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Refrigerated Walk-in Coolers Temperature Controlled Environments

sing-core-walk-in-coolersSing Core excels in temperature-controlled environments. When it comes to eco-friendly building materials, Sing Core is the superior decision for discerning clients seeking unsurpassed strength (stronger than steel, pound for pound), lightweight, insulation and sustainability.

You will find our Sing Core components in the best walk-in coolers, refrigeration units and temperature-controlled environments. By using an eco-friendly, insulated component, like Sing Core, you not only save money by reducing energy costs, but you’re also doing your part to save the planet.

How can you improve your existing commercial refrigeration facility?

Certainly, there are the ceiling and wall applications, but those are assumed to be pre-existing… What is your floor made out of? If it’s not Sing Core, you’re losing energy through the floor. Sing Core floors are insulated and strong enough to withstand repeated traffic of forklifts. No other flooring component can compare. Put Sing Core on your floor today.

In new installations, when Sing Core is used as the flooring substrate, the benefits are exponential. Not only is the strength off-the-charts, but uncoupling floor, insulation and when covered with concrete, will not crack, like standard concrete floors.


sing-core-floor-in-temperature-controlled-refrigerationSing Core components are not easy to dent or damage in comparison to other traditional building materials.

Sing Core refrigeration doors are unparalleled in the industry and outlast other doors commonly used in temperature controlled environments, and come with a 10 year warranty!

Even refrigerated trucks and trailers can benefit from Sing Core. Sing Core floored trailers are more energy efficient and are stronger than traditional plywood floors. And those back doors on your refrigerated trucks that keep taking a beating? Why not install Sing Core doors that can take all the abuse that your transportation team can dish out.

Click Here fore more detail information on Sing Core Metal components.

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Industrial Material Handling

Sing Core,Sing sandwich panels and Sing panels  are the  solution for many of your industrial material handling problems—-avoid damage of expensive veneer and plywood in such applications as dunnage and plywood support base.


Using Sing Panels in your warehouse can protect your important inventory… a small investment that can save hundreds of dollars in material loss.



Keeping your materials straight and flat… that’s what true flat Sing Panels can do with your stored materials.




Don’t put your valuable inventory at risk, so they don’t warp.




Sing I-Beams are amazing!



Sing I-Beams are so strong and lightweight, we’ve had people make their own custom lifts and cranes out of them!


Basically made of 2 pieces of 14″ I-joist sandwiched with patented 3″ thick sing core…
Abracadabra! You have the strongest lightweight beams! Want to learn how to do it? Come to our School.