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Get Sing Panels Locally Save Shipping Time and Costs


Sing Panels Have Solid Wood Edges

Note: This is an archived page and is no longer available. For current information visit us online at:

We’ve been supplying Sing Panels to high-end millworks from coast-to-coast for endless wood working applications and much more; see clients list. Now we are inviting you to join our woodworkers and millworks saving you shipping and handling (which could amount to more than the material alone) on standard items.

Standard Sing Products

Standard Sing products include 4 ft. x 8 ft. x 1.52 in. Sing Panels. Our standard products in these dimensions are most commonly used as door and/or table and counter top substrate and a host of other applications. Custom oversize panels and doors will still be available factory-direct from Sing Core.

Special Order

We build Sing panel up to 45 ft. in length by 12 ft. wide in one solid continuous piece or you may edge glue to any dimension. Available in thicknesses from one-half-inch to 6 inches.

New Revolution in Composite Materials

The only affordable Eco-friendly, high strength, lightweight composite building material with endless applications

Sing Core is the strongest (see core comparison) low cost core ever invented and is extremely lightweight, with so many other features making Sing Panels the best substitute for solid materials, such as wood, metals, cements, plastics, etc…

How easy is it to use as substrate?

Simply remove the solid substance of those material and replace with Sing Core and, “Voilà!” You have hollowed out the center of the solid material – which is heavy and it is not necessary to enforce the strength due to the stress skin of the unique Sing panel structure – and if you double the thickness of the exterior surface material yields 4 times the strength.

True Dimensionally Stable…

Foam-Panel-Interior-Structural-Torsion-Box-Sing-Core-RevealedMakes your end result more beautiful and long-lasting than solid wood, engineered wood, metal, cements or plastic…

Sing Panels are made of patented Sing Core which is based on wood torsion box filled with foam forming a lightweight, super-strong base material. By adding hardwood veneer or stave you will create a Sing solid wood alternative which appearance and functionality is more high precision. The result is a building material that looks just like solid wood with little or no distortion (solid wood could move according to moisture and temperature change) yet stronger than steel pound for pound.

This revolutionary new high-strength interior structure provides the most dimensionally stable panel. The torsion box structure is made of renewable vertical grain veneer otherwise hollow pockets are packed wall-to-wall with sound deadening insulation recycled foam. The exterior surface materials (or “skins”) of Sing Panels are bonded to the Sing Core structure with zero formaldehyde structural glue to provide the highest quality to meet the demands of high end millworks.

Easy to Build Almost Anything…

architectural-hardwoods-kitchen-cart-chopping-blocks-true-flat… and everything by cutting, slicing and face-gluing to create different thicknesses and dimensions. Sing Panels could be used as core for endless applications in wood working, metal fabricating, concrete, masonry and so many other industries by itself. These composite panels can be cut to any size (cut and rip just like you would any plywood material without special tools or equipment) and used as substrate by adding final skin with common white glue (carpenter glue) and simple clamps to make all types of lightweight high strength wood, fiberglass and metal products.

You may slice and sand Sing Panels to your desired thickness and add a new surface skin on the fresh sanded sides of Sing Core with urethane glue (similiar to gurrila glue). Create a thicker panel by sandwiching two Sing Panels together (or just contact us to order specific thickness) for your job requirement.

Replace Traditional Building Materials

Sing Panels are replacing solid wood, particle board, plywood, MDF as the strongest lightweight Eco-friendly core materials ever invented. Patented Sing Panels are most commonly used as door and/or table and counter top substrate and a host of other applications.

Want FREE Shipping & Handling?

Here’s how it works: Simply contact your local plywood supplier and have them contact us. We will work out all the details with them, and they can ship your Sing products to you with your regular orders: you do not pay shipping and handling cost.

Sing Rewards

Just by introducing us to your trusted supplier, we will give you a substantial discount on your next order with free shipping, no packaging costs and we will also send you a free gift to say, “thank you,” for making it easier – and less expensive – to bring sing Core to your door.

DSC_0635Save Time and Money

Get Sing products on demand while saving on packaging and shipping costs, you pay less, and get what you want when you want with your regular shipments for your favorite supplier at the same low price that you get (or less) buying direct, without the delay.

We Need Your Help

It works better both ways… 1) You help your customer build the best lightweight high-strength products at lower cost, and 2) Your supplier inventories and delivers to you at your convenience.

Build a Better World

We work together to help building a better world by using Eco-friendly long-lasting Sing Sandwich and Sing Panels. Contact us today to help make the world a better place.

Lumber Yards

We have an open invitation to all lumber and specialty plywood suppliers, to contact us today to add Sing products to your inventory.

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Sing Core News

 Door News

No More Warped Door

50 Year True Flat Replacement Doors Copper Door Building the most stable door is our specialty. With our patented true flat technology, Sing Core provides clients with insulated Eco-friendly lightweight high-strength doors that prevent wood warping doors – See more


Make Your Own High Tech Door Core

Guaranteed: Less labor, less material cost to build the best lightweight, high-strength (any type of) door using patented Sing Core technology and you can be licensed to manufacture it yourself. Inventor Peter Sing would like to talk to your owner/CEO about partnering See more


Join Leading Edge High-end Door Makers

You might be able to relate to this story about the most sophisticated high-end door company in history with the longest track record become one of our newest Sing Clients. Recently we were contacted by one of the most reputable door manufacturers in the United States inquiring – See more


Architectural Specification Substitutes

Due to being the newly invented and possibly the most significant improvement in building materials in the last century, it is not uncommon to see Sing products recommended as substitutes for products in the original specifications initially specified by architects. Even though  – See more


Weatherproof Water Tight Wood Door

For exterior applications Sing Core wood doors are not only built true flat and designed to stay flat for centuries but they can also be virtually impervious to extreme weather conditions remaining watertight and will not warp, bend or twist over time thanks to our patented – See more


New Door Tech vs. Old Door Tech

There is a new concept in Eco-friendly door manufacturing that raises the question: “Is Sing Door Core a better way to build doors than any other type of door?” Sing Core’s patented door core has the unique ability to build a true flat, weather proof/water tight, lightweight door – See more


Custom Door Window Glass Openings

Custom window cut-outs – any size – any shape – for door professionals and manufacturers. Introducing the new, “American,” French door. Say, “Au revoir,” to the traditional French door that limits your design options, and say, “Hello,” to the new Americanized Sing door that is nearly – See more


What is True Flat?

The challenge for high end door makers – especially wood-based large doors – is true flat. Even the best millworks in the world are looking for solutions primary concerns are raised when an oversized large door is made of a beautiful exotic wood. A door like this can cost tens of – See more


True Raised Panel Door

A new door fabrication technology is changing hundreds of year door making tradition. Now high quality precision (Sing Core tolerance within .0006 inch) doors can be proudly manufactured quickly and easily in the USA. Patented Sing Core can be used in many applications, to – See more


True Flat Sliding Doors

True flat technology is based on expertise in building a sliding door that can be guaranteed true flat and stay flat. This composite science includes the proper proportions of Sing Core, aluminum and/or other materials and bonding agents based on your requirements or – See more


Big Aluminum Door

Patented Sing Core’s unique attributes enables us to make the biggest doors that are lightweight, extremely strong and Eco-friendly. Sing Core produces the only affordable solution to building a big door that can be guaranteed true flat… and will stay flat for lifetimes. Sing Core


Greater Sliding Doors

One of the greatest attributes of your sliding door is the actual sliding performance of the sliding door, especially closet doors. Certainly, upon installation, your wood sliding door or interior pocket doors may perform superbly… but for how long? It may be important for you to – See more


Big Sliding and Oversized Doors The Most Popular Sing Applications

Sing products have hundreds of application but sliding doors and oversize doors are the most popular. Why does Sing Core make more oversize sliding and big doors than anything else? Because only Sing Doors are true flat, It’s a challenge for people in the building industry – See more


Modern Sliding Barn Door

Sing Modern Sliding Barn Door 101 Introductory Special Most Sing sliding doors are sold to the most expensive homes in USA and abroad, but this is not the inventor Peter Sing’s goal. This special door is designed to introduce Sing products to the world in an effort to reach every See more


More People Switching from Overhead Garage Doors to Carriage Doors

We are celebrating the wave of people who are making the change from standard overhead garage doors to the more elegant, energy efficient, lightweight, high-strength and Eco-friendly Sing Carriage Doors. We also appreciate the garage door industry, especially the overhead garage – See more


Sound Proof Doors

All Sing Core Doors are pre-insulated with sound dampening features that are enjoyed by all suppliers and end-users. This high-level of performance has increased the demand for a solution for our discriminating high-end clients to raise the bar once again. You will find Sing Sound Doors – See more


The Best Door

It is a very particular sort of individual who searches for the best door. This is not your average door buyer, who is looking for a door to simply block a view, or to achieve some sense of privacy. No, these discerning clients, designers, architects and homeowners seek attributes far – See more


$58 Door vs $580 Door Comparison

Compare our $58 Paint Grade Sing Core Door to their $580 Door When you’re in search of the best door possible it is important to compare Sing Core doors to expensive alternatives. We say, Heavy does not mean strong Lightweight does not mean weak Most expensive does not mean – See more


Flush Wood Doors

Add simple beauty and elegant appearance of a solid wood flush door to your home without having to sacrifice the qualities of a highly-engineered architectural wood flush door. Sing Core flush wood doors feature natural and composite construction materials that embrace true – See more


Sliding Barn Door

Sing Core interior barn doors are a bold fashion statement used by architects and designers that add elegance and beauty to nearly any environment with increased functionality due to the attributes of being lightweight, stronger than steel and Eco-friendly. With Sing Core sliding – See more


Sliding Door

Sing Core is the new way to design your door Solid like a rock, light like feather so you don’t smash your finger. Wood sliding patio doors, sliding glass doors, and even the most high-fashion vinyl sliding patio door can be expertly engineered with patented Sing Core technology – See more


New Record for True Flat

True : having all the expected or necessary qualities of a specified type of person or thing. Flat : being or characterized by a horizontal line or tracing without peaks or depressions. Architectural standard for true flat: ¼ inch deflection for an 8 foot span. True flat technology – See more


Door Representatives

As a door professional or specialist you are familiar with how conventional doors are made and promoted. Get ready for something new: Introducing a new technology in door core and manufacturing that is making a huge impact in the extremely high-end door market. If you Google – See more


New Doormaking Technology

If you Google Image Search honeycomb core door, lightweight core door or sing core door, you will see who the players are in this new generation of door manufacturing technology. Sing Core is Available for All Door Manufacturers Newly patented Sing Core has contacted over 100 – See more


Lightweight High Strength Eco Friendly Metal Pivot Doors

When professionals seek out extraordinary, unique and/or oversized modern steel doors the most conscientious purveyors settle on a Sing Core metal pivot door. While exquisitely masterful in their design, modern metal pivot doors present many challenges.  The first challenge to – See more


Best Door in Manhattan

Manhattan Penthouse brings Sing Core Door to new heights. No place is too far. This custom made trapezoid door traveled over 2,921 miles from coast to coast, now on final leg of its journey to its new home in upscale Manhattan apartment. We specialize in custom sizes, shapes – See more


Large Oversize Sliding Door Testimonial

Check out the new doors for one of the world’s largest distributors of mint oil! We were really happy to build two sets of large oversize doors for an essential oil warehouse recently. One pair of panels became the double door set opens to the sides (left), while the other set of three rolls – See more


Garage Doors

Peter was inspired recently to find yet another use for Sing Honeycomb Panels. We’re launching a line of insulated panels for overhead garage doors. He noticed that too many nice homes have dinged up garage doors. It’s because garage doors are expensive to repair. You don’t want – See more




Foam Core Alternative

Sing Core melds the best of two worlds, the lightweight scientific development and the best of nature’s natural resources into Eco-friendly high-tech, space-age advanced composites.

Foam core panels have served the building and construction community well, helping address the issues of weight in large projects. Used as […]

Balsa Wood Alternative

Sing Core is the new space age composite material that is the affordable cousin to Balsa wood and has many features that Balsa wood does not have. Using the best combination of science and nature, patented Sing Core is a Balsa wood hybrid, using a natural vertical wood torsion box design.

While torsion box has […]




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True Raised Panel Door

Applications -> Building Components -> Doors -> True Raised Panel

A new door fabrication technology is changing hundreds of year door making tradition. Now high quality precision (Sing Core tolerance within .0006 inch) doors can be proudly manufactured quickly and easily in the USA. Patented Sing Core can be used in many applications, to include building entire homes.

1. True flat and stay flat
For a very demanding high-end door requiring extremely true flat Sing Core will take your opening task and build your Sing Door according to your expectations. See: How to build a true flat door.

lightweight-high-strength-doors-make-for-safe-fingers-and-toes-for-kids2. Lightweight
Sing Core weighs in at 4 to 5 lbs per cubic ft. vs. LVL or solid wood core which weight 35 lbs. to 45 lbs. per cubic ft. (Heavy doors are more difficult to manage, can be dangerous to install. Following installation, may put young fingers and limbs at risk.)

3. High strength  
See the strength of Sing Core vs. other cores. Doors made of Sing Panels are one piece construction instead of conventional stile and rail doors joined together by wood dowels.

4. Insulated
Unlike wood or any other solid core door (with little or no insulation), Sing doors offer your choice of insulated materials to fill the torsion box voids to achieve your required specifications for R-value or sound-deadening.

5. All weather doors
Sing Core manufactures true flat weatherproof wood doors that stay flat with proper coating. Due to the unique qualities of patented Sing Door Core, the surface material remains straight and true, will not warp, bend or twist, which causes other doors to crack or water seeps in and the door fails. Also make excellent severe weather doors, like Hurricane Doors.

These doors are 10 ft x 16 ft x 2 1/4" thick w/marine-grade plywood exterior.

These doors are 10 ft x 16 ft x 2 1/4″ thick w/marine-grade plywood exterior.

6. Any skin
See skin or door surface material choice.

7. Any style
Click here to see door varieties.

8. Any door size or thickness
From regular size door to the largest door (40 ft. in length) and doors over 6 inches thick. Just mentioning “custom size” to other door makers, like stile and rail, will result in extra charges and delivery delays.

9. Fast turnaround
This is where Sing Core shines; everything custom with fastest turnaround on rush jobs. If your job needs a solution now, Sing Core can have your doors (even if you need 700 doors) in less than 24 hours for rush order if we have the necessary components in stock (we maintain an inventory just for rush jobs).

10. Any lite opening cut outs
Only Sing Core offers custom cut lite openings to accommodate any glass inserts in any shape or size to your exact specifications.

11. Any specialty door
Sound deadening, fire rated, bullet proof…

If you know of any door that is better than a Sing Door, please let us know.

True Flat Guarantee premium certified true flatYou don’t have to be a door expert to appreciate Sing Core advancements in door making technology. But if you are a door expert; you get it.

Patented Sing True Raised Panel Doors

High quality Sing Core Doors are affordable compared with other types of stile and rail doors, raised panel doors, French doors, carriage doors, sliding door, etc…

A raised panel door gives you that classic look of a 3-dimensional door that becomes a focal point and statement by the designer and/or homeowner.

Traditional raised panel doors have been made the same way for hundreds of years, in recent years technology has been introduced to simulate this style at an affordable price. Price being a concern has led to more off-shore imports flooding the builders’ supply markets.

Case Study: 125-year-old New York Church

Church-Doors-Goshen-United-Methodist-Church-New-YorkIn this 125-year-old church project, the Sing True Raised Panel Door was the perfect solution to address the challenges.

Problem: Exterior wood stile and rail doors fail, bend, warp, twist; requiring continued maintenance and repair.

Solution: Sing True Raised Panel Doors, guaranteed true flat – and stay flat – in exterior application, while matching original 125-year-old raised panel design.

Details: Sing Core expertise in matching client’s specifications and requirements based on patented technology that can deliver true flat, lightweight and high strength doors in any size, that can be guaranteed true flat per your specific performance standards. In this case 6 weatherproof Sing True Raised Panel doors were required to replace 6 125-year-old exterior wood doors in an effort to eliminate regular maintenance and repair challenges of previous wood stile and rail doors.

Specifics: To address the issue of weatherproof and flatness integrity for centuries, the Sing design team’s solution included Sing Panels made of Sing Core door core reinforced with aluminum and a marine grade plywood exterior skin. To match the appearance of original traditional raised panel doors, additional wood trim was added atop the panels to match the 125-year-old previous door design. A perfect match with superior performance eliminating constant maintenance.

Note: The true flat weatherproof aluminum and marine plywood composite Sing Door is the solution for any exterior door of any size including large doors.

What is a Sing Raised Panel Door?

Sing Core introduces the True Raised Panel Door. The unique design of the Sing Core Raised Panel Door capture the original intent and look of a traditional raised panel door, but offers advantages that cannot be found otherwise.

Other raised panel doors offer little structural integrity. The structure can easily be compromised by little more than kicking the door causing it to break apart at the seams. In contrast, if you were to kick a Sing Core Raised Panel Door you would break your foot.

The secret is in the core of the Sing Core Raised Panel Door. The center of the door is solid as a rock, is resistant to warp, twist or rot and can be guaranteed true flat by build up the surface of Sing panel with molding and decorative raised panels instead the conventional raised panel doors are cave in at some area less than 1/2 inch thick, Sing and cost much less than a traditional raised panel door, which is not really a raised panel door at all in comparison to the Sing Core Raised Panel Door.

All doors start with the basic Sing Flush Door


The best solution according to the Sing Core culture and philosophy is the most affordable solution of using an authentic flush door, though many artists and designers use the Sing Core Flush Door as substrate and add moldings and decorations to meet varying aesthetic specifications.

Add molding for true raised panel features

6-panel-door-them6-Panel-Single-Door-UsSide by Side Comparison

On the left is the traditional 6 panel “raised panel door” and on the right is the Sing Raised Panel Door that is a true raised panel door, unlike the door to the left. Visually, they look identical, but that is an illusion.

The one on the left is made of 15 pieces of wood assembled together and where the routing is at its narrowest connection-points the door is extremely thin. While visually appealing with a classic look, the door on the left can easily be compromised by kicking the door at any given seam. On the other had an alternative approach is to carve the designs into a solid piece of wood (which is similarly weak at the deepest carve-points).

On the other hand, the Sing door blank is the base used as door substrate, now you can add molding and raised panels on top for the true raised panel door result. Warning: Kick the Sing Raised Panel Door and break your foot, not the door. (We accept no responsibility for injury.) If you can break a sing door, we’ll send you a new one for free.

Plus, the Sing Raised Panel Door gives you all the benefits that come with having an Eco-friendly technologically advanced door that simulates the classic style of the traditional raised panel door.

That’s why many designers who are restoring classic architecture are using Sing Core to replace outdated structural materials and doors. Working with Sing Core, artists and designers are able to duplicate the look and feel of classic materials without having to compromise by loss of energy or unreliableness of traditional building materials.

Then Add Custom Lite Openings for adding glass


Sing Core offers custom cut lite openings in any door to accommodate glass insertion specifications.

Advantages of Sing Core Raised Panel Door vs. conventional raised panel door

1 strength

2 lightweight

3 insulation

4 sound deadening

5 functions —no rattling sound when close the door—solid like rock feeling.

6 less labor to build means less cost for high quality door and production friendly for large order fast delivery.

7 50 years structure guarantee.—almost unbreakable,

8 easy to repair than any other type of door due to the structure Sing core and stress skin structure.

9 can be manufactured to meet any specifications

10 can be guaranteed true flat


How to build Sing raised panel doors

How to install glass? Try our custom cut lite openings for glass installation.

How to BuyMetal Composite Sing Core panels are true straight, light and strong.

To order Sing Raised Panel Doors submit an order form either by email,, or print and fax it to: 360.495.4585. We’ll provide a quote within one business day. If you have questions, please contact us.

Easy Ordering

All we need to know is the length, width, thickness and what you desire on the exterior, and your custom specialty panels are made to order. Getting a quote for your specialty product, is easy, thanks to our simple online order system.

Bulk Discounts

If you’re looking for a bargain price, remember, the more you order, the less expensive your total order will be per piece. Quantity and wholesale inquiries are encouraged. Feel free to contact us for more information. Click here for Closeout specials.

Fast turnaround: In you’re in a rush, only Sing Core can be custom made within 24 hours and is proudly manufactured for you in the USA.

Fast delivery: Any thickness and almost any length, less than 5 ft wide, can be made with in 48 hours if it is rush order.

SINGCORE Raised Panel Doors are easy to order. You may choose from our stock panels or order custom sized panels. Our price is based on the length, width, thickness, and quantity. Submit a Work Order by fax or email, and we will give you a quote within one business day. If you have a tight budget, give us a call, we might have an alternative solution tailored to your needs.


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How to Attach Wood Planks to Sing Panels

Add-stiles-and-rails-to-your-sing-door-as-anchor-points-drawingSing Panels are so versatile, you can do just about anything with them.

As a matter of fact, prepare to adjust your thinking, because thanks to Sing Wood Planks you can,

Say Goodbye to Tongue and Groove

Tongue and groove joinery is designed to keep wood planks flat when attaching because wood moves. Natural wood (or most any wood product) tends to warp, bend or twist due to environmental changes.

Not necessary when using Sing Hardwood that is created true flat and will stay flat indefinitely.

What if you needed to attach wood or tongue and groove planks to the surface of your Sing Panel?

No problem.

Just make sure that you order your Sing Panel with the solid wood (or other material) implants to meet your requirements.

You can add stiles (vertical implants) or rails (horizontal implants) to have the anchor points that you need to match your expectations.

The only caveat, is that you must leave at least 12 inches of Sing Core material on either side of the implant in order not to compromise the sustained flatness of the lightweight, high-strength panel or door.




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New Record for True Flat

True : having all the expected or necessary qualities of a specified type of person or thing

Flat : being or characterized by a horizontal line or tracing without peaks or depressions

Architectural standard for true flat: ¼ inch deflection for an 8 foot span.

True flat technology is based on expertise in building anything that can be guaranteed true flat and stay flat. This composite science includes the proper proportions of Sing Core, aluminum and/or other materials based on your requirements or specifications. In this way each Sing item is a work of art.

#1 Best Seller: Oversize Doors

80% of the doors we sell are true flat large oversize doors (over 4 ft. x 8 ft.),
though we do specialize in 5% regular-sized doors.

#2 Best Seller: Sliding Door

25-foot-long-oak-wood-stave-table-lightweight-high-strength-true-flat-guaranteedThe Sing Core standard: Less than 1/16th inch deflection over a 16 foot span, or perfectly straight and flat; and your true flat sliding doors, pocket doors or any type of large flat door of any size  will stay flat for years to come.

Sing Core is a new patented core as alternative for conventional aluminum core, plastic, balsa and other wood base core, but more Eco-friendly with higher strength, less weight and low cost. See table of comparison.

Sing Core is used by leading millworks in major cities for high-end door applications, especially for oversize large doors, doors made of Sing Core will be true flat and stay flat for decades to come. See our Clients List.

so-true-flat-you-can-see-the-flatness-with-the-naked-eye-perfect-flat-line-of-sightNew World Record and definition of true flat: We provide our customers with 16 foot tall doors with less than 1/16th inch of deflection. This means a simple line-of-sight test with the naked eye clearly reveals the new standard. Google image search: true flat door

To find a mill work or door manufacturer to build a large true flat door is a challenge for architects, door manufacturers, millworks and general contractors, especially if the door is over 8 feet tall. We have recently acquired more precision true flat technology for door and large panel applications since the last time you purchased from us.

The new Patented Sing Core door technology provides the solutions to achieving a perfectly straight big sliding door by using aluminum which does not soak moisture as most wood based door planks. It is difficult to remain flat due to moisture change when using MDF or even plywood to build large size doors. Using stable aluminum as door substrate you will have the true flat and strong base to use as a paint grade door or add other layers of material to build high-end wood grain doors. (When used as substrate for wood skin this Sing aluminum eliminates the requirement of acclimatization.)

True Flat Guarantee premium certified true flatProfessional Sing Core is the only door substrate material in the World that can create a true flat door of any size (up to 50 feet) that is lightweight, high-strength, certified-professional that will stay flat for 50 years.

This is where Sing Core technology shines… and think of the impact these revolutionary building materials will have on your designs.

Imagine no longer being limited by weight issues, of having structural integrity over long spans, and being able to design and build creations that will last for centuries without failing, all by using this newly patented Eco-friendly material that is made, right here, in the USA.

Whether you’re creating a work of art that requires a large door, or a massive project that requires superior structural integrity, we want to help your dream come to life.

We also build high-quality, well-insulated, sound-deadening, high-strength, lightweight regular interior and exterior door blanks for door manufacturers and millworks made of wood, metal and FRP for high end door applications.

Use of this revolutionary new material is not limited to doors, but can also be used as tables, walls, roofs, even post and beam. For the strongest flat and lightweight doors and can replace traditional materials, like solid wood, metal, plastic FRP and concrete, while increasing both precision and performance in unlimited applications.

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How to Build a True Flat Wood Door

10×12 ft 3″ thick warp-free 1/8″ oak 520 lbs


True flat technology is based on expertise in building any door that can be guaranteed true flat and stay flat. This composite science includes the proper proportions of Sing Core, aluminum and/or other materials and bonding agents based on your requirements or specifications. In this way each Sing door is a work of art.

One of the challenges in building any wood product of any dimension where the customer desires a perfectly flat surface over long spans is insurmountable in many circumstances.

This is the proven niche specialty service provided by Sing Core to the worlds most high-end, demanding, high-profile millworks and end users for years. Due to the unique properties of the patented Sing Core material, true flat designs can come to life and deliver superior satisfaction while carrying a 10 year structural guarantee.

AWI standards may allow for a certain amount of deflection over long spans, the patented Sing Core material far exceeds deflection allowances of other materials, due to its torsion box design while remaining true flat.

This is why the most prestigious millworks in the United States turn to Sing Core for their large, oversize doors, though they have the added benefits of having an end product that is:

  • USA-pre-Bangkok-exportEco-friendly
  • Renewable
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Extremely Strong
  • Light weight
  • Insulated
  • Sound deadening
  • Easy to machine

And could be customized to include:

  • Waterproof
  • Fire retardant
  • Bullet-proof
  • Any Thickness
  • Almost unlimited skin options
  • Fast turnaround


The True Flat Challenge

The true flat door is a challenge for architects, door manufacturer, millworks and general contractors, especially if the door is 1 inch thick (or more), over 8 feet wide and/or 16+ feet tall.

If you’re looking for the answer, you might Google search how to build a true flat door.

Oversize doors present the biggest challenge for true flatness, but they also present other issues that must be dealt with in high end homes and/or commercial applications in terms of weight and strength. Again, let’s see what Google has to say about lightweight high strength true flat?

The clear answer is Sing Core; a new invention of material that is playing a major role – not just in building large doors – but almost anything that requires (or desires) to be Eco-friendly, functional yet elegant for inside/outside a home or in building and construction that needs to be light, strong and sustainable

Aluminum composites are common in the aerospace industry, but are cost prohibitive and not user-friendly for mill working or broad earth-bound use. Sing Core is designed to be used in millworks and does not require any specially-trained labor or specialized equipment; treat it just like you would any other standard wood-based substrate material.

Sing Core’s true flat process utilizes vertical grain torsion-box/foam-core/aluminum composites to deliver the solution. Contact us for more information, and if you like, we will show you how to integrate this new technology into your operation.

Meeting the Highest Demands

MoveWallWindowWe maintain the highest degrees of integrity when meeting the requirements of our clients, and their customers, assuring complete satisfaction. Most importantly, proper communication is the key. If you have certain expectations – and you let us know – our team can deliver the product that matches your specifications.

Simply by providing us with your dimensional requirements:

  1. height
  2. width
  3. thickness

along with what your preference for visual presentation (exterior skin material) and performance expectations are, we can provide you with the solution to best suit your application.

How Do We Do It?

When you explain to us what your expectations are, we know how to create the product that meets or exceeds your expectations. For instance, if you require a 17 foot tall oak pivot door that is true flat.

First of all, if the pivot door were solid oak, it would fail the standards test due to the raw material. Natural wood will warp, twist and crack if left to itself. Not to mention being heavy in weight. The excessive weight is an added strain on the integrity of the structure and hardware, increasing maintenance costs over time.

large-lightweight-high-strength-garage-carriage-doorsOur designers will likely prescribe a solution that begins with a Sing Core base material in the center which is by itself perfectly flat. Adding oak wood staves is where the problem comes in; because natural wood is unstable and will compromise the overall structure. To combat this issue, our team may fuse the Sing Core material to aluminum to complete the substrate composite. Then, when the exterior oak faces are applied to the structure; like magic, the result is a lightweight, super strong solution that can be perfectly flat.

The resulting Sing Core lightweight solution does not compromise the structure or the hardware eliminating expensive repairs and/or maintenance.

That’s just one example. Some of the materials used in our true flat composite resolutions that battle the temperature and moisture weaknesses that accompany utilizing natural components (like wood) include

Our lifetime of experience dedicated to solving the challenges of architects, designers and craftsmen who serve the most prestigious clientele, especially in terms of sustainable, lightweight, super strong and true flat solutions that maintain structural integrity over many years, while retaining the beauty and elegance of natural wood (or any other desired external material).

Metal is used across many industries. Metal honeycomb composite is the leader in honeycomb cores used to create stronger and lighter metal panels as well as posts and beams using much less solid metal.

Sing core is the leading technology of metal honeycomb composite material that solves our future Eco-friendly energy solution by using Sing metal honeycomb composite at a fraction of the weight of solid steel, but is stronger, lightweight, and available in steel plate, steel beam and steel panels.

Tell the US Energy Department to do some home work and research the Sing solution. If you believe Sing Core will help us use less metal thanks to Sing honeycomb metal.

Case study #1: Do not waste more precious metal if you could use Sing Metal honeycomb panel, post and beam.

Replace steel by using Sing 13 ft x 3 ft x 1 inch Sing honeycomb metal plate for use in conveyor.

1 Advantage: Precision true flat – within thousands of an inch – the majority of metal fabrication relies heavily on welding that causes the metal to deform. Sing metal uses structural glue, nuts and bolts instead of welding metal plates onto the steel frame which takes more labor, energy and end the product will not match the same precision as Sing Metal honeycomb panels.

2 Easy to fabricate and install – lightweight metal is safer to process, costs less to transport and uses less labor to install.

3 Less cost: Solid metal takes many times more metal than Sing Metal panels, posts and beams. It is expensive to transport, takes more energy to process and the most important thing is that Sing Metal is much less expensive than solid metal planks or sheets. If the strength, lightweight and Eco-friendly attributes are considered you may never go back to solid metal again.

Case study #2: If your seeking to improve your products with greater precision, true flat doors or panels, walls, floors, ceilings, RVs and/or boats then we’d like to teach you to Sing.

True Flat Guarantee premium certified true flatThis is the latest technology to build true flat doors. If we are able to build a true flat door then you can believe that we could make true flat floors, ceilings, walls, etc… all lightweight, high strength, long lasting and endless benefits just by Singing with us.

Doors are a challenge for door manufacturers and mill works if the door is over 8 ft in length and less than in inch thick.

One of the Sing aluminum honeycomb panels are used as door substrate. It used in almost all major high end residential and commercial door applications due to the true flat characteristics. AWI standards for true flat include deflection of ¼ inch, which is unacceptable for Sing Core. We can minimize deflection to 1/8th or even 1/16th according to your pre-arranged specifications and application requirements to ensure satisfaction.

But if you have a door over 12 ft – even over 16 ft tall – and less than 1.5 inch in thickness and you are wishing to have the least deflection than you need to contact to find the true flat solution which is use aluminum panel as substrate than add MDF or AB plywood for paint grade door or by cold or hot press to add finish veneer to build the most beautiful, strong, lightweight eco friendly door.

Doors made of Sing Aluminum honeycomb substrate do not need to acclimatize due to there being no moisture difference on either side of the door substrate.

Sing Aluminum honeycomb door substrate can be machined or drilled just like wood without retooling or damaging your blades. It is easy to glue with proper clean up procedure.

Large over size doors for high end building project require the true flatness. Patented Sing Core is the ultimate solution for high end mill work across the country.

Please click to see clients list of those who use Sing Core doors.

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Torsion Box Club

Sing Torsion Box Club
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Meet us at the Woodworking Show
November 15-17, 2013
Friday 12-6; Saturday 10-6; Sunday 10-4
Portland Expo Center
2060 N Marine Drive Portland, OR 97217

Woodworkers know the best solution for building a true flat work bench, door or panel is to use a torsion box structure. It takes a skilled craftsperson hours, if not days, to build a true flat strong lightweight bench. This torsion box is very labor intensive, people only do it for extremely high-end or as a labor of love.

The good news is Sing Torsion Box structures are made in our factory by the train load with highly precision machinery. It is more precise, higher in strength and lighter in weight than any torsion box structure created by a wood shop. Now you can use the most advanced torsion box to build endless products at very low cost.

Inventor Peter Sing invites you to apply for free membership in his Sing Torsion Box Club today.  Members are invited to attend free seminars and first-time attendees receive enough Sing Torsion Box core to build a large size work bench free… and bring your truck to take advantage of seminar-only you haul bargains.

Sing Torsion Box Club members have access to exclusive how-to information and details about how to build the strongest, most lightweight products using eco-friendly Sing Torsion Box technology.

Member Benefits:

  • Free Seminar(s)
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  • Make the world a better place promoting Eco-friendly woodworking

Joining is free and you can enjoy all the benefits that come with membership by having access to free material to build to your heart’s content using patented Sing Torsion Box or Sing core.

Members are also part of a growing network of craftsmen, and will be able to trade your skills with the highest quality wood material at no cost to you and/or purchase material at club discount price.

Free Seminars

Sing Seminars are held periodically (currently bi-monthly, increasing frequency according to growth of movement) at our showroom, next to our factory.

These seminars explore tools, techniques and processes that maximize the Sing Torsion Box technology. As well as:

  • Discover how to build new Sing products
  • Take advantage of 1-day-only discount offers (bring your truck)
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Members can join our Active Craftsman Division (ACD) entitling you to all knowledge and material needed (including Sing Torsion Box, adhesive(s) and wood veneers) to cold-press (included) and manufacture your own Sing furniture panels, boards and beams.

Free Sing Torsion Box Material

In this exclusive grass-roots movement, we are partnering with skilled craftsmen who desire to promote the wave of American-made handcrafted products that are the best in the world. We know these are hard-times, and we are here to help you get from here to there.

In an effort to help motivated and talented woodworkers, we are willing to provide select ACD members with the materials they need to build their products up-front. This is by invitation only and you can enroll in this program at our free seminar.

ACD Members are invited to attend our detailed seminars at our factory location, so that you can be assured to have the best, most current information and designs at your fingertips.

Members Only Discount Pricing

Sing Torsion Box Club members save up to 75% on materials i.e. Urethane Glue, Sing Core, Sing Sandwich Panels, Sing Panels, hardwood veneers (oak, maple, birch, sapele, walnut, luan, etc…) at a fraction of the price of regular distributors.

Member Responsibilities

1 Study our web site to learn and believe that Sing Torsion Box is what you would like to use at your wood shop.

2 Tell your friends and enter our wood blog to talk about your experience about Sing Torsion Box as non-biased comments and share with the wood working trade what your Sing Core knowledge.

3 Use your Sing Torsion Box Club membership to use Sing Core and Sing Sandwich Panels to build all types of Sing products. Members can sell products back to Sing Core, or can be sold on consignment at Sing Core, sell at your own on line store or let us sell for you.

4 Promote Eco-friendly products and keep jobs at home by using your skills to build products to last and will help to spread the word to others about Sing Torsion Box and make the world a better place.