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Advancements for Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles are increasing in popularity with their economic and eco-friendly features. Although they are great vehicles there are some flaws. In the following you will be able to see solutions to these problems and what new features could be implied to make  



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Lightweight Honeycomb Structural Battery Pack
EV Driveline

Electric Vehicle Powertrain

One of the greatest struggles with electric vehicles is the amount of time required to recharge the batteries. We find that a full recharge takes about 12 hours and a solution to this would be to change the battery for a faster recharge time. This new powertrain solves the issue. With this powertrain, the user can transfer their cabin of choice to a fully charged powertrain in a matter of minutes. 

Each side of the car will have at least two wheels that will be powered independently by electric motors. The electric motors can be mounted wherever they are needed. Optionally, there can be a third set of wheels in the center of the car for additional friction to begin moving the car and then become the primary wheels used when the vehicle is traveling at higher speeds while the outer wheels are retracted to reduce friction. Each set of wheels can be inline with each other or can be offset to prevent wear on the roadway and each wheel can be adjusted. This allows the on-board computer to raise and lower each wheel independently to ensure optimal friction with the ground at any time. Each wheel can pivot 90 degrees in either direction to aid with braking or even parallel parking. The differential system will be controlled by the on-board computer with sensors in the steering wheel and/or in the wheels to sense the additional friction and adjust accordingly. The anti-lock braking system uses similar sensors to determine where the braking is needed the most.

This new driveline will allow the electric car to create much less drag and increase braking power. There can be at least two wheels on each side of the vehicle. It can have an optional set of at least two wheels in the center of the vehicle. The set of wheels in the center will allow the car to have much more braking power but also increase friction to the ground, making acceleration much more efficient. The set of wheels in the center of the vehicle will become the primary set whenever reaching higher speeds. The sets of wheels on the left and right will retract slightly so the wheels in the center are the only contact with the ground.

The new electric car driveline ultimately is designed to make electric cars increasingly more efficient. Optionally, there can be a third set of wheels in the center of the vehicle. This third set of wheels will provide additional traction for improved acceleration and braking power. The third set of wheels, in the center, will become the primary set of wheels when cruising speed is reached. The sets of wheels on each side will retract, leaving only the center set in contact with the ground. At least one electronic gyroscope can maintain stabilization when only using the center set of wheels. This will greatly reduce the resistance against the vehicle.

Lightweight Honeycomb Structural Battery Pack

The premise of this invention is to simplify and improve the previous methods used for battery systems in any vehicle that relies on battery power. This new method uses a honeycomb structure, in either hexagonal, circular, rectangular, or even ovular grids. Each of these grids will house each individual battery cell. This battery pack can be used for structural purposes of the car. This could replace the chassis or become part of it. The structural battery pack can be in beam-like segments to run from one end of the vehicle to the other, either side to side or front to back. The beam-like battery pack can be diagonal if necessary. The honeycomb grid itself can be made of metal, polymer, paper, wood veneer/products, or fiberglass.

The complete modular battery pack, with cells inserted, can be easily placed in a group. The top and bottom plates, positive and negative connectors, can be pre-wired for easy installation and the case will become part of the integral structure. The interconnected housings and honeycomb grid will be water-tight to allow the air or coolant to pass without creating a short-circuit or other issues. Modular battery packs have battery cells with casings which function as the sandwich core grids or you can have a flange connect each casing forming the honeycomb grid. Each flange has a hole for air or coolant to pass through for core temperature control. The combination of flange and casing will become the newest technology, the casing of the battery will form the honeycomb grid. This invention will make battery cells become lighter in weight by functioning as the sandwich structural core. It will also simplify production. Instead of making individual batteries, you can insert the core of the battery cells into the honeycomb grid, which becomes the battery casing. It will have at least one layer of sandwiched skin on both sides. The most strength will be provided by gluing. By itself, the grid is a lightweight honeycomb structure. By adding multiple battery packs, it will glue together with at least one layer of skin on each side for weather protection and strongest strength with minimum weight; due to the honeycomb grid structure and battery casing connected to form an enclosed sandwich grid without additional weight.

The grid can be integrated with the battery cells to make one large modular battery pack. The cells in the pack can run parallel, for increased amperage, and/or series, for increased voltage, and use conductive plates to connect each cell in the pack. The battery pack will become a honeycomb type structure, but the grid shape can be hexagonal, circular, rectangular, or square. Each battery pack can be a separate unit from the honeycomb panel, they are glued into place with skin material on each side. Multiple battery packs can be joined by adhesion and/or mechanical fasteners and at least one large skin on either side, in one large panel or post and beam. The honeycomb structure will act as an insulator for the individual battery cells. If battery cells are integrated with the honeycomb grid, then the grid will become the negative connection. The positive connection will be isolated from the negative connection, which can be the grid itself or a plate. This structure, complete with all battery cells, will be a modular block that can be easily removed or replaced by removing the entire adhered skin and mechanical fasteners, if used. The modular block cell housing can be used for the structure of the vehicle. The housing can span across the entire floor pan of the vehicle or can be in beam-like sections. The beam-like sections may provide structural support and can span from side to side, front to back or diagonally across the undercarriage of the vehicle. Each block of parallel battery cells will be connected in series to each other, increasing the overall voltage. In doing so, the parallel cell block will be easily interchangeable in the series, instead of every battery cell individually. The battery cell housings will be interconnected and waterproof. This allows air or coolant to pass easily through without creating a short-circuit. This will provide cooling on all sides of each battery cell. In conclusion this invention is to simplify and improve the previous methods used for battery systems in any vehicle that relies on battery power.

EV Driveline

This invention is designed to improve the efficiency of modern electric vehicles. This electric vehicle driveline will increase the range an electric vehicle can travel per charge. The new EV driveline consists of narrow and/or smaller diameter wheels that will greatly reduce drag while driving at cruising speeds. Layout of said wheels will be similar to current vehicles, with wheels on each corner of the vehicle, but can have an extra wheel placed between the front and/or back sets of wheels or possibly in the center of the vehicle.

Extra wheels provide additional friction for gaining speed as well as additional braking power. The number of wheels in the driveline will depend on the user’s desired acceleration and/or deceleration rate. The extra wheels can be wider, to provide additional friction, or thinner for less drag. Each wheel’s suspension will be able to raise and lower independently to accommodate for uneven terrain. This will also keep the chassis of the vehicle level no matter how uneven the terrain is. The driveline will use a regenerative braking system to store additional energy, providing additional range. The electric motor will act as a generator whenever not consuming power. That means that every time the car is coasting down a hill or coming to a stop, the motor will become a generator and feed additional energy to the energy storage.

The premise of this invention is to limit the amount of drag acting upon the vehicle while in motion. In doing so, the energy consumption will be much more efficient and provide more available energy per refueling. This means that there will be much more range available from one charge cycle.

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Space Drone

The multi-directional jet drone is designed to efficiently transport items into outer space and inner space. This jet propulsion powered drone can consist of a main body, shape can vary, and at least three pulse jet engines. An optional turbo or alternative jet can be installed vertically or horizontally, in relation to the main body.

The flying machine can be launched from the earth’s surface or from high-altitude. High-altitude launching is preferred if planning to enter outer space. High-altitude launch can be facilitated by any flying vehicle. A flying vehicle can bring the flying machine to high-altitude. The flying machine can then launch the rest of the way through the atmosphere.

The flying machine is designed to efficiently transport items, such as satellites, into outer space and in inner space. The machine can be a platform, exact shape can vary, attached to at least three pulse jet engines and an additional optional jet engine.

This flying machine can be launched from the ground or can be launched at high altitude from a flying vehicle. It is designed to operate in inner space and outer space. To launch into outer space, the flying machine can be placed on a platform supported by a high-altitude balloon. The high-altitude balloon can lift the flying machine through the atmosphere. Once the balloon reaches its peak trajectory, the flying machine can start its engines and separate from the balloon. The flying machine can then continue its journey through the atmosphere into outer space. By launching from the upper stratosphere, the flying machine will require much less fuel to reach the destination.

This can eliminate the need to send astronauts to transport items between space stations. This flying machine can be controlled by automation or by an operator.

This machine is not only designed to operate in outer space, but also in inner space. This machine can be used to transport items, take photo/videos, or even … The main body shape can be designed according to Bernoulli’s principle so that fuel consumption can be more efficient. If the body is designed according to Bernoulli’s principle, then the flying machine can be able to travel horizontally at a high rate of speed while consuming a minimal amount of fuel. This would also allow the flying machine to use an optimal angle of attack to launch from the balloon to outer space, decreasing launching fuel consumption.

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Sing Core Security Door

Sing Core Security Doors

Your front door is the gateway between your home, family, and belongings, and the outside world. Nowadays, it’s not enough to just protect your home from the elements, your door needs to provide safety and security for you as well. Sing Core’s new Security Door provides the same durable and high quality comforts you’re already familiar with, with added protection against intrusion.

What is a Security Door?

A Security Door is used to provide additional protection and peace of mind over what a standard door can do. Whether used as an exterior door, an interior door, or even a garage door, our Security Door can bring this added safety to your home or business.

Sing Core door panels are already incredibly strong, resilient, and guaranteed to last, and we stand by those qualities. However, intruders are constantly looking for ways to bypass the protection provided by traditional doors. These methods can include using anything from a chainsaw, to a circular saw, to an axe. While we trust in the strength of our standard core, with enough time and strong enough tools, even they can be cut through. With our new Security Door, that changes.

Why Choose a Sing Core Security Door?

Sing Core Security Door Panels come with our patented high-quality honeycomb core and rigid steel reinforcements. The honeycomb core provides insulation, strength, and sound-deadening features, while also remaining incredibly lightweight. By adding the steel reinforcements, we double down on the strength and durability of the panel, making it incredibly difficult to cut or break through. Plus, the door remains impressively light for the quality it provides.

A traditional door can be cut through in less than a minute, and while it would often make a lot of noise, these break-ins are often done when no one is home, meaning you won’t be there to catch them in the act. Cutting through a Sing Core Security Door with the same tools would take substantially longer, and brings other challenges to the intruder, such being much louder, the likelihood of breaking a tool on the unexpected metal reinforcement, and a significantly higher chance of being caught.

In addition, these doors can be used in many cases aside from the standard front door scenario. Businesses with expensive equipment or sensitive documents may want to secure them in a more effective way, and luxury car owners may want a garage door that can’t simply be kicked in or cut through. You could even use Sing Core Security Panels to build a mobile and lightweight cabinet for on-the-go secure storage.


When it comes to your home, security is not an area where “good enough” is all you need. There are many ways you can improve the safety and security of your home, and installing a Sing Core Security Door is one of the most effective options. A break-in happens every 26 seconds in the United States, reaching 2.5 million break-ins every year, with over half being home burglaries. Let’s keep your homes and businesses off of that list.

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The University of Utah installs Sing Core panels at their Infinity Chapel
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April 5th 2023


Custom Hidden-TV Entertainment Center Built Using Sing Core

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March 29th 2023


Sing Core’s Famous 50 Year Guarantee

Sing Core panels are backed by a 50 Year Warp-Free and Structural Guarantee. Learn more here.


March 22nd 2023


Sing Core is Eco-Friendly

At Sing Core, we are very conscious of the environment and how we can protect it. Read this article to learn more.


March 15th 2023


7 Years Later, Sing Core’s AIA Donation

In 2016 Sing Core donated pivot door and furniture panels to the Seattle AIA Center for Architecture and Design. Click here to learn more about the project!


March 8th 2023


Award Winning Door at University of Idaho

This award winning door was recently installed at the University of Idaho.
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March 2nd 2023


Take 30 seconds to see how 30 years of R&D made Sing Core the best application for large doors and many others.

The best is yet to come.


February 22nd 2023


This is one of the Best Sliding Door installations at Laserfiche’s new Headquarters. Special thanks to the skilled architects, millworks, and general contractors who made it happen, and for using SingCore.

February 15th 2023


The finest million dollar homes use Sing Core products.

Watch the video to see this $38.5 million dollar home built using Sing Core patented and patent-pending products for their large entry pivot door, interior sliding doors and interior hinged doors throughout.

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February 8th 2023


Find out how Sing Core has solved the garage door issue HERE.

Metal Barn Doors made with patented and patent-pending Sing Core, protected with a customizable vinyl wrap.

February 1st 2023


In memory of the late Professor William Miller of the University of Washington. Learn more about him and how he helped Peter Sing with his SingCore inventions here.

Sing Posts and Beams made from Sing Composite materials are the strongest, lightest, eco-friendly posts and beams in the world. They are revolutionizing the building materials industry while making the world a better place.


SingCore Posts and Beams are available in any width from 4″ to 12″, any thickness from 4″ to 48″ and any length up to 50′ long.


January 25th 2023


Patented and Patent-Pending SingCore Curved Door. High Strength, Lightweight, Extreme Precision.


Want to learn more about SingCore curved doors? Click HERE.



January 11th 2023



Make sure your customers stand out with a SingCore Door here.




January 4th 2023


Our proprietary 55″ wide x 19′ tall x 4″ thick door with patented and patent-pending SingCore inside.



Click here for the shop drawings of this Amazing SingCore Door.





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Gravity Generation

“I am sharing some of my newest inventions with you that I’ve designed to put an end to global warming. This may be our only solution.
We need your help to share with your family and friends in hopes to reach our government and entrepreneurs. We need them to be aware that this invention exists and will be our future to acquire clean and renewable energy. Mountains are always growing since the beginning of time. See the video below for an introduction.”
-Inventor Peter Sing



Our invention utilizes gravitational forces like never before. Here is a reference to other gravity powered inventions that have been tried and true.



In China, they made an elevator that reaches to the mountain tops. An elevator like this could be used to convert gravitational force into electrical energy.

Similar concepts have been created, but are extremely costly and are not very efficient. In Switzerland, a company built a large crane, approximately 70 meters tall, that lifts 35 ton concrete blocks and gradually lowers them to generate electricity. But wouldn’t the crane require a massive amount of energy to lift the block?
You can read more about their methods here.


Recent thoughts-

“Thank you for the information and I will definitely share to all my contacts.”


I’m sorry, I just don’t see this working at any useful scale.

First off, it’s easy to convert falling water to energy, from using ancient water wheels to modern turbines, but the efficiency of getting useful energy out of lowering rocks would be low.

Once lowered, disposing of this huge amount of rock would be extremely difficult. I’m in the business of leveling land to creat lots, and we use huge amounts of diesel fuel for what would be a trivial amount of earthwork compared to what you are talking about.

The politics of such a massive disruption would be hard to imagine allowing success, even if the practical limitations were overcome.

What happened to your idea of harnessing energy out of rising and falling boats/barges. I could imagine this working, have you done any calculations on the amount of energy harnessed from the rising and falling of a given mass of sea water yet?”
-Dr. White



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Sing Core Innovations

If you think Sing Core builds the best large doors, please see our media page.

Our innovations go far beyond our remarkable doors. Open the Sing Core innovation door and you will see much more.

We can create a more environmentally friendly world with our innovations.

Sing began by founding a way to use small logs to create the most elegant log homes. Click here to see Sing Log Homes. They are believed to be the best and environmentally friendly logs homes in the world.

Beyond that, we also build tiny houses. Take a look-

Our client said that his tiny house made of Sing Core is worth $5,000,000 because it is the best. See more here.

Sing’s inventions did not stop there, Sing’s post and beam is the future of lightweight eco-friendly building materials and can even replace steel beams which are terrible for the environment.

Our new inventions cover how to launch satellites into space without wasting so much energy. The current methods are so incredibly wasteful it’s a joke.
This is possible because of Sing’s invention 40 years ago. It is a spherical pulse jet engine, which could be use to reach space and travel in any direction.

Back on earth, Sing has introduced revolutionary advancements to the modern electric vehicles. You can see here for our innovations for the future.

Sing has also developed a solution to get rid of the Coronavirus. If everyone would have used his device in the beginning of the virus, we would have had no need for the vaccine. His device is a economically friendly way to isolate the virus from the world.

If you think our innovations can help change the world, share this with some friends and let the whole world know. Click here to see our media section.