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Oversize Walnut Wood Veneer Sliding Door

9′ Tall, 8′ wide, super light walnut veneer door panel

At SingCore, we know that doors should come at any size with any skin finish that you desire. For this reason we make doors custom to order, based on your exact needs and wants.

This oversize walnut skinned sliding door, for example, push the edge of extremity for a typical door manufacturer. But, is well within our wheelhouse when it comes to the exacting standards of SingCore oversized architectural door panels.

Our doors are:

  • Light weight (up to three times lighter than wooden doors)
  • Stronger than steel (pound for pound)
  • Perfectly straight (guaranteed to meet or exceed AWI standards for 50 years or more)
  • Eco-friendly (heavy reliance on renewable resources)
  • Custom designed (inside and outside made to meet your exact specifications)

Walnut Door Slab

Our specialty is to produce unfinished (raw wood) slab door panels for use by millworks, contractors, architect firms, designers, and other builders in projects with demanding specifications. We provide slab panels that without any particular ornamentation or hardware, which leaves you free to apply the design of your choice to the surface, or keep the modern sleek look of slab doors.

We do provide the following services with our slab doors:

  • Light openings for glass, man doors, or other ornamentation
  • Solid wood or veneer “edge banding”
  • Interior solid wood blocking (soft or hardwood optional)
  • Trim and final dimensioning services (optional)

Perfect Flat Walnut Sliding Door Panel

Walnut Veneer Interior Doors

SingCore panels are designed to work as both interior and exterior doors without additional modification. Our panels come highly insulated with dense foam as part of the core construction. At either 3.5 R or >6 R per inch of core material, there is plenty of thermal insulation for exterior applications. Likewise, the foam provides exceptional sound dampening for indoor applications.

Walnut Front Door with Glass

When it comes to glass doors, french doors, and other amazing light opening panels, there is a reason we are called the “King” of the front door.

We can provide walnut front doors with glass of any size, shape, finish, or otherwise that you desire. Every panel we make is custom to you order and specifications.

All panels are provided raw, without finish applied, and without glass.

Prehung Walnut Doors

We do not provide prehung door panels, but our panels are ready for your installer, millwork, or contractor to finish and install hardware. The best part of our panels in their ability to fit in to any project and any style. There is no problem matching our panels to the rest of your door schedule, because they can be finished on site to match the other materials exactly.

Black Walnut Interior Doors

We provide door panels custom made with any finish. Wood veneer finishes include:

  • Walnut (Black Walnut, English Walnut, Northern California Walnut, Colombian Walnut, and more)
  • Redwood
  • Cedar (Western Red Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, and more)
  • Oak (White Oak, Red Oak, and more)
  • Fir
  • Mahogany/Teak
  • Maple
  • Cherry Wood
  • and more

If you are looking for a look, we have it.

Dark Walnut Front Door

Dark walnut front doors ooze style. We would be very happy to produce at front door of any dimension and look. All we need from you is the height, width, and door thickness. Then, let us handle the rest.

Dark Walnut Door

You may be surprised to hear that our doors are perfectly flat. But in fact they are and always will be. That is something that our company guarantees for 50 years.

When you go with dark walnut for you door, the expense of such an exclusive material means that you want to certain of. There is no reason why your door should warp or prove to be less than fully functional for the life of the building. That is why you need SingCore front and center of your construction.

Order Today

Submit for a free estimate for your next project today! Free consultation available to let us help you choose the best SingCore panel for your project.

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folding garage door

So, you may think that a bi-fold garage door is the right look for your dwelling. They have a classic look the reminisces of old times. Stables, country houses, and regal manor homes. This is exactly what Sing Core provides.

Bi-fold doors are defined by having two panels on each side of the opening, for a total of four panels. The outer panels are hinged to the wall, while the inner two are hinged to the outer panels themselves. This produces a compact operating door over wide spans. Some bifold doors will have tracks and/or wheels that support the inner panel during operation. While this may not always be necessary, doors that operate in this way are similar to accordion doors.

Residential Vertical Bifold Garage Doors

In the typical up scale residential home, wide garages are a must. But the drab old “overhead” style door is not the right fit for such a home. Enter, the vertical bifold garage door:

This door is a sleek alternative to the same old tune. Yet, it remains functional in compact, space sensitive designs. And, maintains the easy to operate functionality of the standard overhead design.

SingCore’s patented garage door panel technology is the key ingredient in such a design, where strength, lightness, perfect straight, noise and temperature insulation qualities are highly prized.

Residential Horizontal Bifold Garage Doors

The classic look, nothing beats the traditional craftsman style of horizontal folding bifold doors.

Yet, there is no reason to be stuck in old traditions when superior modern alternatives exist. SingCore’s panels are as much as 3 times lighter than tradition wooden doors, come with much superior insulation, and are guaranteed warp free for 50 years.

For that timeless look, combined with timeless durability — look no further than SingCore.

Folding Garage Door Hardware

For SingCore, hardware is no problem. Our light weight and perfectly straight construction takes the load of any hardware design that you choose. 2 hinge, 3 hinge, 4 hinge or more.

We block out internal supports exactly where you want the hardware to be. Then your crack hardware installation millwork, contractor, door installer, or other trade professional will do the rest of the work!

Bifold Garage Door Track

Bifold garage doors are the right track for the exceptional home that exceeds expectation. You may call a track for a bi-fold garage door an accordion door track. What ever track you take, make sure SingCore is on the bill.

No track is strong enough to take the beating of an exceptionally heavy door panel indefinitely. Or, prevent the warping of a wooden door. Our one of a kind building techniques avoid all these issues!

Compact Folding Garage Door

Folding garage doors can be a great asset to the human race, because they get “out of your way!”

Don’t you think that a folding garage door is in your future? Why go back when you can go forward?

Tri-Fold Garage Doors

There is no reason to stop at two, when you can have three or more of the very best panels in the industry. Our patented and patent pending door technology is uniquely suited for the stress of a tri-fold application via:

  • Immense strength (stronger than steel)
  • Profound straightness (straighter than AWI standards)
  • A lifetime of durability (50 years or more)
  • Any style, finish, or look!

Bifold Garage Door Price

The price of a set of a bi-fold, tri-fold, or any folding door panel can be most quickly and easily determined by clicking the orange button at the top of this page. And, submitting the details of your project to our crack estimating team.

Best of luck on your project!

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Large Doors

If there are any two words which easily define what Sing Core does, “large doors,” and there is no better large door in the world. Other words which are part of the Sing Core culture are “lightweight,” “high strength,” and “Eco-friendly.”

Why are large doors the main commodity of Sing Core?

Because oversized doors, if they are over seven feet tall and/or three and a half feet wide present a number of problems inherit to the limitations of available door building materials, most importantly if you are attempting to build large wooden doors.

Large oversized doors will move according to changes in the environment. This is the nature of natural wood grain, which as beautiful as it can be, will move or warp. Warping large doors is the number one reason the world’s biggest door manufacturers seek to engineer and specify Sing Core inside their large doors.

Large Exterior Doors

Large exterior doors (or just plain old exterior doors for that matter) are more prone to warp than interior doors because one side faces a temperature controlled (to some degree) environment, while the other side can be 100% exposed to the weather. This is the perfect recipe for ending up with warping large doors.

These large residential doors can include large feature doors, modern front doors, large pivot doors, and steel front doors, which are among the top few large door requests which are encountered by Sing Core every day.

People do not want to compromise with the primal focal point of their home. The front door is the first point of engagement when someone approaches your home, and for some, making an impact with visiting guests is important to those who are specifying “Sing Core inside,” their doors.

Among other styles of big doors are patio doors, also often big doors which, like large front doors, are subject to warp due to changes according to surrounding elements.

Large Wooden Commercial Doors

Then there are large wooden commercial doors which are problematic when bridging the gap between the creative genius of the contemporary architect and designer on one side and the abilities to create and install such a door by the door manufacturer and contractor on the other.

Frequently we are seeing large sliding glass doors appear more often in drawing boards which feature a wood frame, not unlike large French doors that host a large glass cut out for viewing the expansive outdoors. We are building these large sliding panel doors with big glass cutouts for all kinds of commercial door applications both in interiors and exteriors.

It is not uncommon for us to see large commercial doors, wither with glass or just solid wood surfaces, which span large openings or for separating one or more large open areas, thereby subdividing a large room into several smaller rooms until the large wooden commercial doors are fully opened to expose the entire area of the expanse.

Large Industrial Doors

Large industrial doors can come in any size and covered with any exterior surface material based on the design recommendations of the architects and engineers working on the project. If the project includes a very large door, the True Flat Team works in concert with engineers and architects to produce an Eco-friendly door which is high precision (Sing Core sports +/- .006 tolerances) can be lightweight, stronger than steel, and guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

50 Year Warp-free Guarantee

You read that right. Inventor and CEO Peter Sing is so confident about his patented and patent-pending counter-warp materials that he stakes his reputation on it.

His insulated reinforced torsion box hybrid core is so rigid, he says anything built with it will last for centuries, but he guarantees it for 50 years.

Gone are the days when inexpensive products fill our landfills and contaminate the environment. As more and more products are built with Sing Core inside, they could virtually last forever, and individual components could be repurposed into something new.

So whether you are in search of large pocket doors, large sliding closet doors, a large garage door, or large hangar door, you and your clientele would be best served by making certain your large doors are specified with Sing Core inside, especially for your large, expansive doors and window projects.

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San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

We at Sing Core are so fortunate to support the arts by providing museums and galleries with the best Eco-friendly museum displays and art display materials in the world which are capable of protecting sensitive works art.

Sensitive love storage bays, large art cabinets, and display materials with Sing Core inside are carefully constructed of low volatile organic compounds (VOC) yet have the most unique design characteristics which are not limited in size or scope.

One such project included 10 ft tall cabinets which are for storing sensitive items in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), located at 151 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94103, supporting the arts in all aspects from storage to visual presentation.

If you visit the SFMOMA, you might enjoy visiting Jeff Koon’s $58.4 million balloon dog on display.

Due to the lightweight and high strength of Sing museum wall panels, entire display spaces can be reconfigured easily to control traffic flow for special projects or travelling displays, which are designed to be used over and over again without risk of compromising the visual impact of perfectly straight lines.

Only with the invention of patented Sing Core can museum walls be so easily assembled, disassembled, transported, stored, even reconfigured live in between showings.

And size? Size is no problem, anything from 10 ft tall warp-free love VOC cabinet doors to 40 ft tall sliding elephant doors. No project is too large for Sing Core which specializes in making the impossible possible without compromising the art, environment, or sustainability over time.

Art is precious and should be protected by the only building material which is made to last centuries and can be guaranteed to remain perfectly straight and warp-free for 50 years of faithful service without fail.

That’s why you find Sing Core in the finest historic foundations and art preservation foundations from coast to coast Sing Core is like the transcontinental railway which linked the coasts of America with its varying cultures and lifestyles by bridging the building material gap while preserving the most precious treasures from around the world.

And having access to this patented art and museum material does not have to challenge the budget of your nonprofit organization. Inventor Peter Sing has been known to partner with architects, designers, and artists to help support the preservation of the arts.

Museums and art galleries want a system that is guaranteed to be long lasting, portable, reusable, and easily assembled. Sing Core museum panels provide just that, with the added benefits of being lightweight and eco-friendly.

A two-man team can quickly and easily assemble your Sing museum exhibit in just a couple of minutes. When you are ready to take down this exhibit, the cam-lock system makes our panels easy to disassemble and store flat until you are ready to reuse them. There is no need for complicated hardware to store, catalog, sort, or maintain your Sing Core panels.

American made Sing free-standing museum walls are perfect for executing high-end exhibit displays are elegant, yet lightweight, stronger than steel, and Eco-friendlier than the competition. Our walls require little construction and can be assembled without a large crew. Additionally, our walls can be custom created to be any size according to your and are available in any material.

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SingCore Designer Executive Tables Suit Every Occasion

Why Executive Suite Tables?

Over years of research and development, SingCore has found that one of the great areas lacking in choices is high end tables that serve all of the necessary functions at affordable prices.  High end executive style tables are always sold at an enormous premium, yet many of them are substandard in quality, often using inferior materials like HPL and melamine for the surface.  Worse yet, their methods of applying the veneer are prone to delamination and damage.  That’s why SingCore has set out to solve all of the problems with executive style tables with our new line of Designer Executive Tables that come in sizes and styles to suit all of your needs.

The SingCore Philophy

With over 20 years of research and development under his belt, Master Inventor, Peter Sing has put all of our products through rigorous testing to determine the absolute best materials possible for manufacturing, high end custom doors of all types and sizes, log homes, tiny houses, walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, Sing Post and Beam, all kinds of furniture, and now Designer Executive Tables.  Our materials ensure products that are not only incredibly strong, but also some of the lightest weight, most versatile, most visually appealing on the market.  Yet our products are forever evolving and improving.  Also, we are constantly finding new uses for our products.

The SingCore Advantage

SingCore has become a leader in the door industry by using the best materials and the best designs on the market to date.  Our doors are incredibly strong, tested in UW laboratories to withstand over 660 PSI.  Because of the rigorous use required for large sliding, pivot, and pocket doors, SingCore has engineered the most structurally stable material on the market, our patented and patent pending SingCore core.  Doors must be extremely light in weight, because heavy doors can wreak havoc on your hardware and your door jambs and framing around your doors.  Because of this, we have been able manufacture tables that are lighter than pretty much any other table on the market of a comparable size.

The detail on our Sing Panels are incomparable.  Here at SingCore, we believe it is important to pay attention to the finer details.  When you order a SingCore table, you can be sure that you’re getting a table made to the standards of the most expert craftsman.  This you receive a perfect table.

What Can Sing Designer Executive Tables do for You?

No other tables are like Sing Designer Executive Tables.  In terms of performance, price, light weight, versatility, style, and design, there’s nothing else on the market like Sing Core products.  We have ventured into the table market, because we know we have the best products out there.  When your friends and family, visitors, business associates, and customers see that you are the proud owner of a Sing Designer Executive Table, you will find it easier to get along with people, more visitors will find their way into your home or office.  You will become more persuasive in your business dealings.  Customers will buy more products.  That’s why buying our tables are far more valuable than just a number on a price tag.  Our furniture pays for itself more quickly than you can imagine!


The Sing Executive Board Room Conference Table

Feast your eyes on the beast!  The Sing Executive Board Room Conference Table, the most prestigious table on the market!  Win negotiations.  Ace your business presentations.  Rule over your board meetings.  Accelerate your company profits quicker than Ed Hardy on the blacktop.  All of this and more are possible with this table.  The vast expanse of our Executive Conference table allows you the space and the latitude to do it.


For this amazing specimen, we started with a huge base of our architectural grade Sing Professional Panels, next we applied a beautiful white oak wood stave to the face and back.  Then, we applied a beautiful walnut edge banding and made the stylish legs out of walnut.  We finished the door with several coats of the best quality varnish on the market to create a door that was not only durable and functional, but stronger and lighter than any comparable table on the market.  Our secret formula for success brings you tables that are in a class of their own.  Even better, the price is lower than any other table with similar features and quality.

Customized to Meet Your Every Need

Here at SingCore, we use many different  types of wood and materials.  We can make you a table with a premium hardwood skin, like Walnut, Oak, Mahogany, Alder, or Cedar.  We can make you an aluminum or hot or cold rolled steel skin table.  We can also make you an HPL or other type of table.  We can also match your edge banding to the skin on your table or vary the edge banding to give you a stylistic flair.  We can make make you table with nearly any skin.  It’s as easy as telling us what you want!

There are so many options to choose from!  Some of our customers even like to collect one of every kind!


The SingCore Commitment to Domestic Production

Our tables have so many qualities that it seems like we might just be grasping at straws at this point, but the benefits don’t stop there.  At SingCore, we are proud to announce that all of our products are 100% right here in the USA.  We also use locally sourced materials.  Many companies order most of their parts from foreign countries and assemble them in USA, yet they call their products American made.  We manufacture everything right here in sunny McCleary, WA.  McCleary is becoming one of the most in demand rural areas in Washington State.  SingCore has made McCleary to furniture what Silicone Valley is to software engineering.  Our philosophy is to help the local economy and contribute to the US economy.

The SingCore Guarantee

No other panel products come with a 50 Year Guarantee.  Our panels are among the strongest, most versatile panels in the world.  SingCore Professional Panels are guaranteed against skewing, twisting, cracking, breaking, and delamination.  No other panel can offer you such a robust guarantee.  Our panels are made to last a lifetime.  Contact us to find out which products are covered by our Signature 50 Year Guarantee!

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Wood Sliding Door

Sing Core’s revolutionary wood sliding door is unlike any other wood sliding door in the world with features and benefits unmatched by any other Eco-friendly lightweight, high strength door available anywhere at any price.

Sing wood sliding door products are the backbone of the high-end door manufacturing highly guarded secret of the biggest and best wood sliding door manufacturers in the world.

Inventor Peter Sing empowers any ordinary sliding door company to make extraordinary sliding wood doors which can be of enormous size and guaranteed to remain warp-free, including uncompromising structural strength for 50 years. No other company can do that, unless your wooden sliding door has Sing’s secret ingredients inside.

Mr. Sing’s True Flat Team at his Sing Core factory tucked away in the serenity of the plush Pacific Northwest in Washington State, utilizes varying formulations of his patented and patent-pending technologies to produce these one of a kind warp-free wooden sliding door products.

While many of the doors which feature Sing’s “Sing Core” inside their doors are the homes, establishments, and industrial sites of the most elite individuals in the United States and the world, Mr. Sing would like to see every interior sliding door, from closet sliding door to sliding carriage and barn doors featuring his core material in every home.

Then everyone could enjoy wood sliding doors built to last centuries and guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 years, which also provide these amazing benefits:

  1. Eco-friendly

  2. Lightweight

  3. High Strength

  4. Dimensionally Stable

  5. Impact Resistant

  6. Fully Insulated, for

    1. Sound Isolation

    2. Climate Control

  7. Feature Any Wood Species (subject to availability)

  8. Available in Any Style

  9. Any Size (up to 40 ft., or more)

  10. 50-year Warp-free Guarantee

Due to Sing’s doors being so lightweight, think of the cost savings over the life of your wood sliding door in wooden sliding doors door hardware over time. The initial cost of hardware is based on the weight of the door, the greater the weight of the sliding door, the more expensive the hardware is. Sometimes the sliding door hardware can be more expensive than the sliding door, itself.

Heavy wood sliding doors will present regular maintenance costs over time, as the weight of the door under normal usage conditions will cause the hardware to beak down, requiring service or replacement. These heavy doors also exert stress on the structure over the course of normal operation which leads to other structural maintenance costs over time.

If your wood sliding door has Sing Core inside, the weight of the door will be very light, saving you money on lighter weight-rated sliding door hardware. Plus, regular operation of the Eco-friendly, lightweight and high strength door does not wreak havoc on the structure, which means very little maintenance over time, if any, which greatly reduces the average cost of wood sliding doors overall.

The most modern sliding patio doors and modern sliding barn doors have Sing Core inside as contemporary architects and designers let their creative juices flow thanks to Sing’s invention of Sing Core.

These are often considered among the best wood sliding doors and by far the best-performing gliding patio door as Sing’s invention makes child’s play of the challenges associated with a wood sliding door with one side 100% exposed to the weather (which usually creates many problems for door manufacturers in the field following installation).

If you, or your client, demands the highest degree of stylish sliding doors which can continue to be proud of and can be guaranteed for 50 years of worry-free enjoyment without fail?

Shouldn’t your wood sliding doors (at least the most special ones) have Sing Core inside?

How can you get the best wood sliding door in the world?

Surprisingly, you cannot get a door from Sing Core. Inventor Peter Sing says,

“We do not make doors.”

Which is a little confusing because he does provide the best sliding door manufacturers in the world, as well as custom door makers, and millworks, with his patented core systems to enable them to create these enormously famous one of a kind doors.

So, all you have to do is to contact you favorite door manufacturer, custom door builder, or millwork, and tell them you want “Sing Core inside,” your door.
Then you, too can have one of the world’s best doors for a better world.


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Sing Core Vision and the Arts

Sing Core is moving into the arena of the visual arts empowering artists to further express their uniquely fashioned visionary concept to 3D manifestations.

The physics of the three-dimensional world in which we live often can create challenges for the creative artist in the engineering process of bringing their creations to life so they can be displayed and appreciated by others.

The mass and material components of the masterpiece may prohibit the execution of the objet d’art because materials which exist outside a vacuum will move according to changes in the environment where they are displayed.

This movement could compromise the artistic rendering causing the project to deconstruct or fail. This would be a tragic conclusion to any artist’s work, though it is common for œuvres d’art to need regular maintenance over time to minimize the effects of aging over the years.

You want your art to be manufactured in such a way as to preserve it in its entirety over time, so that you can have an opportunity, not unlike that of Jeff Koon who sold his metallic balloon animal dog sculpture for 58 MILLION DOLLARS which is on display at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

10 ft. Balloon Dog: $58.4 Million vs. 30 ft. Steel I-beam Table: Priceless

The overall weight of a sculpture of large proportion will often present problems associated with how heavy the projet d’art is when it is completed.

Overcoming the challenges facing artists representing the limitations of the physics of materials is what Sing Core specializes in. And the bigger the project, the more important it is to have Sing Core inside to maintain the structural integrity of your artistic expression.

Is it an I-beam, or is it a 30 ft. long table, which in itself is a high concept work of art made of steel with Sing Core inside.

Steel is a crystal. Not a pretty translucent crystal, like diamonds or rubies, but poly crystals bonded together in haphazard fashion which is perfect in its imperfection. Crystal steel, the perfect method to represent the melding of something old and something new giving birth to artistic creations.

Connecting two or more completely different ideas, one with the other, to create and bring to life an entirely new re-imagined conceptual work of art is what Sing Core is all about. Sing Core is not unlike the transcontinental railway.

Not since 1869 has there been such a unique system of joining two ideas together, like linking the East with the West. Today Sing Core is the bridge bringing together industry and art.

Sing Core is an invention of artiste visionnaire, Peter Sing, who created the unique lightweight substructure material which counteracts the surface material’s tendency to move, expand and contract, thereby maintaining the sculpture’s structural integrity over time.

Sing’s invention is based on his patented reinforced vertical grain torsion box which is changing the way all kinds of things are made.

Here you can see inventor Peter Sing standing on a one-inch aluminum panel 13-feet long suspended between two sawhorses with little or no deflection. If this panel did not have Sing Core inside, he would be standing on the ground. This is just one example of how strong Sing’s core is.

It is not uncommon to find Sing’s core inside large ceramic and/or glass art projects simply due to its extraordinary high precision at +/- .006 in. and superior strength at 660+ PSI.


Peter Sing’s demonstration of his “unbreakable mirror,” which may inspire you to build an entire home made of mirrors.

Here’s a mosaic table art project which was created atop Sing’s substrate foundation:

You will find Peter Sing assisting in art projects around the world where his Sing products may not only be inside artwork, but displaying the artwork as well.

Sing’s museum display panels and modular art gallery panels are among the most popular in the world today.

14' Tall Oak Doors in One World Trade Center

There’s a reason why Sing’s patented solution reaches the highest door height in America as featured inside the tallest doors in the tallest building, One World Trade Center’s Freedom Tower, and you will find it from beneath the depths of the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA).


The reason is the common answer,

“There was no other way to do it.”

Yes, there are many applications where Eco-friendly Sing Core accomplishes what no other building material in the world could do, especially in terms of weight, strength, and dimensional stability. No other material can do what Sing Core accomplishes.

And if you’re looking for places to accommodate visitors outside your establishment think about the possibilities of having a lightweight high strength aluminum bench with Sing Core inside for a nearly indestructible presence which looks and feels like a massive piece of solid metal, but as you can see, is being easily carried by inventor Peter Sing.

Sing Aluminum Bench

Weather your using these impressive industrial strength metal benches indoors or outdoors, just because your benches are light in weight, it doesn’t mean they are weak, as you might think, because Sing’s benches really are stronger than steel pound for pound.

Independently tested at the University of Washington, Sing’s core boasts a PSI of 660 pounds per square inch rating, in comparison to other lightweight core materials which range from 10 to 110 PSI.

Sing’s weatherproof aluminum benches are built to last centuries whether they are used in exterior applications of indoors.

50 Yr Warp-free Guarantee

The most popular application for Sing’s core is doors, especially in the large door industry, as there is no way to build a huge door which can be lightweight, yet stronger than steel pound for pound. Mr. Sing is so confident about his large door building capabilities that he can guarantee his big doors not to warp or fail for 50 years!

You never know where you might find Sing’s core, but you might be surprised to find complete homes built of Sing Core, as well as high functioning Sing Furniture. That said, entire homes, and all their furnishings could have Sing Core inside.

Contact Sing Core for more information.

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Indoor Sliding Barn Doors

Sing Core’s indoor sliding barn doors are unlike any other barn doors in that they are engineered and manufactured to exacting specs wrapped around a unique combination of patented and patent-pending technology which makes these particular indoor sliding barn doors lighter in weight than others, yet stronger than steel pound for pound.

If you want to take your interior barn doors to the next level, then inventor Peter Sing has the behind the scenes secret to making an Eco-friendly interior sliding barn door that looks like any ordinary indoor sliding barn door but is many times more efficient and sustainable.

Thanks to the invention of Sing Core, sliding barn doors can take on new characteristics that were impossible to expect from any type of barn style doors which were their predecessors. Sing’s barn doors of today are built to stay perfectly straight, while also offering full insulation for sound dampening and climate control.

You don’t have to wince and the idea of building a large wooden barn door either. Most door manufacturers cringe at the idea of creating a large wood sliding barn door, because it is pretty much understood that such a monster will suffer from door warping in no time. It’s your proverbial architectural nightmare, but Sing’s indoor sliding door core solves the problems associated with making large sliding barn doors.

Sing’s crack team of large sliding barn door engineers painstakingly review all the details of every sliding barn door that appears at Sing Core’s headquarters, located deep in the solace of the Pacific Northwest or Washington State. They have encountered so many sliding barn door ideas, it boggles the mind. Just when they think they’ve seen it all, here comes a totally new creation from the visionary mind of a contemporary architect.

Indoor sliding barn doors can be manufactured in a wide array of door styles to accommodate any style of interior design from rustic to ultra-modern, and it is not uncommon to see them feature large glass inserts, not unlike commonly found among French door designs.

Whether they are closet barn doors or indoor sliding barn doors used in sequence as huge room dividers, the potential of Sing’s handcrafted sliding barn doors are nearly unlimited as they are lightweight interior sliding wood glass barn doors that are stronger than steel pound for pound. Sing’s core was independently tested by the University of Washington at 660+ PSI.

There is no doubt the True Flat Team at Sing Core knows how to make a sliding barn door that will stand the test of time. Not only do they know how to build a barn door, they build it to last for centuries and guarantee every premium door for fifty years (no lie).

Interior sliding barn doors built and designed with patented true flat technology are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 years. (Guarantee is signed by inventor and president, Peter Sing, himself.)

Regardless of your modern sliding barn door design ideas, you can let your creativity flow, even if you are considering a sliding barn wood door of immense size. Not a problem for Sing and his high-performance door techs.

Though they cater primarily to Fortune 500s, the military, high profile architects, and NASA, you can have Sing’s wooden modern glass interior barn doors in your home or establishment, too. All you have to do is to contact your favorite barn door company, millwork, or custom door manufacturer, and order the door that you want, and be sure to mention you want,

“Sing Core inside.”

Now, you, too, can have the modern sliding barn doors and custom interior barn doors that you dreamed about, and you can rest assured that your ultimate sliding barn door is backed by Sing’s unparalleled 50-year warp-free guarantee.

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Wood Sliding Doors

Wood sliding doors are by far the top sellers of all door types besides hinged doors of any kind of doors. Wood sliding doors serve a wide variety of applications from residential to hospitality, business, commercial, and industrial wood sliding doors.


A wood sliding door is a very elegant statement in nearly any environment, and can be operated by hand, or electronically articulated and operated by remote control. Remote control wood sliding doors can have problems when operating a large sliding door which is very heavy over time.

If you’re replacing a wooden sliding door, you might consider reducing your regular maintenance costs over time by obtaining wooden sliding doors with Sing Core inside, which provides you with a lightweight impact resistant wood sliding door that is fully insulated and stronger than steel pound for pound.

Modern sliding barn doors are among the most popular trends in interior sliding doors of late, and a large wooden barn door is definitely the most challenging to attempt of all sliding door systems, because the more wood grain in the sliding barn doors, the more tendency they will have to warp, unless you have a warp-free Sing wood sliding barn door.

Inventor Peter Sing is famous for providing the highest precision and functionality in large lightweight wood sliding doors relieving the stress on wooden sliding door hardware as well as the structure, delivering high performance and each individual door can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 years, regardless of size.

Sing’s modern sliding patio doors are the most impressive wood patio doors. Each one of these individual sliding glass doors is essentially a one of a kind piece of artwork, specially designed and engineered from the inside out by Sing’s True Flat Team. The individual characteristics of each of these modern doors results in every wood sliding door being specifically engineered to perfectly fit the application, exposure to the elements, type of sliding door hardware, impact resistance, sound deadening qualities, any type of exterior surface material.

If you’re in search of the ultimate sliding patio door, you pretty much need to have Sing Core inside, if you want a high precision gliding patio door, which outperforms all other sliding glass patio doors. Now, thanks to Sing’s invention, you can have sliding patio doors that are commonly referred to the best patio sliding doors. It’s no wonder you find them in the most expensive multi-million-dollar homes in America.

The most common sliding French wood patio doors you find with Sing’s core inside are the perfect balance between wood and glass, with a beautiful wood frame holding transparent glass in the center of the sliding French wood doors.

The insulation value of Sing’s core allows him to provide both sound dampening and climate control to wood sliding doors, either on purpose, or as a pleasant added benefit, even if you’re designing a custom wood glass sliding closet door.

Often referred to as the best sliding wood doors, sliding doors with Sing Core inside are the latest evolution of sliding door ideas, since, (well, sing forever).

So, how would you go about obtaining sliding wood doors with Sing Core inside for your home? It really is very easy, but you won’t get them from Sing’s factory. The inventor is very clear in his assertion that,

“We do not make doors.” ~ Peter Sing

How can that be, when Sing’s doors are featured in so many of the most upscale projects in the world?

According to the inventor and CEO, Sing Core only provides the base door or sliding door blank to the millwork, door manufacturer, or custom door shop. The rest is up to the other professionals to finish creating this work of art, as well as installation. It takes a village to design and build the best wood sliding doors.

You are not limited simply to wood doors, as Sing Core also supplies the world’s biggest and best door companies with large custom aluminum wood multi slide door blanks and large aluminum wood sliding doors.

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