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Lightweight and high strength is impossible for other honeycomb cores

Sing Honeycomb Sandwich Panel

Build the highest quality furniture that could be guaranteed for 50 years. Not like old, heavy antique furniture. Weight of furniture used to be an indication of high quality but high quality may have been a more accurate description of irresponsible use of natural resources.

High Precision Natural Wood Composite

True green Sing Sandwich panels use less than 10% the natural resources of the equivalent solid wood panels with definitive value-added benefits including the high precision doors laser accuracyhighest precision (within .006 inch) and will not warp, bend or twist even if using natural wood.

Lightweight High-Strength

The patented torsion box and rigid foam composite makes a lightweight, solid substrate that is stronger than honeycomb cores used in the aerospace industry rating at only 10 to 110 PSI while Sing Sandwich was independently tested at University of Washington and rated at 660 PSI (stronger than steel pound for pound). See: Core comparisons

High-end Woodworking

Life today is full of burden; never worry about your wood crafting not staying perfectly straight, or being difficult to work with or move. Lightweight, high strength furniture components are hard to come by among the furniture world.

There is a an enormous interest in importing cheap furniture due to low cost with reduced shipping and transport costs, Paper honeycomb core used in doors will failbut paper honeycomb (like used in disposable furniture) is not manufactured to last very long, intended to be disposable and replaceable so that customers return to re-purchase products on a continuous basis creating a demand for repeat sales. Good business practice or not? You decide.

At Sing Core, we’re proud to help the top craftsmen and millworks to create the most high-end product that lasts virtually forever. In fact, we help artisans to create large oversize doors that are guaranteed to be John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Washington DCtrue flat and not to warp, bend, twist or cup for 50 years! Is it any wonder that these doors sell from $10,000 to $30,000 each? See: Clients list.

You Can Do This

You can use this same technology in your home improvement or fine woodworking – and you don’t have to order by the truckload to use it. All you have to do is contact your local Lowe’s Pro Desk and embrace sustainable woodworking by using less hardwood for wood furniture manufacturers.

Sing sandwich, packed with insulation, is the most affordable solution for lightweight and high strength without compromising quality or the natural beauty of solid wood by using less hardwood lumber. In fact, using Sing Sandwich panels you could make your own hardwood on demand.

Woodworking Revolution

Many manufacturers seek out Sing Sandwich also known as, “insulated torsion box plywood,” or RSIPs (Reinforced Structural Insulated Panels as opposed to sips which are not reinforced with torsion box) Sing standard doors tested lightweight high strength insulated guaranteed 50 years no warpto create masterful pieces of art and highly functional furnishings that will last the test of time. Sing Core is the woodworkers source assisting to create a perfectly flat, non-warping wood table, large doors and the antique furniture of the future.

Whether you’re building perfectly flat wood tables, the best kitchen cabinets, building a modular temporary wood wall, any of many applications or diy wood projects, incorporation Sing Sandwich panel may be the most significant recent improvement in your woodshop.

How to Buy Sing Core Products?

Use the convenient Lowe’s store locator to find a Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse near you or inquire about Sing Core at your local lumber yard. See also: Pricing

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Refrigerated Walk-in Coolers Temperature Controlled Environments

sing-core-walk-in-coolersSing Core excels in temperature-controlled environments. When it comes to eco-friendly building materials, Sing Core is the superior decision for discerning clients seeking unsurpassed strength (stronger than steel, pound for pound), lightweight, insulation and sustainability.

You will find our Sing Core components in the best walk-in coolers, refrigeration units and temperature-controlled environments. By using an eco-friendly, insulated component, like Sing Core, you not only save money by reducing energy costs, but you’re also doing your part to save the planet.

How can you improve your existing commercial refrigeration facility?

Certainly, there are the ceiling and wall applications, but those are assumed to be pre-existing… What is your floor made out of? If it’s not Sing Core, you’re losing energy through the floor. Sing Core floors are insulated and strong enough to withstand repeated traffic of forklifts. No other flooring component can compare. Put Sing Core on your floor today.

In new installations, when Sing Core is used as the flooring substrate, the benefits are exponential. Not only is the strength off-the-charts, but uncoupling floor, insulation and when covered with concrete, will not crack, like standard concrete floors.


sing-core-floor-in-temperature-controlled-refrigerationSing Core components are not easy to dent or damage in comparison to other traditional building materials.

Sing Core refrigeration doors are unparalleled in the industry and outlast other doors commonly used in temperature controlled environments, and come with a 10 year warranty!

Even refrigerated trucks and trailers can benefit from Sing Core. Sing Core floored trailers are more energy efficient and are stronger than traditional plywood floors. And those back doors on your refrigerated trucks that keep taking a beating? Why not install Sing Core doors that can take all the abuse that your transportation team can dish out.

Click Here fore more detail information on Sing Core Metal components.

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Simply A Better Way to Build A Log Home

Patented Sing Insulated logs

Sing logs are made with Patented Sing honeycomb core for insulation that provides a warm, natural, comfortable and energy efficient home. At the same time it is strong, dimensionally stable (less shrinking, cracking or checking than any other type of log) and easy to work with.

It is simply a better way to build a better home. 

About Sing Square Logs
(see photos below…)

The Sing Square Log is the heart and soul of our building system. With our patented quarter sawing process, this double-wall, double tongue-and-groove square log sandwiched with patented Sing Honeycomb core for high strength, dimensionally stable and insulation for energy savings the only log that can provide function of thermal mass as log home and insulation exceed conventional frame home Sing Log Home is hybrid of conventional frame home and traditional log home it has advantage of both unique home system. Simple, functional and elegant home.

The Sing Square Log wall [fig-a] has eight-inch thick wall with 3 inch insulated Sing Honeycomb sandwiched between two pieces vertical grain heavy plank cedar or Fir it is the most straight hi precision log ever made in log home history we guarantee this claim with $1000 reward to the first person who is able to prove we are not what we claim.

Sing Eco Log

Our Sing Eco-Log [fig-b] is made of a patented 3 inch thick urethane honeycomb core sandwiched between kiln dried cedar or Douglas fir double Tongue and Grove heavy plank. It is the most dimensionally stable, insulated, lightweight log ever designed at low cost. The Sing Eco-Log measures 6” W x 8.5” H x 8’ for easy shipping and handling It can be extended to 24’ in length at job site and weight approximately six pounds per linear foot.

With Sing Eco-Log you get a log-home with high insulation value and thermal mass at a less cost with the same easy to build building system as the original Sing log.

With Sing Eco-Log you get a log-home feel at a lesser price with the same easy to build building system as the original Sing log.


[fig a]


[fig b]


[fig c]


[fig d]


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Sing Logs

Welcome to Sing Log Home. The most innovative home in USA. The highest quality home can be achieved with a low budget. Sing Home invented numerous patented building materials with our cutting-edge, simple building method. Sing Log Home takes less skillful work force and man hours to build the finest home.

The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty

US Patent # 7507456
Suddenly almost every home building system claims to be “Green”! The Patented Sing home is the only home system willing to put up a $1000. reward to stand behind our “Green” claim. Following are some different home building systems you might browse to compare with the Sing home system. Your choice of a dream home should be based on fact. Learning all the facts will help you understand why Sing Log Homes are the best. Besides the financial benefit of building a Sing Home, you gain a life style of simple, functional, elegant living, in harmony with the earth. In addition to our home system, we also offer a $1000 reward if you can find a better stronger floor with built in insulation, a better insulated window frame, insulated picture window, a more lightweight high strength insulated door, a stronger lightweight roof system, or stronger lightweight affordable furniture. Our Patented Honeycomb invention is the highest strength, lightest weight, dimensionally stable, energy efficient, functional, renewable & recyclable, easy to build, affordable and environmentally friendly building material. Sing Home building material is made of patented honeycomb core, which is the heart and soul of our Sing Home building system. We use clean renewable natural wood veneer to create the strongest energy efficient home building components with the lowest cost. The following home systems can be found through an Internet search. The more you learn about them the more you will love our Sing Log Homes:

  • Mill log – ( Precision Craft log and timber home, Tennessee log home, Honest Abe Log Homes, Hearthstone Log Homes and Timber frame
  • Hand craft log – ( Town & Country Cedar Homes, Aspen Log Homes, Pioneer Log Homes
  • D log – ( B and H Cedar Log Homes, Pan Adobe Cedar Homes, Jim Barna Log Homes, Strongwood Log Home, Hiawatha Log Homes
  • Insulated log homes – ( Great Lake laminators,
  • Laminated log homes – ( Glu–lam–(log-inc, Anthony logs,
  • Other log homes – ( Lindal Cedar Home, Golden eagle log home, Appalachian log homes, Kuhn bros log homes, Barna Log homes, Rocky mountain log home, Precision log homes, Original Lincoln logs, Ward Log Homes, Real Log Home, 1867 Confederation Log Homes, Northern Log Homes, Tomahawk Log Homes, Alpine Log, Satterwhite Log Homes, Battle Creek Log Homes, StoneMill Log Homes, Appalachian Log Homes, Log, Oak log home, log home builders association, wilderness log homes, log
  • 2×6 frame home – ( Viceroy home, Linwood home,
  • Post and beam homes – ( Deck home, Yankeee Barn Homes,
  • Structural insulated panel homes – ( Premier building systems and other home building systems to start your search.
  • Icf homes – ( Quad Lock, Amvic Building System
  • Straw bale homes – ( Solar Haven