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What Else Can You Use Sing Core For?

Other Uses for Sing Core

Sing Core panels make amazing door and wall panels for a variety of applications, but what other uses do they have? We already know they’re the best choice for large or custom lightweight doors, or incredibly sturdy walls, but Sing Core has a wide range of other applications.

Tables or Countertops

One of the more common non-door things we Sing Core panels used for is as a table or countertop. Our products work incredibly well for this, as some cases call for a very lightweight and easy to move surface, or others demand a large, custom-shaped table for places like a conference room. Either way, Sing Core panels work great for these applications. You can have the sturdy, warp-free, and high-quality aspects of a Sing Core door, but for your table or counter!

Mobile Cabinets or Containers

There are many different cases where one might need a mobile cabinet or container. Some businesses have rolling cabinets for secure equipment storage, while others need a durable and strong container that can be hauled from location to location. In the case of a storage cabinet, Sing Core works amazingly as it keeps the unit lightweight while also providing rigidity and security that normal, thin cabinet wood does not. Plus, with our new Security Door panel, this can take a cabinet from secure to impenetrable. Businesses that are constantly moving high-end electronics or sensitive documents can make especially good use of a Sing Core storage solution.

As for the case of strong containers meant to be hauled from place to place, Sing Core is again an excellent choice. People or businesses that find themselves regularly transporting hefty or large items may be looking for a reusable container that can guarantee protection for the cargo, without adding much to the weight of it.


Sing Core panels can be made to unique sizes and shapes, allowing them to be used for miscellaneous furniture or similar applications. Sing Core has been used to make bunk beds, dressers, storage pieces, and more. This allows for the furniture to be transported incredibly easily, as it would weigh a fraction of a normal unit of the same furniture. We even use furniture made from Sing Core products in our own office, and they are still holding strong and working incredibly well.


We often think of Sing Core panels being used as doors and walls, but they work just as well as floors. Particularly the floors of upper building levels, as they are incredibly lightweight, but have the structural integrity to withstand walking on. If you’re building a tiny house or some other small structure, using Sing Core for your upper floors may be your best bet, as it allows for easy construction and transportation.

And More!

Sing Core is more than just a door or wall panel, it’s a core that can be used in nearly any aspect of construction. Floors, stairs, furniture, and much more become a possibility with Sing Core. Plus, you still get our 50-Year Structural Guarantee, so you know you won’t need to do any replacing for a long time. When you look around at the things around you or think of new project ideas, consider Sing Core to make it the best it can be!

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Sing Core Security Door

Sing Core Security Doors

Your front door is the gateway between your home, family, and belongings, and the outside world. Nowadays, it’s not enough to just protect your home from the elements, your door needs to provide safety and security for you as well. Sing Core’s new Security Door provides the same durable and high quality comforts you’re already familiar with, with added protection against intrusion.

What is a Security Door?

A Security Door is used to provide additional protection and peace of mind over what a standard door can do. Whether used as an exterior door, an interior door, or even a garage door, our Security Door can bring this added safety to your home or business.

Sing Core door panels are already incredibly strong, resilient, and guaranteed to last, and we stand by those qualities. However, intruders are constantly looking for ways to bypass the protection provided by traditional doors. These methods can include using anything from a chainsaw, to a circular saw, to an axe. While we trust in the strength of our standard core, with enough time and strong enough tools, even they can be cut through. With our new Security Door, that changes.

Why Choose a Sing Core Security Door?

Sing Core Security Door Panels come with our patented high-quality honeycomb core and rigid steel reinforcements. The honeycomb core provides insulation, strength, and sound-deadening features, while also remaining incredibly lightweight. By adding the steel reinforcements, we double down on the strength and durability of the panel, making it incredibly difficult to cut or break through. Plus, the door remains impressively light for the quality it provides.

A traditional door can be cut through in less than a minute, and while it would often make a lot of noise, these break-ins are often done when no one is home, meaning you won’t be there to catch them in the act. Cutting through a Sing Core Security Door with the same tools would take substantially longer, and brings other challenges to the intruder, such being much louder, the likelihood of breaking a tool on the unexpected metal reinforcement, and a significantly higher chance of being caught.

In addition, these doors can be used in many cases aside from the standard front door scenario. Businesses with expensive equipment or sensitive documents may want to secure them in a more effective way, and luxury car owners may want a garage door that can’t simply be kicked in or cut through. You could even use Sing Core Security Panels to build a mobile and lightweight cabinet for on-the-go secure storage.


When it comes to your home, security is not an area where “good enough” is all you need. There are many ways you can improve the safety and security of your home, and installing a Sing Core Security Door is one of the most effective options. A break-in happens every 26 seconds in the United States, reaching 2.5 million break-ins every year, with over half being home burglaries. Let’s keep your homes and businesses off of that list.

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Upgrade Your Garage Door with Sing Core

Upgrade Your Garage Door with Sing Core

Garage doors are one of the most difficult, yet necessary parts of a garage. Whether they are sliding or folding, up and down or side to side, they serve an important purpose in the safety and security of your home.

Why are Garage Doors so Important?

Garage doors serve as the final layer of security between your vehicle and the outside world. In addition, most garages connect to the house by a simple door, which is often left unlocked or unsecured. This means that a simple sliding door is all that stands in the way of anyone attempting to enter your home. Many garage doors are incredibly thin plastic or sometimes metal, and are incredibly easy to get through.

These thin garage doors also offer very poor insulation, meaning if your garage is heated, you will watch your heating bill skyrocket as all that hot air leaks right through the door.

For these reasons, we recommend upgrading your garage door with a Sing Core product.

Why Sing Core?

Sing Core’s patented door panel design is the industry leader in custom, lightweight, and sturdy doors. They are lightweight enough to easily function as a garage door, whether folding, sliding, or otherwise, and provide incredible insulation during the winter months. Instead of wasting money by heating a cold garage with an inferior door, a Sing Core product helps keep that warm air inside, lowering your heating bill and making your garage significantly more enjoyable.

In addition, Sing Core products are incredibly easy to repair, and when repaired return to their full strength. This means that if you ever damage your garage door, you’re more likely to be able to simply get it repaired as opposed to having to buy a whole new product. Even this situation is unlikely, however, as Sing Core panels have a 50 year quality guarantee, so if your product ever fails on you, you can rest assured that we’ll make it right.

Does Sing Core Help With my Home’s Security?

It does! While standard garage doors are often thin, flimsy, and overall lacking in the strength and durability required to act as a secure door, Sing Core products are incredibly sturdy, and you can mount additional locks and other hardware as needed to guarantee a secure entrance into your garage, and possibly home. In addition, Sing Core products are stronger pound for pound than steel, meaning your lightweight and easy to use door is still incredibly durable, and won’t simply chip away or warp on you.


No matter what time of year it is, garage doors are constantly showing their faults. Whether it be poor insulation, poor security, or simply poor functionality, they are an annoyance that many of us have to deal with daily. Installing a Sing Core product for your garage door not only remedies the issue of insulation and strength, it also gives you the peace of mind to know that you garage and home are safe, and your custom door will last you for decades to come.

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Protect Your Home From the Winter with Sing Core

Sing Core and Your Warmth

As we hit the half way mark of the 2022/2023 winter season, many are finding that their homes lack proper insulation in many different ways. One of the main reasons your home may not be holding warmth is your exterior doors. Doors are often poorly insulated, if even insulated at all. A poorly insulated door can surge your heating bill up, as it allows warm air to leave the home and cold air to filter in unrestricted. A door made with Sing Core’s patented honeycomb panels is guaranteed to improve your internal climate, as they are well insulated, lightweight, and can be made to fit any door size.

Why Choose Sing Core?

Sing Core doors offer many advantages over the standard options, and are the industry best in making high quality, durable, and lightweight doors. Our products are made with a laminated honeycomb core, allowing you to choose nearly any door design while still maintaining that high end Sing Core result.

In addition, our doors are guaranteed to be warp free. Doors can warp slowly over time, especially in areas with constantly changing weather. Rain, snow, freezing temperatures, and many other factors can lead to your door warping, and even the smallest warp can change the entire feel of your door. Sing Core doors are guaranteed to not warp, meaning you’ll always have a smooth and straight entrance.

We also offer a 50 Year Guarantee on our products, promising to stay sturdy and straight through that entire time. This brings you peace of mind to know that you will always be satisfied with your door, as it will stand the test of time regardless of the conditions.

What Are The Benefits of Sing Core?

In addition to the high end insulation and 50 year guarantee, our doors are also incredibly sturdy and lightweight. A typical door can be one or the other, but at Sing Core, we make door panels that are durable, without weighing down the hinges and being difficult to move. Because of this, we can make doors of nearly any size, further broadening your options with elegant tall doors, large garage doors, and many others. Our panels are also sound deadening, offering additional uses as interior doors for studios, or even exterior doors in loud areas.

What Kind of Doors Can Sing Core Make?

Nearly any door is an option when using Sing Core. Exterior doors, interior doors, large doors, pivot doors, sliding doors, and garage doors, among many others, all become a possibility with our amazing product. Plus, these various applications will all have the same benefits, so you can have an insulated garage door, a lightweight large door, and more.

We invite you to look at our customer gallery to see some of the amazing things we’ve been able to create, and when you’re in need of a high end door, remember Sing Core.

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Swing-out Carriage Doors

Are you in need of replacing those old carriage doors? Maybe you just want to spice up your home a little bit? Carriage doors are a great way to do this. They are very large, and yet so elegant. Carriage doors can replace your roll-up garage door. It will save you an immense amount of space! Carriage doors use a series of hinges instead of a track as the roll-up garage doors use. Using Sing Core makes your installation simpler, doors last much longer, and are significantly easier to handle. Easier handling means that your shipping cost will be even more favorable!

Hinged, swinging, swing-out, swingout, swing-in, swing, slide, or fold carriage doors for your carriage house garage can be found at Sing Core. The old-fashioned design, side-hinged garage doors swing open and closed from a hinged frame on either side of the opening. We create the most lightweight, strongest, and economically friendly doors. Traditional carriage doors are very heavy due to their size and structure, which causes them to need very heavy duty hardware to hang the door. The idea that carriage doors open on heavy duty hinges my not seem like a hindrance, but it raises the cost of hardware and make the door increasingly more difficult to install. So make it easier for yourself or your contractor to install your carriage doors by using Sing Core doors. Sing Core proudly makes any size (no matter how large) door tailored to your needs. Our doors weigh a third of a standard carriage door. Don’t think for a second that this weight difference alters the quality. Sing Core doors are the strongest doors on the market today. We believe so strongly in this that all of our doors are backed with a 50 year structural guarantee. No other door company can come even close to that!

Carriage style garage doors swing open elegantly and add a classy look to homes. Custom swing out garage doors are becoming more popular each year. Out swing carriage doors allow garages to be turned into living spaces, and they’re great for garages that have limited head room or living areas where you do not want to have all the overhead track. Swing-out, side-hinged heavy double doors can be served as the entryway to your home even! With a classic, yet highly unique, twist on modern garage door functionality, the side hinged garage doors are perfect for anybody who is looking to spruce up their home. Sing Core happens to be the #1 custom carriage house wood garage door manufacturer. We create custom swing out garage doors that are made to order and can be shipped throughout the USA and even abroad. You can check out our custom wooden swing doors by exploring our website, www.singcore.com. You like what you see? Then head on over to our pricing page to get a quote for hinged carriage doors, carriage house doors, or carriage garage doors that swing out to open. Remember to tell your contractor that you would like “Sing Core Inside.”

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Fiberglass Swing Out Garage Doors

Sing Core helps the most contemporary garage door companies break out of the mold of traditional garage door design and engineering to build new garage doors in ways that are cutting edge, highly unconventional, lightweight, high strength, and fully insulated. We produce the best fiberglass swing out garage doors.

This new generation of garage doors features groundbreaking technology allowing garage door designers and engineers to reimagine their garage door possibilities exponentially by using new garage door panel surface materials for evolutionary wooden, fiberglass, HPL, aluminum, or other metal garage doors.

fiberglass swing out garage doors

Fiberglass Swing Out Garage Doors

Swing out garage doors of fiberglass are a rudimentary approach to creating fiberglass garage doors which swing on hinges anchored to the sides of the garage door frame.  The most common format for side hinged swing garage doors is as a pair of opposing doors.

This double garage door configuration is traditionally considered as carriage garage doors as this was the initial design for carriage house garage doors.  The only problem with these carriage style garage doors was that the doors were wide and being made of wood meant being heavy, putting a heavy weight load on those side hinges.

As beautiful a design as carriage garage doors were, the sheer weight and width of the swinging garage doors led to early deterioration of the hinges charged with trying to carry out the requirements of the garage doors over time.  Carriage garage doors saw regular declines due to higher maintenance costs over time, only to be featured on the homes of those wealthy enough to see to their regular repair or replacement as necessary.

The use of fiberglass garage doors helped to overcome the weight issue, though the sacrifice was in strength, as the masses began to embrace less expensive roll up garage doors which could be easily operated by automatic garage door openers which also became available at value pricing.

Then, recently, the best garage door companies started to provide their high-end clientele with top drawer swing out garage doors in fiberglass, which excelled in being highly weatherproof as well as being insulated, lightweight, and stronger than steel pound for pound.

The secret to building such a brilliant modern garage door is using patented Sing Core inside.  For years the top contemporary architects and designers have been specifying Sing Core inside their large door designs, mostly in extremely large wooden or hot rolled steel pivot doors which were massive undertakings, where only Sing Core could solve the problems associated with weight and dimensional stability.

Sing Core has long been known for its unprecedented 50-year warp free and full structure guarantee, unheard of in the garage door industry today.

This is why Sing Core is the hottest garage door replacement in upper-budget-ranged projects in the garage door industry.  Plus, while you’re replacing those old doors, you can make an entirely new fashion statement by using almost any garage door facing material that you like.

Bifold Garage Door

An alternative twist to the swing out garage doors fiberglass is the use of the bifold garage door which reduces the size of each swing out garage door panel to half its size with alternating hinge orientations creating a collapsible set of doors to either side of the garage door opening. This is highly effective in reducing the wide swing of carriage garage doors, to the dimensions of each individual panel.

For instance, the outswing area for a 16 ft. garage door would easily be 8 ft., this could easily be reduced to only 4 ft. by using a set of folding garage doors, a huge reduction of outswing footprint.  In this manner, a 40 ft. garage door opening could be reduced to 4 ft. outswing foot print with the incorporation of folding stacking garage door panels.

HPL is a standout resource for industrial, professional, high trafficked hospitality, and government projects due to it’s being nearly impervious to damage even in heavily used areas.  Imagine having HPL garage doors, which can take on the appearance of any available surface material, without the expense or fragility of those building materials. This is the beauty of exploring the HPL garage door possibilities.

Garage doors with Sing Core inside are not limited to any size restrictions and can be up to 50 feet or more in any or both directions, (50 ft. tall and/or 50 ft. wide) and still qualify for Sing Core’s 50-year warp-free and structure guarantee, and you get to select whatever surface material you heart desires (subject to availability).

Garage Door with a Man-Door

It’s not uncommon for those huge oversized garage doors to have feature another door built into the big garage door.  This walk through garage door allows one access to the interior of the garage without having to open or operate the entirety of the garage door opening.  You could feature this pass-through feature in any garage door of any size, simply by specifying that you want a garage door with man door access.

Currently, standard sizes of swing out garage doors fiberglass growing in popularity include 16×7 ft. garage door, 16×8 ft. garage door, 12×10 ft. garage door, 12×12 ft. garage door, 18×8 ft. garage door, 10 x 9 ft. garage door, and 16×10 ft. garage door, in that order.  But the Sing Core specialty is that large custom one-of-a-kind classic art piece that you won’t find anywhere else.

The most popular surface materials today at Sing Core include wooden garage doors followed by black garage doors, wooden garage doors (like fiberglass or HPL garage doors), aluminum garage doors, brown garage doors, metal garage doors, cedar garage doors, steel garage doors, and white garage doors.

How can you get swing out garage doors fiberglass with Sing Core inside?

It’s easy.  Just go to your favorite garage door company or custom millwork and tell them your door’s dimensions, specifying the style you might like, and which surface material you want, and make sure to tell them you want, “Sing Core inside,” then leave the rest to us.

If you don’t already have a favorite garage door company, you could simply Google: “garage door companies near me” or if you’re a qualified do-it-yourselfer you might visit 247coop.com and source your materials and related services from there.

You can have your own swing out garage doors in fiberglass built to your specs in no time and have the pride of ownership which comes from having one of a kind garage door backed by the only 50-year warp free and structure guarantee.