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Happy Holidays from Sing Core

News Release: Holiday Greetings from Sing Core

Santa is bringing lots of new BIG toys for Sing Core’s expanding warp-free door manufacturing facility. This has us all “Singing” and rocking around the Christmas tree as the Sing-elves are installing all the new amazing gear! We are celebrating the addition of some of the most powerful machines in the lightweight, high strength, non-warp panel, post and beam industry, further expanding the revolution of Eco-friendly material to create a better world is not just an inventor’s dream.

As you know, Inventor Peter Sing does not actually build doors, but he does offer his patented and patent-pending door technologies to the biggest and best door companies, millworks, and custom door manufacturers in the world.

These revolutionary door building technologies enable door companies to offer their clients the biggest, most outrageous, and enormously magnificent doors of any size, up to 50 ft or more.

And size, while it is important, and fills one’s mind with awe and wonder, there are other attributes you will be able to enjoy if your best door clients have doors with Sing Core inside, such as

1. Lightweight (a fraction of other wood-based cores)
2. High strength (stronger than steel pound for pound)
3. Fully insulated (for sound-deadening and climate control)
4. Impact resistant (kick this door and break your leg before you break the door)
5. 50-year Warp-free Guarantee (the only non-warp and structure guarantee in the world)

Our current Sing Core factory expansion is benefitting high-end door manufacturers to more than double their production without having to hire more skilled workers. This is accomplished by ordering Sing-manufactured door blanks which are less than 4 ft x 8 ft at a lower cost that it would take to manufacture themselves.

Prior to adding this new equipment we were limited as to quantity production, so only focused on our specialized field of super-large doors (anything between eight and fifty feet or more), but now we can make efficient quantity production runs of regular sized door blanks, just for you.

So, the next time you get a quantity door order, we can help reduce the burden on your normal production operations, and we will do that part for you, more often than not, for much less than you could produce them in your factory.

Saving You Money on Doors Through the Year

We are excited to be helping the biggest and most successful door companies in the world increase their bottom line by taking over the burden of large door orders which pertain to size (oversized doors that are problematic due to potential warp) and volume (large quantity uncommon door size orders). Let us pick up the slack for you and make those doors for you at much less than it would cost you to produce in your own factory.

We have the new equipment in our expanded factories to help you increase your bottom line as well. See: How to Save Money on Your Custom Door in 2020

Not limited to size, type of skins, glass openings, or style, including stile and rail look. 

For more information on grouping your miscellaneous door order to qualify it as a modified bulk order with many different sizes, see How to Save Thousands on Your Next Door Order. This is our most effective cost-savings program to date.


You get the same Sing-guarantee. All of your doors could be guaranteed warp-free for 50 years!

Note: Most of the door companies we supply with blanks do not pass on our 50-year warranty (though they could), and only continue to offer their own standard warranty. How would a 50-year warranty help you on your next door bid?

That’s what we’re here for, to make your life and/or work easier.

Although we are famous for providing the high-end door industry with patented and patent-pending non-warp door technology. Sing Core has the best management team to provide an easy online pricing system. All you have to do is fill out the length, width, and thickness of your door panel, or any panels – even beams, which require lightweight and high strength.

You will get a drawing instantly online, and your preliminary price quote will reach to you within 24 hrs if we have proper information about your inquiry. There are endless applications for Sing Core for people seeking a sustainable Eco-friendly solution to build a better world.


Happy 100 New Year is our new domain name for Sing furniture. It will be active before the year 2020 new year.

Sing Core provides the strongest, lightweight, warp-free modular and interchangeable Sing panels to create endless furniture applications. We guarantee no other flat pack furniture will meet the standard of 100 year long life span of Sing modular furniture.

Sing flat pack furniture is easy to construct and dismantle for 100 times or 100 years without disposing in a land fill, which is being filled daily by the largest flat pack furniture provider of disposable furniture made of particle board.

These inexpensive imports are cannot be assembled and disassembled repeatedly without deterioration or failure, unlike furniture made of Sing Core which is made to be reused and repurposed at any time.

50 Year Door Photos

100 Year Furniture Photos

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How to Make the Best High-end Veneer Doors

If you approach the most prestigious millworks in the world and ask them how to make the best high-end veneer doors in the world, you are likely to receive a response which references Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending veneer door technologies and his Master Quality Door Veneer Surfaces.

9 ft Tall Oversized Exterior Walnut Veneer Door 50 yr Guarantee

Wood veneer doors are growing in popularity due to the design features which are available in matching grain orientation on the faces of the door. The most popular orientation is called “book match” which orients leaves of veneer opened alongside each other in alternating pairs, like opening a book, where the left leaf mirrors the leaf on the right.

Book matched veneer doors are followed by “slip match” veneer doors, where the grain orientation of the leaves all face the same direction alongside one another.

There are other types of veneer matching which includes “end match,” where veneer leaves are mirrored end to end, “reverse slip match” which alternates veneer strips flipped end to end, which greatly reduces any mirroring effect, producing a more natural result. Then, there is “random match,” which shuffles all the pieces and creates a more unique succession of veneers placed side by side.

Beyond these veneer matching options; special matches can be made to create a desired artistic result for high-end architectural veneer doors.

These matching capabilities are unique to veneer because veneer is sliced so thin that there is grain duplication which can be matched or mismatched according to an artist’s or designer’s vision.

High-end Large Alt-matched Walnut Wood Veneer Door

Veneer Door Problems

When tasked with bringing a veneer door to life, the production team can run into problems associated with building veneer door as specified while achieving high precision high-end results which the most demanding exclusive door clients find highly desired and valuable.

1. Perfectly Smooth Veneer Problem

High end veneer doors need to be perfectly smooth. Because the veneer skins are so thin, you will notice “telegraphing” on the skin surface. The term telegraphing refers to essentially the bleeding-through of any of the under-laying surface, which will impact the viewable surface area of the veneer.

If you apply veneer directly to a plywood surface, for instance, in the right light, you will be able to see the terrain of the plywood through the thin veneer.

In large doors, it can be extremely difficult to find a large enough piece of smooth underlayment material, so if there are seams in the material under the veneer, this would also telegraph through to the surface.

One way to achieve a perfectly smooth surface is to use LVL (which is commonly used by most standard door manufacturers underneath wood veneers) or MDF which are smooth but heavy, and both are limited in size availability. So, if your high-end veneer door is oversized (over 4 x 8 or 5 x 10) it can be impossible to find a single seamless product.

2. High Precision Veneer Problem

High precision is a moving target when approaching the design and production of a veneer door. The surface material may be elegantly fashioned, but if the product which the door is made out of has a tendency to move, then you could be in trouble when the door warps, causing inconvenience and potentially expensive regular maintenance and repairs in the field over time.

Due to the nature of standard door building technologies, the AIA allows for ¼” variances for a 7 ft. span of a door. Door manufacturers and door hardware manufacturers allow for these variances in mounting and hardware. If a door exceeds movement over ¼” along any 7 ft. span, the result is a warped door, which can easily be compromised or fail altogether.

White Oak Veneer Pivot Door 50 Yr Guarantee

Veneer Door Solutions

Thanks to Peter Sing’s True Flat Team, you can have your high-end veneer door problems solved in a way that increases your credibility as you deliver the highest results imaginable with your most particular high-end clients.

1. Perfectly Smooth Veneer Solution

Sing’s True Flat team works hand in hand with your favorite door manufacturer, millwork, or custom door manufacturer to provide a perfectly flat, smooth surface for applying your favorite veneer to.

For years, Sing’s factory located in the pristine pacific Northwest in Washington State, has been providing the biggest and best door manufacturers in the world with large smooth surfaces for applying veneers for wood doors. Sometimes Sing’s factory applies the veneers, and in other cases Sing only provides the substrate in the form of door blanks to which the door companies apply their own veneers to.

Seamless technology. Thanks to Sing’s patented veneer door core, his factory is able to provide a perfectly flat surface hosting undetectable seam(s). While seams may be unavoidable due to the large size or a particular door, Sing has the patented technology to create an unfinished door blank veneer substrate that will not move, period.

Once the substrate is prefinished and primed, seams are undetectable. While this may be of concern for other veneer door substrates, which as LVL or MDF, this is not a problem for becoming detectable later, because Sing’s veneer door substrates are build not to move.

2. High Precision Veneer Solution

Sing’s patented veneer doors core substrate is built to the highest precision standards (+/- .006 in. tolerances) which means a lot to those special clients who have the highest expectations (like military, science, technology, and aerospace industries). Why not deliver this same high level of precision to your clients who deserve the best.

In fact, Sing’s veneer door blanks, whether they are pre-skinned with wood veneer or by your favorite door building professional, are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Huge Maple Veneer Pivot Door 99 x 87 x 1.75 Looks Like Solid Wood

Warp-free Maple Veneer Pivot Door 99 x 87 x 1.75

50-Year Warp-Free Guarantee

Sing’s veneer door blank core substrates are such a massive improvement to previous veneer door building technologies he builds his veneer door substrates to last for centuries, but guarantees each one to 50 years of fail free operation, including warpage, and full structure warranty, including veneer lamination, if his company provides the veneer lamination.

“No other company could do it,” is what the biggest door manufacturers in the world say, and that’s why their doors, at least their custom big veneer doors have Sing Core inside. Just like the tallest doors in the tallest building in the United States of America at One World Trade Center, your doors could reach new heights in veneer door manufacturing backed by the only 50-year Non-warp and Structure Guarantee.

How Can I Get a Sing Veneer Door?

Admittedly, says Sing, “We don’t build doors,” as they only provide the best materials to the door companies, millworks, and high-end custom door manufacturers to build the best doors. So, if you want a Sing veneer door, all you have to do is to contact your favorite door manufacturer and tell them you want, “Sing Core inside,” your veneer door.

Then Sing and his True Flat Team will work in concert with your people to provide you with the best veneer door in the world, guaranteed for 50 years.

See also: The Secret Disclosure of Non-warping vs. Veneers Revealed


Veneer Door Photos

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How to Save Money on Your Custom Door in 2020

SingCore is well known across the United States for making one of a kind, perfectly flat doors. And we are the only provider in the market willing to guarantee their doors for up to 50 years, with our iron clad structural warrantee.

Yet, our biggest weakness has always been cost. The price of precession construction, custom design, and American craftsmanship is not always commensurate with competing lower quality local and import doors. Until now, SingCore door have been primarily the domain of high end custom millworks, construction firms, and architects. But, we hope to change this.

With an infusion of new technology and industrial machinery, our ultimate stream line our production process so that eventually SingCore can be found in every home in the country. And this means savings. Here are our top 3 money saving ideas when manufacturing a custom pivot door, sliding door, hinge door, carriage door, or bi-fold door with SingCore.

Go Local with Veneer and Finishing

Sing Wood Veneer Door for Slip Match

Although SingCore provides a wide range of finish options, our first love and primary business has always been our patented and patent pending SingCore door technology. To this end we are focusing and reducing the costs of our all custom door blanks.

Our door panels are suitable for a wide variety of finishes including: wood veneer, paint, aluminum, steel, and more.

When you buy the unfinished panels from us and veneer them yourself, you are able to save 50% or more compared to the price of the same panel with veneer already applied. And, because of the regional cost of having a local vendor apply veneer to your panels, you will frequently come out much ahead than if you had bough the pre-veneer door from SingCore.

We would be glad to do it for you because we use the top craftsmen and pay the top price to deliver only the best veneer door skin, or we can supply you with the blank and you can apply the veneer in-house or locally.

In-house Wood Stave by Sing Core

We have all the best equipment and expertise to provide guaranteed top-of-the-line wood stave, look better than solid wood. More precision than solid wood. Guaranteed no other manufacturer can attain these quality standards of lightweight, high strength, fully insulated and guaranteed flat for 50 years. Better than AWI standards.

Walnut Wood Stave Sing Door (upgrade from Sing veneer door)

Buy Bulk Discount

FRP Fiberglass Hinge Doors Huge StackSingCore doors are all mode to order in a batch work shop / factory setting. Then, we ship the completed door blanks to your shop or site directly.

Because of the all custom nature of our products and our centralized production facility, it can often be very cost effective to order our product in bulk.

If you are ordering SingCore as an element of a larger project, particularly oversized pivot or sliding doors, we are able to offer extreme discounts if you  include a larger portion of the door schedule in your order. Often, this combined approach can reduce the unit price of our standard size door blanks to be competitive with lower cost manufacturers.

Many Doors with Different Sizes

Additionally, we have the capability of bulk producing panels that can be cut to meet the needs of products that have a relatively large number of similarly sized doors. If your door schedule comprises doors that frequently only vary by 4″-6″ in either or both dimensions, then we can possibly save you money with our bulk order plan, for a trim yourself finishing method.

Not limited to size, type of skins, glass openings, or style, including stile and rail look. 

For more information on grouping your miscellaneous door order to qualify it as a modified bulk order with many different sizes, see How to Save Thousands on Your Next Door Order.

This is our most effective cost-savings program to date.

“Build to Fit Your Budget”

SingCore panels straight strong lightweightOur product at SingCore comes with only the strictest guarantee. Because of that we take our time with every panel we produce, in order to ensue only the highest build quality and that only top quality materials make their way in to your custom door.

However, in some cases, this tedious effort can be overkill, and over expensive.

If your job has lenient conditions like the following, then way may be able to save you money on your door purchase:

  • Interior doors
  • Some allowance for extremely minor warping
  • Flexibility in door dimensions, thickness, and skin material

Let us know if any of these conditions could apply to your order, and we will do everything in our power to get you to a price that you can afford.

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Oversized Front Doors

When it comes to oversized front doors, Sing Core has your back for everything from storm doors to exterior doors in any size, made of any material, in any style, and are the only lightweight high strength front doors covered by Sing Core’s 50-year warp-free guarantee.

Copper door with Sing Core inside

Copper door with Sing Core inside

If you’re intention is to have a no-fail oversized front door, then you are likely to agree with the biggest door manufacturers, high-end millworks, and custom door builders that,

“There’s just no other way to do it.”

Inventor Peter Sing has introduced a unique way to build oversized front doors of immense size which are not only a fraction of the weight of traditional solid wood-based door core front doors, stronger than steel pound for pound, but using his patented and patent-pending door building materials can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, cup, twist, or otherwise fail (including full structure and delamination) for a full 50 years.

Inventor and president Peter Sing

Inventor and president Peter Sing

This makes Sing’s company, Sing Core, uniquely qualified to support the door industry in a way that has never been possible before in door-making history.

Up until now, oversized front doors, large storm doors, and huge exterior doors became problematic to build and maintain, not only due to their enormous size, but because one side of the entry door could be 100% exposed to the elements, while the other side faced the structure’s interior.

As you know, any door over seven ft tall or three-and-a-half ft wide is going to move according to changes in the elements any way, and the bigger it is, the more it will warp. That’s why most big exterior doors are excluded from the standard warranty of the other components in a project, by way of a signed waiver. Not necessary if your oversized front doors have Sing Core inside.

No doors take a harder beating than exposed storm doors, and the biggest and best extreme weather doors have Sing Core inside.

So, how does Sing help to build the most weatherproof exterior doors of immense size which are unaffected by changes in or exposure to changing weather conditions? It’s not easy. In fact, it takes Sing’s task force, referred to as his, “True Flat Team” working in concert with contemporary architects, modern designers, and door engineers of all types to create this one of a kind fail-free door.

At the heart of Sing’s exterior doors is his patented reinforced torsion box core material, which is basically a vertical wood grain grid of 2- to 3-inch size, where the voids are filled with rigid foam insulation and sandwiched between stress skins using formaldehyde-free adhesive. This imbues these unique entry doors with the ability to be lighter in weight and extremely strong, due to the solid hybrid composite core material.

Then other patent-pending tools are available to the True Flat Team to counteract the tendency of certain types of surface material to move according to changes in the environment. Natural wood grain is the most sensitive to moisture changes, and metal moves when hit by direct sunlight. Sing’s anti-warp technologies and stiffeners counteract any potential movement within the structure, and each resulting wooden front door is an individual work of art.

Sing also welcomes the incorporation of glass into any of his exterior door cores. The True Flat Team addresses the glass just as any other component of the most sustainable entry doors in the world. Custom lite cutouts can be cut to accommodate any style of glass insert from modern entry doors to full glass insert French doors of any size.

Patio doors are another type of door which can be very large and also feature glass openings to protect the interior while still providing visual access to the exposed area of the patio or other landscape features which lay beyond. Sing’s patio doors are commonly made of wood, steel, other metals, or even fiberglass (FRP).

Steel doors are growing in popularity among the ranks of commercial and residential applications and are beginning to match the number of requests for oversized front doors to be featured in industrial applications of all types (and these can be enormously big exterior doors).

Thanks to Sing’s core, anyone can now have warp-free wood front door, or fully insulated steel front doors capable of providing sound dampening and climate control, that can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years.

And while fiberglass exterior doors are known for their weather resistance, they are not very strong and as such are not considered for use in impact resistant security doors. That is, unless they have Sing Core inside.

Now, you can have it all inside your front entry door, by having the best, most sustainable front entry door, which is by far the most advanced of all modern front doors available today.

So, whether you’re in search of a warp-free wood entry door, or a maintenance-free front entry door, you can rest assured that you can have the most modern front doors available with any available wood species featured on your exterior wood door, end you will never be limited to size, anything from barn door slabs to aerospace hangar doors.

Sing’s door technology has been featured in oversized doors that reach 50 ft tall, 50 ft wide, or even bigger, and you may find such an oversized door anywhere from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and everywhere in between.

When do you think the time is now that you feature Sing’s core in your doors? Today.

Call (360) 495-3577

Pictures of Oversized Front Doors

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Oversized Exterior Doors

Oversized exterior doors are a challenge for any door manufacturer. Oversized exterior doors can be very large and can run very heavy. These big doors require heavy duty extra strength exterior door hardware to accommodate such a weighty door. Other problems include difficulty to transport and install due to the size, stress and strain on the hardware and the structure, and the likelihood of warping at the next season change, if not before.

Now you can fully enjoy these large spanning exterior doors which are fascinating and compelling as they garner the attention of anyone who encounters the beautiful oversized front doors without any of the headaches, thanks to inventor Peter Sing’s Sing Core.

Utilizing Sing ‘s patented and patent-pending oversized exterior door blanks, the biggest and best door manufacturers, millworks, and custom large door builders are able to design and build oversize exterior door products which will not fail.

Sing’s high-quality custom front doors includes a highly diversified selection of exterior doors designed for larger and more specialized applications in educational, scientific, industrial, and military channels, where high performance, attention to detail, safety, security, longevity, and sustainability are highly valued features.

The perfect exterior doors are Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength, fully insulated, high precision, and guaranteed fail free for 50 years. Sing offers a full 50-year warp-free and structure guarantee. That’s fifty years of maintenance-free enjoyment of all your oversize exterior doors, which have Sing Core inside.

Spanning the vast variety of exterior door styles, your exterior single door, double door and doors of enormous size can feature any available flat building material, such as aluminum, brass, cement, cold rolled steel, concrete, diamond plate steel, fiberglass, Formica, FRP, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, HPL, Kevlar, Masonite, stainless steel, and any available wood species.

Large modern front doors are fiberglass and steel exterior doors which seem to be standard fare among the large exterior door manufacturers, but thanks to Sing’s core, front doors and exterior doors and now be made of nearly any building material, even solid wood stave.

While fiberglass exterior doors are the standard response to exterior door applications, followed by hybrid steel and wood doors, thanks to Sing’s door core which is specifically designed for oversized exterior doors, any front and exterior door can be made of natural wood grain.

While Sing Core does not actually build doors, they do empower door manufacturers and millworks who design and builds wood doors and panels to your exact specifications the ability to make any door of any material and guarantee such door to remain warp-free for 50 years, guaranteed. The structure strength is also covered including not having to worry about delamination as well.


The result is you’re being able to enjoy all the elegance of solid wood entry doors, without any of the stress or stain associated with exterior doors which plague those who must deal with them endlessly over time, saving both time and money associated with regular maintenance.

Your wood entry door could have Sing Core inside, as well as each entry and patio doors, which is the perfect fit for any exterior or custom door, from exceptionally large foyers to commercial steel doors all with Sing’s comprehensive 50-year guarantee, as is the case with all of Sing’s entry and patio door products.

Even large entry doors, like these large red church doors, which are 100% exposed to the weather, replacing the regularly failing oversized 6-panel entry door system, are now able to operate as storm doors which are virtually weatherproof security doors while still retaining the appearance (or “feeling”) of the original 6 panels entry doors. This effect was achieved by adding molding to the oversized exterior flush doors prior to applying primer and paint.

Regardless of your large opening door systems, you can rest assured that you can have a 50-year guaranteed no fail exterior door system featuring the highest quality custom entry doors by contacting your favorite door manufacturer, millwork, or large custom exterior door builder, and specifying that you want, “Sing Core inside.”

Sing’s True Flat Team works in tandem with your supplier to provide you with the high-quality wood and fiberglass front doors that make the best oversized exterior doors, and many other endless applications as well.

Exterior Doors Gallery

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Modern Custom Pivot Doors

A pivot door rotates on the floor and top jamb, rather than traditional door side hinges. Here at SingCore, we offer pivot doors of almost any size from standard up to extreme oversize in excess of 30′ and or 30′ wide. These doors have become popular in last few years because they are ideal for large panels. They also have a unique modern look and contemporary vibe.

Pivot Door Configurations

Double Pivot

Our double pivot doors (two doors side by side) are built to swing in, out, but not both. SingCore double pivot doors operate as two beautifully balanced panels. Double pivot doors seem almost like they are floating in space, and are great choice for contractors, millworks, architects or designers that are looking for a greater connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, or a seamless, streamlined modern look. Our custom pivot doors are available in with: side lights, no frames in between, and gang pivot. We also offer multiple pivot doors in a row.

Single Pivot

Single pivot doors can swing in both directions, either in or out. SingCore single pivot doors provide a seamless, streamlined look with smooth operation. Additionally, the door panels function with a much larger width and surface area than a comparable hinge door. Our custom pivot doors are available in with: side lights, no frames in between, and gang pivot. We also offer multiple pivot doors in a row.

Pivot Hardware and Handles

High quality pivot door hardware is engineered for dependability, durability, and smooth operation. SingCore panels are compatible with almost any make and manufacture of pivot door hardware on the market. Every panel comes with custom integrated solid wood blocking installed to your unique design and specifications.

Luxurious openings

Currently being specified by top architects, if you are looking for a luxurious door then pivot doors are for you. And,  the most cutting-edge swing door opening, pivot doors are available from SingCore.


Every panel build by SingCore is custom and build directly to your specifications. That means swing in, swing out, or swing in opposite directions can be achievable. Any design that you can imagine could be realized with SingCore’s patented and patent pending door core technology.

Smooth operation

SingCore doors are amazingly strong yet light. This allows for smooth, almost effort free operation. While maintaining the solid look and feel of a door panel that is truly stronger than steel pound for pound. Security, and style can be achieved with a single SingCore door panel.

Material options


Our aluminum pivot doors can be constructed to any hight, and can have a seamless skin have up to 5′ wide. Panels over 5′ wide will have a tight vertical seem every 5′. Aluminum skin doors are suitable for direct exterior use, with proper finishing. They also offer a good substrate for vinyl, paint, or other finish applications.


SingCore offers both hot rolled and cold rolled steel panels in a wide variety of finishes and applications. Seamless doors are available up to 5’x10′, and doors with tight seams up to any size. Steel doors are suitable for doors with an industrial look, or for commercial and industrial spaces, including sound proof and fire resistant doors.


Wood skin doors are available in both veneer and wood stave. Our stain grade wood productions can be had in many wood species including including: walnut, mahogany, teak, sapele, cedar, white oak, cherry, fir, pine, and many others. Ask about availability and sizing requirements for your preferred wood variety.

Finish and Color Matching

SingCore uses the highest quality wood species available on the market, enabling our clients to match any custom wood cabinetry. Mahogany, douglas fir, walnut, cherry, alder and many other wood types are often used.

Window Openings

SingCore provides full custom window opening in any style including side light windows, integrated sidelight style, horizontal slat, multiple horizontal slat openings, vertical slat, or any other configuration of you choice.

High Performance

Because SingCore systems are used in extreme environments, including harsh desert heat and frigid cold ski resorts. But, we always offer and almost unheard of 50 year guarantee on all our professional level door panels.


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Pivot Doors Exterior

When it comes to pivot doors exterior applications of notable size can be precarious for contemporary architects, designers, door engineers, and the various companies charged with the manufacturing of such an exterior pivot door.

The biggest and best door companies, millworks, and custom pivot door manufactures are now empowered to build the best pivot doors specifically designed and manufactured to be the most resilient weatherproof of any pivot door’s exterior performance standard.

Unique characteristics of inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending pivot doors exterior encapsulated reinforced torsion box hybrid core imbue any pivot door with capabilities which are unattainable with any other pivot door’s exterior finish, including high performance benefits, like:

  • 21 ft Pivot Doors Exterior

    21 ft Pivot Doors Exterior

    Any style

  • Any material
  • Any size
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • High strength
  • Fully insulated
  • Warp-free
  • Sustainable
  • 50-year guarantee

Architectural pivot doors are now nearly unlimited in scope, function, and design parameters. Door artists, designers, and engineers are now able to create the pivot doors exterior slabs of any size that are virtually impenetrable with the ability to withstand any extreme weather challenge without failure as Sing’s core can keep any door perfectly straight. Your exterior pivot door is guaranteed not warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail (including full structure warranty) for 50 years.

Even exterior wood doors, which present the highest degree of challenges for the manufacturers of wood pivot doors exteriors because they are more likely to fail due to the natural inclination of wood grain to move according to changes in the environment.

While a one-quarter-inch deflection may be tolerable in a standard door as door hardware is designed to accommodate this amount of movement, once the pivot doors exterior configuration exceeds 7 ft tall and 3-and-a-half ft wide, you are asking for trouble. And this trouble is compounded by two more complications. One being that the door in question faces the exterior elements while the other faces the interior, just begging to warp, bend, cup, or twist. The other, that it’s a pivot door!

Unlike a hinge door which can utilize hinges on one side of the door to help keep it straight (in the most complex circumstances you can use a full length or piano hinge to help keep a large door straight), a pivot door has only two points of contact, on the top and bottom of the door, this puts all the reliance on the door slab’s ability to basically stay straight on its own.

Rather than try to address these issues from the pivot door’s exterior finish, Sing attacks it from deep inside the pivot door. Sing has assembled his True Flat Team, which reviews each exterior pivot door project and they work in concert with the visionaries, architects, engineers, and the end users, to come up with the perfect substrate which is matched to the surface material, taking into consideration, the size of the pivot doors exterior, its location on the structure, and the general performance expectations.

The result is a one-of-a-kind piece of art which can be guaranteed not to warp or fail for 50 years. According to the pivot door company, millwork, and custom pivot door manufacturer who utilizes Sing’s services,

“There is no other way to do it.”

Not being limited to your choice of materials is also very impressive as you may select from pivot door exteriors of any available natural wood, steel, glass, bronze, Corten steel, 316 SS, 304 SS, aluminum, cold rolled steel, diamond plate steel, fiberglass, Formica, FRP, galvanized steel, HPL, Kevlar, Masonite, basically any flat building material can be applied to the pivot doors exterior.

You can also combine materials, such as a wood exterior glass pivot door, which features a wooden from with a predominant large lite cutout for glass installation, like a French pivot door. In fact, Sing’s team can create custom glass openings in any pivoting door (and they don’t have to be rectangular) which also expands your potential for creative expression.

Sing’s team reports that first-time clients are shy about asking if we can make a 9 ft wide pivot door at first (which is child’s play for the True Flat Team), then they come back with a real oversized big door order, like a 21 ft tall exterior pivot door, or doors that are 20 ft wide or 40 ft tall. If it’s a big project with a huge door, Sing and his team is up to the challenge.

Let your creative juices flow and let Sing’s True Flat Team make your pivot doors exterior dreams come true, guaranteed (for 50 years).

Best Pivot Doors Exterior Pictures

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Custom Sliding Barn Doors

Custom sliding barn doors are all the rage in the burgeoning interior décor amidst new home designs, as well as becoming a creative space control alternative to expandable business offices, commercial spaces, and industrial locations which can be elegant as well as functional.

Custom sliding barn doors have the advantage of being, well, custom. That is to say they are fully customizable modern barn doors. These are not some off-the-shelf one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, you, your office, or facility has an opening of indeterminate size. Simply measure the opening and have your custom barn doors made to fit the opening perfectly.

Depending on the opening and the walls which run parallel to said opening, your sliding barn doors can be custom built in length, width, and thickness to fully solve any issues you may have with the opening in question.


If the opening is an extremely large opening, say twenty feet, then you could use one 20 ft. wide custom barn door to fill the gap, assuming you have twenty feet of wall space on either side of the opening to slide the sliding barn door to in the fully open position. If there is only ten feet of wall space on both sides, then you could use double custom sliding barn doors to fill the need.

One of the advantages of custom sliding barn doors, is ease of installation. Hanging barn doors has always been a breeze, and that’s why they are so often found on barns (hence their name “barn doors”). Sliding barn door hardware is fairly basic as it only involves installing a rod for hanging the barn doors and attaching wheels to the barn doors which roll back and forth atop the rod. Quick, easy, painless.


It’s just as easy to install interior barn doors and the accompanying barn door hardware just about anywhere you have an opening, especially since you can have custom barn doors of any size made specifically for your requirements.

Some of the problems associated with custom sliding barn doors are associated with weight and strength. Commonly, custom sliding barn doors are very heavy. Heavy solid wood sliding barn doors can be problematic in that they cause stress and strain on the hardware and the structure. The larger the interior barn doors, the heavier they are, requiring heavy duty sliding barn door hardware (which can easily be more expensive than the door itself) and requiring more maintenance and repair over time.


Also, solid wood sliding barn doors are prone to warp, as the natural characteristic of wood grain is to expand and contract adjusting to changes in the environment. Large doors made of nearly any flat building material is likely to move as well if it is over 7 ft. tall or 3 ½ ft. wide. Therefore, weight and strength have huge impact on custom sliding barn doors, if they are large oversized custom barn doors.

That’s where president and inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending lightweight high-strength warp-free Sing Core comes in. Using sing’s core, any custom-made sliding barn door can be made of any material in any size, up to 40-50 ft. and be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for a full 50 years.


This blows the doors off any limitations which may face architects, designers, and door engineers faced with the task of building sustainable custom-made barn doors because they can now be made of any material in any size, hung from less expensive barn door hardware and have little or no maintenance or repair over time (50 years) as long as they have Sing Core inside.


No need imagining that you could have custom wood interior doors in any style, size, and species without fear of warping or costly ongoing maintenance because thanks to Sing’s inventions, this is the new reality.

Custom Sliding Barn Doors with Glass

Want to stand out of the crowd, go ahead and design your custom made sliding barn doors with windows placed at specific locations in any shape for that extra “something special” which sets you apart.

You are the creator of your own custom milled barn doors, so go ahead, cut out those lite openings anywhere you want and make a signature statement easily and effectively where you have any gap between two adjoining walls.

Note that at Sing Core, we don’t actually build the beautiful doors for which we have become so acclaimed. Sing Core is the Eco-friendly secret ingredient inside custom millwork sliding barn doors that are built to never fail.

The most contemporary modern barn door companies, millworks, and builders of custom sliding barn doors are enabled to bring to life the most awesome sliding barn door ideas to life featuring any available variety of wood types or other building materials, such as aluminum, brass, cold rolled steel, concrete, diamond plate steel, fiberglass, FRP, glass, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, HPL, Kevlar, Masonite, stainless steel, well, you get the idea…

Fully supporting those who design and build custom barn doors that are envied in the industry.

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Guaranteed Warp Free for 50 Years

The pride and joy of our SingCore brand is the fact that we are confident enough to offer an unmatched 50 year guarantee on all our professional level products.

Built to Last

SingCore uses a space age proprietary core design, inspired by the high tech construction techniques pioneered by the aerospace industry. Our core material is an exceptionally high strength combination sustainable wood, high density high insulation foam, aluminum, and love. Because of our precision construction practices and intricate production machinery, we are confident that our doors will be here to last.

We are so confident, in fact, that we offer the only 50 year guarantee in the industry. This warrantee applies to all our “professional” level products, which is the default level of construction for our doors, and other architectural panel products.

Unlike many of our competitors, we are confident in the perfect flat performance of doors over 4×8 feet. This includes exceptionally large doors, some exceeding 30′ in length. For SingCore, there is no door too big or too small. We are confident that no matter what we make, it will survive.

Exceptional in All Climates

From extreme cold, to extreme heat. Dry to damp. Or even extremely wind storm situations. Our SingCore panels will survive the test.

The unique qualities of our “honeycomb” construction methodology guarantee the structural stability of our panels in a wide variety of demanding applications. Our unfinished panels, where properly handled and installed, are set to last a lifetime:

  • Extreme temperature differentials
  • High wind load
  • Damp or marine environments
  • Very dry climates
  • Freezing temperatures

With proper design in combination with your expert door installation and finishing skills, our panels are able to go where most other fear to tread.

A History of Excellence

SingCore is a company with decades of combined experience in high end oversize doors including: pivot doors, sliding doors, carriage doors, pocket doors, hinge doors, man doors, and more. Our skills have been put to the test in many extreme door situations including:

Seattle AIA Center for Architecture and Design

aia seattle doors We are proud to have token part in the construction of extremely large pivot doors / moveable walls for the meeting space of the Seattle Center for Architecture and Design. These massive doors loom large in the center, and provide a functional centerpiece for the meeting space design. More info on our work with the Seattle CAD.

One World Trade Center, New York

Top floor of One World Trade Center has "Sing Core inside."A project built by some of the most renowned millworks in the country, our contribution to the construction of the One World Trade Center in New York was two pairs of 16′ tall pivot door panels for installation in the China Sky Center. These massive white oak pivot doors are trusted by our clients in New York to last in the high traffic commercial environment, as a center piece of the room design. Coming in at only 220 lbs each, these doors are amazingly light for their size. More info on our work with the One World Trade Center.

Let SingCore Back You Up

We here at SingCore are ready to hear about your next project. No door is too big or too small for our crack team of door panel experts. Contact us with your project details today!