from multistory footfall to heavy equipment floors.

Vertical applications such as firewalls, doors, cabinets, and more.

Increasing separation between adjoining spaces such as temporary walls, acoustic room dividers, stages and portable floors in residential and commercial buildings.

Sound isolating doors and panels can offer huge advantages to preserving the audio spectrum in recording studios, amidst high volume sound equipment, musical instruments, and speakers at various locations, while providing sound blocking capabilities from outside environmental audible interruptions.

Amidst the scientific community, controlling sound and other vibrations near sensitive scientific devices can be critical in the monitoring and measurement of the infinitesimally small.

If you are challenged with the securing of vibrational or sound influences from beyond your individual space from mechanical noise and vibration through existing structures like walls, floors and ceilings, then Sing Core may be just what the doctor ordered.

Contact Sing Core for more information.

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