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Sing Core Update

We produce patented and patent-pending door blanks for high end door manufacturers and mill works in the industry.
Sing Core door blanks are most popularly used for large sliding doors, pocket doors, pivot doors, hinge doors, and carriage doors. Most commonly we create door blanks for doors that are 8 ft. to 20 ft. tall, and range from 4 ft. to 25 ft. wide.

On average, how much do Sing Core panels weigh?
approximately 2-3 lbs. per square foot. If you double the thickness, you quadruple the strength while increasing the weight by only 5-10%.

How straight is a Sing Core panel really?
We guarantee the same or better than the AWI standard. We are always able to achieve the most dimensionally stable reinforced insulated panel than any other door core. This includes very large and thin doors which pose the most challenge to remain straight. Only our patented and patent-pending technology is able to achieve this. If other door manufacturers are unable to guarantee your doors, please contact us. We will be able to ensure your doors will be straight before we even produce it for you. We are the most experienced non-warp, high strength, and lightweight door panel manufacturer in the world.

What kind of skins do you offer?
The most popular skins we offer include veneer, wood stave, metal, MDF/paintgrade, or marine plywood for exterior applications.

What type of style or design door can you make with Sing Core?
You can add trim or moulding to create a design or can use a CNC machine to carve any design you can imagine, from classic 6 panel styles to complex artistic designs with or without light openings. The possible designs are endless, but Sing Core creates the strongest lightweight and non-warping door panels in the industry. Every door comes guaranteed by inventor Peter Sing.

What type of home uses Sing Core door panels?
Our door panels are used in a wide variety of applications, but most commonly in high-end luxury homes; homes over 8 million dollars for our extremely large door panels.

What type of trade professionals does Sing Core service?
Architects for luxury homes, high-end millworks, nationwide high-end door manufacturers, and general contractors with access to a millwork. We do not sell our products to home owners.

What’s new besides providing the best large door blanks?
We are starting to build standard sized unfinished door blanks for door manufacturers for them to build affordable high-end stile and rail doors. We have been producing MDF skinned paintgrade door blanks in large quantities. Our production line is capable of building hundreds of standard door blanks per day. If interested, send us a schedule of the doors for your project and we will be able to make your door panels at an affordable price; including your large doors. We don’t and are not capable to build doors, we just supply the most straight, non-warping, high strength, lightweight door panel for door manufacturers or millworks to build the highest quality doors at an affordable price.

Who does Sing Core sell their products to?
Most Sing Core door panels are sold because they are specified by high-end architects while designing their multi-million dollar projects or by top millwork companies building high-end doors for very demanding luxury homes.  Luxury homes often require large doors for various applications in the home; Sing Core large door panels could be used for sliding doors, pocket doors, or pivot doors that need high precision, high-strength, lightweight, and non-warping door cores.

A millwork company that has been using our patented door technology for over 10 years told us, ‘We have not had any issues with our doors since switching to Sing Core.’  Before, even if they are the top door company in the USA, oftentimes they would face recalls which is their worst nightmare.  With our Sing Core innovations and revolutionary technology, we can offer the only 50 year guarantee in the door industry.  They love our 50 year guarantee, as most manufacturers in the industry only offer 1 year guarantee or no guarantee at all.  Call us if you would like to have that peace of mind.  We provide the best door panels and peace of mind in the high-end large door industry.

We also work with general contractors to provide Sing Core unfinished door panels to their designated millwork to properly finish their doors.

We do not sell finished doors.  We do not sell our door panels or substrates to people outside of the building industry’s door designers and manufacturers.  We do not sell to homeowners or door distributors.

Architects Love Sing Core
Architects spec Sing Core in their huge doors because they trust Sing Core to provide the high-precision, lightweight and dimensional stability, which makes them look good when it comes to these oversized egress points, building credibility with their clients. They know there is no known door construction method that can accomplish such a feat.

Let us know if you are interested to learn how to build any style or design of door with Sing Core panels using a CNC machine subcontractor. You can find CNC subcontractors by searching the internet with phrases like “CNC wood co-op” or “CNC wood shop for rent.” You can find CNC shops to be rented if you are or know a CNC operator. See picture of possible doors you could build by using other wood working machines and talents.

Besides very large doors, standard doors in large quantity, Sing Core technology proves to be useful for all different industries. Click here to see the endless applications of patented and patent pending Sing Core.

High-end doors are often sold for tens of thousands of dollars and should last a lifetime. Door companies usually do not offer any guarantees for doors over 10 ft., the most they offer could be 1 year only. Sing Core will provide a written guarantee for 50 years. This is why Sing Core is recommended by our fellow door manufacturers to use our products. Let your friends and associates know that we are ready to service your needs if you are looking for peace of mind for any large door project you may have.

Sing Core is the best lightweight, high strength, non-warping material. Our product uses our patented and patent-pending technology to solve the issues associated with high-end large doors; not only in the US but in the worldwide – especially Europe. Often times, when a customer is building a $10 million and up house and use other door technologies, they tend to warp over time. This same customer then comes to Sing Core to solve their problems. No one else can create a door like this that can remain straight, and we guarantee it for 50 years.

When talking to a door company you have to ask questions like, “What is your guarantee against warping?” or “How long is your guarantee?”

Warping is the biggest issue in large doors besides weight issues or insufficient strength.

Often times you find out that the other doors companies do not offer guarantees for doors over 10 ft. and sometimes they have an issue guaranteeing doors that are less than 10 ft. The best guarantee they may offer is for only one year.

Lets say you have a $15-25 million dollar home and the doors are only guaranteed for one year. If you have problems with them and call the company after one year they will tell you that you no longer have any guarantee.

Do you want to deal with that kind of door or do you want to rest easy with Sing Core?

We guarantee our doors for 50 years. If the door does not last 50 years, then why would you want to spend tens of thousands of dollars for doors that aren’t reliable?

Sing Core has a deal with most high-end door companies in the US.

Our performance shows. We haven’t had a single door fail.

When a door fails, everyone panics; from the architect to the millwork to the general contractor and especially the high-end clientele. ‘It’s not just about the money, but the reputation.’

At Sing Core, we keep your reputation. No body else in the world can the issues with large doors.

You are a high-end professional, you do not want people to call you and complain that their doors have failed. We know how you can panic if a high-end customer complains. We can help you sleep better by avoiding the trouble a head of time.

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Why Architects Trust Sing Core

It is not uncommon for a contractor on a high-end project to come across a specification for Sing Core that they have not previously seen.

The contractor contacts Sing Core for more information about this particular job.


If you are a contractor working on a project that features Sing Core in the specs, you are privileged and must be considered one of the best contractors in your area because Sing Core is never featured in any project that isn’t considered by architects and designers to be the top in the industry.

You will be expected to be at the top of your game on this project, so congratulations to you for being awarded this project.

If I were to guess, I would think that your project is located the greater New York area. Your project is industrial or if it is residential, it is probably a home valued at 5 million dollars or more, and features at least 1 very large door.

Though shipped all over the world for many different applications, most of the products Sing Core helps to produce would fit this description.

What Next?

Know that working on such a high-profile or top-secret job like this must be handled properly, contacting Sing Core is your first order of business if you find this in your specifications.

Though we are primarily specified for the largest most important doors in America and around the world, Sing Core does not build the enormous doors for which they are so well-renowned.

What Sing Core Does

Inventor Peter Sing developed the patent and patent-pending technologies that allow large doors to be built without fear of failure in the very near future. Large doors, especially large wooden doors, have been problematic ever since architects and engineers began to create them, that is until the advent of Sing’s core. It enabled door engineers, manufacturers, and millworks to create enormous fail-free doors that could withstand the text of time.

When you contact Sing Core about the door or doors in your specifications, they begin reviewing and designing the interior of the door, the core, to support the surface material of the door so that it will counteract any potential for door warping, which is the main reason why large composite doors fail, especially if they feature a surface material that tends to move, such as natural wood grain.

Then, Sing Core coordinates with the team that will complete the door build. Surprisingly,

Sing Core Does Not Build Doors

They design the base material, conducted by Sing’s True Flat Team, that takes into account all the details of the build and creates the flawless substrate. Then Sing Core coordinates the rest of the process from attaching the surface materials and finishing the door. The door can then be sent to your millwork or door company, who can prep the door, install the necessary hardware, and ready it for installation.

When the specs callout a Sing Core door, it is not unlike Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner specifying a Rolls Royce engine. In the same way as you will see Rolls Royce specified in 35 different types of modern aircraft, you will find Sing Core inside a wide variety of doors around the world.

Contractor’s Millwork

As a contractor, if you work with a local millwork, they may have the proficiency to participate in this extreme door project. If so, Sing Core will work with them and send the unfinished door to them for finishing. You must have a great deal of confidence in your local millwork to trust them to handle such a job.

Utilizing only the best people in the industry on this elite project is of paramount importance to ensure your client’s satisfaction.

Why Architects Trust Sing Core

Architects, engineers, millworks, and door companies trust Sing Core because they understand the science behind Sing’s invention and know that “This is the only way to build such a door,” that will not fail.

Inventor Peter Sing backs all his big doors with his comprehensive

50-Year Warp-free Guarantee

Only Sing Core can create a fail-free large door core that can counteract any surfaces tendency to move without having to sacrifice precision or weight. Sing’s core boasts +/- 006 in. tolerances and weighs in at a fraction of other wood-based door cores. So, your big door doesn’t have to be so heavy that it compromises the structure or is dangerous to handle.

This ensures years of low maintenance enjoyment, which has put many door companies back in the business of creating large, oversized doors, something they had abandoned long ago because they wanted to cover all the doors in a project with their standard one-year guarantee, now these huge doors have an even better guarantee that their standard-sized doors because they have Sing Core inside.

Is a Sing Door Expensive?

Yes, Sing Core is more expensive to use than other door cores, and all the artists and craftspeople who help to create such a one-of-a-king piece of art, all contributing does make these doors more expensive that the average door, but your clients, the ones who have hired you and specified Sing Core on this project will settle for nothing more than the very best, at any cost.

And it’s up to you to see this project through to fruition.


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MDF Doors

In the artistic world of contemporary architecture design, creativity is the primary driving force expanding beyond the limitations of standard building materials. Architects and designers who yearn to express their artistic approach to groundbreaking structures and features with flair and high-precision detail are empowered by new advances in composite building materials, like Sing Core.

Creative visions come to life in the present day in projects with the most amazing degree of clarity and detail that might have taken thousands of artisan manhours in the past, by using patented and patent-pending Sing Core technologies with CNC artistry. The results can be most intricate and massive in scope and size using Sing Core.

MDF Doors

The primary focus of Peter Sing’s invention of Sing Core is in the large medium-density fiberboard (MDF) door venue. MDF is a fine surface material made of recycled wood products which makes it an excellent option for responsible use of wood fiber and sustainability for concerned architects and builders.

For voluminous designs on a budget, MDF is an inexpensive alternative when used in commercial and institutional projects when steel or prefinished wood may have been cost-prohibitive.

Admittedly, the bulk of Sing’s core being featured in MDF doors is far more practical than artistic. Using Sing’s core and assisted by his True Flat Team, the largest door companies and most prominent millworks in the country are able to create a lightweight MDF door that is stronger than any other MDF door. This enables door manufacturers to create lightweight MDF doors of immense size that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

The number one MDF door application of Sing’s MDF door substrate is in Paint Grade Doors.

Paint Grade Doors

When you are looking for the smoothest painting surface, then an MDF paint grade door is a clear choice. It is quicker and easier to produce a paint-ready door made of MDF over other wood door products.

The only problem is that MDF is heavy and unstable for heights exceeding 8 feet tall, or widths greater than three-an-a-half feet. Where MDF is concerned, size does matter.

To use MDF for large oversized paint grade doors, you need to get into the door engineering details of the door. Thankfully, the biggest and best door designers, millworks, and door companies are able to depend on Sing’s inventions and his True Flat Team to work out the details of the design.

The result? A lightweight, high strength, perfectly smooth flat surface ready for that special treatment, your expert paint, and great result. But that’s not all. These doors are guaranteed unlike any other door known to man.

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

Doors created with Sing’s composite of patented and patent-pending technologies are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for a full 50 years. No other large lightweight high strength MDF door can be guaranteed like that, which also includes a full 50-year warranty on the structure of the door as well.

MDF Veneer Doors

Next up, MDF veneer doors. When you’re talking about a large-scale job incorporating veneer for that high-end client who demands the very best, Sing’s patented and patent-pending veneer substrate is the premier solution for the most exclusive clientele.

Veneer can be sliced very thin, and any imperfection in the material underneath the veneer can become exponentially more apparent on the finished surface area. To combat this problem, the best millworks and veneer shops crossband to create a more natural surface area resulting in less noticeable imperfections.

Using Sing’s MDF underlayment for veneer provides a flawlessly smooth surface area to apply even the thinnest veneer for that perfect finish. And size? Well, the biggest and best veneer jobs have fail-free high precision Sing Core inside, which also matches perfectly with Wood Stave Doors as well.


For the architect, artisan, designer, visionary artistic creations can be brought to life with Sing’s lightweight warp-free CNC MDF door substrates. Imagine having a high-precision lightweight door canvas that is fully insulated for sound deadening and climate control capabilities that can be CNC sculpted to your heart’s desire.

That’s like a dream come true as your dream door is manifested via the efforts of top craftspeople and CNC artisans with the help of Sing’s inventions and his True Flat Team, all working together to see your idea become a reality.

To bring such a work of art to life may not have been impossible in the past, but to have a lightweight high strength configuration that was fully insulated and fail-free for 50 years guaranteed? Now that is something previously unheard of.

CNC Carved MDF Doors

CNC carving is taking the place of hand-carved projects all around the world, saving time and money.

Note that 3D carving can impact the surface area enough to make it less than stable. Using patented and patent-pending Sing Core technology as underlayment can solve the issues of carved surfaces creating challenges over time, even if the surface material is one that tends to move according to changes in the environment, like natural and exotic woods, which can be added to MDF and Sing Core, not unlike natural wood veneer.



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Best Wood Veneer Substrate

One of the most unique design elements in contemporary architecture and design includes the use of wood veneer as an artistic outlet and creative expression as an alternative to solid wood. Doing so increases unique design characteristics exponentially, due to nearly unlimited matching options to create a one-of-a-kind wood grain Objet d’art as a feature presentation piece. Not only is wood veneer just as beautiful as solid wood, but it is a green approach to modern building and design due to the responsible use of natural wood grains.

High-end millworks who specialize in the most exclusive veneer work for the least cost inhibited clientele must have not only the artistic eye but have a keen sense of detail and a great deal of expertise to create one of these masterpieces flawlessly, and they have many methods that they use to assemble and manufacture the veneer while maintaining strength, precision, and to guarantee the overall performance over time for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Woodworkers who take on veneer projects must use a substrate to apply the veneer to. Particleboard and plywood are the most common for general use though they may not meet the needs of more discerning clients. Cabinet-grade plywood and MDO are considered upgrades to particleboard and standard-grade ply. And most upscale millworks prefer the smooth surface of MDF to adhere their veneer to.

When using thin veneers, the smallest imperfections in the substrate are magnified on the surface area, so most high-quality jobs are cross-banded for a more satisfactory and natural overall appearance.

In basic cabinetry and furniture making, these are reasonable solutions for substrate due to there being plenty of reinforcement and supporting structure throughout the piece.

Architects and designers who have experience with creating veneer art realize that there are limitations when using veneer designs when factoring in size. If a piece features a span greater than 8 feet in any direction, many challenges begin to arise when trying to manifest the artist’s vision in the real world.

The most common obstacles to creating large spanning veneer projects, like large doors or conference room tables, are heavy weight, decreased dimensional stability, and increase surface flaws.

Surface flaws become apparent anywhere there may be a seam in the substrate material. Carefully pre-finishing and treating the surface material will conceal the seams upon creation of the piece, but any movement in the piece may expose the seam which will become immediately apparent on the surface area and may lead to delamination of the surface material, resulting in product failure.

The country’s biggest and best veneer artists and architectural door manufacturers know that there is an alternative for veneer projects of large to massive size, and for their most important projects they specify Sing Core as the best wood veneer substrate.

The Best Wood Veneer Substrate

For years, since inventor Peter Sing introduced his patented Sing Core to millworks and high-end large door manufacturers, his veneer substrate has been the flawless answer to the questions and challenges facing architects and designers who have overcome the obstacles to long spanning veneer designs.

This unique hybrid composite core consists of a small (2 to 3 inch) metric torsion box made of vertical wood grain fiber, where the cell voids are filled with rigid foam sandwiched between smooth MDF faces for an incredibly lightweight and dimensionally stable high precision base for veneering.

Sing’s core is so substantial that it sports tolerances of +/- .006 in. and is guaranteed not to warp, bend twist, or otherwise fail (including delamination) for 50 years.

With such a high-precision non-warping substrate, seams will not fail due to movement, and the longevity of the beauty of your creation is preserved over time.

This is the answer that the millworks and veneer shops have been looking for to address the inherent problems associate with large spanning veneer projects for clients who demand the best and will not settle for less.

Therefore, Sing Core is considered the best veneer substrate in the world, and why it can be found inside the most expensive and oversized veneer artistry in multi-million-dollar estates, corporate and industrial projects, museums, and ultra-chic installations.

If your veneer project requires flawless excellence, high precision, and long fail-free service life, you should use the best veneer substrate, so that you and your clients can rest assured because there is Sing Core inside.


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Patio Doors

When you’re not just looking for any patio doors, there’s a good chance you’re looking high and low for the best patio door to suit your needs, your particular taste(s) as well as beautiful patio doors. Normal, off the shelf patio doors are not going to suit what you want in a patio door. Chances are you’re looking for the best patio doors, doors that are not your run of the mill patio doors, but unique one of a kind patio doors.

If you really want the best patio doors, you will need to enlist the skills and artistry of a local millwork or custom patio door manufacturer.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are the most prevalent and sought after styles of patio doors, which can and often do include several sliding patio doors in succession including overlapping sliding patio doors which are also called bypass sliding doors because one door slides over another door panel, which may or may not be a sliding patio door. Depending on the design, one or more patio doors may be stationary.

The best sliding patio doors featured in high end homes are made with wooden sliding doors that feature large glass window lite cutouts. It stands to reason, if you’re going to have a nice patio, you’re going to want to enjoy it both from the inside and the outside of your home. So, unless you’re primary concern is high security patio doors made of Kevlar or featuring Lexan clear polycarbonate, you’re going to want sliding patio doors with a view (glass installed).

French Patio Doors

Those sliding patio doors with the big glass cutouts? We call them French patio doors. By definition a French door is a usually a wood door featuring a large window glass pane. Sliding French doors allow you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors regardless of the time of year. French doors are Eco-friendly in that they maximize the availability of the natural lighting.

If your French patio doors have Sing Core inside, they are lighter in weight and also insulated for climate control as well as possessing sound deadening qualities, thereby maximizing your investment in the most Eco-friendly French patio doors.

While the sliding French patio door is intended to provide access to and from the patio area, they are also elementally and visually impressive enhancing the overall appearance of any patio access area. Sliding French patio doors are by far the most elegant patio doors, and backed with Sing Core’s 50 year warp-free and structure guarantee, are the most sustainable patio doors.

Wooden Sliding Doors

Since wooden sliding doors are the preferential choice of designers, architects and owners of the most expensive homes ($20 Million & up) chances are these are going to be wooden sliding doors which are featuring large lite cut outs and are likely to be very tall, which could be 9 to 16 ft. tall wooden sliding doors, or even taller sliding French patio doors. Wooden sliding doors (especially if they are large sliding doors) present a number of challenges for the architects, designers and millworks or custom door manufacturers who build them. The number one problem with any long span of wood is that it will warp. It’s not a matter of if the large wooden sliding door will warp, but when it will warp.

That’s why it’s so important to have Sing Core inside your large wooden sliding doors, because a warped wooden sliding door which does not open or close is not a door at all. Although, if your door has a large window glass pane lite cutout, you will still have the view, so even if the door fails, your wood French patio door can be a French patio window.

The most conscientious, wisest and efficient designers and architects increasingly are specifying that all their large wooden sliding doors and wooden French patio doors have “Sing Core inside.”

Sliding Door Design

The design of sliding door, and sliding doors in particular, can be complex and may require a true team approach to the sliding door design. The architect can specify the sliding doors, and the designer (who may also be the architect or the owner) knows what they want. The concerted efforts of the custom patio door builder or manufacturer, the millworks, (as well as Sing Core, if specified) and the install team, must work in tandem to solve all the pending challenges that may arise from the sliding door design.

Extra care must be taken in the selection of the sliding patio door hardware, ensuring that it is rated for exterior use, and also matched to the weight of the sliding patio door as it was designed. The weight of the sliding patio door dictates the types and styles of sliding patio door hardware which will be necessary for improving performance and reducing maintenance over time.

For patio doors that have solid warp-free Sing Core composite core inside, these patio doors will be lighter in weight than other solid core doors, reducing the cost of what otherwise might require heavy duty sliding door hardware, which can cost many times the cost of the sliding doors themselves.

Modern Patio Doors

In this day and age, modern sliding doors need not adhere to the same design characteristics as their sliding patio door forerunners. In the most contemporary architectural designs custom lite openings can be designed which contrast wildly in comparison to earlier traditional designs.

It is common for Sing Core to pre-cut custom lite openings in modern patio doors based on the visionary drawings of the contemporary architect, designer or owner.

By altering and creatively designing the glass openings in an otherwise sliding French door configuration, a unique glass design and install can increase the effective curb appeal and radically enhance the perceived value of a home, when the owner desires to be uniquely separated from the pack.

Plus, high end modern patio doors need not be limited to being manufactured of wood. You could be looking at modern hot rolled steel doors for your patio. You might see these highly individualized, one-of-a-kind patio doors made of hot rolled steel, copper, or concrete, because custom patio doors with Sing Core inside could be made of any available flat building material.

50 Year Patio Door Guarantee

It’s obvious that your patio doors are exterior doors and exterior doors are always problematic because one side faces the inside of the structure and the other side faces the elements. Only professional patio doors with Sing Core inside can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years, including full structure warranty.

The Only 50 Year Patio Door Guarantee

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Architectural Door Definition

Architectural Door Definition

An architectural door is one that is designed by an architect with a particular form, function, and aesthetic feel to it that might appear as though it were solid wood, metal, stone, opaque glass, or other natural or manmade material. An architectural door consists of an architectural panel designed and finished according to the architectural specifications, articulating with hardware to provide access or hide and reveal specific features or locations in or around a structure for a distinct application.

Advanced technologies offer nearly unlimited opportunities for architects to let their creative abilities to flourish in the architectural door arena, as projects that were restricted by the limitations of certain building materials can now be overcome by composite and hybrid technologies.

Now, door architectural doors can be made of nearly any material or in any size without having to compromise the architectural door’s integrity. Architectural doors can be made to be lighter in weight, much stronger, with higher precision, insulated, and guaranteed not to warp, twist, cup, or otherwise fail (including structure and lamination) for up to 50 years.

Architects are no longer limited by archaic rules and limitations, thanks to new and emerging technologies such as patented Sing Core substrate which empowers door designers to imagine and create doors of magnificent proportions without having to account for weighty or flexible building materials.

Architectural doors can cow feature the following raw materials:

Non-rigid Architectural Door Materials

When creating an architectural door, there is a tendency to use materials which are not customarily used in various combinations in a large oversized front door design. The larger the door the less rigidity these materials may have.

Natural Wood

Natural wood is the most problematic substance to include in any large modern architectural design due to its tendency to move in accordance with environmental changes. Thanks to inventor Peter Sing’s patented Sing Core and patent-pending anti-warp technologies, his True Flat Team can assist in creating the prefect warp-free substrate which can be engineered to counteract almost any surface materials propensity to move, keeping the architectural door straight and true regardless of size.

Heavy Architectural Door Materials

Building an oversized architectural door using heavy materials such as concrete, steel, lead, stone, brick and mortar, and the like can be hugely challenging due to the excessive weight. The bigger the door, the more weight, stress and strain on the structure when operating such a monumental architectural door.

Again, Sing’s invention provides a high-precision lightweight substrate which can unfailingly support the weight of heavy architectural materials, and support the materials exceedingly well, while remaining lighter in weight, and can also be guaranteed not to fail for 50 years.

How Is It Possible?

You might ask yourself how this new patented technology can make the previously impossible large architectural door designs possible in present day? Sing’s patent holds the answer.

Peter Sing’s revolutionary patent is based on a hybrid combination of old and new technologies to create a lightweight architectural composite substrate that is stronger than steel pound-for-pound.

He starts with a torsion box grid structure using vertical grain natural wood fiber to form small grids two to three inches, then fills the otherwise empty structure cells with rigid foam material and sandwiches the metric structure between two sheet goods to complete the reinforced structural insulated hybrid panel.

This is the revolutionary core technology that has revolutionized the architectural door market across the board.

That’s why more and more architects are specifying Sing Core Doors in their most prestigious contemporary architectural design projects.

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Why We Trust Sing Core

You might ask why the biggest and best door manufacturers, millworks, and architects trust Sing Core to help them deliver the best large doors in the world to their most discriminating clientele? I know we do. So, here’s the answer:

We Trust Sing Core to help us deliver:

1. The Best Solid Wood Stave Large Doors
2. The Best Large Veneer Doors
3. The Best Big Fiberglass and Laminate Doors
4. The Best Large Paint Grade Doors
5. The Best Large Aluminum Doors
6. The Best Large MDF Doors

They also enjoy these incredible features:

1. Lightweight
One-third or less the weight of other doors

2. High strength
Stronger than steel pound-for-pound

3. Fully Insulated
For sound-deadening and climate control

Did someone say "High Precision?" This is a 16th inch groove in an 8th inch skin.

Did someone say “High Precision?” This is a 16th inch groove in an 8th inch skin.

4. High Precision
+/- .006 in. tolerance for precise projects, like this 16th inch groove in 8th inch skin (photo above)

5. True Flat Team
For specialized anti-warp and advisement

6. 50-Year Warp-free Guarantee
Covers warp and full structural (including lamination)

This is no accident. Our best customers know that the only way they can provide the best big doors to their customers in to have Sing Core Inside.

Now, not everyone in the world wants to have the ultimate best big door in the world, but if you do, you might want it to have Inventor Peter Sing’s patented Sing Core inside, so you can enjoy years of worry-free enjoyment from the only door that is covered by Sing’s personal

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

You have never heard of such a guarantee on big doors (especially big wood doors) before because before the invention of Sing Core such a thing was impossible.

And our best clients? They say,

“There is no other way to do it.”

They trust Sing Core because to date, they have not had one claim or return, and you won’t either, if your door has Sing Core inside.

For years, Sing Core has been the trusted resource for the biggest and best large door projects, offering patented and patent-pending solutions that are solid as a rock, yet very light, and stronger than steel pound for pound. Inventor Peter Sing backs his high-end solutions with his 50-year fail-free guarantee, which can be found in

The best and biggest bold, beautiful doors with Sing’s core inside do not fail. Architects and designers trust Sing Core to deliver the best doors for their projects, especially those extremely prestigious structures and applications.

What do they trust Sing Core for?

High strength garage door, finished by Artistic Doors and Windows. When building a specialty door like this, you want it to last.

The Best Solid Wood Stave Large Doors

Solid wood stave presents the biggest problem for large doors due to the natural tendency for a thick piece of wood to respond to its environment by moving. This is not too bad for normal-sized doors, but once you get over 8 ft. tall, you start finding trouble everywhere you look, unless your solid wood stave surfaced door has patented Sing Core inside. Then, it will not move.

Some wood species are more prone to warp than others, so Sing’s True Flat Team goes to work integrating the interior design of the wood stave door with additional anti-warp tech inside the door to compensate for stronger wood grains.

Other large wood door manufacturers offer a one year non-warp warranty, while patented Sing Core comes backed with a full 50 year non-warp and structure warranty.

The Best Large Veneer Doors

When it comes to thin veneers (which can be paper-thin) we have trusted artisans do this work, because we believe that this level of expertise requires that extra finesse to achieve the desired results. Our doing the veneer-piece is actually quite rare because the bulk of our veneer door responsibilities is supplying the many millworks and door companies with the warp-free high precision core for them to apply their own veneers.

This type of work is so sensitive that we only trust the people who are highly specialized in veneering (and that is all they do), so they are quite expensive. We do not want to compete with our own clients. We only use the best veneer craftsmen to work on our clients’ doors. They source the best veneers available in the USA via their suppliers.

If you have a millwork near you that specializes in hot press veneer, we can work with them, if you trust them. Most of our veneer substrates are delivered to millworks who are qualified to to this type of work. Let the experts do the high end jobs.


The Best Big Fiberglass and Laminate Doors

Whether you are looking for an oversized fiberglass door, FRP door, Formica door, Masonite door, Wilsonart door, or HPL door, Sing Core has what it takes to keep your door straight and true when it’s most important to you. The sky’s the limit for your creativity when using these incredible source materials that come in a huge array of colors and designs. And with Sing Core inside, you never have to worry how big your project is.

Patented and patent pending Sing Core has the strongest most lightweight structure for any challenging skins to build all types of doors. Sing Core owns the largest press to take on any otherwise too complicated to consider large door task.

The Best Large Paint Grade Doors

What do you do when you are remodeling your hotel and you need 700 full length floor to ceiling doors that will not warp in a snap? Of course, you call on Sing Core who can turn around an order, like this, in 72 hours. Sing Core ships them to your finishing site, where you have them prepped and painted, and you’re good to go. 700 big worry-free paint grade doors in 72 hours. Not bad. When do you want yours?

Sing core door panels are made of the strongest, lightweight Sing Core with skin made of 1/8 inch MDF and 1/4 inch plywood as skins to provide the most smooth and structurally sound double-layer skins which provide the most lightweight, stable, structure strength, and smooth surface for painting high end doors.

Bulk Orders get priority handling and save more per door than any other method.


The Best Large Aluminum Doors

Architects and designers trust Sing Core’s ability to match their warp-free core with the best metal fabrication techniques for the perfect metal doors. While huge Aluminum doors with Sing Core inside are our most in-demand of all big metal doors, Cold Rolled Steel, Hot Rolled Steel, Galvanized Steel, and Stainless-Steel doors are not far behind.

The Best Large MDF Doors

For so long, MDF has been a difficult material to work with because it is so heavy and not very stable, but engineers and high-tech artisans love it because it is so supremely smooth. This attracts and commands the attention of the most creative artisans in search of the perfect large door canvas. Can be used for 6 panel door, or any other kind of door including French doors with glass cutouts. Sing’s core makes these doors much more manageable by greatly reducing the weight, while increasing dimensional stability, even on enormous doors, and these take advantage of Sing Core’s +/- .006 tolerances.

More than 60% of our big MDF door substrates ship directly to millworks and hot pressers who do their own veneer. Our MDF is so smooth, you can do high precision veneer without having to crossband. Other MDF doors are double to three times heavier or more so with much less structural integrity.

Sing Core MDF doors are the strongest, lightweight and high strength doors in the door industry. We are able to manufacture any type of style, or custom designed door with or without light openings. Even 6 panel doors at a low cost if in large quantities. This service is designed to work with door companies or or mill works that are able to take our door panel and add molding if necessary, expertly finish, and install hardware.

Working with our team, you will be able to build the best door in the USA.

If you are considering sourcing the highest precision, strong, lightweight, non-warp and nearly unlimited variety of design possibilities.

Other Popular Large Door Types

When it comes to architectural doors, you never know what is going to slide across the design table next, but Sing’s True Flat Team is there, ready and waiting, for the next challenge. Some of our most interesting doors that have come up lately include huge Stone Veneer doors, Butcher Block doors, Cement Board doors, Specialty Hardwood doors, even Concrete, and Ceramic doors.

If you can dream of it, Sing Core can help bring your huge door vision to life, guaranteed.

If you buy a door of any size and it is made of Sing Core and any other exterior skin, the Sing Core True Flat Team and the artisans who work in concert with the team to present the recipients with a warp-free large door that will meet or exceed AWI specifications, fully backed by Sing’s 50-year guarantee that means you have a door that will not warp, bend, twist, delaminate, or otherwise fail for fifty years.

This guarantee was unheard of in the industry, especially for large doors which traditionally were featured as exclusions from standard warranties because inherently they would fail and require service not long after installation (eliminated even from the most rudimentary 30- to 90-day standard warranty).

In fact, until recently, the largest door companies have turned away large door business in recent years, because, according to them,

“It’s just not worth the hassle.”

And they encourage the developers and contractors to find a high-end millwork or custom door maker to build the large doors in the project. These highly skilled craftspeople did the best they could, until they discovered Sing’s patented lightweight high-strength patented core.

Then, all of a sudden, they were building the most beautiful largest doors with incredible ease and without the heavy burden of having to service the fail-free large doors. In fact, they proclaim,

“There’s just no other way to do it.”

Now everyone, even the large door companies, are getting back into the oversized door game again, because they trust Sing Core to have their back when they most need it, from the inside out.

Make sure your next high-end door has Sing Core inside.



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New Modern Panel Doors

Panel doors are a longstanding stylistic type of door which has withstood the test of time. One of the best features of the panel door is its potential to stay straight and not warp. In the traditional manner of building a stile and rail panel door is to use many pieces of wood with grain orientation in differing directions to help counteract wood’s potential to move. Sing Core is proud to bring you the New Modern Panel Doors.

New Modern Panel Doors

Many faux styles of panel doors have been approached, for instance molded door skins made of plastic, fiberglass, or vinyl where the style of the traditional panel framing is 3D molded into the face material. What you get is a weather resistant door that looks like a traditional panel door.

New Modern Panel Doors

Enter new modern panel doors, the next generation in panel doors that are far superior to other panel doors of any kind. Unlike traditional panel doors, new modern panel doors are fashioned of a superior flush or flat panel door with 3D molding added to the surface material as decoration, to imbue this door with the visual characteristics of a traditional panel door.

What makes new modern panel doors superior to traditional panel doors?

New modern panel doors have Sing Core inside, which means they are Eco-friendly, extremely strong, lighter in weight than other panel doors, and fully insulated for increase sound dampening, and climate control. All impressive attributes, but the most impressive are that these doors are the very same doors that are considered the best doors in the world, and are the only doors that come with a 50-year warp-free guarantee.

Inventor Peter Sing is responsible for making his patented Sing Core available to the biggest and best door manufacturers, millworks, and custom door builders in the United States. Sing’s patented core helps make possible the building of extremely large doors lightweight, high strength, fully insulated, and warp-free for 50 years. That is why you find doors with Sing’s core inside anywhere from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and everywhere in between.

Sing is patenting these new modern panel doors which include his patented core inside complete with panel enhancements to make this new generation of panel door appear to be a panel door without any of the negative side effects.

What are the less than desirable characteristics of a traditional panel door?

1. Panel doors are weak

Kick a panel door at nearly and juncture where two or more panels meet, or a stile or rail, and the door will collapse and fall apart with an average degree of force. In comparison, Sing says, “Kick my door and you will break your leg.”

2. Panel doors are not insulated

Panel doors are made of wood. Just wood. Which is pretty but only has an R-factor or R1 to offer as insulation resistance, while doors with Sing’s core inside host R3.5 or more per square inch, depending on the insulations specified in the door.

3. Panel doors are heavy

As they are made of wood, wood is very heavy, so any door you make with only wood will reflect your choice in materials in the overall weight of the door. Doors made with Sing Core inside weight a fraction of solid wood doors but look like solid wood thanks to Sing’s patented hybrid composite core material.

Now you can have a door that is every bit as elegant as any traditional panel door that can be guaranteed to stand the test of time while providing high precision (+/- .006 in. tolerance) and high performance (50-years fail-free service) in an Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength, fully insulated door, thanks to Sing Core.

No other door in the world is backed by a

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

Unless it has Sing Core inside.

New panel doors


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Modern Pivot Door

The modern pivot door is expanding the possibilities and stretching the imagination of architects and designers around the world. Modern pivot doors are not the heavy or clunky big pivoting doors that require regular maintenance just to keep them functional, like those of days gone by. No, the modern pivot door is lightweight, fully insulated, and can be guaranteed not to fail for 50 years.

modern pivot door

Sleek, modern entryways may feature large wood pivot doors as front doors that are not only hugely functional but eco-friendly and sustainable for a better world. In the past, large wood pivot hung entry doors used in exterior and interior applications were difficult to create, install, manage, and maintain over time, but not if your modern pivot door has Sing Core inside.

Sing Core offers a variety of strength, flexibility, and value to the architectural pivot door industry that cannot be achieved otherwise. The biggest and best professional pivot door companies, millworks, and high sophisticated hand-crafted custom pivot door artisans say,

“There’s just no other way to do it.”

By “do it,” they mean that you just cannot make a large modern pivot door and keep is straight and true without starting with Sing Core as the foundation of all your modern pivot doors.

If you want exterior wood doors that pivot that are fail-free pivot front doors with flawless service records that are guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years, then you are best advised to make sure that Sing Core is in your modern pivot door specification.

Looking for Sing Core

Many people discover Sing Core when they are scouring the vast array of resources that exist in our modern-day digital age searching for inspiration for modern pivot doors and they set out to buy a modern pivot door with Sing Core inside. It doesn’t take long for them to figure out that getting such a door is easier said than done.

While the world’s best modern pivot doors do have Sing Core inside, Sing Core does not make modern pivot doors. Sing Core does work with the professional pivot door companies, manufacturers, and artisans, providing them with the material to make these large modern entryways happen. Allowing architects and architectural door designers to spread their wings, while Sing Core brings their modern pivot door dreams to life and helps them soar.


Inventor, Peter Sing, uses his expertise including his unique patented and patent-pending modern pivot door technologies to create the fully lightweight, fully insulated, warp-free substrate that makes these best modern custom front entry doors possible.

How does Sing do it?

Sing’s patented solution starts with a reinforced, fully insulated, vertical grain torsion box premium modern door core, then adds any variety of additional anti-warp technologies based on the size of the pivot door, the structure, the structure’s location and elevation, the orientation of the door, and the exterior skin of the door.

High Precision

And when it comes to precision, Sing’s core sports incredible tolerances of +/- .006 inch, which also supports the ability to deliver such outstanding results, truly a technological advancement in the industry.

As you may have guessed, large wood pivot doors present the biggest challenge, since natural wood grains tend to move and adjust according to changes in temperature, barometric pressure, and moisture in the air. Sing’s solution addresses these issues and cancels them out for any custom-made modern pivot door made of wood.

In this respect, Sing’s modern-day pivot doors, are true modern style doors even though Peter Sing admits he does not make modern pivoting doors. Sing says,

“We do not make the doors we are famous for. The architect specs ‘Sing Core Modern Pivot Door’ and we work with the people who are highly skilled in making our doors look and operate so good. It is a great team effort with magnificent results.”

When size matters, modern architecture is seeking solutions like Sing’s core, to deal with the challenges associated with the oversized front door issues.

How big can they be?

Up to 50 feet, or more with Sing Core.

The light weight of modern pivot doors with Sing Core inside makes custom modern pivot door installation a breeze. And the problems associated with using exterior modern pivot doors are just faint memories of the past thanks to Sing’s core, which also provides insulation for sound deadening capabilities and increased climate control.

Now you know why the best premium modern pivot doors have Sing Core specified in the architectural specifications, because if you want exterior wood doors that pivot, without having to deal with the high potentiality of failure due to warp or delamination, like they say, Sing’s core “is the only way to do it.”

Whether your modern pivot doors are single, multiples, or motorized custom-made pivot doors, you can maintain the modern appearance of strikingly new pivot doors while increasing longevity and performance in a fully sustainable manner.