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Smallest House in the World

The Smallest House in the World can have all the conveniences of home in such a small space:

  • Assembles quickly (easily in 10 minutes)
  • Small quality living space
  • Insulated floor and walls
  • Easy to heat
  • Very strong (can survive hurricane or earthquake)
  • Plenty of headroom for
    • the-smallest-house-in-the-worldStanding
    • Exercising
    • Pacing
  • Plenty of room area to
    • stretch out
    • sleep
    • meditate
    • work
  • Easily outfitted with camping accessories
    • furnishings
    • lighting
    • water source
    • cooking
    • modern convenience
  • Lightweight (easy to move, fully assembled)
  • Disassembles quickly and easily (less than 10 minutes)
  • Ships and stores flat

Other structures may claim to be, “tiny,” but they cannot compete with the energy efficient Smallest House in the World that is safe, offers privacy, can be heated or cooled with very little energy expended.

The Smallest House in the World has many practical applications, including (but not limited to) emergency housing, temporary shelter, portable storage, garden shed, play house, etc…

Watch the video to see (one minute time-lapse) building entire structure in five-and-a-half minutes.

The Smallest House in the World has a modest 4 x 8 footprint and its A-frame design offers safety, security and protection from the elements. It is lightweight (can easily be moved by one person), structurally sound and offers a cozy home-type environment, allowing the occupant to sit or stand due to the extra headroom.

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These Smallest Houses in the World can be easily disassembled in 10 minutes and reassembled in 15 minutes. The lightweight materials make them much easier to transport than if they were made of traditional building materials. Sing 2×12s are used exclusively for the structural A-frame and insulated Sing Sandwich Panels are used for the exterior walls.

These Small House structures can also be used for a multitude of purposes. Obviously they could be used for emergency housing in disasters, but they could also be used for playhouses, small storage structures, small hydroponic growing stations, small tool sheds, etc…

ready-to-ship-or-store-smallest-house-in-the-worldMaterials are shipped flat (see photo), can quickly and easily be assembled, disassembled for relocation of storage. Includes all components

Includes: 10 pcs 2 inch x 12 inch x 8 ft Sing lumber

5 pcs 4 ft x 8 ft x 1 inch Sing Sandwich panel

to build your insulated mini shelter

Total weight: Approximately160 lbs

It takes Approximately 10 minutes to build‏

Uses for the Smallest House in the World are limitless

smallest-house-in-the-world-no-more-tentsThe Smallest House in the World is also being used as replacement temporary housing in tent cities, providing an insulated, safe, private temporary living area that is much more humane than tent living.

Due to the unique insulated design, the structure can easily be heated in extreme cold by the heat generated by a candle. They also provide a level of privacy that is not afforded by tent-living.


4 ft x 8 ft footprint x 8 ft tall

This structure could not be built for 10 times the price if built with the equivalent aeronautic industry material, even then, the structure would not have the built-in insulation or superior strength of the patented Sing Core composite material used in the construction of this unit.

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Lightweight Export Beams and Panels for Thailand Skyscraper

We specialize in Large Oversize Doors

We are exporting Sing Core to provide the tallest skyscrapers in Bangkok with the solutions to their design problems.


(Photo above, pre-export at home in the USA)


What design problems do you think they have? Mostly the same problem all large project designers run into, like the complexities of ecologically friendly, lightweight, strength and integrity over long lengths. Sing Core is the superior solution for these obstacles.


Photos here are of a container of Sing Core beams and panels used in the construction of one of the tallest buildings in Bangkok, Thailand. This is likely one of the only patented plywood product to be exported to Asian countries. Why? Much of our plywood is imported because they can manufacture it so inexpensively off-shore. In fact, their prices are so low that American companies have accused them of dumping product to bury the American wood industry, resulting in a 25% import duty on imported plywood products.


So, think about that… Asia importing Sing panels and beams… The only reason that they would do that is if it was the only way to solve their design problems; and nothing fits the bill like Sing Core.

Fixed3Sing-Core-Long-Carry-Bangkok-Thailand copy


From an export point of view, note that the shipment of product is ten times stronger than standard wood product, yet weigh 70 to 80 percent less than the equivalent plywood.


In a time when the United States is encouraging you to not to import by charging a 25% tariff on incoming plywood, why not shop at home and consider a structural technology that is far superior not only to import varieties, but nearly any other conventional construction material.

In case you are unaware of the Sing Core technology; here is a basic rundown:

The Sing Core is based on primitive torsion box honeycomb designs, but is exponentially improved upon the basic design.

Sing Core is manufactured with LESS

  • raw materials
  • labor
  • equipment cost.

Our unique manufacturing process requires LESS

  • energy for production
  • space
  • and makes less waste.

Sing Core panels are

  • true flat
  • fully insulated
  • sound deadening
  • lightweight
  • extremely strong
  • last the test of time
  • and are earth friendly.

That is why the supplier of high-end custom-built oversize products to the

  • President
  • Prime Minister
  • Kings
  • and the Pope

has sought out Sing Core as their solution. Yet, we make this technology affordable, even to compete with cheap imports.

If you are currently importing substandard plywood from off-shore, shouldn’t you think about being proud to say, “Made in the USA,” reducing your costs, delivery times and providing your clients with a superior product that is not only eco-friendly but “true green”?

Spend Less Get More With Sing Core

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Standard Panels

Standard Panels

Wall Panels

Lightweight, highly insulated, and dimensionally stable panels made of Sing honeycomb can be used as partition walls, doors, roof deck, floors.

Sandwich Panels

4 x 8 honeycomb wall panels are perfect for trade show display booths. They are light weight, easy to set up and take down. You can choose your option of skin.

Lightweight Sign Board

4 x 8 corrugated plastic with lightweight honeycomb core for billboard signs or wall mounted signage. Also can be a tradeshow booth partition wall.

Lightweight Panels

Sing honeycomb panels can also be used for interior walls for your home, pole barn or garage. You can cut out windows with ease.

Insulated Flooring

Reclaimed, rustic, wide plank flooring has more character than any other hardwood floor. It is fully insulated to save energy

Honeycomb Doors

Adding a layer of fiberglass to the honeycomb panel and inserting a window creates the flattest, straight, lightweight, fiberglass door.

Honeycomb Door

Sing panels are perfect for your interior or exterior doors. Light weight and stronger than solid wood.

Lightweight Doors

Sing panels with beautiful skin on the surface are great for double doors. Our panels offer design flexibilty.

Lightweight Folding Table

Solid Folding table, made with a 4’x8’ honeycomb panel. Lightweight, durable, and easy to store

Portable Storage

Lightweight, insulated portable self storage unit 5′ ft. wide x 8′ ft. Long x 7′ Tall (Other Sizes Available)

Honeycomb Shed

Sing storage sheds can easily be built and transported. We have sheds in stock.

Sing Tiny House

Sing small cabin – Insulated small house lightweight 8×14 weights 2700 lbs. Easy to build tiny house.

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Sing Interior Walls

Sing Log Home Interior Wall

A – Sing Eco log with 4.5 inch thick wall, 9.5 inch tall with double Tongue and Groove and insulated urethane honeycomb for sound deadening.

B – Sing honeycomb panel, it measures as 4 ft x 8 ft x 3.5 inches thick


Fig – A


Fig – B