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Vibration Proof Doors and Panels

Sing Core has developed a new hermetically sealed shock absorbent panel which has lightweight insulated Sing hybrid core which is long known to be stronger than steel pound for pound (660+ PSI) is in the center of the door or panel.

The new Sing vibration proof door cores and panels are designed for sound absorption as well as absorbing other types of vibration and providing floating separation between composite and neighboring components.

Thereby, preventing transmission of gasses, sound, and thermal influence between surfaces, while hermetically sealing the contents for the perfect low volatile organic compounds (VOC) door or panel solution for use in museums, scientific laboratories, and highly controlled areas.

Wide variety of applications include everything from refrigeration and climate control to equipment enclosures and high-security impact resistance, and sound proofing.

This new vibration proof technology assists industry-wide dampening of a variety of vibrations in the transportation industries including automotive, truck, rail, marine, and aerospace division where minimizing vibration transfer can yield huge benefits.

For years Sing Core has been used inside boat hulls, bulkheads, decks, roofs, floors, and doors in all manner of high-end boats and yachts.

Effective in the maximization of vibration control for machinery industrial applications abound as well as throughout the home, business, and locations which house equipment which is responsible for sound transfer, including HVAC ducting and metal plenums.

Sound isolation has never been so lightweight and high strength. Until the invention of Sing Core, preventing sound transmission required mass and heavy materials which could compromise the entire project, especially in areas where weight could have a significant impact on a structure. This is far more potentially troublesome for seagoing vessels or aircraft, where Sing Core’s solution fits like a glove because lighter is better, especially if you can achieve structural integrity.

In the theater, on stage, or cinema playhouses, Sing sound absorption and vibration control doors and panels are versatile and can be custom designed and built for you custom wall, floor and ceiling assemblies, such as those used among high tech industrial venues, government, and military installations.

Decreasing sound and vibrational transmission of anything from multistory footfall to heavy equipment floors.

Vertical applications such as firewalls, doors, cabinets, and more.

Increasing separation between adjoining spaces such as temporary walls, acoustic room dividers, stages and portable floors in residential and commercial buildings.

Sound isolating doors and panels can offer huge advantages to preserving the audio spectrum in recording studios, amidst high volume sound equipment, musical instruments, and speakers at various locations, while providing sound blocking capabilities from outside environmental audible interruptions.

Amidst the scientific community, controlling sound and other vibrations near sensitive scientific devices can be critical in the monitoring and measurement of the infinitesimally small.

If you are challenged with the securing of vibrational or sound influences from beyond your individual space from mechanical noise and vibration through existing structures like walls, floors and ceilings, then Sing Core may be just what the doctor ordered.

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Sing Sound Isolation Doors

One of the outstanding attributes of Sing Core is its ability to be included in the composition matrix of some of the most advanced sound doors made in the USA. The patented composite construction of Sing Core’s reinforced torsion box core helps to stabilize and further insulate highly effective high-end sound doors for the most critical sound applications.

Due to the sound deadening properties of mass, the heavier the better. Yet an extremely large or heavy door poses many complications for installers and maintenance staff over time. That is, unless your sound proof door has Sing Core inside.

Now, you can enjoy a soundproof door without all the extra weight of a heavy sound door. Laminating heavy panels together to create the most effective sound door can also problematic, unless you’re entrusting your lamination to Sing Core which is fully versed in the complications which might arrive in the process of making a sound proof door.

If you have an acoustical door with a 50-year warranty, there’s a good chance that it was designed and built with Sing Core inside. The sound isolation experts in the industry are engineering and specifying their acoustic door include Sing Core as a vital component of their soundproofing materials battery.

Standard door sizes are available as are very large elephant doors in any configuration necessary for your applications, including hinge doors, sliding doors, barn doors, carriage doors, warehouse doors, industrial doors, even stile and rail doors in any size custom built to your specifications.

Performance of a Sing sound door is consistent throughout the door’s span covering frequencies from 50 Hz to 10,000 Hz.

A smooth plywood slab is ready for any exterior stain, paint, or additional treatment engineered or designed by your architect or design team, and ready to be finished by your millwork or custom sound door manufacturer.

Using Sing Core inside your sound isolation doors is the only way to have create lightweight soundproof hotel doors, soundproof office doors, and soundproof residential doors for those demanding projects.

Sing Core is the only lightweight, high strength door soundproofing material which does not compromise STC ratings and is a key component of how to soundproof a door which is not so incredibly heavy.

Sing architectural sound door slabs are built to your specs and can be fully tested and rated by our local sound door testing facility, is one of the most advanced testing labs in the world.

Of all soundproofing solutions Sing Core’s patented reinforced torsion box core acoustic is and effective underlayment in soundproof exterior acoustic doors whether your soundproofing is engineered for a sound deadening interior door or as an external noise barrier.

Sing Core has found its way into the best vocal booths and home theater soundproofing as specified by top-rated sound engineers.

Besides soundproof doors, Sing Core is also utilized as a soundproofing barrier in wall sound proofing, soundproofing ceilings.

For premium noise control without all that extra weight, have your sound engineer consider putting Sing Core inside your next soundproof door.

You are not limited to traditional standard door sizes, as each Sing sound door blank is a one of a kind piece of art, hand made in the USA.

Lead times are four to eight weeks for Sing sound doors without additional rush charges.