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Slatwall Display

Sing Core is proud to be able to offer the latest significant improvement the slatwall industry by supplying lightweight slatwall panels that quickly and easily interlock in a variety of configurations. All slatwall display components easily interlock with each other in a number of positions, so yout you’re not locked in to a specific design or trade show booth design.

Sing slatwall panels are unlike panels provided by other slatwall manufacturers because they have patented Sing Core inside, which imbues their slat wall system with unique characteristics such as being extremely lightweight (traditional slat wall can be very heavy in weight) and high strength (most slatwall is not very rigid or strong, yet Sing slatwall have been rated at 660 PSI), insulated (providing sound deadening capabilities), and are easily interconnected to each other (via high strength cam locks) not requiring tools (only an Allen wrench) or skilled labor to build or knock down.

Modular Slatwall Display

The modular slatwall display offered by Sing Core is lightweight and flexible allowing you to own your own high end slatwall system that can be reconfigured into a variety of ways allowing you, the owner, to modify your slatwall display at will. All of the modular slatwall display components are designed in such a way as to give you complete control over the functionality and appearance of your slatwall display systems.

Expandable Slatwall Displays

As your business grows, so can your slatwall displays. No longer are you locked in to a particular layout or design, because if you had a 10×10 trade show display at the last show, and are thinking about doubling up for a 10×20 trade show booth for the next show, all you need to do is to order the extra pieces to accommodate your new 10×20 trade show booth designs. No other slat wall system is so Eco-friendly and easier to modify, even mid-show, if you so desire.

Wood Slat Wall

Custom built Sing lightweight, high-strength slat wall can be manufactured to the highest standards with reverence to mother earth and constructed out of any flat natural wood material (default standard is white Formica). Most popular wood slat walls are those made of birch, maple and cherry woods.

Birch Slatwall ~  Maple Slatwall ~  Cherry Slatwall

Other Slat Wall Surfaces

We build custom slatwall panels to your architectural specifications, which could include any available flat building material surface, like any natural wood, veneer, fiberglass (FRP), Formica, MDF, LVL, whatever you want. Contact us for a Custom Slatwall Trade Show Price Quote.

Natural Wood Slatwall ~  Wood Veneer Slatwall ~  Fiberglass Slatwall ~  Formica Slatwall ~  MDF Slatwall ~  LVL Slatwall

Slatwall Trade Show Displays

More and more vendors at trade shows throughout the United States and around the world are using Sing modular slatwall displays to showcase their wares in a convenient and recognizable format using standard slatwall display hardware.

Slatwall trade show displays are on the rise, and with Sing slatwall panels being so lightweight and strong, you can easily transport, manage and store your Sing slatwall panels. The most portable slatwall display system in the world.

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Trade Show Booth

Sing Core is proud to be delivering the best trade show booth solutions to the most discriminating trade show clients around the world. Known for our expensive, high end trade show displays around the world, we’re introducing a standard modular trade show booth solution that is more affordable, yet has all the characteristics of our elite custom trade show displays.

Our standard modular trade show booths are in stock and ready to ship, and there are many preconfigured trade show displays for you to select your display booth from.

Trade Show Booth Design

Save money and get free shipping by selecting the trade show booth design that best exemplifies your trade show booth ideas. Of course, we encourage you to join our many custom trade show display clients to have an exquisite portable display built to your specifications based on your trade show booth ideas, with a normal turnaround time of 4 to 8 weeks. If you’re in a hurry, a preconfigured trade show display is just what the doctor ordered. Allow 1 week for delivery by ground.

10×10 Trade Show Booth

For example, take a look at our 10×10 Trade Show Booth with FREE SHIPPING as a starting point for your nest trade show display.

As you can see, there are many designs to choose from, with many options, such as varying sizes of trade show walls, reusable crates and trade show lighting packages. Sing trade show booths are reconfigurable, so you can hook your trade show panels in different ways to give you creative control over your individualized trade show booth ideas. This modular display system integrates with other Sing portable trade show displays, so you can get more than one trade show booth design and combine them for expansive tradeshow displays.

Modular Display System

One of the most outstanding benefits of having a sing modular display system, is that all the trade show components, the connectors, the walls, the trade show lighting and individual trade show panels all interconnect with each other. If you prefer, you can even Build Your Own Booth by simply selecting the individual modular trade show display components in the quantities you desire. Or, buy a complete trade show display booth with one click and enjoy Free Shipping today.

Expandable Modular Display System Grows with You

We’ve heard amazing comments from our satisfied clientele applauding our lightweight trade show wall panels, for being so easy to handle, assemble and disassemble and their amazing strength, but the best comments are about how easy the modular display system is to expand from, say, a 10×10 trade show booth to a 10×20 trade show booth very easily, without having to buy a completely new modular display system, just order the panels and/or components you need for expansion to 20 feet to 100 feet, or more.

Say “Goodbye” to Trade Show Booth Rental

Many of our clients thank us for making our standard trade show booths accessible to other trade show vendors, just like you, who may have been attending show by using on site trade show booth rental services to participate. While trade show booth rental may not be as expensive as owning your own trade show booth, your Sing tradeshow booth could easily be paid for by two or three trade show booth rentals, and now you own an expandable modular display system that is flexible and grows when you do.

Say, “Hello,” to the World’s Best Trade Show Booth Guarantee

You can rest assured that your investment in your Sing modular trade show system is a sound decision, because your trade show panels are covered by Sing Core’s unprecedented 10 YEAR GUARANTEE. You know your trade show panels are covered, so you don’t have to worry about structure failure or warping trade show panels any more.

We provide you with the only Eco-friendly trade show solution that is lightweight (a fraction of other solid core trade show displays) high strength (stronger than steel pound for pound) and insulated for sound deadening for increased separation from neighboring vendors. Plus, you can build a separated enclosed office, or create a theater or conference room on site by adding the pieces that you need.

So, whether you take advantage of our preconfigured displays with free shipping, build your own system from our menu of modular trade show components, or decide to reach to us for a custom trade show display, you know you have a friend and a partner for your next trade show in Sing Core.

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Pivot Front Door

“I want a large pivot front door.”

Increasingly, this is the demand of discriminating clients who want their properties to make a massive first impression anytime anyone approaches the property. A large pivot front door garners immediate attention from anyone who approaches the property and the bigger the big pivot front door, the more impressive and lasting first impression impact.

“I want everyone to say, ‘Wow, that’s a big pivot door.”

That’s exactly what happens when they approach this 48 million dollar home in Beverly Hills, and this is only a 16 foot tall wooden pivot door. Sing Core helps the best pivot door companies to build the biggest pivot front doors made of any material, even pivot front doors made of wood that will not warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for years to come.

50 Year Warp-free Guarantee

Only an exterior pivot door with Sing Core inside can be guaranteed to remain warp-free, including full structure warranty, for 50 years. Even though pivot doors with Sing Core inside are build to last for centuries, professional Sing pivot doors can come backed with a full 50 year warp-free guarantee. No other lightweight, high strength pivot front door can have such an impressive guarantee.

Pivot Front Door Challenge

The challenge facing designers faced with building a pivot front door is that large pivot doors, especially pivot front doors tend to warp, compromising not only the door but the structure it protects from the elements. That’s why it is customary for the pivot door company servicing the property is likely to exclude the pivot front door from the warranty protected the rest of the job, as they have the client sign a statement that they understand that they pivot front door is not covered by any warranty. That is, unless the pivot front door was properly designed and built with Sing Core inside.

How to Build the Best Pivot Front Door

Your true flat pivot door team at Sing Core can help your favorite pivot door company to create the best Eco-friendly insulated, lightweight high strength pivot door. The best pivot door must be engineered correctly to maintain high precision and performance over the life of the door. To do so, means taking into account the geographical location of the pivot door, direction the pivot door faces, its exposure to the elements and varying barometric pressure and humidity to be expected. Also affecting the pivot front door’s performance, one must factor in the external material being used on the door (wooden pivot doors providing the highest degree of challenge). The team then goes about working hand in hand with the pivot door company to build a pivot door that will meet or exceed the client’s expectations.

Advantages of a Sing Pivot Front Door

Your pivot front door with Sing Core inside can be big, very big, in fact, up to 40 feet tall and 20 feet wide, and up to 8 inches thick, if need be, so a 20 ft tall pivot front door would be a piece of cake for the Sing pivot door team. A properly designed and built professional Sing external pivot door will have the following features:

  • Lightweight

  • High strength

  • Insulated

  • Sound dampening

  • Improved climate control

  • Sustainably Eco-friendly

  • 50 year warp-free guarantee in writing

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BYOB Build Your Own Booth

Sing Core has an economical way for you to design your own trade show booth. Of course, you can always have us build a custom trade show booth for you, by clicking here. But if you’ve looked over out pre-configured trade show display packages and didn’t find just the right fit for you, you could select from our modular trade show components to create your own unique trade show booth design, or add pieces to your existing Sing trade show display.

Choose from the following modular trade show components:

Create your own modular trade show display of any size, type or style by adding the individual components to your shopping cart.

Standard Sing Trade Show Panel “A” key-30-inch-trade-show-wall-panel-modular-component

Modular trade show displays 30 inch wall panel component The key component for designing and building your trade show display walls is our “A” trade show panels. These patented display panels measure 36 inches wide. They are lightweight and easy to handle. Panel “A”

Standard Sing Trade Show Panel “B” key-24-inch-trade-show-wall-panel-modular-component

Modular trade show displays 24 inch wall panel componentOur alternatively-sized component for your custom trade show display walls consists of our “B” trade show panels. These patented display panels measure 22 inches wide. Panel “B”

Standard Sing Trade Show Panel “D”

Modular trade show displays 30 inch door wall panel componentDoors: Standard trade show display door panels are 36 inches wide featuring a pre-installed door 27 inches wide with spring-loaded hinges and pre-drilled for door handle (door handle/locking mechanisms not included). but can be customized to your specifications. Please allow extra time to accommodate your specs.

Standard Sing Trade Show Display “I” Standard corner cam lock connector standard

Standard corner cam lock connector standard component illustrationThe Sing tradeshow display I is the key block component with two receptacles for attaching cam-locks for connecting two standard trade show panels side-by-side. The standard dimensions of this corner connector is 2 inches by 2 inches and can be used as booth corners or in combination with trade show panels to create free-standing offices or storage compartments. All Sing trade show display components feature cam lock connectors for quick, easy and secure fastening and joining. Display “I”

Standard Sing Trade Show Display “L” Standard corner cam lock connector standard

Standard corner cam lock connector standard component illustrationThe Sing tradeshow display L is the key corner block component with two receptacles for attaching cam-locks for a 90 degree corner connection of two standard trade show panels. The standard dimensions of this corner connector is 2 inches by 2 inches and can be used as booth corners or in combination with trade show panels to create free-standing offices or storage compartments. All Sing trade show display components feature cam lock connectors for quick, easy and secure fastening and joining. Display “L”

Standard Sing Trade Show Display “T” Standard T 3 way cam lock panel connector standard

Standard T 3 way cam lock panel connector standard component illustrationThe Sing tradeshow display T is the key corner block component with three receptacles for attaching cam-lock sets for a 90 degree corner connection of three standard trade show panels. As you determine your design keep in mind the dimensions as it measures 2 inches by 2 inches. Display “T”

Standard Sing Trade Show Display “X” Standard T 3 way cam lock panel connector standard

Standard T 3 way cam lock panel connector standard component illustrationThe Sing tradeshow display X is the key corner block component with four receptacles for attaching cam-lock sets for a 90 degree corner connection of four standard trade show panels. As you determine your design keep in mind the dimensions as it measures 2 inches by 2 inches. Display “X”

Standard Sing Trade Show Display “O” Standard T 3 way cam lock panel connector standard

Standard T 3 way cam lock panel connector standard component illustrationThe Sing tradeshow display O is the key end cap block component with one single receptacle for attaching cam-lock sets to finish the otherwise exposed ends of modular trade show panels. As you determine your design keep in mind the dimensions as it measures 2 inches by 2 inches. Display “O”

Once you know which components you desire, you can place your order here:

Fill out my online form.

And you will receive special pricing in reply to your request.

Thank you for building your own trade show booth,

Your friends at Sing Core


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Pivot Hinges for Doors

Making its way into modern architectural designs across the USA and throughout the world abroad, pivot hinge doors are marking their territory, especially when the client or homeowner desires to make an impact at first sight of the dwelling’s pivot front door. Not to be only dominating the upscale housing market, high end commercial establishments are also seeking out a large, unique pivot hinge door to welcome their clientele. This leaves the playing field wide open for pivot door manufacturers as well as the hardware companies supplying pivot hinges for doors throughout the industry.

While the pivot door market is growing by leaps and bounds, finding a pivot door company that specializes in pivoting doors, especially large pivot doors, is still hard to come by. Why? Unlike other side hinge doors, pivot hinges for doors that pivot are another type of door altogether.

Pivot hinges for doors

The pivot hinge door has two pivoting points where the pivot hinge is located. One on top of the pivot door, and one on the bottom of the pivot door. The center pivot door (indicating the center hung pivot hinge’s location in the door) is by far the most traditional location of the pivot door’s pivoting hardware, thought the current trend is to feature an offset door pivot hinge.

In the case of the offset pivot door, the pivot hardware is located to the left or right of center, or in an extreme edge pivot door the door pivot hinge is located closer to the outside edge of the door. This not only offers a unique visual impact of having an offset pivot door, there is also the advantage of having a wider opening when the door is in its opened position. With the offset door pivot hinge, the pivot door is not limited to one half of the pivot door’s frame, which provides more open access when using pivot hinges for doors that are offset (to one side of the center of the pivot door, or the other).

There is no doubt the pivot hinge doors is staking its claim on the front facing home as a pivot front door. The responsibility of the pivot front door is greatly escalated, as an exterior door one side of the pivot front door faces the elements, while the other side of the pivot door faces the home’s interior. This is asking for door trouble from the get-go, as front doors, especially for wooden pivot doors, due to their tendency to warp, bend or twist under these extreme circumstances.

There is one solid solution to the problems associated with large wooden doors used as pivot entry doors, and it is none other than Sing Core. If your pivot hinge doors is built with Sing Core inside, your pivot door will weigh in at a fraction of the weight of other pivot doors, while remaining extremely strong (660 PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound). So strong, in fact, that your professional Sing pivot door can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years. That means you don’t have to worry about you’re your door’s tendency to bend, twist cup or otherwise fail, including a full structural guarantee for 50 years. No other sustainable, Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength door can be backed with such an amazing guarantee.

Pivot doors prices can be very expensive doe to the nature of the doors to warp, and many steps have been taken in the past to keep these pivot doors straight, but at what cost? Adding an interior frame that is resistant to warp, like aluminum or steel may well keep the pivot door from warping but the pivot door then becomes very heavy, and heavy pivot doors mean heavy duty pivot door hardware.

When you’re staring a pivot hinge heavy duty in nature, you’re facing a large ticket item, as heavy duty pivot hinges can be very expensive indeed. If a pivot door is heavy, it is not unusual for the pivoting hardware to be many times the cost of the pivot door itself.

Think of all the savings which may be realized by having your pivot door built with Sing Core inside. You will save in shipping and transport, as well as installation, hardware and continued maintenance over time, because you have a lightweight Sing pivot door, without having to compromise in precision or high performance.

If you have a Sing professional pivot door, congratulations, you could have the best pivot door available today.

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Sliding French Doors

One of the best uses in emerging technologies attributed to the Sing Core solution for sliding doors is that of sliding French doors. In the scope of sliding French doors, the door is framed with a significant amount of solid material detail, such as is found in wooden sliding doors or aluminium sliding doors, but the main visual feature of the doors is a large pane of glass, similar to that of a glass sliding door. The result is a French sliding door which features the best of both worlds, an elegant frame with a large glass opening (lite opening).

Large Sliding French Doors in Office Building

Large Sliding French Doors in Office Building

Sliding French doors are more common in exterior uses, such as sliding patio doors.

Sliding Patio Doors


Sliding French doors make fabulous sliding patio doors which can feature many patio sliding doors in a line to offer greater visibility between the indoors and outdoors. Plate glass sliding door can be extremely heavy and may risk injury of little fingers which may be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The lighter weight Sing sliding door solution helps mitigate the risk of injury from sliding patio doors, while offering increased safety and security as wells as a degree of insulation which would not be possible for a simple sliding glass door left to itself.

Sliding Internal Doors

While sliding doors are used to separate the indoors from the outdoors, increasingly they are finding their way inside the home in a variety of sliding internal door applications. Sliding internal doors appear in a variety of sliding door designs. The most modern sliding doors are stylistically fashioned after the sliding barn doors of yesteryear.

Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors are set apart from other types of sliding doors due to the type of sliding door hardware which is a major component of the design of the sliding barn doors. Sliding barn door hardware traditionally is on top of the door from which the sliding barn door hangs. Exposed wheels roll back an forth on an exposed track, which gives the impression of an old style rolling barn door, like you might have seen out in the country or in old movies, or TV shows depicting barns which featured this type of sliding barn door.

Though the architectural sliding door design features may vary depending on the presentation, as the sliding barn door surface material may have a rustic appearance, or a highly polished modern sliding barn door appearance, which may feature wood, or other more contemporary sliding barn door materials.

Sliding Wall

One of the most popular uses of an interior sliding door is the concept of the sliding wall, which is not unlike the sliding patio door design, but usually features a solid door facing which could be either wood or some type of metal, such as aluminum sliding doors or steel sliding doors, used as a method to provide insulated separation between adjoining rooms, or dividing a large space into two or more separate rooms, while still retaining the large space, when needed. In this case, sliding doors room dividers can be sliding internal doors, feature barn door sliders, or a combination of folding sliding doors, depending on the architectural specifications of the sliding partition wall units.

Wooden Sliding Doors

Wooden sliding doors are the most problematic doors due to Mother Nature’s wood grain’s tendency to move according to the environmental conditions within the proximity of the faces of the wooden sliding door. In this sense, the door can seem very alive as it tends to bend or cup. This is one of the primary benefits of featuring Sing Core inside any type of wooden sliding door because it’s the only known method of creating a strong, lightweight, solid core wooden sliding door that can be guaranteed not tio warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Warp-free Sliding French Doors

Sliding French Door Specs

Sliding French Door Specs

The only known method for manufacturers of sliding French doors to create a warp-free sliding French door is to start with patented Sing Core’s insulation reinforced torsion box composite solid core material with patent pending warp-free technology to prevent the large oversize sliding door from failing for the service life of the wooden sliding doors, which would otherwise fail. Sing Core provides the sustainable Eco-friendly lightweight,  high strength, torsion box composite technology to sliding door manufactures that can be guaranteed warp-free for 50 years.

A sliding door that moves can jeopardize the sliding door lock, making it difficult, if not impossible, to secure. Let’s face it, a door that cannot be secured, is not much of a door at all. While warp-free is a huge advantage of sliding doors with Sing Core inside, another benefit is huge savings in sliding door hardware and maintenance over time. See also: How to Build Large Non-warp Exterior Sliding Doors

Sliding Door Hardware

The weight of the sliding door determines the size and nature of the sliding door hardware to be used to accommodate the sliding door’s operation. Whether the doors operation is as an automatic sliding door, or manual sliding door operation, the sliding door mechanism and hardware must be suited to the weight of the door. For heavy sliding doors, the sliding door hardware could cost many times the cost of the sliding door itself, which includes the sliding door handles. Fortunately for sliding doors that have Sing Core inside, they weigh a fraction of the weight of other solid core doors, which accounts for being able to utilize lighter weight sliding door hardware to match the sliding door, which also reduces stress and strain on both the structure and the hardware over time saving time and money over the life of the sliding door.

Sliding Door Repair

Of all the materials with which a sliding door company could build a sliding door, Sing Core is the most sustainable Eco-friendly material made in the USA, and can easily be repaired on site. For instance, in commercial sliding door operations, heavy equipment could damage the door, such as being punctured by forklift forks. If the doors are made of other traditional core material, the entire door might have to be replaced. But if you have Sing Core inside, the door can easily be reoaired without compromising the high performance, precision, strength, security or insulation qualities of your sliding door with Sing Core inside.


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Moveable Museum Walls

One of the most significant advances in museum exhibit designs is the growing use of patented Sing moveable museum walls in museum exhibits across the United States of America and abroad. Museum exhibition designers are often approached with the challenge of designing museum space for special events and traveling exhibitions. The best museum exhibit design firms have found Sing museum panels are the preferred solution to expanding their museum exhibit design capabilities exponentially by taking advantage of the Sing museum display system’s high precision, lightweight and high strength museum display system.

Lead time is a concern when faced with how to create a museum exhibit in a limited amount of time for capturing the opportunity to take advantage of travelling exhibit or touring exhibition. Sing museum panels are the stand out sustainable solution to creating ornate moveable museum walls that are elegant and practical as they can be used and reused over again without fail.

Robust Museum Wall Components

Although Sing museum wall components are available in a standard two-inch thick museum wall, custom museum panels can be manufactured in any size of thickness from one-inch to eight inches thick and in any museum wall height. Compared to other museum wall panels available from off-shore suppliers, Sing museum display system wall panels are extremely flat, lighter in weight, many times stronger and proudly made in the USA.

In fact, the Sing museum display system is the only Eco-friendly museum exhibit design solution that delivers lightweight (a fraction of the weight of other solid core museum wall panels) and high strength (660 PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound) moveable museum walls that comes with a 10 year guarantee not to warp, bend, twist, cup or otherwise fail (including full structure warranty) with regular use and reuse. Yes, you read that right: The only museum panels with a full 10 year guarantee.

Flexible Museum Design

Museum exhibition designers love the flexibility of the Sing museum wall solution that is easily assembled, reconfigured, disassembled, transported and stored when not in use. There are standard modular museum display system components that interlock quickly and easily with nothing more than the turn of an Allen wrench and disconnect just as easily.

The ease of assembly, use and reconfiguration of your Sing museum display system saves considerable time and money in accommodating traveling exhibitions as the opportunity arises, as well as other special events and opportunities, while reducing the load sustained by museum master craftsmen, woodworkers, builders and contractors.

Since all Sing museum design components are created to work together as moveable museum walls, when you have a new museum design in mind for a new museum exhibit, you don’t need to purchase an entire museum wall system, only the components you need to add to your existing components in stock.

Due to the museum wall smooth surface museum exhibition designers can quickly and easily attach vinyl graphics for that special look required to enhance the appearance and presentation of any approaching travelling exhibit or touring exhibition.

Customized Museum Wall

Your museum craftsperson or millwork can apply any flat surface material to our museum panel’s exterior surface, or we can custom manufacture your museum wall to your specifications, including any available material, such as any available natural wood species, aluminum, concrete, cold rolled steel, fiberglass / FRP, Formica, galvanized steel, glass, hot rolled steel, Kevlar, LVL, Masonite, MDF, Plastic, or Stainless Steel, just to name a few.

Let Sing Core serve your museum with our award winning lightweight, high-strength approach to solving any challenges you might be facing in your museum design especially in the area concerning your moveable museum walls.

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Trade Show Wall Panels

Announcing the latest advancement in leading edge development in trade show wall panels to hit the trade show display industry. The Sing modular trade show display system is based on the same high standards that have been serving the most elite museums and art galleries in the United States and around the world.

Click Here to Price Your Custom Trade Show Display

Just like the Sing museum wall panels, the trade show wall panels feature the patented Sing insulated reinforced torsion box composite solid core that results in a trade show wall panel that is rigid, lightweight and high strength. Thanks to Sing Core, you can have a high end museum quality trade show display featuring this next generation of patented trade show wall panels.

To make things even better, they have developed a sustainable high end modular trade show display system that can be easily assembled with nothing more than a twist of an Allen wrench. The trade show wall panels feature Sing’s patented display panel that interlock with each other in a variety of ways with preinstalled cam locks. Cam lock panels are connected together by an aluminum upright which is pre-configured to be joining panels in any direction.

This makes booth design so much easier and flexible as you can change the booth configuration to accommodate special events throughout the show. Simply add the display panels you need to reconfigure your trade show booth’s design to build a conference room, office area, storage closet, or theater. Click, click, each display panel in place. Sing booth design also includes a door panel which you can place between two other display panels for even more convenience and flexibility. Just lock it in and away you go.

All modular Sing trade show displays feature easy to knock down and flat pack your modular display for fast packaging, transport and storage. Sing Core also offers a separate reusable shipping container to keep your trade show wall panels safe between shows.

How strong are Sing trade show wall panels?

So strong, in fact, that these trade show walls have been independently tested to rate at 660 PSI. Compare that to aircraft quality of 10 to 110 PSI, and you have a superior lightweight panel that is strong enough to be used again and again for years without failure.
Standard Sing trade show wall panels are only two inches thick, yet stronger than a custom 2×4 stick trade show display build out, yet weighing in at a faction of the weight. Sing trade show wall panels are stronger than steel pound for pound and are also

Warp-free Trade Show Wall Panels

Use your Sing modular display system over and over again without fear of failure. Patented Sing reinforced torsion box composite core material in combination with their anti warp stiffener technology results in an Eco-friendly lightweight, high strength trade show display panel that will not warp-bend, twist or otherwise fail. If a display panel is damaged (for instance, punctured by fork lift forks, etc.) it can easily be repaired without compromising the strength of the trade show panel. Even after repeated use in successive trade shows, over and over again.

This is why only Sing trade show displays can come backed by their,

10 Year No Fail Warp-free Guarantee

Your panels are guaranteed not to warp, including full structure warranty, for 10 Years! These are the only industrial strength lightweight display panels made in the USA that come backed with a 10 year life service guarantee.

Never buy another trade show booth

Modular Sing trade show display components are designed to interlock with each other and can be used in many ways.

Never outgrow your trade show displays

As your business grows, your trade show booth can grow with you. You can start small, like with our basic 10×10 trade show booth and add the modular trade show wall components you need to expand your trade show booth design to accommodate larger trade show footprints as necessary.

Our smooth, white Formica surface looks good and lasts without deterioration, or can easily accommodate your custom graphic vinyl wraps.

Say, “No.” to wasteful demolition and disposal of your one-shot trade show display builds. The Sing solution not only save you in construction and demolition expenses, but can be used over and over again, making it the Eco-friendly, sustainable choice for a better world.

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Booth Design

The emerging giant in the trade show display industry delivers the goods in style in terms of providing trade show exhibitors with a sustainable solution to having complete creative control of your booth design. The Sing solution includes reusable lightweight, high strength modular trade show display components that are interchangeable and guaranteed to serve your trade show booth design needs over time.

Unlimited Booth Design

Never before have you been so empowered to change your trade show on demand. You can set up for opening day with one booth design and reconfigure your trade show booth to include an office, private theater or presentation room. Never has booth design been so flexible and immediately changeable on-the-fly.

Click Here to Price Your Custom Trade Show Display

Also, you have complete control of your booth design between trade shows. If one trade show your booth design is limited to a 40 ft. space, you simply create your design to fit the space. If your next trade show has you in a 70 ft. space, no need for another trade show booth system, all you have to do is to add the panels you want in the design configuration you want, and you’re never locked in to a particular booth design, because you can change it any time you want.

Patented Lightweight High Strength Display Panel

The strength of Sing’s trade show display system lies inside the patented trade show display panel that outperforms any other trade show panel in the industry. No other panel is so lightweight (a fraction of stick built trades show displays), stronger (Sing Core is 660 PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound) and Eco-friendly (made in the USA, with little expended energy, little or no waste, responsible use of natural wood resources) and can be guaranteed not to fail (warp, bend, or twist, including structure warranty) for 10 years, even if used again, again and again over the 10 year term of service. So, you can say, “goodbye,” to trade show booth rental. Plus,

Never Buy another Trade Show Booth Again

The Sing modular tradeshow booth system is comprehensive and grows with you. If you start with our convenient 10×10 trade show booth design as your entry point to the system, and your business grows to a 40 ft trade show space, normally you would have to ditch the old trade show booth and buy a new one to accommodate your growth. Not so with you modular Sing trade show display system. All you have to do is to add the panels you need to accommodate your new expanded 40 ft. booth design.

Modular Trade Show Displays

Trade show displays have never been so lightweight, high strength and Eco friendly. This is the patented booth design system that is superior to anything available, which offers so much more than an easy to use, assemble, disassemble, transport and store. Imagine being able to also enjoy built in insulation for sound deadening in each display panel and expandability to enjoy your most creative ideas for your own individualized booth designs for that added impact.

Custom Trade Show Displays

Want that extra something special? No problem. If our standard modular trade show walls and components aren’t floating your boat, you can create your own individualized custom booth design and we can build it to meet your specifications, and we can help to still make it lightweight, high strength and completely modular, so you can enjoy all the convenience of our original modular booth design systems. All you have to do is to submit your custom trade show booth inquiry for a price quote. (Note custom trade booth designs have a 4 to 8 week turnaround, while standard kits are in stock, available now, without the wait and ready to ship.)

Not Just for Trade Show Booth Design

While Sing modular trade show systems are winning accolades from all of our clients who enjoy all the benefits and savings of owning their own expandable trade show systems, we see clients buy these very same patented display panels for use as portable inplant offices, clean rooms, office partitions, room dividers, temporary office spaces, temporary buildings and structures. What else could you use your Sing trade show booth system for?

Let your creative imagination run wild with patented Sing modular trade show booth system.