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Large Interior Doors

Masters of oversized doors, Sing Core has been enabling the biggest door manufacturers in the USA to make the best biggest doors that can be made and guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years. For 50 years, the major door companies opted out of the large door marketplace because the rate of complaint and return was too high, easily eating up year-end profits.

So, the door companies would supply all the standard-sized door while referring the large exterior doors, large pocket door, large interior doors, large glass sliding doors, large garage doors or large wooden doors to a millwork who specializes in one-off specialty doors and let them deal with the service calls.

Then, about 20 years ago the millworks started making doors with Peter Sing’s patented Sing Core inside. Now they could make huge exterior doors and large interior doors, including large wooden doors that would stay straight and true for 50 years, guaranteed. Until the invention of Sing’s core, this was never possible in the large interior door industry.

It took a few years for the standard door manufacturers to come around, but they did. Now you can do to just about any door company and get the entire door schedule for any project including the huge mammoth-sized doors all sourced from one company, plus the entire package could be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty without having to have a rider to exclude the big interior doors or enormous exterior doors.

Sing supplies the warp-free door blanks for each door company’s designer oversized doors which are available in any custom size large doors up to 50 ft. Sing’s interior doors come in a wide variety of styles to accommodate any size or style, allowing architects and designers to freely express themselves in terms of door sizes with unlimited large interior door options.

Floor to ceiling doors are reaching new heights of interior door designs for everything from custom interior to wine cellar doors in contemporary architecture and design projects across the USA. These large luxury interior and exterior doors are available in any flat building material such as wood, steel, and fiberglass exterior, and interior doors, including storm, and patio doors.

No job is too challenging for patented Sing Core. Sing has a specialized True Flat Team which reviews every job that would otherwise be too challenging to consider for any conscious project manager. The team reviews all the data of the fashioned interior door designs and comes up with the best solution(s) to provide a door that is

Lightweight (a fraction of the weight of other solid core doors)

High strength (Sing Core is rated at 600+ PSI, stronger than steel lb. for lb.)

Fully insulated (for sound deadening and climate control)

High precision (Sing’s core +/- .006 in. tolerance)

Warp-free (guaranteed for 50 years)

As many of Sing’s clientele has admitted,

“There is just no other way to do it.”

Sing’s Core doesn’t have too much advantage for use in standard sized doors, though companies who specialize in impact doors, sound proof doors, and high end refrigeration applications do build smaller doors with Sing Core inside.

Where Sing’s core really shines is in doors that start at 48″ x 96″(4′-0″ x 8′-0″) doors and go up from there (to 50 feet?). You probably want to know,

How to buy the best large interior doors for your home

It is easy if you have an architect onboard, your architect simply specifies a door with “Sing Core inside” then the rest of your team just makes it happen. If not, you can contact any of your favorite local door companies or millwork (just Google “millwork near me”) and tell them what you want. Peter Sing and his True Flat Team will use all their resources, patented and patent pending, to create for you the warp-free large interior doors of your dreams.

How can Sing deliver such large doors?

Military and government agencies are able to coordinate transfer of items that are too large for average transport, otherwise Sing designs them as modular big interior doors that can be assembled onsite, with all the precision of being assembled in his factory. This is another piece of the puzzle that Sing has mastered.

So, whether you are looking for the highest quality exterior doors or the widest range of interior door styles then and you desire only the best doors ever made with the best warranty in the United States, then made in the USA premium doors with Sing Core inside are the only doors that will do.

Accept no substitutes. (Don’t get caught trying to switch a regular door with one that has been specified as having Sing Core inside, because when it fails, the customer will contact Peter Sing, and everyone will know that you tried to cut corners… true story.)

Everything from impact resistant slab doors to premium and unique interior doors because every door with Sing Core inside is an individual work of art, which is guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Make sure your handcrafted beautiful custom wood doors and beautiful solid wood interior and exterior doors have Sing Core inside.


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Lead Time

Please Note: Standard lead times are 6-10 weeks. Rush orders are available if required. No “Will Call” pick-up orders.


Every order Sing Core manufactures is custom made, so please bear that in mind in regards to your project’s timelines. If you require a rush order, rush fees are as follows:

  • Ship in 4 weeks – 20% price increase
  • Ship in 3 weeks – 40% price increase
  • Ship in 2 weeks – 70% price increase
  • Ship in 1 Week – 100% price increase
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Nightstand Gallery

Welcome to the Sing Core nightstand gallery!

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Bookshelf Gallery

Welcome to the Sing Core bookshelf gallery!

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Armoire Gallery

Welcome to the Sing Core armoire gallery!

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Dresser Gallery

Welcome to the Sing Core dresser gallery!

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Standard Doors

Standardized Doors

Are you searching for the best interior door to put in your home? Well search no more! Sing Core offers only the best doors to fit your budget. Sing Core’s patented door design reduces weight, increases insulation, increases sound deadening, and will not warp.

Traditionally manufactured interior doors weigh almost three times more than a Sing Core door. Sing Core produces hollow core doors that provide much greater insulation qualities. Usually hollow core doors have an insulation value, or R value, of 2. Sing Core interior doors boast an R value of 6. With this being said, you can save on your heating bill and save on the cost of replacing your old doors.

Sing Core offers the highest quality of over-sized doors, but also provides the absolute best standard interior doors. Standard doors sizes are available in 30”W x 80”H or 32”W x 80”H. Standard interior doors usually have a thickness of 1 ⅜”. If the door you are looking for is not one of the listed sizes then do not worry, you can contact our salesperson and we can create a custom door just for you.

Currently we are offering our standard interior doors with a fiberglass skin. Traditional standard sized interior doors usually have a medium density fiberboard (MDF) skin or are solid wood. Both of these materials are very heavy, increasing the cost of hardware needed to hold the door. Our standard doors can be used with hinging, pivoting, or sliding hardware.

The standard interior doors are being sold as unfinished door blanks so that you may finish the door as you please. If you are searching for a new interior door, then you have come to the right place. Sing Core doors are among the lightest on the market. Don’t think for a second that we compromised strength to achieve such a lightweight door. Sing Core doors are significantly stronger than doors comprised of traditional materials, not to mention modern hollow core doors.

Sing Core is the only company that guarantees every door to stay straight and not warp for 50 years! No other door company can make such a claim. Our standard sized doors can be used with a wide variety of hardware. You can hang the door with standard hinges, a pivot box, or even make it a sliding door. Sing Core’s lightweight design allows you to save on hardware costs. There is no need for any specialty hardware to support a heavy door.

You could even apply a proper exterior finish to the door for use as an exterior door. The possibilities are endless! Sing Core can customize any door you need, in anyway you may need. Our doors can have a wide variety of skins; including, but not limited to A/B Plywood, veneer, wood staves, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, HPL, MDF, and much much more. For the fastest way to receive an estimate, please check out our pricing page! Just submit for a price quote and we will get back to you ASAP!

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Invisible Doorway

Hidden “Jib” Doors

A door that is hidden in plain sight is commonly referred to as a “jib” door. Jib doors can often be called invisible doors or frameless doors. This type of door traditionally sits flush with the wall and matches any pattern on the wall. Jib doors provide a camouflage entrance to “secret” rooms. Everyone loves a house with a hidden door or secret rooms. We can provide jib doors, concealed cupboards and riser door systems perfect for concealing unsightly riser doors, access panels and service cupboards.

Essentially, it’s a door that is flush-mounted right into the wall—and often without hardware—essentially making it “invisible.” Sing Core provides lightweight and high strength door panels. These panels are crafted with the utmost precision. Sing Core’s door panels are comprised of a specially designed torsion box honeycomb core. This special design prevents warping, even in greatly over-sized doors. Sing Core is one of the only door companies who can guarantee their doors for 50 years. No other door company can make this claim!

Known for their essential “invisibility,” jib doors are flush-mounted directly into the wall allowing them to blend beautifully with their surroundings. The most subtle jib doors often lack any visible hardware. Bookcase doors work perfectly as entrances to panic rooms or vaults for storing firearms, jewelry, documents and other important items. A jib door is nearly invisible, or at least disguised from being recognized as a door. It may have the same moldings or wall treatment as the surrounding wall, creating a door hidden in plain sight.

What is the purpose of a jib door? A jib door or set of jib doors allow you to disguise that old broom closet so no one would even know it is there. Jib doors are very popularly used to keep precious valuables safe and secure. More importantly, jib doors can and are used to conceal your home’s panic room. A jib door is only hidden as well as it is made precise. Do not take any chances, and let Sing Core build your very own custom jib door. Sing Core offers precision unlike any other door company out there. This being said, we can manufacture the most seamless jib doors on the market.

Sing Core builds the most high end and lightweight doors on the market, and remain economically friendly! We custom build every door by hand to ensure the utmost precision as well as the utmost customer satisfaction. Plus, if your invisible door has Sing Core inside, you get the added safety and security of having a fully insulated sound deadening jib door which is also highly effective in maintaining consistent temperature control on either side of the wall door.

Millworks and high-end custom door manufacturers know they can rely on Sing Core’s ability to provide a warp-free door blank which will remain straight and true enough to protect the hidden door’s secret of invisibility over time. Not only can Sing Core offer the utmost precision, but we can offer precision that lasts longer than any other door company. Traditional door materials; such as solid wood, hollow core with MDF, or plastic tend to warp as they age and some are warp the day you purchase them! Sing Core guarantees that every door produced will not warp or fail, and this is backed by the Sing Core 50 year guarantee!

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Veneer Contractors and Laminators

Sing Core works to support veneer and lamination industries for critical large-scale jobs that would otherwise be too complicated to manage or may run into problems when the product begins to move.

For years, Sing Core has been providing the best veneer and lamination companies to keep their large, oversized products straight and true without fear of warping.

13 foot lightweight panel strength peter sing core

13 ft. x 1 in. thick panel without deflection

Only inventor Peter Sing’s warp-free veneer substrate can keep your veneers and laminations from warping over time. This is especially important in free-standing applications, such as temporary walls, display walls, and large doors of any size.

When your veneers or laminations are applied to any flat surface, like a wall or a floor, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to unexpected movement, but these free-standing applications are always a problem when trying to keep your product straight.

The application for which Sing Core is unsurpassed in superior performance is that of large doors. Door companies that long ago refused to make large doors due to the liability of warping not long after installation, are now making the biggest doors available to their custom clientele. That’s why architects spec Sing Core inside. See The Secret Revealed: How to Keep Large Doors Straight.

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

Only large doors with Sing’s patented Sing Core inside can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years, including structure.

We Don’t Eat Your Lunch

At Sing Core, we are known for the elegantly beautiful huge doors that people first think of when they hear the name, Sing Core. Even though these are the products that people associate with Sing Core,

We Do Not Build Doors

We only provide the best millworks and door companies with the warp-free doors substrate. Our customers are the one’s who have our door cores finished, veneered, or laminated. We only provide the substrate. Our clients are the ones that make the doors look so amazing.

We Need You and Your Services

When an architect or contractor in your area specifies “Sing Core inside” whatever job is at hand, we do not do the veneer or laminate. We send our work to you.

We are constantly on the lookout for new laminators and veneer shops to add these materials to our core for the architects and contractors who have spec’d our material.

If It is Too Big, We Got You

If you’ve got a project that is at risk of warping in the field, we can supply you directly with our core for you to apply your materials to.

In the event that you end up taking a project that is too big for your presses, Sing Core can help you with that as well.

Extra Large Wood Stave Lamination

The one in-house lamination service that we provide to the lamination and veneer industries is to offer wood stave lamination of products that exceed the capacity of your presses, so now, you too can offer your products to your clients which are of great size.

All this, and you can pass on our 50-year warp-free guarantee to your clients.

Contact Us

Contact us if you can provide your veneer or lamination service to us on the behalf of our clients in your geographical area or if we can provide you with our warp-free substrate on the behalf of your most distinguished clientele.

Join our long list of partners across the USA. You do what you do best, combined with our doing what we do best, for the best possible outcomes in the world… Guaranteed for 50 years.